Skirmish Board and Card Game for 2 Players.
October 26, 1881 Arizona.
One player is the Earps. 
The other player is the Cowboys. 

Kill 3 opposing gunmen. 

Fremont Street in the town of Tombstone. 
Use an 8x8 square grid chessboard. 
Each Square is 6 feet across. 

Name:		Notes:
Frank McLaury	Good Shot; Horse and Rifle
Tom McLaury	Horse and Rifle
Billy Clanton	-

Name:		Notes:
Wyatt Earp	Good Shot
Virgil Earp	-
Morgan Earp	-
Doc Holiday	Shotgun

There are 2 Decks: 
1. The Action Deck
2. The Wound Deck

Set up your men on your back 4 rows, up to one man per row, with none of 
your men touching or sharing a column or on the farthest left or right columns.
Each player starts with a hand of 5 cards.    
Flip a coin to see who goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 Phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Move Phase
3. Shoot Phase

Fill your hand to 5 Action cards. 
For each of your men killed, draw 1 less card. 

You may play move cards to move your men. 
Each man may move only once per turn. 
Move the man the exact number of spaces written on the card. 

You may play a card to have a man shoot. 
Each man may shoot a max of once per turn. 
The shot is fired at an exact range as written on the card. 
The Shot will automatically “Hit” unless your opponent plays a 
Defense card to negate it. 
If a shot is not negated draw 1 wound card from the Wound Deck and 
Apply its effects to the target. 
At the end of Shoot phase you may discard any cards from your hand you 
No longer want. 

S = Shoot
M = Move
D = Defense
X = Special
K = Like a Knight in Chess
W = Wounded
N = Not Wounded
A = Any Range you want up to 4
# = Copies of that card in the deck

Name:			#	Type	Range	Notes
Move into Street       	2	M	K	-
Cross Street		3	M	2	-
Walk Slowly		4	M	1	-
Walk at Good Pace	2	M	3	Not if Wounded
Run			2	M	4	Not if Wounded
Shotgun Blast		1	S	1	Doc Holiday Only	
Nickel-Plated Revolver	1	S	K	Doc Holiday Only 
Hide Behind Horse	1	D	-	Frank or Tom Only
Rifle			1	S	4	Frank or Tom Only
Six Shooter		1	S	2	Orthogonal Only 
Single Action Revolvers	1	S	2	Diagonal Only
Draw & Cock		1	D	-	Only vs a Man’s first Shot
Out of Bullets		1	D	-	Only vs Man who has Fired
Couple of Steps Back	1	M	1	Only directly Backwards
First Shot		1	S	3	Only if it is the first or second shot of the fight
Go for your Revolver	1	S	3	Only for a Man’s first shot of the fight
Level your Pistol	1	S	K	-
Ike Begs for Mercy	1	D	-	Cowboys Only. Use during first 3 turns Only
Stand and Shoot		1	S	3	Only if Shooter did not Move this Turn
Continue to Fire       	1	S	3	Draw 2 Wound Cards
Rapid Succession       	1	S	2	Draw 2 Wound Cards. Cannot Shoot next turn
Cool as a Cucumber	1	X	-	Draw 2 Cards. Earps Only
Black Powder Smoke	1	D	-	Not on Opponent’s first 2 turns
Confusion		1	D	-	Opponent Discards 1 Random Card
Trip			1	D	-	Shooter cannot move next turn
Long Coats		1	D	-	Earps Only		
Wounds			1	D	-	Only vs Shooter that is wounded
Exchange Shots		1	S	A	Only vs Man who shot at you last turn
Narrow Space		1	X	-	Draw 2 Cards
Nice Shot		1	S	A	Frank or Wyatt Only
Colt SA Army Revolver	1	S	2	Billy or Frank Only
Point Blank		2	S	1	Orthogonal Only
Short Range		2	S	1	Diagonal Only
Take Aim		1	S	4	-	
Conflicting Stories	1	X	-	Negate a Card just played

Name:			#	Type	Notes:
Head Shot		1	W	Killed
Ribcage			1	W	Killed
Lung Puncture		1	W	Killed
Navel			1	W	Killed
Beneath Right Ear	1	W	Killed
Under the Arm		1	W	Killed
Shot through the Calf	1	W	Max move = 1 for remainder of fight
Shoulder Blades		1	W	Cannot Move or Shoot next 2 turns
Stunned			1	W	Cannot Move or Shoot next turn
Hip Grazed		1	W	Cannot Move next turn
Wrist Wound		1	W	Cannot Shoot next turn
Abdomen			1	W	Draw 1 less card (As if killed)
Bruised by a Bullet	1	W	Draw 1 less card next turn
Graze			2	W	-
Near Miss		5	N	Draw 1 less card next turn
Wide Miss		5	N	-

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