Tactical Sea Combat for Ships of the line, circa 1700-1800’s

Use a large grid Map.
Indicate land and sea spaces.

Use a counter or model to represent each individual ship.
Indicate ship facing on counters.
Six, eight, and ten sided dice are needed.

Players share a common action deck.
The deck contains 2 copies of each card on the list. 

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(For First class Ships of the Line)
Each ship has a base Sails Rating = 6
Each ship has a base Skill Rating = 0
Each ship has a base Swiftness Rating = -4
Each ship has a base Hull rating = 6
Each ship has a base Cannon Rating = 6
Each ship has a base Gunnery Rating = 0
Each ship has a base Crew Rating = 6
Each Ship has a base Boarding Rating = 0
Each Ship has a base Courage Rating = 0

In the Basic Scenario, each player starts with a fleet of 8 ships.
Roll on the Admiral, National and Fleet Character Tables once.
Every ship in your fleet gets the same National and Fleet bonuses.
Roll on the Ship, Captain, and Crew Tables for each ship individually.
Pick one ship in your fleet to be the Flagship. 
The Flagship gets an extra roll on the Ship, Captain, and Crew Tables. 

Fleets start at opposite ends of the map.

Each turn has 5 Phases: 
Draw Phase
Move Phase
Broadside Phase
Boarding Action Phase
Morale Phase

Each player draws 2 cards.
If the deck runs out shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Maximum hand size is 5 cards.
Discard excess cards.

Players take turns moving one ship at a time. 
The player with the ship with the highest movement rating chooses 
whether to go first or second.
If tied in this respect, roll high on 1D6. 
For each ship make a Movement roll:
The Base Movement roll is 2D6 – 4. 
To this, add the ships Sails, Skill & Swiftness ratings.
The final result is the maximum number of spaces the ship may move.
Moving Diagonally counts as 1.5 spaces. 
Any ship with a Sails rating of zero or less may not move unless pulled. 
Each face change counts as one-half space moved.
No stacking. Only one ship per space.

Each ship can make one broadside attack per turn from each side.
All attacks are considered to be simultaneous.
Base attack Range for a Ship is 4 + Gunnery Bonus. 
When attacking first declare ammo type:
- Grapeshot has a range –2. 
- Chainshot has no modification to range. 
- Roundshot has a range +2. 
Attacks are from the sides of the ship in a 45 degree angle cone. 
To determine the effect of the Broadside, roll on the Broadside table:

1D10	Result:
1-5	No Damage	
6-9	The target loses one rating point in one random attribute
10-13	The target loses one rating point in two random attributes
14+	The target loses one rating point in three random attributes
Subtract one from the roll for each space over 2 the target is distant.
Add the attacking ships Cannon and Gunnery Ratings to the roll.
All loses due to Grapeshot are to Men.
All Hull loses due to Chainshot are ignored.
Roundshot gets -1 to this roll. 
A ship reduced to zero hull cannot move and will sink in 1D6 turns. 
A ship reduced to zero crew cannot move or repell boarders.
A ship reduced to zero cannon blows its hold and immediately sinks. 
A ship reduced to zero sails cannot move. 

1D8	Attribute:
1-2	Sails Rating
3-4	Hull Rating
5-6	Crew Rating
7-8	Cannon Rating

If two enemy ships are adjacent, side by side, and either party cares to, they 
will have a boarding action.
Each player rolls 1D6 (the boarding action roll) and adds their Crew 
and Boarding ratings.  
The higher score wins the boarding action.  Reroll ties.
The winner captures the losers Ship.
The winner may sink it, or transfer a crew point to it to gain control of it.

Roll 1D6 for every Ship Damaged this turn: 
On a roll of 2 or less, that ship flees the battle. Modifiers: 
Flagship = +2
Per Bonus Point of Courage = +1
Small Ship = -1 (4th class or less)
Ship has lost (from damage) 2 or more points in any 1 rating = -1
Ship is an Ally = -1
One or more ships of that fleet have already fled = -1 
Flagship of that Fleet has fled = -1
If one Allied ship Flees, they all Flee. 
Any Fleet that loses over 75% of its ships is automatically defeated. 

1D6	Attribute:		Bonus
1-2	Sea Power		+1 to Skill Rating
3-4	Industrial Giant	+1 to Cannon Rating
5-6	Land Power		+1 to Crew Rating

1D8	Attribute:		Bonus
1-2	Privateers/Raiders	+1 to Swiftness Rating
3-4	Warships		+1 to Cannon Rating
5-6	Invasion Fleet		+1 to Crew Rating
5-6	Escort/Patrol		+1 to Courage Rating

1D8	Attribute:	Bonus
1-2	Charismatic	All Ships get +1 to Courage Rating
3-4	Diplomat	Start game with 50% extra Ships: Half of Ships are Allies
5-6	Brilliant	Draw an Extra Card in Draw phase 
7-8	Tactician	Max hand size is +2 cards

1D6	Attribute:		Bonus
1-2	Seaworthy		+1 to Swiftness Rating
3-4	Carronades		+1 to Cannon Rating
5-6	Royal Marines		+1 to Crew Rating

1D8	Attribute:		Bonus
1-2	Salty Dog		+1 to Skill Rating
3-4	Artillerist		+1 to Gunnery Rating
5-6	Swashbuckler		+1 to Boarding Rating
7-8	Initiative		+1 to Courage Rating

1D8	Attribute:		Bonus
1-2	Able Seamen		+1 to Skill Rating
3-4	Gunners Mates		+1 to Gunnery Rating
5-6	Bully Boys		+1 to Boarding Rating
7-8	Disciplined		+1 to Courage Rating

Card Name:		Notes
Gust of Wind		+2 to the Movement Roll
Unfurl the Sails	+2 to the Movement Roll
Catch the Wind		+2 to the Movement Roll
Fierce Hand to Hand	+2 to the Boarding Action Roll
Swords and Pistols	+2 to the Boarding Action Roll
Rally the Men		+2 to the Boarding Action Roll
Sweep the Decks		Grapeshot gets +2 to Broadside Table Roll
Splintering Wood	Roundshot gets +2 to Broadside Table Roll
Damaged Rigging		Chainshot gets +2 to Broadside Table Roll
Quick Reload		Ship gets an extra Broadside attack this turn
Crows nest Lookout	Look at opponents hand 
Maneuver		Opponent gets –2 to Broadside Table Roll
Calm Waters		Opponent gets –2 to the Movement Roll
Rake the Bow		+1 to Broadside Table Roll if attacking the bow or stern

Roll at the beginning of the game to Determine Wind Direction:
1D10	Direction:
1-2	Calm
3	North
4	NE
5	East
6	SE
7	South
8	SW
9	West
10	NW
Ships going in the direction of the wind get move +2.
Ships going diagonally with the wind get move +1.
Ships going parallel to the wind get no modification. 
Ships going diagonally against the wind get Move -1.
Ships may not go directly against the wind. 
Roll 1D6 at the beginning of each turn:
On a roll of 1-5 the wind stays the same. 
On a roll of 6 the wind changes: Roll on the above Table. 

Ship Type		Sails	Hull	Crew	Swift
1st Class		6	6	6	-3
2nd Class		5	5	5	-2
3rd Class		4	4	4	-1
Large Frigate		3	3	3	-
Frigate			2	2	2	+1
Small Frigate		1	1	1	+2
Note: Skill, Boarding, Gunnery, and Courage are base = 0 for all types. 

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