Two player strategic war game set in the Napoleonic era. 
One player controls France & Napoleon.
The other player controls the Allies.
The allies include England, Russia, Prussia, and Austria. 

A map of Europe will be required showing the borders between the following countries, circa 1800 AD:
Country:                                Connected to:
France                                  Spain, Holland, Rhineland, Switzerland, Italy
England                                 Controls the Seas. Access to all except Warsaw and Switzerland
Russia                                  Prussia, Warsaw, Sweden, Austria, Ottoman Empire
Austria                                 Rhineland, Prussia, Russia, Warsaw, Ottoman Empire
Prussia                                 Rhineland, Austria, Russia, Warsaw,
Holland                                 Denmark, Rhineland, France
Sweden                                  Denmark, Russia
Denmark                                 Holland, Rhineland
Spain                                   France, Portugal
Portugal                                Spain
Confederation of the Rhine (Rhineland)  Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland, Denmark, Prussia, Austria
Kingdom of Italy (Italy)                Rhineland, Switzerland, Naples, Austria
Kingdom of Naples (Naples)              Italy, Egypt
Switzerland                             Rhineland, Italy, France
Duchy of Warsaw (Warsaw)                Prussia, Russia, Austria
Egypt                                   Naples, Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire                          Russia, Egypt (The Ottoman Empire may not be entered)

Armies are represented by counters.
There are only two types of counters: French armies & Ally armies. 
Each side has 80 counters.
A country may have zero, one, or more armies in it.

The French Empire begins with 20 armies located in France.
France begins with 4 armies in the Confederation of the Rhine (Rhineland)
France begins with 2 armies in each of the following countries:
Kingdom of Italy (Italy)
Kingdom of Naples (Naples)

The Allies begin with 10 armies located in each of the following countries:

Players take turns.
The French player goes first.
Each turn is composed of 4 phases:
Draw Phase
Move Phase
Attack Phase
Reinforcements Phase

Draw 2 cards from the Deck.
You may have a maximum of 7 cards in your hand.
Excess cards must be discarded face down into the discard pile.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile and continue drawing from it.

Armies may move from one country to any adjacent country.
Armies may be moved into countries occupied by enemy armies.
An army may move only once per turn. 
Armies in England may be moved to any non-landlocked country.
The French player may never move armies into England. 
The powerful English Navy made the possibility of a French attack impossible.
Allied Armies cannot be moved back to England.

If enemy armies occupy the same country there will be a battle.
Each army has a Force = 1.
If a player has a card that influences a battle at that country, he may play it.
The card gives a Force bonus to either the French or the Allies.
The defender has a Force bonus +1
Each side rolls 1D6 and adds this to their Force.
The side with the higher modified force total wins.
The winning side takes casualties = 1D6 x 10%. (Round Down)
The winner cannot take more casualties than the loser had armies x2.
The defeated side takes 2D6 x 10% casualties, and must retreat the surviving armies to 
an adjacent friendly territory, or they are destroyed.

Lets say you won the battle and you had 10 armies to start with.
Roll 1D6. Lets say you rolled a 4.
4 X 10% = 40%.
40% of 10 is 4 so you lose 4 armies.
The loser had 6 armies. He rolls 2D6. He gets an 11. 
Thats 110% so all of his armies are destroyed.

If you have one or more armies in a country, and your opponent has none, you control it.
During this phase place a number of your armies onto each country you control equal to 
the Reinforcement value of the country as given by the table below:
Country:	Reinforcements:
France		4 
England		3 
Russia		3
Austria		2
Prussia		2
Holland		1
Denmark	        1
Sweden          1
Spain		1
Portugal	1
Rhineland	2
Italy 		1
Naples 		1
Switzerland	1
Warsaw 		1
Egypt 		1
Ottoman Empire  0
France can never receive reinforcements from Prussia, Russia, or Austria.

During Reinforcements phase the allies may place an additional 2 rebel armies in 
any one of the following countries:
Spain, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, or Austria
This may be done even if France occupies the country.

Card Name:		Notes:
Toulon			France: French +4 
Italian Campaign	Italy or Naples: French +2 
Battle of the Nile	Egypt: Allies +3
Austerlitz		Austria: French +3
Jena			Prussia: French +4
Friedland		Russia: French +4
Balance of Power	Allies gain 2 rebel armies in Reinforcement phase
Louisiana Purchase	France gains 2 armies in Reinforcement phase
Trafalgar		France: Allies +2
Continental System	France & England receive 2 less reinforcements per turn for rest of game
Peninsular War		Spain or Portugal: Allies +2
General Winter		Russia: Allies +4
Battle of Nations	Rhineland: Allies +5
Battle of Waterloo	Holland: Allies +4
Admiral Horatio Nelson	Anywhere: Allies +2
Duke of Wellington	Anywhere: Allies +2
Czar Alexander I	The Allies may take an extra turn without reinforcements
King Frederick III	The Allies may take an extra turn without reinforcements
Prince Metternich	The Allies may take an extra turn without reinforcements
Son of the Revolution	The French may take an extra turn without reinforcements
Louis Berthier          The French may take an extra turn without reinforcements 
A Man of Destiny	The French may take an extra turn without reinforcements
The Little Corporal	Anywhere: French +1
Artillery Tactics	Anywhere: French +1
Josephine               The French may not move this turn
Treaty of Tilsit        The Allies may not move this turn
Wiff of Grapeshot       The French player may draw 2 cards
Scorched-earth Policy   Russia: Allies +3
Gebhard von Blucher     Anywhere: Allies +1
Conscription            France gains 2 armies in Reinforcement phase
Proclamation of Empire	The French player may draw 3 cards
Nation of Shopkeepers   The Allied player may draw 3 cards
When a card is played, it is discarded.

The Allies win if they control France at the end of their turn.
The French win if they control all continental countries at the end of their turn.

To make it a multiplayer game, the major countries of the Allies can be divvied up.

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