INTRODUCTION Board game for 2-6+ players. Each player represents a tribe a Vikings. VICTORY The first player to accumulate 100 Gold wins. GOLD Use coins (change) to represent Gold THE BOARD The Board is a circular Track divided into 40 spaces: Space Name: Notes: Vikings Start Space Denmark [Scandinavia] (Danes) Norway [Scandinavia] (Norwegians) Norwegian Sea Sea Sweden [Scandinavia] (Svear) Iceland [North] Settle Only Greenland [North] Settle Only Atlantic Ocean Sea Vinland [North] Settle Only Winds of Thor Exploration Scotland [Isles] Orkney [Isles] Monasteries Raid Only Ireland [Isles] Finns Raid Only Western Routes [Trade] (Viking Towns) North Sea Sea York [Brits] Danelaw [Brits] Reconquest Lost (Assimilation) East Anglia [Brits] Central Routes [Trade] (Furs, Amber, Ivory) Frisia [Francia] Normandy [Francia] Piracy Raid Only Brittany [Francia] Spain Raid Only Mediterranean Sea Balts Raid Only Baltic Sea Sea Slavs [Rus] Eastern Routes [Trade] (Arab Merchants) Kiev [Rus] Novgorod [Rus] Black Sea Sea Byzantium [East] Raid Only Caspian Sea Sea Muslim States [East] Raid Only Persia [East] Raid Only Foreign Service Mercenary BOARD NOTATION There are 8 Regions: Scandinavia, North, Isles, Brits, Francia, Rus, East, Trade Each Region has 3 Spaces. The individual spaces in a region are also called Territories. If you have settlements on all 3 Territories in a Region, you have established a Kingdom there. Note that in the East Region Territories, you cannot build Settlements. Note that in the North Region Territories, if no settlement is present, you do not make a Raid Roll upon landing, instead you place a Settlement there immediately. Note the Trade Regions are split up. DICE Six sided dice are needed. PIECES Each player gets one Pawn. Ideally, use small Viking ship figures for pawns. A Pawn actually represents a Fleet of Viking Ships. Each player gets a set of Settlement Markers of a Unique color. SETUP Each player places his Pawn in the Viking Start Space. Each player starts with 20 Gold. Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. First gain 1D6 Gold for each Settlement you control. Also gain 2D6 Gold for each Kingdom you control. Next Roll 1D6. Move your Pawn that many spaces clockwise. >>>If you land on a Territory without a Settlement or with an opponents Settlement on it roll 2D6 (This is called the Raid Roll). On a roll of 5 or more gain that much Gold (Plunder). If the Raid roll is a 4 or less your Fleet is Destroyed in the Raid: Lose 2D6 Gold, Return to start and miss your next turn. If the Raid Roll is 9 or greater you capture the territory: Remove any Opponents Settlement and Put one of your Settlement Markers on the space. >>>If you land on a Territory with one of your Settlements on it, gain 1D6 Gold. >>> If you land on a "Sea" Space Roll 1D6: On a Roll of 1-5 Move that many spaces clockwise. On a Roll of 6 there is a Great Storm: Do not move at all. >>> If you land on an "Exploration" Space, move to any Sea Space of your choice. >>> If you land on the "Mercenary" Space, make 2 Raid Rolls. (Do not put Settlement Markers on Mercenary Spaces) >>> If you land on a "Lost" Space, Remove any 1 Settlement (Yours or an Opponents) from the Board. >>> If you land on a "Raid Only" space make 1 Raid Roll. (Do not put Settlement Markers on Raid Only Spaces) ENDS OF THE EARTH VARIANT The track is not circular. The two ends are not connected. Once you get to one end, you turn around and go to the other end.

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