Each player controls a clan of Ninja in Feudal Japan. 

The game ends when there are no cards left to draw in the deck, or 
When all players have been defeated except one. 

A player is defeated if he has no Ninja in play and zero Shinobi Markers. 
If the game ends, and more than one player remains undefeated, the player with 
The highest ranking Ninja wins. If tied, compare number of Ninja. 
If still tied, compare number of Shinobi Markers. 

Use Tokens or coins to represent Shinobi Markers. 
Shinobi Markers represent the strength of your Clan. 

Each player has a Village. 
This is where a players Shinobi Markers are kept. 
(Represent the village with a pile of Markers)
Villages can be attacked. Villages cannot attack. 
Villages have a base stealth and Fight rating of zero, which can 
be improved by use of Event cards.  
A successful attack on a village will cause Shinobi Markers to be lost. 

Players share a common deck. 
There are 2 types of cards mixed together: 
Ninja and Event cards

Each Ninja has ratings in: Cost, Stealth, and Fight

Each player starts with 20 Shinobi Markers. 
Players cut the deck. Whoever cuts to the highest value Stealth card goes first.  
Each player is dealt a hand of 7 random cards. 
Players may not attack on their first turn. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 6 phases: 
1. Fate Phase
2. Recruit Phase
3. Spy Phase
4. Mission Phase
5. Fight Phase
6. Recovery Phase

Draw 2 cards from the deck and put them in your hand. 

You may put 1 or more Ninja into play. 
Each Ninja has a Cost. 
You must discard a number of Shinobi Counters equal to the 
Cost of the Ninja being recruited. 
Recruited Ninja are placed face up in front of you. 

Certain actions and events take place at this time. 

You may pick one of your Ninja to attack an opponent‘s village, or a Target Ninja. 
The target opponent may block with any of his ninja. 
Compare the Stealth ratings of the Attacking ninja and the target or blocking Ninja. 
An unblocked village has a base Stealth rating of zero. 
Each player may play Event cards to increase their Stealth ratings. 
Defender wins ties. 
If the Attacker wins, he may attack his original target as intended and 
he gets Fight +3 in Fight Phase
If the defender wins, and there was a blocker, the blocker must fight.  
If the target was the village, and there was no blocker, the 
Attacker may not attack this turn. (this uses up the Attack opportunity) 
If the originally targeted ninja wins, he may do one of 3 things: 
1. Negate the attack (skip Fight phase)
2. Fight the attacker himself (with a +3 Fight Bonus)
3. Substitute another friendly ninja in his place (who gets the +3 Fight Bonus)

Compare the Fight ratings of the Attacking ninja and the target or blocking Ninja. 
An unblocked village has a base Fight rating of zero. 
Each player may play Event cards to increase their Fight ratings. 
Defender wins ties. 
The losing Ninja is killed. 
If the loser was a defending village, that player loses a number of Shinobi Markers 
Equal to the modified Fight rating of the attacking Ninja minus the 
Modified fight rating of the village. 

Gain 1 Shinobi Marker. 
Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. 

N = Ninja
A = Aid
E = Event
S = Stealth
F = Fight
TIP = Tokens into play
AYN = All your Ninja
SPY = Look at opponent’s hand in Spy Phase
ECP = Event cards played when this Ninja is Attacking or Defending…

Card Name:		Cost	S	F	Notes
Ninja Foot Soldiers 	3	-	-	Put Four 1S/1F TIP
Ninja Warriors		3	-	-	Put three 1S/2F TIP
Legendary Ninja		5	5	5	-
Ninja Bodyguard		3	1	3	+4S if Blocking
Ninja Twins		4	-	-	Put two 2S/2F TIP
Ninja Assassin		4	3	3	+2S+2F if Attacking
Clan Leader		4	3	3	AYN get F+1
Elder Ninja		3	2	1	AYN get S+1
Ninjitsu Master		4	4	4	ECP get S+1
Geisha Ninja		3	4	2	-
Shadow Warrior		4	5	3	-
Kunoichi Seductress	3	3	2	If Unblocked F+2
Rogue Ninja		3	3	3	-
Beast Ninja		4	3	5	-
Ninja Spy		3	4	1	SPY
Nokizaru Commandos	3	2	2	+1S+1F if Attacking
Battlefield Ninja	3	2	4	ECP get F+1
Samurai Ninja		3	2	2	+2F if Defending
Ninja Lord		5	4	5	Ninja cost 1 less to recruit
Ninja Scouts		3	-	-	Put two 1S/1F/SPY TIP
Genin			3	-	-	Put three 2S/1F TIP
Chunin			3	3	2	If Attacking Draw 1 card

Card Name:		Notes:
Distraction		+3S
Fukiya Blowpipe		+1S or +2F
Spit Needles		+2S or +1F
Taijutsu Strikes       	+3F 
Gunpowder Bamboo       	+1S or +2F
Taijutsu Grapple       	+2F & Negate Force Bonus Event card
Kaiki Opening Tools	+3S Attacker only
Kunai Knives		+1S or +2F
Ghost Technique		+3S Attacker only
Sleeper Agent		Reduce cost of Ninja by up to 4
Wall Climbing		+2S or +1F
Surprise 		+3S 
Ambush			+5S Defender only
Concealment		+3S
Garrote			+1S or +2F
Cat Claws		+2S or +1F
Egg Grenade		+2S or +1F
Shuriken       		+1S or +2F
Chain & Sickle		+3F
Ninja Sword		+3F
Endurance		Put Attacking Ninja just killed back in your hand
Disguise       		+3S
Betrayal       		Take control of target Ninja
Treachery		Take control of target Ninja
Double Agent		Take control of target Ninja
Poison			+1S or +2F
Plan			Draw 2 cards
Plot			Draw 2 cards
Bow & Arrows		+1S or +2F
Intrigue       		Steal 1 random card from opponents hand
Disinformation		Opponent must discard 2 random cards
Infiltration		+3S
Darkness       		+3S
Smoke Bombs		+3S
Covert Action		Get 1 extra Attack this turn with second Ninja
Assassination		Get 1 extra Attack this turn with second Ninja
Duel			Get 1 extra Attack this turn with second Ninja
Skirmish       		Each side can add 1 extra Ninja to attack
Raid			Each side can add 1 extra Ninja to attack
Battle			Each side can add up to 2 extra Ninja to attack
Castle Assault		Each side can add up to 2 extra Ninja to attack
Caltrops       		+2S or +1F
Escape			+3S Defender only
Diversion		+3S
Espionage		Look at next 5 cards in deck
Reconnaissance		LOH
Art of Invisibility	+3S
Sow Confusion		+2S and Opponent must discard 1 random card
Trick			+1S or +1F and Opponent must discard 1 random card
Secret Technique       	+1S or +1F and Opponent must discard 1 random card
Hiding Forms		+3S
Intelligence Network	LOH
Psychological Warfare	Opponent must discard 2 random cards
Allies			Gain 3 Shinobi Counters
Defection		Steal 2 Shinobi Counters from target Opponent

Q> The rules refer to a player being able to attack another's village.  
But there aren't any cards or token for a village.  Does each player 
automatically have a village, with fight and stealth ratings of zero?
A> Yes
Q> Another player launching an attack can thus declare "I'm attacking 
Player X's village"?  
A> Yes

Q> A village's ratings only go up temporarily if the 
defender plays Event cards when the village is attacked?
A> Yes

Q> A player's ninja are just "hanging around" unless and until either one 
is attacked or one is assigned to block for the village?
A> Yes

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