Board & Card Game for 2+ players
Based on the Myth series of books by Robert Asprin.
The series takes place in a humorous fantasy universe of 
Dimension-hopping Demons, Magicians & Con-Artists.

The Myth Adventures series is a copyrighted property.
This is merely a Fan-site.

The first player to accumulate 25 Reputation Points is the winner.

Players share a common deck.
Card types include:

The Board is a circular Track divided into 12 spaces.
Use clock notation to identify the spaces.
12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock spaces are Bazaar spaces.
Each space should be big enough to hold at least 2 stacks of cards.
The Deck & Discard occupy the central empty space.

Each player gets a pawn of a unique color to represent their Character.
Six sided dice are needed to play.
Use coins to represent Gold.

Each player the role of one Main Character from the series.
Each player must pick a different character.
Each player places their pawn on any Non-Bazaar empty space.
This space becomes the players Home Base for the rest of the game.
(Note: You get +1 to all rolls made in your Home Base)
Each player starts with 10 Gold.
Highest roll on 1D6 goes first.

1. Aahz & Skeeve: 2 people really, but they count as one character.
Aahz is a Pervect (Green-scaled Demon from Perv) who has lost his magical powers.
Young Skeeve (Human from Klah) is Aahz’s apprentice.
2. Isstvan: Powerful, Power-hungry, Insane, Evil (Human?) Magician.
3. Garkin: Human Magician. Skeeve’s first master.
Garkin was killed in the first book, but we can resurrect him for the game.  
4. Massha: Large Jahk (Humanoid) Female Magician. Relies on Magical Gizmos.
5. Frumple: Deveel (From Deva) Merchant. Trader Supreme.
6. Diz-Ne: Magician (Human?) with strong Defensive magic.
Only mentioned briefly as a past adversary of Aahz.

Character:		Guile 	Savvy	Fight	Magic
Aahz & Skeeve		5	3	4	3
Isstvan			3	2	2	5
Garkin			3	4	1	4
Massha			3	3	2	2
Frumple			6	4	2	2
Diz-Ne			3	2	3	4


Aahz & Skeeve: They can only do scams, they never choose the fight option.
They inspire loyalty: Companions of Aahz & Skeeve get Fight +1.
Aahz & Skeeve get +1 to Mission Rolls. 

Isstvan: He can send assassins: His Companions get their own Pawns and 
Can move independently. They cannot gain Reputation points. They 
Always pick the Fight option. If defeated by a Guile attack, they join the scammer.

Garkin: Savvy old bastard. He can use Event Guile bonuses as Savvy Bonuses.

Massha: Mechanic: Her Objects all get Fight +1 

Frumple: He can only do scams, He never chooses the fight option.
He’s a Fast Talking Deveel: He can use Event Fight Bonuses as Guile Bonuses. 
Frumple has a shop (Abdhul the Rug Merchant) with an income of 3.

Diz-Ne: Master Magician: His Spells get Fight +1

Players take turns.
Each turn has 9 Phases.
1. Expenses Phase
2. Travel Phase 
3. Opportunity Phase
4. Encounter Phase
5. Mission Phase
6. Recruit Phase
7. Scam the Locals Phase
8. Hostile Natives Phase
9. Deal with a Deveel Phase

Living expenses cost you 1 Gold per Companion you have.
Gold Income from Jobs & Businesses is collected in this phase.
Unpaid Companions are discarded.

You may choose to:
1. Not to move
2. Roll 1D6 and move your Pawn that many spaces in either direction.
3. Move your Pawn to your Home space.

Draw 1 card.
If you did not move, draw an extra card.
If you did move and landed on a Bazaar space draw 2 extra cards.
You may discard 2 cards to restore a Companion card or a Job Mission card.
If you are at the Bazaar, you may pay 5 Gold to restore an Object card.

If you land on an enemy pawn, you may attack it.
(If there is more than one pawn, pick one to attack.)
You may also choose not to attack.
There are two types of Attacks: Scams & Combat.

The attacker rolls 3D6 and adds his Guile Rating.
The defender rolls 3D6 and adds his Savvy Rating.
Some Companions & Objects add to your Guile or Savvy Ratings.
Both players may play Event or Spell cards to increase their Guile or Savvy.
Event and Spell cards are discarded after being used.
Higher score wins the contest. Defender wins ties.
If the attacker wins, he gets to do one of several things:
1. Steal all of his opponent’s Gold.
2. Take an object from his opponent.
3. Take a Companion from his opponent (Companion switches sides).
4. Gain 1 Reputation point.
If the attacker wins, he may make another scam attack.
He may continue scamming until he loses the contest or
He has gained 3 Reputation points.
If the attacker loses the contest by 5 or more, the defender may 
Counterattack: Immediately start scamming him or may start a Combat.

The attacker rolls 3D6 and adds his Fight Rating.
The defender rolls 3D6 and adds his Fight Rating.
Some Companions & Objects add to your Fight Ratings.
Both players may play Event or Spell cards to increase their Fight Rating.
Higher score wins the contest. Defender wins ties.
The winner of the contest gets all of his opponent’s objects
The loser must discard all of his companions.
The winner gains 3 Reputation points.

If you land on an empty non-bazaar space you may play a Mission card.
A Mission card requires you to make a number of successful Fight or Scam Rolls.
Succeeding at a mission gains you Reputation points.
Losing a Mission causes you to discard all your companions & objects.

First example: You draw the Mission: 
Stop Invasion Force: Fight = 8, Rolls = 3, Reputation = 9
You must win 3 successive Fight roll contests vs a Foe of Fight = 8. 
If you win, you get 9 Reputation points
If you lose, you must discard all your companions & objects.

Second example: You draw the Mission: 
Steal Trophy: Savvy = 5. Rolls = 4, Reputation = 8
You must win 4 successive Scam roll contests vs a Foe of Savvy = 5. 
If you win, you get 8 Reputation points
If you lose, you must discard all your companions & objects.

Some Missions are Jobs.
If you fail a Job Mission (Interview), you do not lose your companions or items.
Jobs provide a steady income. You can only have 1 Job at a time. 

Example: You draw the Job Mission: 
Postillum Court Magician Interview: Savvy = 6. Rolls = 3, Reputation = 7, Income = 6
You must win 3 successive Scam roll contests vs a Foe of Savvy = 6. 
If you win, you get 7 Reputation points and an Income of 6 Gold per turn.
If you lose you don’t get the job.

Discard Mission cards at the end of the phase.

If a Mission has the (Bets) option you may Bet some or all of your gold that you will win.
If you lose, you lose the money. If you win, you double your money.

If a card has instructions to “Restore” a Companion or Item then take a
Card of the indicated type from the discard pile & put it in your hand.

If you fail a Mission and you are a court Magician roll 1D6.
On a roll of 1-3 you lose your job!

Put companions, spells, & objects in your hand into play.
You may have any number of companions & objects in play.
Companions & objects are placed face up in front of you.
Pay 5 Gold for each Item put into play.
You may have a number of Spells in play equal to your Main Characters Magic Rating.
Spells are placed face down in front of you.

If you did not have an encounter or go on a Mission and you are in a 
Non-Bazaar Space, you may Scam the Locals this turn.
This is a Guile attack vs an opponent of Savvy = 1.
If you win gain 1D6 Gold.
If you lose, you are attacked by an opponent of Fight = 3.
If you loose the fight, you must discard all your Companions & objects.

If you did not have an encounter or go on a Mission this 
turn, any opponent may play a Native Card on you.
First attempt to avoid the Natives with a successful Guile Attack.
If this fails the Natives will initiate a Fight attack against you.
If you loose the fight, you must discard all your Companions & objects.
Discard Native cards at the end of the phase.

If you are in a Bazaar space you encounter a Deveel Merchant.
The Deveel attacks you with a Guile = 4 attack.
If he wins, you lose all your money.
If you have no money, he takes one of your items at random.
If you win nothing happens.
If you win by 5+ put any 1 object or dragon Companion in the deck into your hand.

E = Event
C = Companion
M = Mission
J = Mission Job
S = Spell
O = Object (Item)
N = Natives
F = Fight
G = Guile
V = Savvy
NCP = Negate card played by Opponent
LOH = Look at opponents Hand & then draw 1 card from the Deck
Restore = Put target card from discard into your hand

Card Name			Type	Notes
Postillum Court Magician 	J	V = 6. Rolls = 3, Rep = 4, Income = 6
Ta-Hoe Court Magician 		J	V = 5. Rolls = 2, Rep = 3, Income = 3
Veygus Court Magician 		J	V = 5. Rolls = 2, Rep = 3, Income = 4
Stop Invasion Force 		M	F = 8, Rolls = 3, Rep = 9 (Bets)
The Big Game			M	F = 7, Rolls = 3, Rep = 8 (Bets)
Dragon Poker 			M	V = 9, Rolls = 3, Rep = 8 (Min. Bet = 20)
Rescue Mission			M	V = 6, Rolls = 2, Rep = 3 + Restore C
Steal Cultural Icon		M	V = 8, Rolls = 2, Rep = 5 
Stand In			M	V = 9, Rolls = 3, Rep = 7
Take the Money & Run		M	F = 5, Rolls = 2, Rep = 3 (Bets)
Madcap Scheme			M	V = 9, Rolls = 2, Rep = 5
Break In			M	F = 6, Rolls = 2, Rep = 4 + Restore O
Heist				M	F = 5, Rolls = 3, Rep = 4 + Restore O
Rough Assignment		M	V = 6, Rolls = 3, Rep = 5
Battle Royale			M	F = 8, Rolls = 3, Rep = 9 (Bets)
Renegotiate Wages		M	V = 7, Rolls = 2, Income + 2
Impossible Situation		M	V = 8, Rolls = 3, Rep = 6
A Fair Fight			M	F = 3, Rolls = 2, Rep = 2 (Bets)
Real Dilemma			M	V = 8, Rolls = 3, Rep = 6
Caper				M	V = 6, Rolls = 3, Rep = 5
Hit & Run Raid			M	F = 7, Rolls = 2, Rep = 4 (Bets)
Investigation			M	V = 4, Rolls = 3, Rep = 4
Tight Spot			M	V = 7, Rolls = 2, Rep = 4
One for the Record Book		M	F = 6, Rolls = 3, Rep = 5 (Bets)
Fiasco				M	V = 7, Rolls = 2, Rep = 4
Predicament			M	V = 6, Rolls = 3, Rep = 5
Lynch Mob			N	V = 4, F = 4
Angry Crowd			N	V = 3, F = 3
City Guards			N	V = 2, F = 5
Street Thugs			N	V = 5, F = 6
Soldiers on Patrol		N	V = 3, F = 5
Throckwoddle			C	F+1, Imp Assassin
Brockhurst			C	F+1, Imp Assassin
Higgens				C	F+1, Imp Assassin
Quigley				C	F+1, Klahd Demon Hunter
Tananda				C	All Stats +1, Trollop Assassin
Chumley				C	F+3, Troll
Gus				C	F+3, Flying Gargoyle
Berfert				C	F+2, Flame Salamander
Gleep				C	F+2, Young Dragon
Buttercup			C	F+1, War Unicorn
Ajax & Blackie			C	F+2, Old Archer & his Bow
Blue Gremlin			C	F+1 & G+1
Hugh Badaxe			C	F+2, Postillum General
J. R. Grimble			C	V +1, Postillum Treasurer
The Geek			E	You may bet on any Mission (Bookie)
Forcefield			S	F+2
D-Hopper			O	Move one Extra time per turn
Dimension Hopping		E	Move 1D6 spaces
Sincerity			E	G+2
Style				E	G+2
Chez Perv			E	Opponent cannot move from Bazaar this turn
Therein lies a Story…		E	G+2
Stop Missiles in Midair		E	F+2
Double Cross			E	Take Control of Companion during Attack
Spy				E	LOH
Detect Magic			S	F+1 or G+1
See Auras			S	F+1 or G+1
Stone Ball			E	F+2 (Object: Petrifies opponents)
Antidote			E	Restore Companion
Bookies				E	You may Bet on Target Mission
Force Lines			E	Restore Spell
Levitate			S	F +2
Great Performance		E	G+2
Ambush				E	F+2
Surprise			E	F+2
Con				E	G+2
Bribe				E	G+X (X = 3 Gold)
Feign Death			E	Restore Companion
Fake Demon Slayer Sword		O	G+1
Light Fire			S	F+2
Quick Thinking			E	G+2
Flaw in the Story		E	V+2
Energy Reserve			E	Restore Spell
Draw Energy from the Earth	E	Restore Spell
Magical Wards			S	F+2
Disguise Spell			S	G+2
Heat Seeking Quarrels		E	F+2 (Object)
Assassins Cloak			O	G+1
Crossbow			O	F+1
Fire Shooting Ring		O	F+1
Armor				O	F+1
Telekinetics			S	F+2
Gullible			E	G+2
Myth-Information		E	G+2
Myth-Fortune			E	F+1 or G+1
Amulet				O	V+1
Stealth				E	F+2
Tact				E	G+2
Business Acumen			E	G+2
Pentagram			S	Move 1D6 Spaces
Wilderness Trek			E	Move 1D6 Spaces
Bite The Bullet			E	F+1 or G+1
Smugglers Code			E	NCP
Mercenaries Code		E	NCP
Advanced Tech Weapons		O	F+1
Pragmatism			E	F+1 or G+1
Situational Ethics		E	F+1 or G+1
Loot the Dead			E	Gain 3D6 Gold
Hesitation			E	NCP
Confusion			E	NCP
Recharge Energy			E	Restore Spell
Imps are Tenacious		E	Imp gets F+3
Agent Repost			E	LOH
Evade Pursuers			E	Negate Combat
Throw Knife			E	F+2
Illusion			S	G+2
Propel Rock			S	F+2
Shape Warp Spell		S	G+2
Disguise Talisman		O	G+1
Tall Tale			E	G+2
Make a Deal			E	G+2
Invisibility			S	F+2
Warning Signal			S	F+2
Trader Supreme			E	Deveel gets G+3
Intimidation			E	F+1 or G+1
Trickery			E	F+1 or G+1
See Through Disguise		E	V+2
Haggle				E	G+2
Drive a Hard Bargain		E	G+2
Sarcasm				E	G+1 or V+1
Shakedown			E	G+2
A Little Favor			E	G+2
Decoy				E	F+1 or G+1
Objections			E	V+2
A Good Deal			E	G+2
Experience			E	V+1 or G+1
Nagging Doubt			E	V+X (X = Cards in your hand)
Run Away			E	Negate Combat
Disintegration			S	F+2
Appeal to Self Interest		E	G+2
Teleportation			S	Move 1D6 Spaces
An Offer I can’t Refuse		E	G+2
Ignorance			E	G+2
Seize an Advantage		E	F+1 or G+1
Conspiracy			E	G+X (X = Companions in play)
Confide				E	G+X (X = Cards in opponent’s hand)
Politeness			E	G+2
Transaction			E	G+2
Something for Nothing		E	G+2
Sleight of Hand			E	F+1 or G+1
Search				E	LOH
Bragging			E	F+1 or G+1
Take the Bait			E	G+2
Perfect Timing			E	F+1 or G+1
Guilt				E	V+2
Gratitude			E	V+2
Take Shameless Advantage	E	G+X (X = Cards in your hand)
Impressed			E	G+2
Unimpressed			E	V+2
Rhetoric			E	G+2
Magic Stick			O	F+1
Transformation			S	G+2
Reputation			E	G+2
Side Trip			E	Move 1D6 Spaces
Elaborate Deception		E	G+X (X = 2 x Cards you discard)
False Faces			S	G+2
Enlist				E	Restore Companion
Convoluted Plot			E	G+2
Plan of Action			E	Draw 3 cards
Know Weaknesses			E	LOH
Treachery			E	Take Control of Companion during Attack
Suspicious			E	V+2
Convincing			E	G+2
Tense Negotiations		E	G+2
Hole in The Logic		E	V+2
Methods of Persuasion		E	G+X (X = your Fight score)
Winning Personality		E	G+2
Duped				E	G+2
Good Argument			E	G+2
Flying				S	F+2
Antisocial Attitudes		E	Pervect gets G+3
Acute Hearing			E	Pervect gets F+2 or G+2
Guile & Cunning			E	G+2
Inspired			E	G+2
Crystal Viewer			O	V+1
Leverage			E	G+2
Translator Pendant		O	G+1 (vs Missions & Natives only)
Implied Threat			E	G+2
Blatant Lie			E	G+2
Lost Subtleties			E	V+2
Disguise Dialer			O	G+1
Declare a Truce			E	G+2
Barter				E	G+2
Quick Recovery			E	F+1 or G+1
Enthusiasm			E	G+2
Diplomacy			E	G+2
Guesswork			E	Look at next 7 cards in the deck
Opening Gambit			E	F+1 or G+1
The Initiative			E	F+1 or G+1
Expertise			E	F+1 or G+1
Malfunction			E	Discard target Object
Feminine Charms			E	Female gets G+3
Complex Plan			E	F+1 or G+1
Magical Diversion		S	F+2
Hidden Signal			E	F+1 or G+1
Assassin’s Dart			E	Assassins get F+3
Invisible Forces		S	F+2
Defiance			E	V+2
Exposed				E	V+2
Secret Weapon			E	F+2
Interruption			E	G+2
Shake on it			E	G+2
Profundities			E	G+2
Superimpose Image		S	G+2
Ethical Qualms			E	NCP
Staged Event			E	G+2
Dramatic Entrance		E	F+1 or G+1
Charade				E	G+2
Something Snapped		E	F+1 or G+1
Showmanship			E	G+2
Protection Spell		S	F+2
Weather Control			S	Opponent cannot Move this turn
Magical Vision			S	LOH
Candy from a Baby		E	G+2
Sound Thinking			E	Draw 3 cards
Appraise the Situation		E	Draw 3 cards
Accurate Information		E	LOH
Change Tactics			E	F+1 or G+1
Profit Motive			E	Bet on target Mission
Rivals				E	F+1 or V+1
Magicians Conscience		E	V+2
Jinx				S	Reroll target Die-roll
Set-Up				E	F+1 or G+1	
Careful Observation		E	LOH
Swordsmanship			E	F+2
Provide Muscle			E	All companions get F+1
Inquiry				E	LOH
Trap				E	F+2
Private Talk			E	G+2
War Council			E	LOH
Delay & Demoralize		E	F+2
Mutual Consent			E	G+2
Flash Powder			E	F+2 (Object)
Cloak of Invisibility		E	F+1
State Demands			E	G+2
Sense of Justice		E	V+2
Opportunity			E	Draw 3 cards
Receive Counsel			E	Draw 3 cards
Flattery			E	G+2
Embellishment			E	G+2
Cheap Ploy			E	F+1 or G+1
Novel Solution			E	F+1 or G+1
Apologetic			E	G+2
Exasperation			E	G+2
Chivalry			E	V+2
Astonishment			E	F+1 or G+1
Illusionary Troops		S	F+2
Multiple Images			S	F+2
Implications			E	Look at next 7 cards in deck
Double Team			E	F+X (X = Companions you control)
What could go Wrong?		E	NCP
Don’t Play Fair			E	F+1 or G+1
War Profits			E	Bet on Target Mission
Hindsight			E	LOH
Spell Things Out		E	G+2
Spin a Lie			E	G+2
Insist on It			E	G+2
Enthralled			E	G+2
Play it by Ear			E	Draw 3 cards
Contract			E	Bet on Target Mission
Promises			E	V+2
Sleep Spell			S	G+2
Excuses				E	G+2
Bluff				E	G+2
Browbeating			E	G+2
Bald Faced Deceit		E	G+2
Smooth Move			E	V = 6, Rolls = 3, Rep = 5
Gimmick Magic			E	F+2
Baffle with Bullshit		E	G+2
Scout the Opposition		E	LOH
Perfect Situation		E	F+1 or G+1
Master Plan			E	Draw 3 Cards
Indignant			E	G+2
Hook, Line, & Sinker		E	G+2
Debate				E	V+1 or G+1
Blame				E	V+1 or G+1
Glibness			E	G+2
Bounce Back			E	F+1 or G+1
Speak Bureaucrat		E	G+2
Pushover			E	G+2
Over a Barrel			E	G+2
On Vacation			E	Discard target Companion
Impersonation			S	G+2
Ingenuity			E	F+1 or G+1
Honor				E	V+2
Hype Job			E	G+2
Mercenaries			E	Restore 2 Companions
Golden Crescent Inn		E	Restore 2 Companions
Smokescreen			E	G+2
Cross Examine			E	LOH
Blunder				E	NCP
Play Rough			E	F+1 or G+1
Hell to Pay			E	Bet on target Mission
Vanishing Act			E	Negate Combat
Planned it all along		E	F+1 or G+1

Each player starts with 2 random Companions.

Based on the first 3.5 books. I’m still reading.

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