Turn-based 1D strategy by Marcus Salo

I think I have greated the simplest strategy game. I call it Motala Strom 
(isn't that a really catching and commercial name), that is the river that 
flows through my beloved Norrkoping, Sweden.

Well, the rules go like this:

The board:

Nine spaces connected with line. Space two is marked yellow for the yellow 
player and space eight blue for the blue player:

O - Y - O - O - O - O - O - B - O

The pieces:

Both players, the yellow and the blue, have four playing pieces of their color.

Phase one: Placing the Pieces.

Both players take turns placing the pieces on the board on any vacant space. 
Yellow player starts.

Phace two: Moving and Capturing.

Pieces move one space att the time. Enemy pieces are captured by jumping. 
Captures are mandatory. If after a capture jump a new capture jump can be made, 
the player must do it. In other words, capturing works like in checkers. 
If the player cannot move, the other player has a new turn. 
However, you have to give your opponent a chance to move within three turns. 
If you don't, you lose.


A player wins by capturing all the enemy pieces or by having his last piece on 
his own home space marked with his own color.

I have tested this game with Zillions thousands of time and to my suprise, it seems to 
work and actually be very challenging and have a lot of depth and strategy. :-)


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