Card game based on Minecraft. 
2-4+ players. 
Make combos to win. 

Minecraft is a copyrighted, licensed property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

Be the first player to get 10 Combos. 
(5 for a short game, 15 for a long game)

Players share a Common Deck. 

To record Combos made. 

Shuffle the deck. 
Flip over the top 7 cards of the deck face up onto the 
Center of the Table. This is the Field. 
Each player is dealt 5 cards. 
The craftiest player goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

On your turn draw 3 cards and put them in your hand. 
Give one card to the opponent to your right. 
Exchange one card in your hand for one in the Field. 
You may play 1 Combo (Not a duplicate of one you already made this game). 
Discard your combo cards and record what Combo you made. 
Combos can be General or Specific. 
General Combos have their own List and require 3-5 cards of certain Types. 
Specific Combos are described in the card text and require 2 specific cards.   
Max hand size is X cards. Discard excess cards at the end of your turn. 
X = 5 plus the number of Combos you have made so far. 

Combo Name:		Requirements:
Tool Kit		5 Tool Cards
Farmer			5 Plant, Food Plant and/or Farming Cards
Forester		5 Wood Cards
Herder			1 Enclosure + 3 Food Animal Cards
Miner			5 Mining and/or Ore Cards
Crafter			1 Refiner + 1 Ore + 1 Wood + 1 Tool or Weapon
Blueprint		3 Mechanisms + 1 Invention Card
Base			1 Guard + 4 Build Cards
Home			3 Build + 2 Decoration Cards
Explorer		1 Light + 4 Biomes, Explore, and/or Place Cards
Brewer			1 Potion + 4 Brew Cards
Village			5 Village Cards
Pantry			5 Food Cards
Cook			1 Fuel + 3 Cooked Foods
Ranger			5 Animal Cards
Monsters		5 Foe Cards
Slayer			2 Weapons + 1 Potion + 1 Fire + 1 Foe Card
Trap			1 Hazard + 2 Mechanism Cards
Nomad			3 Dunes Cards
Inventor		4 Invention Cards
Sailor			4 Aquatic Cards
Collector		5 Substance Cards
Keeper			4 Container and/or Enclosure Cards
The End 		3 End Cards
Hazard Pay		4 Hazard Cards
Decorator		5 Furniture and/or Decoration Cards
Homemaker		5 Build and/or Furniture Cards
Upgrade			5 Invention and/or Refiner Cards
Fungi			3 Fungus Cards
Inventory		5 Substance Cards
Transporter		3 Transport Cards
Light it Up!		3 Light and/or Fire Cards
Into the Nether		4 Nether Cards
Librarian		3 Lore Cards
Enchant Weapon		2 Enchant + 1 Weapon Card
Frozen North		3 Cold Cards
Quest			2 Quest + 1 Weapon + 1 Foe Card
Overworld		2 Village + 3 Biome Cards
Underworld		4 Under and/or Light Cards

Card Name:		Card Traits:
Water			Substance, Aquatic, Hazard
Dirt			Ore, Build
Stone			Ore, Build
Cobblestone		Ore, Decoration
Obsidian		Ore (Combo with Water or Lava)
Iron			Ore
Gold			Ore, Decoration
Lapis Lazuli		Ore, Decoration, Enchant (Combo with Dye)
Diamond 		Ore (Combo with Sword or Armor)
Redstone		Ore, Mechanism
Coal			Ore, Fuel
Ingot			Ore (Combo with Gold and Iron)
Sand			Substance, Dunes, Hazard
Sand Stone		Ore, Dunes
Clay			Ore, Aquatic
Gravel			Ore, Hazard (Combo with Stone)
Glowstone		Ore, Light, Nether
Tree			Wood, Plant, Fuel
Sticks			Wood, Fuel, Tool 
Wood Planks		Wood, Fuel, Build
Oak			Wood, Fuel, Plant, Build
Spruce			Wood, Fuel, Plant, Build, Cold
Birch			Wood, Fuel, Plant, Build
Sapling			Wood, Plant
Charcoal		Wood, Fuel
Forest			Biome, Wood
Mountain		Biome, Mining
Desert			Biome, Dunes
Ocean			Biome, Aquatic
Mushroom		Biome, Fungi
Swamp			Biome, Aquatic, Wood
Hills			Biome, Mining, Wood
Jungle			Biome, Wood
Taiga			Biome, Cold, Wood
Tundra			Biome, Cold
Icy Spikes		Biome, Cold, Mining
Plains			Biome, Farming
River			Biome, Aquatic
Beach			Biome, Aquatic, Dunes
Nether			Biome, Nether
Axe			Tool, Weapon, Wood
Pickaxe			Tool, Mining
Shovel			Tool, Mining
Hoe			Tool, Farming
Bucket			Container (Combo with Water or Lava)
Shears			Tool (Combo with Sheep or Wool)
Fishing Pole		Tool (Combo with Fish)
Torch			Fire, Light, Weapon
Sword			Weapon
Bow			Weapon
Arrows			Weapon (Combo with Sticks)
Armor			Weapon
Shield			Weapon
Crafting Table		Refiner, Tool
Furnace 		Refiner, Fuel
Brewing Stand		Refiner, Brew
Cauldron		Refiner, Container
Enchantment Table	Refiner, Enchant
Anvil			Refiner, Enchant
Creeper 		Foe (Combo with Gunpowder)
Spider			Foe (Combo with String)
Silverfish		Foe (Combo with End Portal)
Slime			Foe (Combo with Slimeballs)
Skeleton		Foe (Combo with Bones)
Zombie			Foe
Spider Jockey		Foe (Combo with Spider or Skeleton)
Ghast			Foe, Nether
Magma Cube		Foe, Nether (Combo with Magma Cream)
Blaze			Foe, Nether (Combo with Blaze Rods)
Zombie Pigman		Foe (Combo with Pigs or Zombies)
Monster Egg		Foe (Combo with Silverfish)
Enderman		Foe, End 
Ender Dragon		Foe, End 
Guardians		Foe, Aquatic
Witch			Foe, (Combo with Potion)
Lava			Hazard, Fire
Ocelots			Guard Animal
Wolves			Guard Animal
Squid			Animal, Aquatic
Sheep			Food Animal
Chicken			Food Animal
Cow			Food Animal (Combo with Leather)
Pig			Food Animal
Rabbit			Food Animal (Combo with Leather)
Moonshroom		Food Animal, Fungi
Eggs			Food (Combo with Chicken)
Milk			Food (Combo with Cow)
Wheat			Food Plant (Combo with Bread)
Carrot			Food Plant 
Cocoa Pods		Plant (Combo with Chocolate)
Sugar Cane		Plant (Combo with Sugar and Paper)
Sugar			Food (Combo with Cookies and Cake)
Meat			Food (Combo with Steak or Porkchops)
Steak			Cooked Food (Combo with Cow)
Porkchops		Cooked Food (Combo with Pig)
Stew			Cooked Food (Combo with Meat)
Wool			Substance (Combo with Bed)
Bone			Substance (Combo with Wolves and Bonemeal)
Bonemeal		Substance, Farming
Leather			Substance (Combo with Book or Armor)
Glass			Substance (Combo with Sand)
Cobwebs 		Substance, Brew, Under
String			Substance (Combo with Bow)
Ink			Substance (Combo with Squid)
Dye			Substance (Combo with Wool)
Spider Eyes		Substance, Brew (Combo with Spider)
Dust			Substance, Ore
Rabbit Foot		Substance, Brew (Combo with Rabbit)
Paper			Substance (Combo with Book)
Magma Cream		Substance, Brew, Nether
Blaze Rods		Substance, Brew, Nether
Grass			Plant (Combo with Seeds)
Flowers			Plant, Decoration
Cactus			Plant, Hazard
Ender Pearls		Substance, End, Quest
Eyes of Ender		Substance, End, Quest
Bed			Build, Furniture
Chocolate		Cooked Food 
Cookie			Cooked Food
Bread			Cooked Food
Cake			Cooked Food
Apple			Food Plant
Pumpkin 		Food Plant (Combo with Golems)
Melon			Food Plant (Combo with Jungle)
Mycellium		Substance, Fungi
Mushrooms		Food, Fungi
Fish			Food Animal, Aquatic (Combo with Ocelots)
Horse			Animal, Transport, Explore
Mule			Animal, Transport
Golden Apple		Food (Combo with Gold or Apple)
Gunpowder		Substance, Brew, Hazard
TNT			Substance, Brew, Hazard
Netherwort		Substance, Brew, Nether
Slimeballs		Substance, Brew 
Glass Bottle		Container, Brew (Combo with Glass)
Village			Village
Villagers		Village
Farm			Village, Farming
Library			Village, Lore, Enchant
Blacksmith		Village, Refiner
Chest			Village, Quest, Container
Well			Build, Village
Seeds			Food Plant, Farming
Tower			Build, Place, Explore
Stronghold		Place, Quest, Under
End Portal		Place, Quest, End
Bricks			Build
Pressure Plate		Mechanism
Mob Grinder		Invention
Trap Door		Build, Invention
Ravine			Place, Under
Mine			Place, Under, Mining
Cave			Place, Under
Pool			Place, Under, Aquatic
Sea Temple		Place, Aquatic
Desert Temple		Place, Dunes
Dungeon			Place, Under, Nether, End
Door			Build
Walls			Build, Enclosure
Pen			Enclosure
Fence			Enclosure
Rails			Mechanism (Combo with Mine Cart)
Mine Cart		Invention, Mining, Transport
Cave Spider		Foe, Under
Mineshaft		Place, Under, Mining
Staircase		Build
Roof			Build
Window  		Build (Combo with Glass)
Tunnel			Place, Build, Under
Flint			Ore, Fire
Piston			Mechanism
Lever			Mechanism
Slab			Mechanism
Button			Mechanism
Bookshelves		Furniture, Enchant, Lore
Dispenser		Invention, Furniture
Jukebox 		Invention, Decoration, Furniture
Fridge			Invention, Cold, Food, Furniture
Trashcan		Invention
Elevator		Invention, Transport
Clock			Invention, Furniture
Boat			Transport, Aquatic, Explore
Painting		Decoration (Combo with Ink or Dye)
Map			Explore, Quest, Lore
Compass 		Explore, Invention
Packed Ice		Cold, Build
Snow			Cold
Snowball		Cold, Weapon
Snow Golem		Cold, Guard
Iron Golem		Guard (Combo with Iron)
Book			Lore, Enchant
Soul Sand		Nether, Build, Decoration
Enchantment		Enchant
Splash Potion		Potion (Combo with Gunpowder)
Healing Potion		Potion
Strength Potion		Potion
Speed Potion		Potion
Poison Potion		Potion
Nether Gate		Quest, Nether (Combo with Obsidian)

Mincraft 101	

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