Card game for 2 or more players.

Players share a common deck.

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Any player who accumulates 20 or more Damage is knocked out of the game.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 4 phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Attack Phase
3. Defend Phase
4. Damage Phase

All players draw 3 cards.
Max hand size is 7 cards. 
All players discard down to 7 cards.
If the deck runs out shuffle the discard and draw from it.  

To attack, the current player must play a Weapon card and a Basic Attack Card.
The Attack card must be of a type that the weapon does damage.
For example: a sword can use Smash or Thrust cards. 
A Mace can only use a Smash attack card.
The player declares which opponent is the target of the attack.
Instead of a normal attack you may make a Shield Bash or Hilt Punch.

The defender may play a Defense card to negate the attack.
Some defense cards require a second card to also be played.
For example: To play a Block card you must also play a Shield card.
If you used a 2 handed weapon to attack on your last turn, you 
cannot use a shield until after your next turn.
Attacks by Flails cannot be negated by parrying or shields.

If the attack was not negated it does damage equal to the 
weapons rating for the indicated Attack card type.
Players may play Armor or Damage Modifier cards to alter the Damage done.
Armor cannot be used against attacks by War Hammers.
Record Damage sustained.

If you attacked with a 1 Handed weapon this turn you may discard 
a “Flurry” card to get an extra Attack Sequence with that same weapon card. 
If you attacked with a 1 Handed weapon this turn you may get an extra 
Attack Sequence if you use a Dagger card. 
If you were attacked this turn you may play a “Counter” card to get 
an Attack Sequence on this players turn.
(Attack Sequence = Attack, Defend, Damage, and End Phases)
All played cards are discarded.

W = Weapon
WP = Weapon that can be used to Parry
M = Damage Modifier
O = Opportunity Attack
B = Basic Attack
A = Armor
D = Defense 
S = Shield
1HS = 1 Handed Short Weapon
2HL = 2 Handed Long Weapon

Card Name:	#	Type	Notes:
Smash		10	B	-
Thrust		10	B	-
Feint		2	B	Discard in Draw Phase to Draw 3 cards
Sword		4	WP	1HS Smash = 2 Thrust = 2
Dagger		2	WP	1HS Thrust = 2
Mace		2	WP	1HS Smash = 3
Flail		2	W	1HS Smash = 2  
Battle Axe	2	WP	2HS Smash = 4 
War Hammer	2	WP	2HS Smash = 3
Halberd		2	W	2HL Smash = 3 Thrust = 3
Pike		2	W	2HL Thrust = 4
Lance		2	W	1HL Thrust = 5 Must be played with a Horse
Shield		6	S	-
Block		6	D	Play with Shield to negate an attack
Parry		4	D	Play with a “Parry” Weapon to negate an attack
Dodge		3	D	Negate a Thrust attack
Duck		3	D	Negate a Smash attack
Horse		4	M	Smash +1 Thrust +1 
Impale		2	M	Thrust +2 (+3 with Long weapon)
Mighty Blow	2	M	Smash +2 (+3 with 2H weapon)
Knockdown	2	M	Target cannot make a Smash or 2H attack next turn
Disarm		2	M	Opponent must discard 2 cards
Flurry		4	O	-
Counter		2	O	-
Shield Bash	2	O	1H Smash = 1 Must play with Shield card
Hilt Punch	2	O	1H Smash = 1 Play with any Short Weapon card
Helmet		2	A	Smash -1 Thrust -1
Chain Mail	2	A	Smash -1 Thrust -1
Plate Mail	2	A	Smash -2 Thrust -2	
# = Number of that card in the deck.

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