Civilization game for 2-6 players. 
Each player controls one Civilization. 

The Game has 4 Eras: 
1. Ancient (10,000 BC - 500 AD)
2. Medieval (500 AD - 1600 AD)
3. Revolution (1600 AD - 1900 AD)
4. Modern (1900AD +)
Each Era has 6 Event Sub-Tables and a Build List. 

The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins. 

6, 8, and 10 sided Dice are used. 

Each Civilization is described by levels in 9 Traits: 
1. Food
2. Materials
3. Research
4. Government
5. Culture
6. Stability
7. Warfare
8. Trade
9. Health

1D10	Result: 
1-2	Infrastructure
3-4	Military Unit
5	Leader
6	Wonder
7-8	Technology
9	Government
10	Pick One of Above or gain 1D6 IP or RP or VP. 

Every Build increases (or decreases) a civilizations levels in one or more traits.
To put into play, Builds usually cost a number of Resource Points and/or Idea Points. 
When you gain a Build, pick one off the Available list and record it on your Personal list. 
If you cannot afford to do the build it, or just don't want to, you may skip it. 

These include a system of buildings and natural and technological resources. 
They increase Trait Levels. Infrastructure builds are not unique. 

These increase your Warfare level. 
They are sacrificed as payment for conquests or as punishment for engaging in wars.   
Military Units are not unique. 

These have high Point costs, but do not count against food or Stability Limits. 
Upon Building a Wonder immediately gain 3X Victory Points where X is equal to 
the current Era (Ancient = 1, etc.)
Wonders are Unique. 
If you go to build a Wonder and none are left, the Era ends. 

These have no costs. 
When you play a leader gain 2X Victory Points where X is equal to 
the current Era (Ancient = 1, Medieval = 2, etc.)
All Leaders are Unique. 
If you gain a Leader and none are left, the Era ends. 
Leaders do not count against food or Stability Limits. 
All your Leaders die at the start of the next Era. 

Each player starts out with a King (Chieftain, or Tyrant) Government for free. 
You can only have one Government in play at a time. 
The new one replaces the old one. 
They are costly in Ideas, but one of the few ways to gain points in the Government Trait. 
When you play a new Government gain 2X Victory Points where X is equal to 
the current Era (Ancient = 1, etc.)
Governments are not unique. 

If somehow, you ever lose your current Government, it is ‘replaced’ by 
Anarchy, which provides a Government Level = 2 and a Stability & Culture Levels of -1 each. 

These have slightly higher costs, but do not count against Food or Stability Limits. 
Technologies are not unique. 

A players written record of all his builds for his own civilization. 
Players also record all of their levels in their 9 Traits: 
Food, Materials, Research, Government, Culture, Stability, Warfare, Trade, and Health. 
Players also use these to keep track of their Victory Points, Idea points, 
and Resource Points, as well as Food and Stability Limits.   
Events are recorded as well. 
These are kept face up in front of you visible to all players.

This refers to all a players Builds. 

Have List, Tables, and rules for all Eras available for all players. 
Use the Event and Build Decks of the Ancient Era first. 
Each player starts with 2 each of Victory, Resource, and Idea points. 
Each player starts with a Basic List of Tribal Builds. 
Note these buils do have build costs, but these only apply if they need to be rebuilt.
Players roll high on 1D10 to see who goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 Phases: 
1. Gains Phase
2. Event Phase
3. Build Phase
4. Trade Phase
5. Limit Phase

Gain Idea Points equal to your Research Level. 
Gain Resource Points equal to your Materials Level.

Skip the Event Phase on each players very first turn of the game. 
Roll 1D10 on the Event Table: 
1D10	Result: 
1	Conquest
2	Raids
3	War
4	Boon
5	Disaster
6	Incursion
7+	Nothing
Next roll on the Event sub-table for that Era.  
Each Event will specify whom is effected by the Event: 
--One or more random Players
--All Players
--All players except one specific player. 
--Current Player Only
--The current player and one player of his choice. 
--Target Players(s) as chosen by the current player. 
--Player with lowest/highest Warfare Level.
--Player with Least/Most Victory Tokens. 
(As you can see, there are many possibilities)
In all cases of ties, break them by rolling high on 1D6. 

The player with the highest current Warfare Level wins the 
conquest. He records it among his card spread. The Conquest 
awards the indicated benefit, usually the increase in a trait, but 
sometimes a one time benefit of points. To claim the Conquest, the 
player must eliminate one of his Military Units or a Military or Religious Leader. 
If the player does not have a build to sacrifice or he does not want to sacrifice one, 
he may pass the conquest option on to the player with the next highest level of 
warfare, and so on. If no one wants it, it is ignored. 
A non-leader Unit “sacrificed” for a conquest may immediately be rebuilt for half cost rounding up. 

The current player if he has a military unit may target any other player of his choice.
The Raider rolls 1D6 (Raid roll) and steals that many Resource Points from the defender.  
The target player MAY retaliate in kind. 
This continues until one player chooses not to raid or cannot raid due to lack of Units. 
An individual Unit may only raid once per turn. 
Note: the role of “Defender” will flop back and forth with each exchange. 

Both involved players roll 1D6. This is called a War roll. 
The player with the higher Warfare Level (WL) adds 1 to his roll.  (Reroll ties)
The player with the lower roll loses 1 Military Unit. 
This repeatss until both players call a ceasefire or one player is reduced to 
zero Military Units, at which time the other player is crowned the victor. 
The victor steals 1D6 Victory Points and 1D6 Resource Points from the Loser. 
Note: With each unit loss you have to recalculate your WL. 
Note: Both players in a War get to use their DEF bonuses if they have any.

Targeted player is attacked 1D6 times by an uncivilized non-player Horde with a WL = 2D6. 
The Target player rolls 1D6 (Defense Roll)and the Horde rolls 1D6 (Incursion Roll).
Higher WL gets +1 to his roll. (Barbarians win automatically if the player has no 
Military units). 
Higher Roll wins. Player wins ties. 
If the Horde wins the player must lose a military unit and then go on to the next 
Incursion Roll. (If units are gone, discard 1 Infrastructure or Conquest from 
your Spread instead)
If the player wins a roll, gain 1 Victory Point and go onto the next Incursion Roll. 

These provide positive benefits such as one time Point gains, or Builds. 

These have negative effects: Loss of builds from your Spread, or 
Permanent Negative Trait Modifiers.  

Roll on the Build Table to see what one thing you may Build this Phase. 
RP = Resource Points
IP = Idea Points
X is equal to the current Era (Ancient = 1, Medieval = 2, etc.)
Infrastructure builds cost 2X RP.
Military Units cost RP = their WL bonus (You may Discard an older unit and pay the difference).
Leaders cost 1X IP. 
Wonders cost 4X RP.
Technologies cost 2X IP.
Governments cost 4X IP (and you cannot buy anything else during the turn).
You may make additional rolls on the Build Table at the cost of 3 IP each. 

For every 2 Levels of Trade you have, you may gain 1 IP or 1 RP or 1 VP.  


---Food Limit: 
The maximum number of builds you can have in your Civilization is equal to 7 plus your Food Level.
If you exceed it, lose 1D6 Resource Points and 1 Food consuming Build or 
a Conquest of your choice due to starvation. 

---Stability Limit: 
The maximum number of builds you can have in your Civ is equal to 10 plus 2X your Stability Level. 
If you exceed it, lose 2D6 VP and lose 1 Infrastructure or MU or 
a Conquest of your choice due to social unrest.

---Health Limit: 
If your Resource Level is greater than 10x your Health level you lose 1D6 VP due to pollution. 

---Governance Limit: 
The maximum number of builds you can have in your Civ is 
equal to 4X your Government Level. If you exceed it, lose 1D6 RP due to corruption. 

If you gain a Leader or Wonder (both unique) and none are left, the Era ends. 

L = Leader
W = Wonder
I = Infrastructure
M = Military Unit
O = Technology
G = Government
IC = Idea Token Cost
RC = Resource Token Cost
TL = Trade Level 
FL = Food Level
ML = Materials Level
RL = Research Level
GL = Government Level
CL = Culture Level
SL = Stability Level
HL = Health Level
WL = Warfare Level
DF = WL applied only when you are the Defender (War, Incursion, Raid)

Name:			Type	Notes:
King	  		G	GL +3
Farms			I	FL +2
Hunting  		I	FL +2
Warriors       		M	WL +1  
Stone & Wood 		I	ML +2
Writing  		T 	RL +1
Herbalism  		T 	HL +1

Name:			Type	Notes:
Aristotle		L	RL +1 ML +1
Hammurabi		L	GL +1 SL +1
Caesar			L	WL +1 GL +1 Military Leader
Hannibal       		L	WL +2 Military Leader
Leonidas       		L	WL +1 DF +3 Military Leader
Sun Tzu			L	WL +1 RL +1 Military Leader
Alexander the Great	L	WL +1 ML +1 Military Leader
Jesus			L	SL +1 Religious Leader
Buddha			L	CL +1 Religious Leader
Gilgamesh		L	ML +1 WL +1
Cyrus the Great		L	FL +1 WL +1
Cleopatra		L	CL +1 TL +1
Stonehenge		W	RL +1 ML +1
The Sphinx		W	CL +1 SL +1
Great Wall		W	DF +3 SL +1 CL +1
Great Pyramids		W	GL +1 SL +1 CL +1
Hanging Gardens		W	FL +2 CL +1 SL +1
Colossus       		W	TL +1 ML +1 CL +1
Library of Alexandria	W	RL +2 CL +1 
Terracotta Army		W	WL +2 GL +1 SL +1
Great Lighthouse       	W	TL +2 CL +1
Dynasty			G	GL +4 ML +1
Empire			G	GL +4 WL +2
Democracy		G	GL +4 CL +1
Republic       		G	GL +4 FL +2
Oligarchy		G	GL +4 SL +1
Phalanx			M	WL +2
Legions			M	WL +3
Light Cavalry		M	WL +2
Mounted Archers		M	WL +3
Heavy Cavalry		M	WL +3
Cataphracts		M	WL +3
Light Chariots		M	WL +2
Heavy Chariots		M	WL +3
Peltasts       		M	WL +1
Siege Artillery		M	WL +3
Elephants		M	WL +3
Hoplites       		M	WL +3
Slingers       		M	WL +2
Archers			M	WL +3
Spearmen       		M	WL +3
Biremes			M	WL +2
Triremes       		M	WL +3
Fishing Boats		I	FL +2
Trading Boats		I	TL +1
Marketplaces		I	TL +1 FL +1
Trade Routes		I	TL +1
Artisans       		I	ML +1 CL +1
Scribes			I	RL +1
Scroll Libraries       	I	RL +1
Irrigation		I	FL +2
Masonry			I	ML +1
Wine Making		I	FL +2 CL +1
Fermenting		I	FL +2 SL +1
Grain Crops		I	FL +2
Road Building		I	TL +1 WL +2
Metal Working		I	ML +1 WL +2
Bronze			I	ML +1 WL +2
Carpenters		I	ML +1
Granaries		I	FL +2
Glass Blowing		I	ML +1 CL +1
Drama			I	CL +1
Temples			I	SL +1 CL +1
Courts of Laws		I	SL +1
Stone Cutters		I	ML +2 
Cloth Making		I	SL +1 CL +1
Philosophy		I	RL +1
Gladiatorial Arenas	I	SL +1 WL +2 
Aqueducts		I	FL +2 HL +1
City Walls		I	DF +3
Taxation       		I	TL +1
Schools			I	RL +2
Monotheism		I	CL +1 SL +1
Sails			O	TL +1 FL +2
Astronomy		O	TL +1 RL +1
Mathematics		O	RL +1
Animal Domestication	O	FL +2
Pottery			O	FL +2 CL +1
Medicine       		O	HL +1
Sculpture		O	CL +1
Parchment		O	RL +1
Music			O	CL +1
Architecture		O	CL +1 ML +1
Mysticism		O	SL +1
Poetry			O	CL +1
Pantheism		O	SL +1 
Mythology		O	CL +1
Coinage			O	TL +2
Engineering		O	ML +1 RL +1
Plows			O	FL +2

C = Conquest
R = Raids
W = War
I = Incursion
B = Boon
D = Disaster


Name:			1D10	Notes:
Rich Land		1	TL +1
Wealthy Land		2	ML +1
Exotic Land		3	CL +1
Desert Land		4	SL +1
City State		5	WL +2
Strange Land		6	TL +1
Northern Lands		7	CL +1
Southern Lands		8	FL +2
Western Lands		9	RL +1
Eastern Lands		10	ML +1

Name:			1D8	Notes:
Invasion       		1	You versus player to your left
Annexation		2	You versus player to your right
Political War 		3	You vs. Random Opponent
Occupation		4	You vs. Weakest Player
Domination		5	You vs. Strongest Player
Attack			6	Two Random players
Expansion		7	Player of your choice and random player
Conflict       		8	Two players of your choice

Name:			1D6	Notes:
Sea Peoples		1	Targets You
Huns			2	Targets Weakest Player
Horse Tribes		3	Targets Random Player
Barbarians		4-5	Targets player of your Choice
Migrations		6	Targets Strongest player

Name:			1D6	Notes:
Piracy			1	Raid Rolls -1
Banditry       		2	-
Cattle Raids		3	Raid Rolls +1
Tribal Raids		4	Raid Rolls +2
Population Pressure	5	Raid Rolls +3
Border Raids		6	Raid Rolls +4

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Eureka			1	Gain 2D6 Idea Points
Dissemination		2	Gain 1 Technology known by opponent
Trade Networks		3	Gain 1D6 IP and 1D6 RP
Civilization		4	All players get 1D6 IP
Strategy       		5	WL +1
Works of Art		6	Gain 2D6 Victory Points
Rich Vein		7	Gain 2D6 RP
Golden Age		8	Gain 1D6 IP, VP, and RP
Ideal Site		9	Gain 1 Wonder
Assimilation		10	ML +1 Opponent ML -1 

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Flood			D	Lose 1 Infrastructure
Earthquake		D	Put 1 Wonder 
Disease			D	Put 1 Military Unit 
Volcano			D	Lose 1 IS and 1 MU
Civil War		D	Your Government becomes Anarchy
Usurpation		D	Your Government becomes Chieftain
Corruption		D	Opponent gets ML -1
Early Death		D	Lose Leader
Sickness       		D	Lose Leader

Name:			Type	Notes:
Martin Luther 		L	CL +1 Religious Leader 
Charlemagne 		L	WL +1 SL +1 Military Leader
Ivan the Great		L	WL +1 FL +1 
Kublai Khan 		L	CL +1 ML +1
Mohammed 		L	WL +1 CL +1 Religious Leader
Marco Polo 		L	CL +1 RL +1 
Christopher Columbus 	L	CL +1 TL +1
Leonardo da Vinci 	L	CL +1 RL +1
William the Conqueror 	L	WL +1 GL +1 Military Leader
Cortez 			L	WL +2 Military Leader
Shakespeare 		L	CL +1 SL +1 
Joan of Arc 		L	WL +1 DEF +2 Military Leader
Roger Bacon 		L	RL +2
Machiavelli 		L	GL +1 WL +1
The Medici 		L	TL +1 CL +1
Sistine Chapel 		W	SL +1 CL +2
Dome of the Rock        W	SL +1 GL +1 CL +1
Notre Dame 	 	W 	SL +2 CL +1
Tower of London        	W 	GL +1 WL +4
Hagia Sophia 	 	W 	CL +3
Red Square 		W	SL +2 GL +1 
Forbidden City 		W	GL +1 SL +1 CL +1
Trade League 		G	GL +5 TL +1 ML +1
Electoral Empire        G	GL +5 DF +3 RL +1
Theocracy 		G	GL +5 CL +1 SL +1
Feudalism 		G	GL +5 FL +1 WL +2
Monarchy 		G	GL +5 WL +2 ML +1
Knights        		M	WL +4
Men at Arms		M	WL +4
Lancers			M	WL +4
Archers			M	WL +2
Crossbowmen 		M	WL +4
Condotieri		M	WL +3
Footmen			M	WL +2				
Longbowmen 		M	WL +4			
Pikemen        		M	WL +3
Landsknechts		M	WL +3		
Halberdiers		M	WL +3				
Crusaders 		M	WL +3				
Harquebusiers 		M	WL +3
Siege Cannons		M	WL +4				
Artillerists 		M	WL +4				
Mounted Archers        	M	WL +4				
Tercio			M	WL +4			
Galleys			M	WL +3
Galleons       		M	WL +3
Armada 			M	WL +4
Flotilla       		M	WL +4				
Conquistadors 		M	WL +3				
Feudal Levy		M	WL +2
Printing Press 		I	RL +2
Scholarship		I	RL +2
Painting       		I	CL +2
Crop Rotation 		I	FL +4
Windmills 		I	FL +4
Watermills		I	FL +4
Cathedrals		I	SL +2
Chivalry 		O	WL +2 CL +1
Universities 		I	RL +2
Banking        		I	TL +2
Monasteries		I	CL +1 SL +1
Bazaars			I	TL +2
Optics			O	RL +1
New Crop Types		I	FL +4
Illuminated Scripts	O	RL +2
Caravans       		I	TL +2
Theatres       		I	CL +1 SL +1
Gothic Style 		I	DF +2 CL +1
Gunpowder  		O	WL +4
Steel			O	ML +2
Brass Casting		I	ML +2
Forges			I	ML +2
Anatomy			O	HL +1
Caravels 		I	TL +2
Paper Manufacture 	I	ML +1 RL +1
Alchemy        		O	RL +2
Magnetic Compass        O	TL +1
Navigation		O	TL +1
Cartography		O	TL +1

Name:			1D10	Notes:
New World		1	RL +2	
Sub-Continent		2	Gain 10 VP		
Silk Road		3	TL +2		
Africa			4	ML +2		
Savage Lands		5	WL +4
Vassal State		6	RL +2
New Continent          	7	ML +2		
Imperialist Conquest	8	CL +2		
West Indies		9	FL +4		
East Indies		10	SL +2	

Name:			1D8	Notes:	
Crusade			1	You versus player to your left
Great Siege		2	You versus player to your right
Reformation 		3	You vs. Random Opponent
Colonization		4	You vs. Weakest Player
Reconquest		5	You vs. Strongest Player
Holy War       		6	Two Random players
Territorial Dispute	7	Player of your choice and random player
Rivalry			8	Two players of your choice

Name:			1D6	Notes:
Vikings			1	Targets You
Mongols			2	Targets Weakest Player
Tartars			3	Targets Random Player
Cossacks       		4-5	Targets player of your Choice
Pirates			6	Targets Strongest player

Name:			1D6	Notes:
Pirate Fleets		1	Raid Rolls -1
Bandits			2	Raid
Long Distance Raids	3	Raid Rolls +1
Feud			4	Raid Rolls +2
Campaign Season		5	Raid Rolls +3
Border Raids		6	Raid Rolls +4

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Discovery		1	Gain 1 Technology
Renaissance		2	Gain 1D6 IP, RP, and VP
Sea Trade		3	Gain 1D6 IP and RP
Urbanization		4	Gain 1 Infrastructure
Magellan’s Journey	5	Gain 1D6 VP
Renaissance Master 	6	Gain 2D6 VP
Rich Bankers		7	Gain 2D6 RP
Cities			8	Gain 1D6 RP
Ideal Location		9	Gain 1 Wonder
Visionary		10	Gain 1 Leader

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Sands of Time		1	Lose 1 Ancient Wonder
Harsh Winter		2	Lose 1D6 RP
Black Plague		3	Lose 2D6 RP
Famine			4	Lose 2D6 RP
Schism			5	Lose 1D6 VP
Peasant Revolt		6	Lose 1D6 VP
Dark Ages		7	Lose 1 Technology
Nobles			8	Opponent gets ML -1 and CL +1
Excommunication		9	Lose Leader
Illness			10	Lose Military Unit

Name:				Type	Notes:
Napoleon Bonaparte		L 	WL +2 Military Leader
Mozart 				L	CL +1 SL +1
Rembrandt 			L	CL +2
Newton 				L	RL +2
Galileo Galilei        		L	RL +1 ML +1
Voltaire 			L	RL +1 CL +1
Frederic the Great 		L 	WL +1 GL +1 Milit Ldr
Bismark  			L	WL +1 ML +1 Milit Ldr
Abraham Lincoln        		L	GL +1 WL +2
Ben Franklin 	 		L	RL +1 GL +1
Darwin 				L	RL +1 FL +1
Queen Victoria			L	SL +1 GL +1
Taj Mahal  			W	CL +3 SL +1
Suez Canal  			W	TL +2 ML +2
Transcontinental Railroad 	W	TL +1 FL +2 ML +2
Statue of Liberty 		W	SL +2 GL +1 TL +1
Versailles 			W	SL +1 GL +1 CL +2
Kew Gardens 			W	FL +4 CL +1 RL +1
Eiffel Tower 			W	CL +2 SL +1 ML +1
Representative Democracy  	G	GL +6 RL +1 FL +2
Dynastic Regime        		G	GL +6 SL +1 WL +2
Colonial Empire        		G	GL +6 FL +2 ML +1
Constitutional Monarchy        	G	GL +6 ML +1 WL +2
New Republic 			G	GL +6 WL +2 RL +1
Muskets & Bayonets		M	WL +4
Infantry       			M	WL +4
Ships of the Line 		M	WL +6
Frigates 			M	WL +5
Colonial Troops			M	WL +4
Riflemen 			M	WL +5
Ironclads 			M	WL +6
Reiters				M	WL +4
Grenadiers			M	WL +6
Heavy Cavalry 			M	WL +6
Imperial Guards			M	WL +6
Hussars        			M	WL +5
Uhlans				M	WL +6
Dragoons 			M	WL +5
Field Artillery        		M	WL +6
Horse Artillery			M	WL +5
Gun Ships 			M	WL +5
Steam Ships 			I	TL +1 FL +2 ML +1
Railways       			I	TL +1 FL +2 ML +1
Trading Companies 		I	TL +2
Slave Trade 			I	ML +2 TL +1
Baroque Era 			I	CL +2
Opera				I	CL +2
Sanitation			I	HL +2
Nationalism 			O	GL +1
Stockyards			I	FL +4
Canning				I	FL +4
Machinery			I	ML +2
Microscopy 			O	RL +1 HL +1
Telescopes 			O	RL +1
Clippers       			I	TL +2
Cash Crops			I	TL +1 FL +2
Factories			I	ML +3 HL -1
Refineries			I	ML +3 HL -1
Bourgeoisie			I	CL +1 SL +1	
Coal Mines			I	ML +3 HL -1
Sea Power			I	WL +4 TL +1
Hot Air Balloons        	O	WL +2 CL +1
Scientific Method       	O	RL +2
Pendulum Clock 			O	ML +1
Distilled Liquor       		I	FL +2 CL +1
Colonial Trade			I	TL +2
Phonograph  			O	CL +1
Missionaries			I	CL +2
Photography 			O	CL +1 RL +1
Telegraph 			I	TL +1 ML +2
Anesthetics & Antiseptics	O	HL +2
Light Bulb 			O	RL +2
Romanticism 			I	CL +1
Bicycles       			O	RL +1
Orchestras			I	CL +2
The Novel			O	CL +1
Impressionism 			I	CL +2
Dynamite       			O	ML +2
Reforms				O	GL +1 HL +1
Plantations			I	FL +4 ML +1

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Silver Mines		1	ML +3			
White Mans Burden       2	CL +3				
Spice Trade		3	TL +3		
Deepest Darkest Africa	4	FL +6				
Distant Lands		5	RL +3		
Commonwealth		6	TL +1
Unification		7	SL +3				
Overseas Possession	8	ML +3				
Strategic Territory	9	WL +6				
Split Up Old Empire	10	Gain 13 VP

Name:			1D8	Notes:			
Continental War		1	You versus player to your left
Great Game		2	You versus player to your right
New Imperialism		3	You vs. Random Opponent
Colonialism		4	You vs. Weakest Player
Dynastic Rivalries	5	You vs. Strongest Player
Room to Grow		6	Two Random players
Gunboat Diplomacy       7	Player of your choice and random player
Balance of Power       	8	Two players of your choice

Name:			1D6	Notes:
Little Wars		1-2	Targets You
Natives Revolt		3	Targets Weakest Player
Golden Age of Piracy	4	Targets Random Player
Boxer Rebellion		5	Targets player of your Choice
War for Independence	6	Targets Strongest player

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Privateering		1	Raid Rolls -1
Daring Raid		2	Raid
Long Standing Feud	3	Raid Rolls +1
Campaign Season		4	Raid Rolls +2
Border Clash		5	Raid Rolls +3
Punitive Expedition 	6	Raid Rolls +4

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Invention		1	Gain 1 Technology
Enlightenment		2	Gain 1D6 IP and VP
Industrial Revolution	3	Gain 1 Military Unit
Modernization		4	Gain 1 Infrastructure
Age of Reason	 	5	Gain 2D6 IP
Tycoons			6	Gain 2D6 RP
Gilded Age		7	Gain 1D6 RP and VP
Ideal Locale		8	Gain 1 Wonder
Modern Thinker		9	Gain 1 Leader
Negotiations		10	Skip the next War, Incursion, or Raid Event that Targets You

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Emancipation		1	Opponents lose 1D6 VP and RP each
Reign of Terror		2	Lose 1D6 IP
Great Blizzard		3	Lose 1D6 RP
Epidemic       		4	Lose 2D6 RP
Poverty			5	Lose 2D6 VP
Revolution		6	Change Government to anything
Civil War		7	Change Government to Anarchy
Progress       		8	Gain 1D6 IP
Mutiny			9	Discard Target Military Unit
Aristocracy		10	Opponent gets ML -1 and CL +1

Name:			Type	Notes:
Albert Einstein         L	RL +2
Hitler 			L	WL +2 CL +1 Military Leader
Stalin         		L	WL +2 GL +1 Military Leader
Churchill 		L	WL +2 SL +1 Military Leader
Roosevelt 		L	WL +2 ML +1 Military Leader
John F Kennedy 		L	SL +1 GL +1
Freud 			L	RL +1 CL +1
Gandhi 			L	CL +1 GL +1
Picasso        		L	CL +2
Chairman Mao		L	GL +1 DF +3 Military Leader
Manhattan Project       W	WL +10 
Panama Canal 		W	TL +2 ML +2 FL +2
Hoover Dam 		W	ML +4 FL +2
Moon Landing 		W	RL +2 WL +2 CL +2
Pentagon 		W	WL +4 SL +2 GL +1
Empire State Building	W	TL +2 RL +1 CL +2 
Internet       		W	RL +3 CL +2
Fascism        		G	GL +7 WL +4 ML +2
Communism 		G	GL +7 FL +2 ML +2 WL +2
Parliamentarianism 	G	GL +7 SL +2 RL +2
Modern Democracy  	G	GL +7 TL +1 RL +1 CL +2
Dictatorship 		G	GL +7 WL +4 FL +2
Socialism 		G	GL +7 SL +2 CL +1 RL +1
Howitzers 		M	WL +8
Modern Infantry		M	WL +7
Special Forces		M	WL +7
Tank Warfare 		M	WL +8
Mechanized Infantry  	M	WL +7
Air Superiority		M	WL +8	
Massed Armor		M	WL +8
Machine Guns		M	WL +7
Fighter Planes         	M	WL +8
Carpet Bombing		M	WL +8
Long Range Bombers	M	WL +8
Battleships		M	WL +8
Aircraft Carriers 	M	WL +9
Guided Missiles        	M	WL +7
Air Cavalry		M	WL +7
Submarines 		M	WL +7
Combined Arms		M	WL +8
Blitzkrieg		M	WL +8
Rocket Science 		O	WL +6 RL +1
Corporations		I	TL +2 SL +1 ML +1
Internal Combustion  	I	ML +4
Flight 			I	TL +2 WL +2
Oil Wells		I	ML +4
Fertilizers		I	FL +8
Radio 			O	CL +2 WL +4
Radar 			O	RL +2 WL +4
Electronics		I	RL +1 CL +2 SL +1
Computers		I	RL +3 TL +1
Antibiotics		O	SL +1 HL +2 CL +2
Plastics 		I	ML +4
Mass Production        	I	ML +4
Robotics       		I	ML +2 WL +4
Television 		I	CL +2 SL +2
Movies 			I	CL +3 SL +1
Fast Food		I	FL +4 CL +2
Automobiles		I	TL +1 CL +2 SL +1
Food Processing		I	FL +6 CL +1
Space Satellites       	I	RL +2 CL +2
Packaging		I	FL +4 ML +2
Hospitals 		I	HL +2
Stock Markets		I	TL +2 ML +2
Combine Harvesters	I	FL +6
Container Ships		I	TL +2 ML +2
Rock & Roll		O	SL +1 CL +2
Sexual Revolution       O	SL +1 CL +1
Modern Medicine        	O	HL +2
Civil Rights  		O	SL +1 CL +1
Professional Sports	I	SL +2 CL +2
Abstract Art 		O	CL +2
Pop Culture		O	SL +1 CL +1

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Buffer States		1	WL +8				
Hearts & Minds		2	Gain 16 VP					
Third World		3	TL +4		
Pact Country		4	RL +4						
Banana Republic		5	FL +8				
Prop Up Dictator       	6	WL +8
Hegemony       		7	SL +4				
Power Vacuum		8	ML +4				
Oil Rich Country       	9	ML +4						
Crisis State	  	10	CL +4	

Name:			1D8	Notes:					
World War		1	You versus player to your left
Great War		2	You versus player to your right
Imperialism		3	You vs. Random Opponent
Occupation		4	You vs. Weakest Player
Cold War	        5	You vs. Strongest Player
Regional War		6	Two Random players
Proxy War		7	Player of your choice and random player
New World Order		8	Two players of your choice

Name:			1D6	Notes:
Insurgency		1-2	Targets You
Ethnic Cleansing       	3	Targets Weakest Player
Modern Piracy		4	Targets Random Player
Internal Rebellion	5	Targets player of your Choice
Minority Strife		6	Targets Strongest player

Name:			1D6	Notes:
Border Dispute		1	Raid Rolls -1
Tariffs			2	Raid
Trade Embargo		3	Raid Rolls +1
Industrial Espionage	4	Raid Rolls +2
Unfair Trade Practices	5	Raid Rolls +3
Trade War		6	Raid Rolls +4

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Social Revolution       1	Gain 2D6 VP
Scientific Literature	2	Gain 1D6 IP
Globalization	 	3	Gain 1D6 RP and IP
Building Boom		4	Gain 1 Infrastructure
Government Research	5	Gain 1 Technology
Cultural Revolution	6	Gain 2D6 VP
New Markets		7	Gain 2D6 RP
New Paradigm		8	Gain 1D6 IP & VP
Space Age		9	Gain 1 Wonder
Information Age		10	Gain 2D6 IP

Name:			1D10	Notes:
Pandemic       		1	Lose 1D6 RP and VP
Financial Crisis       	2	Lose 2D6 RP
Revolution		3	Change Government to Anarchy
Civil Unrest		4	Lose 1D6 VP
War on Terror		5	Lose 1 MU 
Revolution		6	Change Government to Anything
Organized Crime		7	Lose 1D6 RP and VP
Great Depression       	8	Lose 2D6 RP
United Nations		9	Negate next War
Hurricane		10	Lose 1 Infrastructure

Achievement:	Notes:				VP	
Empire		Most Conquests			20
Monuments	Most Wonders			25
Commerce       	Highest Trade Level		10
Warriors       	Highest Warfare Level		10
Thinkers       	Highest Research Level		10
Manufacturing	Highest Materials Level		10
Agriculture	Highest Food Level		10
Humanities	Highest Culture Level		30
Peace Prize	Highest Stability Level		15
Medical Arts	Highest Health Level		5

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