INTRODUCTION Solo dice game. WWII Simulation of the Allied relief convoy to the British Island Stronghold of Malta August 3rd, 1942. Also known as Operation Pedestal. MATERIALS Paper, pencil, 1-2 six sided dice, nobody to play with. CONVOY COMPOSITION Ship Type: Number of Ships: Notes: Cargo Ships 3D6 Merchant Men Oil Tankers 1D6 - Aircraft Carriers 1D3 - Cruisers 1D6 + 6 Warship Destroyers 3D6 + 20 Warship Record how many of each type of ship you have. LENGTH OF JOURNEY The game will last 20 + 1D6 Turns Make a column of that many boxes on a piece of paper. Number the boxes. FRIENDLY WATERS The convoy will not be attacked for the first 1D6 turns. COVERING FORCE RETURNS When you are halfway through the trip roll 1D6 for each of your remaining Aircraft Carriers. On a roll of 4-6 they return to their bases with 3 +1D6 warships each. CONTACT Every turn make one contact roll. 1D6 Contact: Notes: 1 Dumb Luck -1 to this roll next turn 2-3 No Contact Turn Ends 4 Reconnaissance Plane +2 to this roll next turn 5 Surprise Contact Force Size -1 6 Contact Force Size No Change 7 Sortie Force Size +1 8 Attack Force Force Size +2 ENEMY FORCE If contact is made roll to see what type: 1D6 Type: Notes: 1 U-boats Force Size -1 2-3 Italian Air force Attack Rolls -1 4-5 German Air Force Attack Rolls +1 6 Combined Air Force Force Size +1 FORCE SIZE Roll 1D6. The result of this roll is the Force Size of the enemy force. The Force size is a minimum of 1 with Modifications. INTERCEPTION Make 3 Interception Rolls. Make one additional roll for every Aircraft Carrier you have. Make one less roll if all of your cruisers are destroyed. Make one less roll if all of your destroyers are destroyed. For every roll of 1 on 1D6 the size of the attacking enemy force is reduced by one. ENEMY ATTACKS (Attack Rolls) Roll a number of times equal to the enemy force size: 1D6 Damage: 1-2 Miss 3-4 Ship Damaged 5-6 Ship Destroyed TARGETS (Target Rolls) If a ship is damaged or destroyed make a Target roll to see which type: 1D6 Type: 1 Tanker 2 Cargo Ship 3-4 Aircraft Carrier 5 Cruiser 6 Destroyer If there are no Aircraft carriers left treat the result as a Cargo Ship. If you already have a damaged ship of a certain type and you get another ‘Ship damaged or destroyed’ result for that type there is a 1-3 in 1D6 chance that the damaged ship is hit again and sunk. OPTIONS You may take an option at the very beginning of your turn. You cannot take another option if you are currently using one. DECOY OPTION Once during the trip you may send out a dummy convoy. Target rolls +2 for 1D6 turns. Get 1 less intercept roll. SPLIT OPTION Once during the trip you may split up the fleet (Every ship for himself). Force Size –1 for 1D6 turns. Contact rolls are at +1. EVADE OPTION Once during the trip you may take an evasive route. Contact rolls at –2 for 1D6 turns. Game length increases by 1D3 turns. SCREEN OPTION Once during the trip you may set up a screen of warships to face the enemy routes of advance. Get two additional Intercept rolls for 1D6 turns. Attack rolls are at +1. SCORING Start with 100 points. Lose 2 points for every cargo ship lost. Lose 1 point for every cruiser lost. Lose 3 points for every tanker lost. Lose 5 points for every aircraft carrier lost. Gain 1 point for every Interception. Lose 10 points if all of your Tankers are destroyed. Lose 10 points if all of your Cargo ships are destroyed. SUPPORT PAGE BGG LINK

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