Card game for 2-4+ players. 
Players are rival Stage Magicians circa 1890-1914. 
Players try to put on the best performances and outdo each other. 

The first player to accumulate 100 Prestige Points wins. 

Use paper and pencil to keep track of Prestige Points (MP). 

There are 2 Common Decks: 
1. The Magicians Deck
2. The Trick Deck

Each card represents one Magician and describes his special ability. 

There are 3 types of cards in the Trick Deck:
1. Support cards (Assistants, Helpers, Stages, Props, Traits)
2. Tricks
3. Sabotage

Shuffle the Decks. 
At the beginning of the game pick a random card from the Magicians 
Deck to determine your Identity. 
Players reveal their identities. 
Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards from the Trick Deck. 
The player who is the most accomplished magician goes first.
If you do not get a level 1 Trick in your Initial draw, you may 
discard and draw again.

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 7 Phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Management Phase
3. Dirty Trick Phase
4. New Trick Phase
5. Intermission Phase
6. Prestige Phase
7. Finale Phase

Draw 1 card and put it in your hand. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Do one of the following: 
1. Put an Assistant card into play (1 Max)
2. Put a Helper card into play (3 Max)
3. Put a Stage card into play (1 Max)
4. Put a Prop card into play (No Limit)
5. Put a Trait card into play (No Limit)
Collectively these types of cards are referred to as Support cards. 
Support cards stay in play face-up in front of you until the end of the game or a 
Sabotage card causes them to be stolen or discarded. 
If you are at your Max, you may discard a Support card in play to play a replacement. 
You may not play a Stage card unless you have a Trick of equal or greater Level. 
If your highest Trick Level is ever decreased, discard the Stage card. 
To play a Trait card, you must have 5 Tricks in play. 
You cannot have more Helpers & Assistants in play than Tricks. 
You cannot have more Props in play than Tricks. 

Skip this phase if you played a card in Management Phase. 
You may play one Sabotage card. 
Discard the Sabotage card once it is played. 

Skip this phase if you played a card in Management or Dirty Trick Phase. 
You may put one Trick card into play. 
Trick cards stay in play face-up in front of you until the end of the game or a 
Sabotage card causes them to be stolen or discarded. 
Tricks are ranked levels 1 through 5. 
You may always play a level 1 Trick. 
To play a level 2 Trick you must have at least one Level 1 Trick in play. 
To play a level 3 Trick you must have at least one Level 2 Trick in play and so on. 
You may have more than one Trick of the same level in play. 
If at the end of this phase you have more than 5 Tricks in play, you must 
Discard down to 5 Tricks (or whatever your modified Maximum is)

If you did not play a card in Management or Dirty Trick or 
New Trick Phase, you may draw an extra card.  

You score Prestige Points (PP) in this Phase. 
Each Trick you have in play earns PP equal to its level. 
Each of your Support cards earns PP equal to its level.  
Certain cards will earn you extra PP according to the card text. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

Name:			Notes:
The Mentalist		May use Trait cards as Tricks
The Professor		May Have 1 Extra Trick in Play
The Prestidigitator	Level 1 Tricks earn +1 Prestige
The Chinese Sorcerer	Level 2 Tricks earn +2 Prestige	
The Magician		Level 3 Tricks earn +3 Prestige
The Escapologist       	Level 4 Tricks earn +4 Prestige	
The Illusionist		Level 5 Tricks earn +5 Prestige

U = Support 
A = Assistant 
H = Helper
G = Stage
P = Prop
R = Trait
T = Trick
S = Sabotage

Card:			Type	Level	Notes:
Gorgeous Assistant	A	5	
Beautiful Assistant	A	4	
Stunning Assistant	A	3	
Lovely Assistant       	A	2	
Glamorous Assistant	A	1	
Inventor       		H	4	You may play a Trick of 1 Level Higher
Mentor			H	3	Max Number of Tricks +1
Engineer       		H	3	You may play a Trick of 1 Level Higher
Look Alike Actor	H	3	
Old Timer		H	2	
Stage Manager		H	2	
Audience Plant		H	1	
Backstage Hand 		H	1	
Tesla Machine		P	5	
Antique Trick Box	P	4	
Novel Contraption	P	3	
Trap Doors		P	2	
Straightjacket		P	2	
Smoke & Mirrors		P	1	
Grand Stage		G	5	
Great Hall		G	4	
Theatre			G	3	
Cabaret			G	2	
Parlor			G	1	
Showmanship		R	5	
Sacrifice		R	4	
Obsession		R	3	
Stagecraft		R	2	
Mysterious		R	1	
Secrecy			R	1	
Flourish       		R	1
Style			R	1
Linking Rings		T	1	
Balls & Cups		T	1	
Penetration		T	1	
Card Tricks		T	1	
Sleight of Hand		T	1	
Legerdemain		T	1	
Simple Misdirection	T	1	
Out of Thin Air		T	1	
Hat Trick		T	1	
Old Standby		T	1	
Goldfish Bowl Trick	T	2	
Disappearing Canary	T	2		
Mind Reading Trick	T	2	
Transformation		T	2	
Cabinet Escape		T	2	
Restoration		T	2		
Floating Lady		T	3		
Growing Orange Tree	T	3
Levitation		T	3	
Sword Box		T	3	
Pepper’s Ghost		T	3	
Saw a Lady in Half	T	4	
Bullet Catch		T	4	
Shock Magic		T	4
Water Tank		T	4	
Transposition		T	5	
Teleporting Man		T	5	
Vanishing Elephant	T	5
One-Up Manship		S	-	Draw 2 Cards from Deck
Exposed			S	-	Discard Target Trick
Steal Secret		S	-	Steal Target Trick
Steal Notebook		S	-	Steal 2 Random cards from Opponent’s Hand
Scandal			S	-	Discard Target Stage 
Seduction		S	-	Steal Target Assistant
Sabotage       		S	-	Opponent loses 10 PP
Permanent Injury       	S	-	Opponent loses 10 PP
Fatality       		S	-	Discard Target Helper or assistant
Betrayal       		S	-	Steal Target Helper
Embarrassment		S	-	Steal Target Trait
Make a Deal		S	-	Steal Target Stage
Public Disturbance	S	-	Opponent earns no PP on his next turn
Send Spy		S	-	Look at Opponent’s Hand: Steal 1 Target Card 
Hurt Reputation		S	-	Discard Target Trait
Ruin Performance       	S	-	Opponent loses 10 PP
Double Cross		S	-	Opponent must discard 2 Random cards from Hand

The Prestige

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