Rules for common deck Solo play.
Complete any one Adventure card you have drawn. 
You immediately lose the game if your investigator is ever reduced
to zero or less sanity.
Take all of your Mythos cards and shuffle them together in a common deck, 
including adventure cards. Add and remove cards to suit your tastes. 
Pick an investigator.
You start with no cards in your hand.
Draw and discard cards until you get a location card.
Put that location into play.
When you have nothing else you can do draw a card.
Some cards have to be played immediately, others can be put in your hand.
Maximum hand size is 13 cards. Discard excess cards.
If you draw a location card of the same region as your current location 
immediately put it into play and discard the previous location.
If you draw a location card from a different region, you may go there if you 
discard an appropriate travel card from your hand, otherwise put the
location card in your hand. 
You can always go to Dream locations from anywhere.
From a Dream location you can to any other location.
If you draw an ally, tome, or artifact card you may put it into play if you 
are at a matching location, otherwise put it in your hand.
If you draw a corrupt cultist you are immediately attacked by it. 
If you draw a monster while at a gate site you are immediately attacked by
it, otherwise discard it. Ignore joining.
The strength of an attacker causes a loss of that many sanity points, 
or points worth of allies. Allies recieving any damage are discarded.
If you draw a spell card you may attach it to an appropriate card, otherwise 
put it in your hand.
Spell cards are discarded as soon as they are cast. 
If you draw a phobia card it effects you.
If you draw an adventure card set aside in a separate pile. If you complete 
this or any adventure card you draw, you win the game.
A "round" now means the next three draws.
A "turn" now means until the end of all responses to the next draw.
If you draw a great old one it immediately goes into play and replaces the 
previous great old one.
Many cards that target your opponent, will have no affect in solo play.
For example: "Curse of the Rat thing" does nothing.
The "Tiara of Opulent Fantasy", "Ambush", and "Mist of R'lyeh" do nothing. 
Cards that increase the value of your threat now instead decrease the 
strength of attackers. For example:
"Unaussprechlichen Kulten" decreases the the strength of living dead by 1.
Other cards now target the last card drawn instead of your opponent.
For example: "Yithian Mental Contact" can be used to negate a card just drawn 
and "Instability in the Mythos" can negate an attacker just drawn.
Spells that target opponent's allies now target attacking corrupt allies.
Some event cards now target you instead of your opponent. For example:
"Townsfolk Riot" targets your investigator.
Event cards now target your allies instead of your opponents allies. For example:
"Influenza" and "Hound of Tindalls" target your allies.
In addition to these examples, many more cards have to be reinterpreted, a 
task left to the eager investigator.

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