Card game with a near-future, modern war theme.
2-4+ Players.  
In addition to the Ground, Air, and Naval theatres of war, Space and 
Cyberspace are now equally important factors. 

Reduce all of your opponents to zero Strength Points (SP). 
Players with 0 SP are eliminated from the game. 

Use tokens to represent SP.
Players share a common pile of SP Tokens. 
Use denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 20.  
These represent a Nation’s ability and willingness to continue to wage War.  

Players share a common set of Action Counters. 
These are used to denote the readiness of Surviving Units to 
Reuse their Special Abilities. 

Six sided dice are needed. 

Players share a common Pool of Defense Chits. 
Keep these in a cup to be drawn from and discarded back into. 
The pool should contain 10 copies of each type of chit. 
There are 6 types of Chit:
Abrv: 	Defense:	Notes:
H	Hardened	Unit has Armor, Physical Damage Resistance
A	Active		Point Defense, Jamming, Electronic Warfare
E	Evasion		Unit relies on Speed, Agility, Flares to avoid Attacks
D	Dispersed	Large Force. Surviving Units continue to function
S	Stealth		Invisibility to Detection: Sonar, Radar, EM Spectrum
V	Vast		Units protected by great Distances
Note: Defense Chits are discarded immediately back to the pool when used. 

Players share a common deck. 
If the Deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Each Card will have 6 Traits: 
1. Type: Unit, Attack, or Counter
2. Search: This is how a card is identified when one is being searched for. 
The search trait will be 1 or more of the 5 Domains. 
3. Target: This is how a card is identified when it is being targeted for Attack. 
The target trait will be 1 or more of the 5 Domains. 
4. Hits: How many successful attacks are needed to destroy this target. (1 or 2)
5. Defense Type: Which types of Defense Chits can be used to neutralize 
Attacks against this card
6. Ability: The effect that is activated when this card is played: Kill, Draw, Search, 
Gain SP, Spy, Neutralize, Opponent discard or lose SP. 

Some Cards will have the Minor designation of Missile or Base. 

There are 4 Basic Types of Cards: 
U = Units- These remain in play after being used.
A = Attacks- These are discarded once used.
C = Counters- Discarded once used, these negate an attack card just played or an 
Attack made by a Unit. 
X = Special- These are discarded once used. 

There are 5 Domains: 
G = Ground
N = Naval
A = Air
S = Space
C = Cyber

NOTE: As noted in the Card text a Unit with 2 or more Abilities might be able 
To do both (AND) or just one (OR) during a turn.  
Kill: (Destroy, Degrade) Cause a Target Unit of the indicated Target 
Type to be discarded. 
Neutralize: (Counter, Negate) Cause an Attack of the indicated 
Search Type to be cancelled. 
Draw: Draw 1 or 2 cards from the top of the Deck and add them to your hand. 
Search: look at the next 10 cards in the Deck and place 1 of them of the 
Indicated Search Type into your hand.  
Gain SP: You gain the indicted number of SP (1 or 2). 
Spy: Look at opponent’s hand. 
IMPORTANT: If a Unit can do the Spy ability OR another ability, there is a 50% it 
Must pick the Spy Ability. 

Shuffle the Deck. 
Each player starts with 50 Strength Points. 

Each round has 5 Phases: 
1. Readiness Phase
2. Resupply Phase
3. Initiative Phase
4. Deployment Phase
5. End Phase

Each player draws 10 cards and 3 Defense Chit. 

Place 1 Action Counter on all Surviving Units.
A Unit may have a Maximum of 1 Action Counter on it. 

Players roll 1 Die each. 
High roll goes first in Deployment Phase. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

Players take turns conducting 1 Deployment each. 
An Deployment may be either: 
1. Playing a Unit and resolving it’s action if there is a target. 
2. Playing an Attack card and resolving it. 
3. Removing an Action Counter from a Unit to resolve its action. 
In order to pass, a player must discard a card if he has one. 
As a reaction to an action or an attack, a player may immediately play a 
Counter Card (Match attack’s Search type) or a Defense Chit (Match Target’s 
Defense Type) out of turn to Negate it. 
Deployment phase ends when everyone has no cards left in hand, no useable 
Action counters, and/or Passes in turn. 
IMPORTANT: Every time an Enemy Unit is destroyed the enemy loses 1 SP for 
Every Hit the Unit had. 
If a Base is Destroyed the Enemy loses 2 SP. 

Players discard Cards and Defense Chits they did not use. 

Unit Name:		Type	Search	Target	Hits	Def	Ability
Carrier Task Force	U	NA	N	2	A	Kill GNA
Boomer Sub		U	N	N	1	Z	Kill GN (Missile)
Hunter Killer Sub	U	N	N	1	Z	Kill N
Armored Division	U	G	G	2	XH	Kill G or SP +1
Artillery Brigade	U	G	G	1	X	Kill G or SP -1
Infantry Division	U	G	G	2	X	Kill G or SP +1
Destroyer Group 	U	N	N	1	A	Kill NA
Air Cavalry		U	A	A	1	E	Kill G or Search G
Missile Cruiser		U	N	N	1	A	Kill GN (Missile)
Marines 		U	GN	G	1	X	Kill G or SP +1
Army Group		U	G	G	2	XA	Kill G or SP +1
Special Forces		U	GNA	G	1	Z	Kill G or SP -1
Stealth Fighter		U	A	A	1	Z	Kill GN or SP -1
Bombers  		U	A	A	1	E	Kill G or SP -1
Interceptors		U	A	A	1	E	Kill A
Drones			U	A	A	1	E	Kill G
Mobile Launchers	U	G	G	1	X	Kill GNA (Missile)
Air Defense		A	G	G	-	-	Kill A
Naval Base		U	N	G	1	H	Search N (Base)
Army Base		U	G	G	1	H	Search G (Base)
Air Base		U	A	G	1	H	Search A (Base)
Laser Satellite		U	S	S	1	V	Kill GNA
Missile Satellite	U	S	S	1	V	Kill GNS (Missile)
EMP Attack		A	NotC	NotC	-	-	Kill NSAC
Hunter Killer Sat	U	S	S	1	V	Kill S
Cyber Command   	U	C	GC	1	H	Spy or Search C (Base)
Cyber Security		C	C	C	-	-	Negate C Attack
Cyber Network		C	C	GC	1	X	Spy or Search C
Hacker Groups		U	C	GC	1	ZX	Spy or Search C
Comm Sat		U	SC	SC	1	V	Draw 1 
Militias		U	G	G	1	X	Kill G or SP -1
ICBM Silos		U	GA	G	2	H	Kill GSN (Missile, Base)	
Military Base		U	Any	G	1	H	Draw 1 (Base)
Stockpiles		U	G	G	1	-	SP +2 (Base)
Strategic Point		U	G	G	1	-	SP -1 (Base)
Industrial Area		U	G	G	2	-	SP +1 (Base)
Population Center	U	G	G	2	X	SP +1 (Base)
Biological Attack	A	GNA	GNA	-	-	Kill G
Chemical Attack 	A	GNA	GNA	-	-	Kill G
Nuclear Attack		A	NotC	NotC	-	-	Kill GNS (Missile)
Hyperkinetic Sat	U	S	S	1	V	Kill GNS
Air Command		U	A	A	1	Z	Spy or Search Any
Fighter Bomber		U	A	A	1	E	Kill GNA
Ground Support  	U	A	A	1	E	Kill G
Antiship Missiles	A	GNA	GNA	-	-	Kill N (Missile)
Merchant Marine 	U	N	N	1	-	SP +1
Reserves		X	-	-	-	-	Draw 2
Diplomacy		X	-	-	-	-	End Round. Shuffle Discard into Deck
Cruise Missile		A	GN	GN	-	-	Kill GN (Missile)
Mechanized Infantry	U	G	G	1	XH	Kill G or SP +1 or -1
Mission Control 	U	S	G	1	H	Spy or Search S (Base)
Spy Satellite		U	SC	S	1	V	Spy
Missile Defense 	C	All	All	-	-	Negate Missile Attack
Orbital Attack		A	S	S	-	-	Kill GN
Orbital Battle Station	U	S	S	1	VA	Spy or Kill GSN (Base)
Scram Jet		U	A	A	1	E	Kill S
Attack Shuttle		U	S	S	1	VE	Kill S
Multistage Rocket	A	S	G	-	-	Kill S (Missile)
Micro Satellites	U	S	S	1	VX	Kill S
Denial of Service	A	All	All	-	-	Kill C or SP -1 
Spam: Propaganda	A	C	C	-	-	Draw 1 and Foe Discard 1 Card
Malware: Sabotage	A	C	C	-	-	SP -2
Trojan: Intercept	C	C	C	-	-	Negate Any Attack
Spoof: Replace		C	C	C	-	-	Redirect Any Attack to new target
Virus: Compromise	A	C	C	-	-	SP -1 and Foe Discard 1 Card
Worm: Disruption	A	C	C	-	-	Foe Discard 2 Cards


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