Card game for 2 players.
Theme: Russia’s war with Afghanistan 1979-1988

One player is the Soviets.
The other player is the Afghanis.
Each player has his own deck.
A deck contains 1 of each card in its list.
Play also requires 3 Pacification counters.

The game ends when the Russian player has no cards left in his deck.

The Soviets win if they ever get 3 Pacification counters.
The Afghanis win if the game ends before this.

Logistics Phase
Strategy Phase
Conflict Phase

Each player draws 7 cards from his own deck.

Each player may discard and draw replacements.
If the Afghani player ever runs out of cards he may shuffle his discard and draw from it.

Players reveal their hands.
For each card of a different type in a players hand that player scores one point.
The player with most points wins.
If tied nothing happens.
If the Soviets win they gain one pacification counter.
If the Soviets lose they lose one pacification counter.
Players discard their hands.

M = Mission
S = Strategy
U = Units
W = Weapons
P = Politics
L = Leaders

Card Name:				Type:	
Spetsnaz Special Forces			U
Mi-24 Hind Gunship			W	
Clear Roads				M				
Control Cities				S
Seize Airfield				M	
Control Mountain Pass			M
Control Tunnel				M
Deportations				P
Large Scale Offensive			M
Large Scale Ground Sweep		M
Escorted Convoy				S
Airmobile Operations			S
Depopulate Vital Areas			S
Bombing Villages			M
Air Raids				M
Cut Supply Route			M	
Drive Rebels into the Hills		S	
Eliminate Rebels			S	
Massacres				S
Purges					P
Propaganda				P
Exploit Tribal Differences		P
Truce					P
Buy off Afghan Groups			P
20 Year Pacification Program		S
VDV Paratroopers			U	
BMD Infantry Fighting Vehicles		W
Soviet Oppression			P
Refugees				P
Airborne Division			U
Motor Rifle Division			U
DRA Forces				U
Soviet Tank Regiment			U
Destruction of Agriculture		S
Kabul Regime Division			U
Heavy Bombers				W
Air War Strategy			S
Occupation Forces			U
Heavy Air Support			S
Soviet Artillery			W
AK-47 Assault Rifles			W
Anti-personnel Mines			W
Agents and Informers			P
Intelligence Patrol			M
DRA Militia				U
Combined Arms Forces			U
Air Assault Brigade			U
MiG-27 Flogger Fighter-Bombers		W	
Interdiction 				M
Mi-17 Hip Helicopter			W
AGS-17 30mm Auto Grenade Launcher	W
Phosgene Gas				W
Mycotoxins (Yellow Rain)		W
Nerve Gas (The Flash)			W
KGB Border Guards			U
KHAD Secret Police			U
DRA Frontier Troops			U
DRA Commandos				U

U = Units
W = Weapons
L = Leaders
A = Advantage
M = Morale
S = Strategy

Card Name:				Type:	
Mujaheddin (Freedom Fighters)		U	
Soviet Casualties			M
Soviet Conscripts Disaffected		M
Supplies from Pakistan 			A
Stinger Missiles			W		
Captured Soviet Weapons			W
Captured Soviet Tanks			W
Politically Decentralized		A
Mountainous Terrain			A
Desert Terrain				A
Hot Summers Cold Winters		A
Jihad (Holy War)			M	
Foreign Infidels			M
Afghan Army Mutineers			U
Afghan Army Deserters			U
Guerrilla Warfare			S
Headquarters in Pakistan		A
Strikes and Demonstrations		M
Intense Resistance			M
Guerrilla Stronghold			U
Panjsher Valley Resistance		M
Guerrilla Raids				S
Besiege Fort				S
Large Scale Guerrilla Ambush		S
107mm and 122mm Rockets			W
SA-7 SAMs				W
Hit-and-Run Tactics			S
RPG-7s Rocket Launchers			W
Control the Countryside			A
Infiltration Routes			A
Element of Surprise			S
Guerrilla Sympathizers			M
Soviet Brutality			M
Support of the People			M
Combat Coalition 			S
Ahmed Shah Massoud			L
Abdul Haq 				L
Sayid Jaglan				L
Ishmael Khan				L
Mohammed Amin Wardak			L
Mohammed Anwar				L
Ramatullah Safi				L
Jalulladin Haqani			L
Moslem Brotherhood			M
Assault Rifles				W
Old Bolt Action Rifles			W
Heavy Machine Guns			W
US Aid					A
Ambush Supply Columns			S
Martyrs					M
NIFA Troops				U
Jamiat Troops				U
Harakat Troops				U
Hekmatyar Troops  			U

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