Card Game for 2-4 players. 
Based on the TV Show Midnight Texas. 

Midnight Texas is a licensed, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The deck has 8 Suites:
C = Characters
L = Locations
T = Threats
P = Plot Twists
M = Magic
X = Complications
W = Weapons
Each Suite has 10 cards.
The cards in each Suite are numbered 1 to 10.  

Be the first player to play combos worth over 35 points. 

Shuffle the Deck. 
Each player is dealt 7 cards. 

On your turn draw 1 card and discard 1 card if you have 
9 or more cards in your hand.  
If the card you discard is an Aid Card immediately 
Draw and discard 1 more card. 
If the card you discard is a Scry card, look at your opponents hand.
If the card you discard is a Harm card your opponent must 
Discard 1 random card.  
If the card you discard is a Steal Card take 1 random card from your 
Opponents hand. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 
On your turn, you may make 1 or more combos. 
A combo may consist of: 
1. A pair of cards where 1 card combos the other. Worth 3 Points.  
2. Three of a Kind (Same Suite or Same Number) worth 3 Points. 
3. Four of a Kind (Same Suite or Same Number) worth 5 Points.
4. Five of a Kind (Same Suite or Same Number) worth 7 Points.
5. Six of a Kind (Same Suite or Same Number) worth 9 Points.
6. Seven of a Kind (Same Suite or Same Number) worth 11 Points.
7. Eight of a Kind (Same Suite or Same Number) worth 13 Points. 
8. Eight cards all different Suites worth 10 Points. 
Record the Combo score and discard the cards. 
Immediately draw cards equal to the number of discarded cards. 
This may give you another combo and so on. 

#	Type	Name				Combo:
1	C	Manfred the Psychic		Scry
2	C	Creek the Waitress		Manfred
3	C	Lem the Vampire 		Steal
4	C	Olivia the Assassin		Lem
5	C	The Rev 			Harm
6	C	Bobo				Fiji
7	C	Fiji the Witch			Aid
8	C	Xylda the Ghost 		Scry
9	C	Joe the Fallen Angel		Aid
10	C	Chuy the Half Demon		Joe
1	T	Hightower the Warlock		Manfred
2	T	Rampaging Weretiger		The Rev
3	T	Colconnar the Demon		Fiji
4	T	Nest of Vampires		Lem
5	T	Succubus			Steal
6	T	Sons of Lucifer Bikers		Bobo
7	T	Serial Killer			Creek
8	T	Angelic Bountyhunter		Joe
9	T	Harbinger Shade 		Scry
10	T	Faceless Demon  		Steal
1	X	Police Investigation		Bobo
2	X	Haunted House			Manfred
3	X	Addiction			Harm
4	X	Suicidal Commands		Harm
5	X	Increasing Hunger		Harm
6	X	Dark Past			Scry
7	X	Relationship Problems		Harm
8	X	Private Investigator		Olivia
9	X	Tiffany the Blood Doll		Nest of Vampires
10	X	Spirits 			Aid
1	W	Murder Weapon   		Serial Killer
2	W	Holy Water			The Rev
3	W	Crystal Light			Nest of Vampires
4	W	Consecrated Weapons		Wraiths
5	W	Wooden Stake			Nest of Vampires
6	W	Room Full of Guns		Olivia
7	W	Dragon Breath Torch		Succubus
8	W	Sniper Rifle			Olivia
9	W	Sword				Joe
10	W	Grenade 			Bobo
1	O	Ouija Board			Manfred
2	O	Evidence			Scry
3	O	Cure for Corruption		Aid
4	O	Gypsy Relics			Xylda
5	O	Healing Salve			Fiji
6	O	Apocalyptic Painting		Tattoo Parlor
7	O	Dead Bodies			Faceless Demon
8	O	Stolen Vehicle			Steal
9	O	Anti-Glamour Spray		Creek
10	O	Vampires Blood  		Lem
1	P	Murder				Harm
2	P	Revelation			Scry
3	P	Kidnapping			Harm
4	P	Rescue				Aid
5	P	Ask for Help			Aid
6	P	Fraying Veil			Harm
7	P	Secrets				Scry
8	P	Missing Girl			Serial Killer
9	P	Leave & Return			Aid
10	P	Prophesy 			Aid
1	M	Talking Cat			Fiji
2	M	Gypsy Curse			Harm
3	M	Dark Magic			Harm
4	M	Speak to the Dead		Manfred
5	M	Supernatural Powers		Steal
6	M	Possession			Aid
7	M	Witchcraft			Fiji
8	M	Holy Light			Joe
9	M	Sacrificial Ritual		Faceless Demon
10	M	Sandstorm			Colconnar
1	L	Pawnshop			Bobo
2	L	Desert				Sandstorm
3	L	Church				The Rev
4	L	Cemetery			Scry
5	L	Main Street			Harm
6	L	Tattoo Parlor			Joe
7	L	Magic Shop			Fiji
8	L	Haunted RV			Manfred
9	L	Warehouse			Steal
10	L	Diner				Aid


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