Fantasy version of Go.
(Mogo = Monster Go)
For 2 (or more) players. 

Use a 10 X 10 grid. 

There are 3 main ways to win:
Tactical Victory:  You win if you get 7 counters in a row orthogonally or diagonally. 
Logistical Victory: You win if you Capture 20+ Enemy Counters. 
Strategic Victory: When the Board is filled up, whoever controls the most Counters. 

Players share a Common Counter Set
Keep the counters in a bowl (henceforth referred to as the Draw Pile). 
Have another bowl for the discards. 
There are 6 Types of Counters:
Units (Creatures)
Locales (Lands)
Relics (Objects)
Enchantments (Magic effects placed on the board)
Sorceries (Magic effects that are discarded when played)
Modifiers (Attach to Counters & enhance them)

Each player has a set of translucent colored stones of a unique color.
These are used to mark ownership of Counters. 

Six sided dice are used occasionally.

Each player draws 5 Random Counters from the Draw Pile to form their starting hand.
Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. 

Each player has a “Hand” of counters.
These can be kept so that other players can see how many, but not what they are. 

Counters that share a border are said to be bordering one another. 
Counters that share a corner are said to be touching one another. 
Counters that share a border or a corner are said to be adjacent.  

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 Phases:
1. Fate Phase
2. Deployment Phase
3. Action Phase
4. Capture Phase
5. End Phase

Draw 1 random Counter from the Draw Pile & add it to your hand.

Play one Non-Sorcery Counter onto the grid into an empty space. 
Put a Stone on the Counter you just placed to indicate you own (control) it. 
This action is referred to as a Deployment. 
You may only do one Deployment unless your counters allow you to do extra Deployments. 
Some counters produce a special effect when they are deployed. 
Modifier counters are placed directly onto a target counter

You cannot deploy a Locale adjacent to another Locale. 
You cannot deploy an Enchantment adjacent to another Enchantment. 
You cannot deploy a Unit next to an enemy unit with a Higher Force Rating, unless 
The Unit can destroy that type or is immune to it.
(If Force Ratings change, the smaller units are not removed) 

Certain Counters on the board can do actions such as Moving, etc. 
You may have one such Counter do one action. 
You may only do one Action unless your counters allow you to do extra Actions. 
When moving, Units can only move Orthogonally.
Flying Units can also Move Diagonally. 

If you completely encircle an area with Counters that Border the area, all 
Enemy Counters inside that area are Captured. 
This includes corners & the sides of the board in the same fashion as the game of Go. 
Place counters you capture into a separate “Capture” pile. 
Note: Destroyed or Sacrificed Counters are discarded not captured.

Max hand size is 7 counters. 
Discard excess counters. 

You may freely play Sorceries from your hand whenever appropriate. 
Sorceries have a wide variety of effects. 

Discard an Action Token to gain an Extra Action in Action Phase. 

UX = Units (Creatures) X = Force of Unit
L = Locales (Lands)
R = Relics (Objects)
E = Enchantments (Magic effects placed on the board)
S = Sorceries (Magic effects that are discarded when played)
M = Modifier (placed on top of target counter)
F = Force
A = Action
Sacrifice = Discard Counter you control to produce action effect
Destroy = cause target Counter(s) to be discarded
Free Actions = Actions in addition to your one allowed Action
Flanker = Unit may Move as a Free action.
Teleport = Unit may as an action Move to any empty space
Push = When moving, this unit may push one enemy unit ahead of it

Name:			Type	Notes:
Flag			R	Counts as 2 Counters for Tactical Victory
Goblin Balloon		U2	Goblin; Flyer; Move = 1
Goblin Sneak		U1	Goblin; Immune to all Units
Guardian		U6	Adjacent Relics cannot be Stolen or Destroyed
Goblin King		U3	Goblin; Control all Goblin Units on the Board
Red Dragon		U7	Dragon; Fire; Flyer; A = Move 4
Dragon Slayer		U5	Knight; Hero; A = Destroy adjacent Dragon
Loyal Steed		M	Place on Hero; Flanker; Hero gets Move = 2
Flood			E	All Locales lose their special abilities
Tornado			E	Sacrifice to Destroy all adjacent Fliers; Move = 3
Earthquake		S	Destroy target Locale or non-Flier
Pyramid			L	Draw a counter when you play a Sorcery
Armageddon		S	Destroy all Locales in play
Goblin Grenade		S	Sacrifice a Goblin to destroy adjacent Unit
Island			L	Only Water Units can be deployed adjacent
Plane Shift		S	Teleport target Locale
Invisibility		M	Place on Unit; Unit is Immune to all Units
Disenchant		S	Destroy target Enchantment counter
Diplomacy		E	All units gain Immunity to all other Units
Wrath			S	Destroy all Units in play
Dwarf Warriors		U4	Dwarf; Force +4 when being deployed
Dwarf Lord		U6	Dwarf; 	Control all Dwarf Units on the Board
Forger			U2	Dwarf; Deploy an extra Relic on your turn
Giant Slayer		U5	Dwarf; Hero; A = Destroy adjacent Giant
Steal			S	Take Control of target Relic
Shatter			S	Destroy target Relic
Disk			R	Sacrifice to destroy all adjacent counters
Shatter Storm		S	Destroy all Relics in play
Barbarians		U6	Men; Sacrifice to destroy adjacent Counter
Phalanx			U7	Men; Push; Move = 1
Forest Elves		U5	Elves; Draw a Counter when deployed
Elf Archers		U7	Elves; A = Destroy adjacent Unit of F = 3 or less
Orc War Band		U3	Orcs; No Locale may be deployed next to Orcs
Frost Giant		U8	Giant; Cold; No adjacent Unit may Move
Stone Giant		U7	Giant; Stone; Move = 1; Push
Giants Playground	L	Control all Giant Units on the Board
Storm Giant		U9	Giant; Air; Adjacent Locales are immune to sorceries 
Titan			U10	Giant; Air; A = Move adjacent enemy Unit 1 Space away 
Castle			L	All you adjacent Units get Force +5
Jihad			E	All your Units get Force +1
Mine			L	All players draw an extra counter in their Fate Phase
Tome			R	Draw 2 counters in Fate phase & discard 1
Vise			R	Opponents max hand size is 4 counters
Time Walk		S	Get an extra turn after this one
Wheel			S	All players discard their hands & draw 5 counters
Conquer			S	Take control of target Locale
Juxtapose		S	Switch locations of 2 target Counters
Forest			L	You may deploy an extra Unit each turn next to Forest  
Plains			L	All Adjacent Units get Move = 2
Swamp			L	Opponent may not deploy Units adjacent to Swamp
Mountain		L	Draw a Counter when deployed
Charm 			S	Take control of target Unit
Altar			R	Sacrifice adjacent Unit to gain 3 Action Tokens
Fireball		S	Destroy up to 3 adjacent Units of up to Force = 3 
Drain			S	Steal 2 random counters from opponent’s hand
Lizard Men		U5	Immune to Dragons
Dragon Orb		R	Control all Dragons in Play
Mana Thief		U1	Adjacent Relics do not work; Move = 2
Leper			U1	Immune to all Units; Adjacent Units have Force –5 
Mana Vortex		E	All adjacent counters are immune to Sorceries
Giant Bane		M	Attach to Hero; Action = Destroy Bordering Giant
Pestilence		E	No Units may be deployed adjacent to this
Desert			L	No adjacent units may move
Bazaar			L	A = Discard a Counter to draw a counter
Hag			M	Attach to Hero; Unit may not move & Force –3 
Blizzard		E	No Units may Move
Weather Vein		R	Neutralize effects of adjacent Enchantments
Rain Dancer		U1	A = Destroy adjacent Enchantment
Exorcist		U1	A = Destroy adjacent Spirit; Immune to Spirits
Scout			U2	Move =4; A = Look at opponent’s hand
Ghost			U7	Spirit
Spectre			U6	Spirit	
Lich			U10	Undead; Mage	
Undead Champion 	U7	Undead; Hero
Blight			E	No Locale may be deployed adjacent to Blight
Necromancer		U5	Mage; Control all Undead in Play
Long Journey		S	Teleport target Unit you control
Gate			L	A = Teleport adjacent Unit you control
Giant Fish		U10	Water; Also counts as a Locale
Black Knight		U5	No adjacent Unit may Move
Lure			S	Teleport Enemy Unit 
Disintegrate		S	Destroy target Unit if you control  a Mage, Air, or Fire Unit
Mermaid 		U1	Water; A = Move Enemy unit up to 2 spaces towards her
Ivory Tower		L	Your hand size +4
Rust Monster		U1	A = Destroy adjacent Relic
Explorer		U1	Hero; Move = 4; A = Deploy extra adjacent Locale 
Sea King		U9	Water; Control all Water Units
Atlantis		L	A = Deploy an extra Water Unit
The Abyss		L	A = Sacrifice a Unit to draw a counter
Possession		S	Take Control of target Unit
Shaman			U1	A = Take Control of adjacent Unit
Rogue			U4	Hero; A = Control bordering Relic; Move = 1
Merfolk			U2	Water; Move = 3
Resurrection		S	Put Unit in Discard into your Hand
Convert			S	Put Captured Unit into your Hand
Assassin		U2	Immune to all Units; A = Destroy Touching Unit
Maze			L	All Adjacent Units have F = 0
Kobold			U0	Kobold
Sprites			U0	Flyer; Teleport
White Knight		U5	Knight; Hero; Move = 2; Push
Dark Ritual		S	Gain 1 Action Token
Mana Battery		R	All Adjacent Units get 1 Free Action in Action Phase
Well of Souls		L	Gain 1 Action Token every time a Unit is discarded
Warlord			U4	All Adjacent Units get Force +3; Move = 2
Strip Mine		L	Sacrifice to destroy target Locale
Mox			R	Gain 1 Action Token in your Fate Phase
Zombies			U2	Undead; If discarded put back in your hand
Time Twist		S	Undo the last 2 turns
Energizer Bunny		U0	Flanker; Move = 1
Lightning Bolt		S	Do 3 Damage to target Unit
Wild Growth		E	Draw 1 extra Counter in your Fate Phase
Stone Rain		S	Destroy target Locale
Chasm			L	When placed destroy all adjacent Units
Enchantress		U2	Deploy an extra Enchantment on your Turn
Tranquility		S	Destroy all Enchantments in play
Counter			S	Negate Sorcery just played
Sea Serpent		U7	Water; Dragon
Recall			S	Put Counter in discard into your hand
Balance			S	Each player destroys any 3 target counters
Channel			S	Discard X counters to get X Action Tokens
Wraith			U5	Spirit; Undead
Wolves			U3	Move = 3
Circle of Protection	E	All Adjacent Units are Immune to Sorceries
Colossus		U10	Giant; Metal
Twiddle			S	Move target Counter 1 Space
Wurm			U7	Dragon; Insect
Jabberwocky		U6	Dragon; Flyer; Move = 3
Crusade			S	Destroy all Units of a specific racial type
Egg			U0	Sacrifice to replace with Unit from your hand
Cursed Land		M	Attach to Land; Land cannot use its Ability
Dancing Sword		U4	Flyer; Also a Relic
Fog			E	All adjacent counters cannot use their Abilities
Giant Spider		U5	Giant; Insect
Flying Carpet		M	Attach to Hero; Hero gets Move = 4 & Flanking
Minotaur		U4	Immune to Counter Actions
Millstone		R	A = Opponent Must discard a counter from Hand
War Machine		U8	Move = 4; Also a Relic
Phantasmal Terrain	E	Also counts as a Land, Move = 2
Gypsies			U1	When deployed steal 1 random counter from opponents hand
Pirate Ship		U4	Water; Move = 4
Binding			E	No Adjacent Units may move
Sleight			S	Gain control of target Enchantment
Plowshares		S	Destroy target Unit. Opponent draws a Counter
Mind Twist		S	Opponent must discard his hand
Troll			U3	If discarded put back in your hand	
Chaos Orb		R	A = Switch locations of 2 adjacent Counters
Berserk			S	Destroy 2 adjacent Units, one of which you control
Lotus			R	Sacrifice for 3 Action Tokens
Kudzu			U0	A = Destroy bordering Locale
Gargoyle		U5	Flyer; Move = 3; Earth
Doppelganger		UX	Duplicates any one Unit in play
Imp			U0	Flyer; Move = 2; Demon
Sinkhole		L	To Deploy discard target locale & replace with this one
Unicorn			U5	Immune to all Units
Wizard			U6	A = Teleport Adjacent Enchantment

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