Card game about Food in England in the Middle ages. 

The first player with 100 Meal Points is the winner. 

Use Poker Chips to keep track of Meal Points (MP). 

Players share a common deck. 
The deck is kept Face-down. 
The discard is kept Face-up. 
There are 10 Types of Cards: 

The Cheese Suite also covers other types of dairy. 
The Bread Suite also covers any Grain type foodstuff. 
Fowl can always substitute for Meat unless a rule specifically forbids it. 
The older term Herbs is synonymous with the newer term Vegetables. 

Shuffle the deck. 
The oldest Player goes first. 
Each player is dealt 5 cards

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Cooking Phase
2. Event Phase
3. Meal Phase
4. Spoilage Phase

Draw 1 card from the deck or the discard. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may Play 1 Event card from your Hand. 

You may cook one recipe. 
Discard cards from your hand that satisfy 1 of the Recipes on the Recipe list. 
Gain Meal Points according to the Recipe List entry. 
You cannot use the same recipe more than once per game (keep track). 
A recipe may not contain both Common and Noble cards. 
A recipe using Unwholesome ingredients score -2 MP. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

Recipe:			MP	Notes:
Butcher Shop		16	4 Meats
Bakers Dozen		16	4 Breads
Cheese Maker		16	4 Cheeses
Soup			9	1 Fish, 2 Herbs
Stew			9C	1 Meat, 2 Herbs 
Pottage			16C	1 Meat or Fish, 1 Bread, 1 Herb, 1 Herb or Fruit 
Sallat			16	4 Herbs
Ploughman’s Lunch	4C	1 Bread, 1 Cheese
Supper			25	1 Drink, 1 Meat, 1 Bread, 2 Any
Monks Meal		16C	1 Bread, 2 Herbs, 1 Drink
Common Meal		16C	1 Bread, 1 Herb, 1 Meat or Fish, 1 Drink
Royal Banquet		36N	1 Drink, 1 Spice, 2 Meats, 1 Fish, 1 Bread
Fruit Pies		16	2 Fruits, 2 Breads
Fisherman’s Catch	16	4 Fish
Spice Shipment		16N	4 Spices
Staple Diet		9	1 Bread, 1 Meat, 1 Fish
Harvest Festival       	25	2 Bread, 2 Herbs, 1 Fruit
Drinking Hall		16	4 Drinks
Hunters Feast		25N	2 Fowl, 2 Meat, 1 Drink
Pease Porridge 		4C	1 Meat, 1 Herb
MP = Meal Points
C = Common Only
N = Noble Only

N = Noble ingredient
C = Common ingredient
B = Can be used as either a Noble OR a Common ingredient

Card Title: 				Type:		Use	Notes:
Lentils & Cucumbers			Herb		C	Unwholesome
Long & Broad Beans			Herb		C	
Asparagus & Artichokes			Herb		C	
Nuts & Pistachios			Herb		B		
Onions & Leeks				Herb		B 
Rape & Garlic				Herb		B	
Parsnips & Peas				Herb		C
Fennel & Parsley       			Herb		C	
Endive & Lettuce       			Herb		C 		
Shallot & Watercress			Herb		C	
Carrots, Turnips, Beetroot		Herb		C	
Olives & Oil				Herb		B	
Cabbages: Roman, Easter, White		Herb		C
Cabbage of Senlis			Herb		B
Vinegar					Herb		C
Sugar					Herb		N
Twice Baked Biscuits			Bread		C
Yeast Pastries				Bread		N
Brown & Black Bread			Bread		B
Manchet & Fine White Bread		Bread		N
Ravelled & Cheat Bread			Bread		B
Court Loaf & Popes Loaf			Bread		N
Knights Loaf & Squires Loaf		Bread		N
Varlets Loaf & Table Loaves		Bread		N
Trenchers: Thin Bread Plates		Bread		B
Unleavened Bread       			Bread		B
Common Bread & Coarse Bread		Bread		C
Barley Bread				Bread		C
Porridges & Gruel			Bread		C
Buck Wheat & Rye Breads			Bread		C
Millet & Oat Breads			Bread		C
Public Ovens				Bread		C
Wild Raspberries       			Fruit		C
Wood Strawberries			Fruit		C
Red Currants				Fruit		C
Cultivated Apples			Fruit		B
Quinces					Fruit		B
Dates & Figs				Fruit		N
Marmalade				Fruit		C
Pears & Pomegranates			Fruit		N
Lemons & Melons				Fruit		N
Peaches & Plums				Fruit		N
Oranges & Apricots			Fruit		N
Salt					Spice		N
Pepper					Spice		N
Mustard					Spice		N
Cinnamon       				Spice		N
Cloves					Spice		N
Nutmeg					Spice		N
Ginger 					Spice		N
Saffron & Caraway			Spice		N
Cardamon & Coriander			Spice		N
Cumin & Turmeric       			Spice		N
Mace & Anise 				Spice		N
Water					Drink		C	Unwholesome
Milk					Drink		C
Spiced Ale				Drink		C
Honey Mead				Drink		C
Fermented Apple Cider			Drink		C
Beer: Malt & Hops			Drink		C
Godale & Perry				Drink		C
Small Beer				Drink		C
Fruit Wine & Sour Wine			Drink		B
Cherry Water & Apricot Syrup		Drink		B
Apple Wine & Milk of Almonds		Drink		B
Spanish & Cypress Wines			Drink		N
Malmsey, Madeiran, & Muscatel		Drink		N
Bordeaux & Rosette Wines       		Drink		N
White Wines & Rhine Wines		Drink		N
Nectar & Honey Wine			Drink		N
Pickled Herring				Fish		B
Smoked Salmon				Fish		B
Conger Eel				Fish		B
Whiting					Fish		B
Plaice					Fish		B
Salted Cod				Fish		B
Mackerel       				Fish		B
Freshwater Trout       			Fish		B
Shad & Carp				Fish		B
Skate, Sole & Turbot			Fish		N
Pike & Perch				Fish		C
Tench & Crayfish       			Fish		C
Fish Eggs				Fish		B
Crabs & Cockles				Fish		B
Mussels & Oysters			Fish		B
Salted Whale				Fish		C
Butter					Cheese		B
Fresh Cream				Cheese		B
Smoked Cheese				Cheese		B
Wheel Cheese				Cheese		B
Cottage Cheese				Cheese		C
Soft Cheese				Cheese		B
Semi-Soft Cheese       			Cheese		B
Hard Cheese				Cheese		B
Farmers Cheese				Cheese		C
Green Cheese				Cheese		C
Herb Cheese				Cheese		C
Goat Cheese				Cheese		C
Mountain Cheese				Cheese		C
Bird Eggs				Fowl		B
Swans & Cranes				Fowl		N
Storks, Crows, & Cormorants		Fowl		N
Plovers, Turtle-Doves & Larks		Fowl		N
Quail, Partridges, & Cuckoos		Fowl		N
Thrushes, Starlings, Blackbirds		Fowl		N
Jellied Peacocks       			Fowl		N
Poultry					Fowl		B
Chickens       				Fowl		B
Game Birds				Fowl		B
Fattened Geese				Fowl		B
Ducks					Fowl		B
Turkey					Fowl		B
Pheasants & Capons			Fowl		B
Poaching       				Meat		C
Venison					Meat		N
Beef					Meat		B
Pork					Meat		B
Veal					Meat		N
Goat					Meat		B
Milk Fed Lamb				Meat		N
Rabbit & Hare				Meat		N
Mutton					Meat		B
Bones					Meat		C
Red & Roe Deer				Meat		N
Boar					Meat		N
Hams & Sausages				Meat		B
Suet & Black Puddings			Meat		B
Black Bears				Meat		B
Hedge Hogs & Squirrels			Meat		B
Crusaders				Event		Draw 3 Cards from Deck
Cookery Book				Event		Draw 3 Cards from Deck
Harvest					Event		Draw 3 Cards from Deck
Exotic Imports				Event		Draw 3 Cards from Deck
Famine 					Event		Opponent Discards 2 Cards
Blight					Event		Opponent Discards 2 Cards
Lent					Event		Opponent Discards 2 Cards
Fasting					Event		Opponent Discards 2 Cards

Medieval Food

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