Fantasy Card Game for 2 or more players.
Each player controls a Magical Kingdom at war with all the others.

Players share a common deck.
The deck has 3 types of cards mixed in:
Strongholds, Hordes, and Mighty Magics.

These represent gains in territory.
The card will have a Name, Force Value, Notes, and Recruitment Cost.
Players can only defend with Strongholds.
Strongholds are used to secure victory.

These represent creatures, armies, monsters, heroes, and mages at your disposal.
The card will have a Name, Force Value, and Recruitment Cost.
Players can attack and defend with Hordes.

These cards will have a Name, Recruitment Cost, and special instructions.

The first player to begin his turn with 15 or more Force worth of Strongholds wins.

Players take turns.
Each turn is divided into 4 phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Resource Phase
3. Recruit Phase
4. Attack Phase

The active player may discard any number of cards from his hand.
The active player then fills his hand to 5 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.

The Active player draws 5 random counters from the Resource Pile. 
These represent resources gathered from the players Kingdom.
The pile has 5 markers for each of the 12 resource types.


Each card has a recruitment cost.
These are paid for with the resources gathered in resource phase.
Strongholds and Hordes are played face up on the Table.
Mighty Magics follow the directions on the card text.
If the active player cannot use all of his resources, the remainder are 
passed to the player on his left.
That player may recruit cards if he can. If he has any left, the resources are 
passed to the left again.
The Gold Resource can substitute for any other resource.
Some Strongholds have the "convert" ability. 
This allows you to use sme types of Resources as if they were other 
specific resources for purposes of recruitment. 

The active player may attack with some or all of his Hordes.
Pick an opponent’s Stronghold to be the target of the attack.
The opponent may defend with some, all, or none of his Hordes.
The attacker adds up the Force of all of his attacking Hordes.
The defender adds up the Force of all of his defending Hordes, and the target Stronghold.
Both sides take casualties with a total force value equal to or greater than 
the opponent’s total Force value.
The defender must lose his defending Hordes before his Stronghold.
Destroyed cards are discarded.

Name:			Force:	Recruitment Cost:	Notes:
Dwarven Mines		4	2Stone 1Metal 1Law	Convert Stone into Metal
Obsidian Citadel	4	2Law 2Stone		Law Hordes get Force +1
Imperial Fortress	4	2Stone 1Men 1Law	Men Hordes get Force +1
City of Brass		4	2Metal 1Men 1Chaos	Increase Hand size 1 card
City of Thieves		3	1Men 1Chaos 1Stone	Convert Men into Chaos
Elven Treehold		3	2Wood 1Magic		Wood Hordes get Force +1
Wizards Tower		3	2Magic 1Stone		Convert Men into Magic
Temple of Evil		3	2Death 1Stone		Death Hordes get Force +1
Coral City		3	2Water 1Stone		Water Hordes get Force +1
Sky City		3	2Air 1Magic		Air Hordes get Force +1
Giants Playground	3	2Stone 1Chaos		Chaos Hordes get Force +1
Astral Gateway		3	2Magic 1Metal		Convert Law into Magic
Volcanic Shrine		3	2Fire 1Stone		Convert Fire into Metal
Cloud Castle		3	1Air 1Magic 1Stone	Convert Chaos into Air
Great Labyrinth		3	2Chaos 1Stone		Convert Stone into Chaos
Ruins of Morkar		3	1Death 1Chaos 1Stone	Convert Stone into Death
Coastal Towns		3	2Water 1Men		You may redraw Water resources 
Dragons Lair		2	1Stone 1Metal		Convert Chaos into Gold
Stone Keep		2	2Stone			Stone Hordes get Force +1
Druids Grove		2	1Magic 1Wood		Convert Magic into Wood
Pallisade		2	2Wood			Defending Hordes get Force +1
Barrow Mounds		2	2Death			Convert Men into Death
Cross Worlds Bazaar	2	2Magic			Draw 1 extra Resource per turn

Name:		Force:	Recruitment Cost:			
Knights		3	1 Metal 1 Men 1 Law			
White Wizards	4	2 Magic 1 Men 1 Law			
Centaurs	3	1 Men 1 Wood 1 Chaos		
Undead		2	1 Men 1 Death			
Dwarves		3	2 Metal 1 Law			
Elves		3	2 Magic 1 Wood			
Orcs		2	1 Metal 1 Chaos			
Demons		4	1 Magic 1 Fire 1 Death 1 Chaos		
Rangers		2	1 Wood 1 Men			
Warriors	2	1 Men 1 Law			
Dragons		4	1 Fire 1 Air 1 Magic 1 Chaos		
Ships		2	1 Water 1 Wood			
Giants		4	2 Chaos 2 Stone			
Hero		4	1 Men 1 Law 1 Chaos 1 Magic		
Pirates		2	1 Men 1 Water			
Djinn		4	2 Magic 1 Chaos 1 Air		
Efreeti		4	2 Magic 2 Fire			
Ogres		3	2 Chaos 1 Stone			
Sorcerer	4	1 Men 1 Chaos 1 Magic 1 Fire		
Goblins		2	1 Chaos 1 Magic			
Faeries		2	1 Wood 1 Magic			
Hawkmen		2	1 Men 1 Air	
Barbarians	2	1 Men 1 Chaos		

Name:		Recruit Cost:	Special Instructions:
Earthquake	2 Stone		Destroy 1 Stronghold with a Stone cost
Tidal Wave	2 Water		Destroy 1 Card with a Water cost
Hurricane	2 Air		Destroy 1 Card with an Air cost
Extinguish	2 Water		Destroy 1 Card with a Fire cost
Cast Out	2 Law	 	Destroy 1 Card with a Death cost
Death Spell	2 Death		Destroy 1 Card with a Men cost
Tempest		2 Magic		Destroy 1 Card with a Magic cost
Control		2 Magic 2Law	Gain Control of target Horde
Enchant		3 Magic 1Law	Gain Control of target Stronghold
Sign of Chaos	2 Magic 2Chaos	Gain Control of target Card w/a Chaos cost
Fey Magic	2 Magic 2Wood	Gain Control of target Card w/a Wood cost
Sirens Call	2 Magic 2Water	Gain Control of target Card w/a Water cost
Divination	1 Law		Look at next 10 cards in the deck
Blessing	2 Law		Attach to Horde. It gains Force +2
Demonic Aid	2 Death		Attach to Horde. It gains Force +2
Sacrifice	2 Chaos		Attach to Horde. It gains Force +2
Stone Walls	2 Stone		Attach to Stronghold. It gains Force +2
Change Fate	1 Magic 1Chaos	Discard your hand and draw 5 cards
Change Destiny	1 Magic		Reroll your remaining Resources
Alchemy		1 Magic		Gain 2 Gold
Prosperity	2 Law		Draw 3 cards or make 4 more resource rolls
Curse		2 Death		Opponent makes only 4 Resource rolls on his next turn
Mana Vortex	1 Magic	1Chaos	All opponents must discard their hands
Great Summons	1 Magic	1Law	Automatically Recruit any 1 horde in your hand
Notes: Unless attached, spells are discarded as soon as they are played.

Compare totals:
If the attacker has a higher Force total than the defender, he 
gains control of the target stronghold.
Both sides lose one participating Horde of their owners choice.
If there were no defending hordes, no attacking hordes are lost.

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