Multiplayer card game or Solo rules.
"Historical" version of Borderkeep.
Each player controls a small town in a medieval setting.
Every turn players build structures and hire defenders to protect their town.
Some cards are used to send invaders and disasters to destroy your opponent's towns.

The deck has 1 of each of the cards listed.
These will have to be constructed before play is possible.

Defenders are not represented by cards.
Use paper and pencil to record what type and how many defenders you control.

Six sided dice (D6) are needed.
Roll high on 1D6 to determine turn order.
Players start with a hand of 7 cards.
Each player starts with 30 gold.
Each player starts with 2 guards.
Each players town starts with a castle with 4 walls, and an income = 3 gold.
Gold can be used to substitute for any other commodity on a one to one basis.

Have the most defenders and structures at the end of the game.
Each defender and structure is worth 1 victory point.
The game ends when the last card is drawn from the deck.
In a multiplayer game, the game ends if all but one player's town is destroyed.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Upkeep Phase
3. Production Phase
4. Build Phase
5. Attack Phase
6. Heal Phase

In all situations, Gold can be used to substitute for any other 
commodity on a one to one basis.

Draw one card.
Max hand size = 7.
Discard excess cards.

All defenders have an upkeep = 1 food or weapon.
If the upkeep is not paid the defender deserts.

Collect revenue from all structures and defenders that produce revenue.
Revenue comes in different forms: Gold, food, etc.
Keep tract of each form of revenue.

Put structures and defenders into play by paying their cost.
Defenders must be paid for in food and/or weapons. 
Structures must be paid for in half wood and half stone.
All players can recruit guards.
Other types of defenders require the appropriate structure type for them 
to be available for recruitment.

Card Name:              Cost	Init    AD	Hits    Notes
Guards             	5       1	2       2
Swordsmen               7       2       3       2
Shieldmen               6       1       2       3
Halberdiers             9       3       4       2
Archers                 8       6       1       1       Missile
Crossbowmen          	9       5       3       1       Missile
Handgunners             8       4       3       1      	Missile
Longbowmen            	10  	7       2       1       Missile
Light Horsemen       	7       3       2       2       Mounted
Medium Cavalry      	9       3       3       3       Mounted
Knights                 11      3       4       4       Mounted

Players cannot play attack cards until turn 3.
Attack cards include Disasters & Invaders.
Play one Attack card on the opponent to your left.
If you have more than one attack card, you may play the additional 
card on the next player, and so on.
Resolve disasters according to the card text.
Resolution of battles with invaders may take several segments.
The invader and all defenders attack once during the segment.
Attack order is determined by each cards initiative.
Initiative = 10 attacks before Init = 9, and so on. 
All cards of the same initiative level attack simultaneously.
An attacking card rolls a number of six sided dice equal to its Attack Dice (AD).
Each roll of 1 causes the other side to lose 1 hit.
The attacker decides where hits are inflicted.
Each card has a number of hits. 
If this hit total is reduced to 0 the unit is destroyed.
The Invader will keep attacking until destroyed.
If the Invader destroys all the defenders, the Invader is discarded and the 
defender must discard 1D6 structures.
If there are no structures left, then castle walls are destroyed. 
If all a players castle walls are destroyed, the player is eliminated. 

All surviving defenders recover all lost hits.
Walls may be rebuilt for 3 stone or wood each.
Structure cards destroyed this turn may be put back in your hand for 2 gold each.

Each player starts the game with one.

Card Name:              Cost	Notes
Farm                    2       Revenue = 2 food
Brewery               	8      	Revenue = 5 food
Bakery                  4       Revenue = 3 food
Butcher                 6       Revenue = 4 food
Market Place            4       Convert 3 of any commodity into 1 gold
Church                  8       Maximum hand size = +1
Guild Hall              10     	Pay 7 gold to draw 1 card
Tavern                  6       Revenue = 1 gold per 3 defenders (round up)
Inn                     8       Revenue = 2 gold, Upkeep = 1 food       
Barracks                6       Recruit Crossbowmen
Armorer                 8       Revenue = 3 weapons; Recruit Knights
Shield Smith            6       Revenue = 2 weapons; Recruit Shieldmen
Fletcher              	6       Revenue = 1 weapon; Recruit Archers
Bowyer		       	8	Revenue = 1 weapon; Recruit Yeomen
Blacksmith              4       Revenue = 1 weapon; Recruit Swordsmen
Defensive Wall          4	In addition to original 4 walls
Guard House             6       Recruit Halberdiers
Gun Maker	       	6	Revenue = 1 weapon; Recruit Handgunners
Moat                    8       Attacker is - 1 AD
Catapult                8       Initiative = 10, Attack Dice = 2
Ballista                6       Initiative = 8, Attack Dice = 3
Bombard                 10      Initiative = 12, Attack Dice = 4
Stables                 8       Revenue = 1 gold, Recruit Medium Cavalry
Hunting Lodge 	       	6	Revenue = 1 gold, Recruit Light Horsemen	
Quarry                  8       Revenue = 3 stone               
Mason                   6       Revenue = 2 stone
Woodmill                8       Revenue = 3 wood
Logging Camp            6       Revenue = 2 wood
Mine                    8       Revenue = 2 gold

Card Name:	Init	AD	Hits    
Mongols		6	5	4
Vikings		3	5	5
Moors		5	4	3
Saracens	5	3	3
Celts		4	3	4
Norse		3	4	5
Bandits		5       2       3
Barbarians	3       4       6       
Warlord		5       5       5
Nomads		5       3       3

Card Name:              Notes:
Earthquake              Roll 1D6 for every structure. On a roll of 1 it is destroyed
Plague                 	Roll 1D6 for every defender. On a roll of 1 it is destroyed
Blizzard                Opponent produces no food next turn
Drought                 Opponent produces no food next turn
Thieves                 Any Opponent loses 2D6 gold from his treasury.
Assassin                Kill one of any opponent's defenders
Spies                   Look at any opponent's hand; Draw 1 card from the deck
Prosperity             	You gain 2D6 Gold.
Caravan                 You gain 2D6 Gold.
War                     You may attack any opponent with one or more of your defenders


Do not draw extra cards.
You are the target of all attack cards.
Resolve attack cards the turn they are drawn.
You win if you get through the deck.


Paper & pencil required.
You have to write down what units you own.
The game is over after 5 Invasions.
Instead of drawing cards roll on the following table:

1D10	Event           Notes                   
1-8     Construction    Roll on the Structure table. You may build the indicated structure.
9       Disaster        Roll on the Disaster Table. 
10      Invasion         Roll on the Invader Table.          

01-03   Farm
04-06   Brewery             
07-09   Bakery  
10-12   Butcher               
13-15   Market Place
16-18   Church               
19-21   Guild Hall      
22-24   Tavern          
25-27   Inn                     
28-30   Bowyer        
31-33   Gun Maker         
34-36   Hunting Lodge  
37-39   Roll again         
40-42   Barracks
43-45   Armorer            
46-48   Shield Smith
49-51   Fletcher        
52-54   Blacksmith      
55-57   Defensive Wall          
58-60   Guard House             
61-63   Moat                    
64-66   Catapult                
67-69   Ballista                
70-72   Bombard                 
73-75   Stables         
76-78   Quarry                  
79-81   Mason                  
82-84   Woodmill                
85-87   Logging Camp           
88-90   Mine
91-00   Pick one

1D10   	Attacker
1	Mongols			
2	Vikings		
3	Moors	
4	Saracens	
5	Celts		
6	Saxons
7	Bands of Outlaws                 	
8	Huns        	
9	Turks                 	
10	Nomads                  	

1D10    Event   
1       Earthquake
2       Plague  
3       Blizzard
4       Draught              
5       Caravan    
6       Thieves                
7       Assassin
8       Spies   
9       Prosperity
0       Reroll               

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