Lord of the Rings Theme. 
Module for the Warp Empires system.
You must use the Warp Empires system to play this game.

Middle Earth

Either side wins automatically if all opposing units are destroyed. 
At the end of 20 turns see who controls the most territories:
If the Sauron player controls more, the ringbearer has been captured and 
Sauron regains the ring and wins automatically.
If the Free Peoples player controls more of the map, the ringbearer has 
Made it to Mount Doom and has thrown the ring into the Crack, automatically 
Defeating Sauron. 

The Good side starts with Gandalf in play and 10 random units.
The Evil side starts with Sauron in play and 15 random units.

Players share a common Action deck.

H = Hero (Leader)
A = Army
M = Monster
FF = Flyer

Each side draws 5 random units to recruit each turn.
When recruited, units must start in the appropriate map space, which you must control.
If you cannot recruit a unit because you do not control its space, discard it. 
Heroes may be recruited in any space you control. 

All units automatically receive upkeep.

Flyers can move up to 4 spaces. Flyers may jump over other units. 
Ships & Sea units can only move into coastal spaces or spaces with lakes or rivers.
Ship units may carry one ground unit each.
Sauron never moves from his Lair in Mordor.
Stacks must stop upon entering mountain spaces. 

Minor Fortifications give defending units +1 Force each. 
Major Fortifications give defending units +2 Force each.
If defeated, Heroes are simply sent back to the unit chit pile.

Unit Name:		#	Move	F	Type	Notes
Sauron the Dark Lord	1	0	20	H	Mage (Maiar)
Saruman the White	1	F	10	H	Mage (Istari, Maiar)
Witch King of Morgul	1	F	8	H	Mage (High Nazgul)
Nazgul Ring Wraiths	1	F	7	H	(Black Riders)
Barrow-Wights 		1	S	7	A	(Undead)
Mouth of Sauron		1	F	7	H	Mage
Orcs			10	M	2	A	(Goblins)
Uruk-hai		4	M	3	A	(Hobgoblins)	
Half Orcs		2	M	3	A		
Trolls			4	M	5	M	(Giants)
Olog-hai		2	M	6	M	(Great Trolls)
Balrog Demon		1	F	12	M	
Shelob the Great	1	S	7	M	(Spider)
Great Spiders		2	S	5	M	(Spiders)	
Cold-Drake		1	FF	9	M	(Dragon)
Winged Fire-Drake	1	FF	10	A	(Dragon)
Black Numenoreans	2	M	3	A	(Men)
Umbar Corsairs		4	F	3	A	(Men) Ships 
Easterlings of Rhun	2	M	3	A	(Men)
Men of Harad		2	M	3	A	(Men, Southrons)
Balchoth Barbarians	2	M	3	A	(Men)
Wargs 			1	F	5	M	(Great Wolves)
Wolf Riders		1	F	6	A	(Orcs & Wargs)
Great Bats		1	FF	3	A		
Vampires		1	FF	5	A	(Undead)
Gaurhoth Werewolves	1	F	6	A	(Shapeshifters)
Wainriders		2	F	3	A	(Men, War Chariots)
Flies of Mordor		1	M	4	M	(Swarms)
Dunlendings		2	M	3	A	(Men)
Haradrim Mumakils	1	F	5	A	(Men, War Elephants)	
Hillmen			1	M	3	A	(Men)
Kraken			1	F	7	M	Sea
Variags of Khand	2	M	3	A	(Men)
Siege Towers		2	S	2	A	+5 vs Fortifications	
Catapults		2	S	3	A	+5 vs Fortifications
Battering Rams		2	S	1	A	+5 vs Fortifications

Unit Name:		#	Move	F	Type	Notes
Gandalf the Grey	1	F	9	H	Mage (Istari, Maiar) 
Radagast the Brown	1	F	6	H	Mage (Istari, Maiar) 
Aragorn			1	F	8	H	(Strider)
Legolas the Elf Lord	1	F	6	H		
Glimli the Dwarf Lord	1	F	6	H	
Eomer			1	F	7	H	Mage
Boromir			1	F	5	H	
Eowyn			1	F	4	H	+3 vs Nazgul
King Theoden		1	F	3	H	
Gwaihir the Windlord	1	FF	5	M	
Eagles			2	FF	5	A	
Treebeard		1	F	6	M	(Treefolk)
Ents			2	F	6	M	(Treefolk)
Huorns			1	F	5	M	(Treefolk)
Grey Mountain Dwarves	2	S	4	A	(Khazad)
Iron Hill Dwarves	2	S	4	A	(Khazad)
Rivendell Grey Elves	2	F	4	A	(Sindar)
Lothlorien High Elves	2	F	4	A	(Noldor)
Mirkwood Silvan Elves	2	F	4	A	(Laiquendi)
Teleri Sea Elves	2	F	4	A	Ships
Half Elves		1	F	4	A	
Shire Hobbits		1	S	2	A	
Men of Gondor		2	M	4	A	(Dunedain Men)
Men of Arnor		2	M	4	A	(Dunedain Men)
Lakemen of Esgaroth	2	M	3	A	Ships (Northmen)
Horsemen of Rohan	2	F	4	A	(Rohirrim)
Bardings of Dale	2	M	4	A	(Northmen)
Beorning Bear Men	1	M	5	A	(Northmen)
Rangers of the North	1	M	5	A	(Northmen)
Woses of Druadan	1	M	4	A	(Pukel Men)
Woodmen of Mirkwood	1	M	3	A	(Northmen)
Dead Men of Dunharrow	1	S	6	A	(Undead)

Card Name:		#	Notes:
March			6	Move 1 Stack
Great Host		4	Move 2 Stacks
Grand March		3	Move 3 Stacks
Fear			3	Battle: Monster unit gets +5 Force
Terror			3	Battle: Undead unit gets +5 Force
Scouts			3	Look at target stack
Palantir		3	Look at opponents hand
Corruption		2	Battle: Force of Opposing Hero is negated
Fell Beasts		2	Evil: Move 1 Hero unit
The Lidless Eye		2	Evil: Look at opponents hand
Search for the Ring	3	Negate a move made by an Evil Stack
Battle Magic		4	Battle: Mage gets +5 Force
Heroism			3	Battle: Good Hero gets +5 Force
Magic Sword		3	Battle: Hero gets +5 Force
Chase Gollum		1	Target Good Hero is discarded
Join the Fellowship	1	Target Good Hero is discarded
Bravery			1	Battle: Good Armies gets +1 Force
Elven Arrows		1	Battle: Elf Armies gets +2 Force
Dwarven Iron		1	Battle: Dwarf Armies gets +2 Force
Overwhelming Numbers	2	Battle: Orc/Goblin Armies gets +2 Force
Cowards			1	Battle: Evil Armies get –1 Force
Magespeed		1	Move 1 Stack that contains a Mage



Generic ruleset for a series of empire building/conquest games.
The map depicts an irregular, interlocked set of territories.

Use chits to represent control markers.

Use chits to represent units.
Units include Leaders & non-leader units.

Players share an action deck.
In some games, each player will have their own action deck.
The action deck cards allow you to move your units.

Most Leader units will be in play.
Others will be mixed into the unit chit pile. 
Each player will start with several non-leader units in play.
Starting points of units will be determined by the scenario. 

Players take turns. Each turn has 7 phases:
Draw Phase
Move Phase
Battle Phase
Revenue Phase
Recruit Phase
Upkeep Phase
Control Phase

First discard any cards you don't want. 
Each player draws 5 action cards.
Max hand size = 7. Discard excess cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Use Action cards to move stacks or units in stacks.
A Fast unit can move 1-3 spaces. 
A Medium speed unit can move 1-2 spaces.
A Slow unit can move 1 space. 
Units can move into but not through opposing stacks. 
Fortifications cannot move (Move = 0).
Your opponent can only look at the top unit of your stacks

When two opposing stacks occupy the same territory there will be a battle.
Each unit has a force value.
Add up the total Force values for each side.
Players may play action cards to increase their force value. 
If one stack has a Leader and the other does not, the stack with the 
leader gets an additional 5 Force. 
The side with the highest force value wins.
The losing stack must retreat one space. 
The losing stack loses half of its units. The winner picks the first 
unit lost, the loser picks the remainder. 
Fortification units in the losing stack are destroyed automatically. 
The winning stack loses units with a force equal to at least half the force 
total lost by the losing stack. The winner decides which units are lost.
Destroyed units are returned to their chit pile.
Captured leaders are set aside and not returned to the chit pile.
After a battle both sides replenish their hands to 7 cards.

Gain revenue points for every revenue generating territory you control.

Draw 5 random units from the unit chit pile.
Purchase units. A units cost is equal to its Force value. 
If you purchased all the drawn units, draw another 1D6 random units. 
Revenue may be saved from turn to turn.
Discard unpurchased units back to your unit chit pile.
Units start in any revenue generating territory you control. 

Number of Units that automatically receive upkeep = 5 x total Revenue.
Discard excess units. 
Example: You generate 10 revenue points per turn... 
You may have up to 50 units.

Place a control marker on every revenue generating 
territory occupied by one of your units. 
Only one control marker per space. 

S = Slow
M = Medium speed
F = Fast
F = Force
F = Fortification
# = Number of that unit in the chit pile.

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