Fantasy Strategy Wargame for 2 or more players.
Lead your race and their allies to ultimate victory. 

Eliminate all enemy Tokens from Play.

The Board is a 5 x 5 grid. 25 total spaces.
Each space is of one Territory type.
Randomly distribute 5 of each of the 5 territory types:
Plains, Mountains, Swamps, Water, Forest.

Each player has an army of 40 Tokens of a unique color.
You cannot have more than 40 Tokens on the Board at one time.

Six sided dice are needed.

Players share a common deck.
The deck is referred to as the Ally Deck.

Players start in opposite corners or as far apart as possible.
Each player draws 1 random card from the Ally deck to see what their Race is.
The player & all his Tokens will henceforth be referred to as members of that race.
The player and his Tokens will always have the Special 
Ability of that race as it is described on the card.
Each player starts with a Stack of 10 Tokens.
Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 4 Phases:
1. Ally Phase
2. Recruit Phase
3. Move Phase
4. Battle Phase

Draw 2 cards from the Ally Deck.
Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Some Ally cards can be played to affect the drawing of Ally cards.

Gain 1D6 Tokens. 
Stack these with one of your already existing stacks.
Get +1 Token if you control all 5 Territories of a single type.
Some Ally cards can be played to affect Recruitment.
Max tokens in one stack = 20. Discard excess Tokens.

Roll 1D6. 
You may move that many of your Stacks (Armies) one space each.
You may also move parts of your stacks to break them up.
A single token cannot move more than one space.
You must combine all your tokens in a single space into one stack.
Some Ally cards can be played to affect Movement

The current player is the attacker. The other player is the defender.
If opposing stacks occupy the same space, they will battle.
There may be multiple battles in a single turn.
Each player rolls 5D6. These are called Battle Dice and the results Battle Rolls.
Each of your Tokens has a base Force = 1.
Your sides Battle Total = Force of Tokens + Battle Rolls.
Players may play Ally cards from their hands to increase their Battle Total. 
The side with the higher total wins. The attacker wins ties.
The losing stack is discarded. The winner draws 2 cards.

Card Name: Special Power: Explanation.
Knights: Armor: Opponent must discard all Battle rolls of 6.
Mountain Dwarves: Miners: Tokens are force +3 if in or Adjacent to a Mountain space.
Goblin Horde: Breeders: Roll 2D6 in Recruit Phase.
Gnomes: Tinkers: Reroll 1 of your Battle Dice.
Stone Giants: Throw Boulder: Discard an Ally Card to get Force +1D6
Wood Elves: Forest Ways: On Battle rolls =1 opponent must discard 1 card from hand.
Red Dragons: Large: Recruit only 1 Token in Recruit Phase. It has a Force = 7.
Dark Elves: Cunning: Reroll all your Battle Dice Rolls of 1.
Kobolds: Ambush: Tokens are Force = 3 if Defending.
Shapeshifters: Polymorph: Discard 1 Token to draw 1 Ally card.
Vampires: Dark Gift: If you win battle gain Tokens = Enemy Tokens Lost.
Zombies: Raise Dead: Tokens you lost last turn are regained in recruit phase.
Warriors: Skill: Your Tokens get +1 Force each.
War Machines: Pointy Things: Gain 1 extra Battle Die.
Barbarians: Berserkers: Discard a Token to give your Force Total +4.
Ogres: Ferocity: Your Tokens are Force = 3 if Attacking.
Samurai: Way of the Sword: All your Battle Rolls of 2 become 5.
Assassins: Kill: In battle opponent must discard a Token for every Battle roll = 1.
Druids: Nature Magic: Battle Total +2 for every Ally card you play.
Eagles: Fly: Stacks may move multiple times in Move Phase.
Rangers: Riders: Roll 2D6 in Move Phase.
Doppelgangers: Copy: Duplicate special ability of any opponent in battle.
Conjurer: Summon: Move up to 4 of your Tokens to this battle from other spaces.
Treants: Forest Protectors: Tokens are force +3 if in or Adjacent to a Forest space.
Wizard: Lore: Draw +1 card in Ally Phase. (+2 cards if played as any Ally card)
Devils: Bedevil: Switch 1 Battle Roll with opponent.
Enchanter: Charm: In Battle 1 opposing Token joins your side.
Mystic: Visions: Look at opponent’s hand at any time.
Alchemist: Transmogrify: Discard  X cards to gain XD6 Tokens.
Wraiths: Ghosts: Gain 3 Phantom Tokens in Battle. They are removed at end of battle.
Demons: Torture: Opposing Tokens are Force = 0.
Orcs: Discard a Token to give your other Tokens +1 Force each.
Witch: Curses: Opponent rolls 1 less Battle Die.
Pixies: Fairy Magic: Negate first Ally card played by opponent in battle.
Huns: Plains Riders: Tokens are force +3 if in or Adjacent to a Plains space.
Zealots: Fanatics: In Battle Discard X Tokens to Discard X opposing Tokens.

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