Board Game for 2-4 players. 
Fantasy Theme. 

There are 4 ways to win: 
1. Eliminate all of your opponents Units. 
2. Occupy 5 or more Temple Spaces at the beginning of your turn. 
3. Have Garrisons in 33 Map Spaces at the beginning of your turn.
4. Control the most Map spaces at the end of turn 20X.  
(X = Number of Players) 

1 Map Board (8 x 8 grid)
64 Terrain Tiles 
64 Structure Chits
4 Six sided Dice
1 Common Deck of Ally Cards
4 Player Unit Sets

Each player gets a Unit set of a unique color. 
Each set contains: 
33 Garrison Markers
5 Mage Figures
5 Hero Figures
5 Monster Figures
5 Army Figures
The term “Units” refers to Garrisons and Figures. 

The map is a standard Chess set 8x8 grid board. 
Squares are also called spaces. 
Each space will contain 1 Terrain Tile and 1 Structure Chit. 

A players Figures may not stack. 
You may have a max of 1 Figure and 1 Garrison in a space. 
A Figure may not move through a space occupied by another 
figure you control unless the space is a Town. 

There are 4 Terrain Types: 
Plains, Forests, Mountains, and Badlands. 
Each Terrain Type has 16 Tiles for a total of 64 Tiles. 

There are 8 Structure Types: 
Villages, Towns, Cities, Castles, Ruins, Mines, Temples, and Towers. 
Each Structure has 8 Chits for a total of 64 Chits. 

If you control 5 or more Villages you get +1 to your Recruit Roll. 

Towns are crossroads. If you occupy a Town, your other units can move through 
it without using up a move point. 

If you control 5 or more Cities you get to draw 1 extra card in Allies Phase. 

Units occupying a Castle space get Force +2 in defense. 

If you control 5 or more Ruins your Monsters get +2 Force. 

If you control 5 or more Mines your Heroes and Armies get +1 Force. 

If you control 5 or more Temple Spaces at the beginning of your turn you win the Game. 

If you control 5 or more Towers your Mages get +2 Force. 

Garrisons are inferior unit types. 
They cannot move and they have a base -2 Force. 

Force is a property of units and is improved by Ally cards. 
Force bonuses are added to combat die rolls. 
Figures have a base force of zero. 
Garrisons have a base force of -2. 
Ally cards give force bonuses to certain figure types while under certain conditions. 

Garrisons cannot Move. 
Figures (Mages, Monsters, Armies, and Heroes) have a base Move of 1. 
In movement phase a figure spends 1 Move Point (MP) to move 1 space. 
Movement can be orthogonal or diagonal. 
Unused Moves are not saved. 
It costs nothing to move through a Town you control. 
Certain Ally cards will give Certain Figure Types additional MP. 

This is a common Deck. 
The deck contains 1 copy of each card in the card list. 
These cards represent allies, abilities, weapons, magics, professions, and 
tactics that can aid players. 

At the beginning of each game, each player draws 5 cards to be his 
permanent cards.  These are displayed face up in front of the player. 
The bonuses/benefits of these cards last the whole game. 
Your Permanent cards only provide bonuses to your units and not your opponents. 

Each player keeps a Hand of Ally cards.
These are not your Permanent cards and are not to be confused with them.  
Hand cards are drawn from the Ally deck in Allies Phase. 
These cards are kept hidden from your opponents. 
You may play (discard) cards from hand at your discretion. The effect 
of Hand cards only last to the end of the current turn. 
Your Hand cards only provide bonuses to your units and not your opponents. 

Place the Tiles randomly face-up onto the map, one per Space. 
Next, place the Chits randomly face-up onto the map, one per Tile.
A Bowl for mixing is usefull for Tiles and Chits.  
Each player picks a Unit set of a unique color. 
Shuffle the deck. Each player is dealt 5 cards from the Ally Deck. 
These 5 cards are that players Permanent Cards.
Each player picks a different corner of the board. 
Each player picks 1 Figure of his choice and places it on his garrison. 
Players roll high on 2D6 to see who goes first. Play proceeds clockwise. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 6 Phases: 
1. Declaration Phase
2. Garrison Phase
3. Movement Phase
4. Allies Phase
5. Recruitment Phase
6. End Phase

If you occupy 5 or more spaces of the same structure type, verbally 
declare that you control this structure type. 
Occupation can be by Garrisons or Figures. 
Each Structure Type provides a special benefit. 
Declarations do not apply to Towns or Castles. 

For each space you occupy with a Figure that does not also have a 
Garrison, place a Garrison Marker into it. 

You may move some, all, or none of your Figures. 
Figures are moved 1 at a time, 1 space at a time. 
Each Figure pays 1 Move Point to move 1 space. 
You may move a Figure into a space occupied by an enemy unit. 
If opposing units occupy the same space, there will be Combat.
Resolve Combats immediately.  
Combat ends when one side is destroyed. 
The Moving Figure (current player) is the Attacker. 
The Defending units will be either a Figure, a Garrison or both.
If both, the defending Figure will fight first, then the Garrison. 
Attacker and Defender both roll 2D6 each. 
Force Bonuses from Permanent cards are applied. 
Players may play (discard) hand cards to get  Force bonuses from them. 
The side with the highest total force wins. 
The losing unit is destroyed (removed from the Board). 
If tied, both units are destroyed. 
If the Attacking Figure destroys all defenders in a space and still 
has MP remaining, it may be moved again. 

Draw 1 card from the Ally Deck and put it in your hand. 
If you control 5 or more Cities you get to draw 1 extra card. 

Roll 1D6. This is your Recruit Roll. Refer to the Recruitment Chart: 
Roll	Recruit:
1	Draw 1 Ally Card and add it to your hand
2	Gain 1 Army
3	Gain 1 Hero
4	Gain 1 Mage
5	Gain 1 Monster
6+	Gain 1 Figure of your Choice
If you control 5 or more Villages you get +1 to your Recruit Roll. 
The maximum number of Figures of a single type you can  have on the map is 4. 
If you have 4 already in play, you get nothing. 
Place the new Figure onto any garrison space you control that does not 
already have a Figure on it. 

Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards. 

Some cards have different effects depending on whether they are a Permanent card or 
are used for a Hand card effect. 
PC = Permanent Card Usage
HC = Hand Card Usage
figs = Figures
adj = Adjacent Space
MP = Move Points
F = Force
OT = Once on your Turn
Summon = Move 1 of your Units of the indicated type to a space adj to 
the summoning unit. This counts as the summoned units move for the turn. 

Name			Notes:
Fellowship		PC: You may have 5 Heroes. HC Recruit 1 Hero
Legions			PC: You may have 5 Armies. HC Recruit 1 Armies
School of Magic		PC: You may have 5 Mages. HC Recruit 1 Mage
Breeding Pits		PC: You may have 5 Monsters. HC Recruit 1 Monster
Magic Gate		Mages may Summon Monsters
Treants			Your Monsters get +2F in Forests
Wood Elves		Your Armies get +2F in Forests
Druids			Your Mages get +2F in Forests
Rangers			Your Heroes get +1F in Forests & Mountains
Giants			Your Monsters get +2F in Mountains
Demons			Your Monsters get +2F in Badlands
Dwarves			Your Armies get +2F in Mountains
Lich Lord		Your Mages get +2F in Badlands
Elementalist		Your Mages get +2F in Mountains
Juggernauts		Your Monsters get +2F in Plains
Witch Hunter		Your Heroes get +2F vs. Mages
Dragon Slayer		Your Heroes get +2F vs. Monsters
Shield Bearers		Your Armies get +1F when Defending
Knights			Your Armies get +1F when Attacking
Cavalry			Your Armies get +1 MP
Oracle			OT look at one opponents hand
Undead Hordes		Your Armies get +2F in Badlands
Chaos Lord		Your Heroes get +2F in Badlands
Empire			OT Gain 1 Garrison in empty space adj to one you control
Wings			Your Monsters get +1 MP
Seven League Boots	Your Heroes get +1 MP
Fortifications		Your Garrisons get +1F
Dragon Riders		Monsters may Summon Heroes
Cloud Walking		Your Mages get +1 MP
Priests			Your Mages get +2F in Plains
Warlord			Heroes adj to your Armies get +1F
Horse Archers		Your Armies get +2F in Plains
Paladin			Your Heroes get +2F in Plains 
General			Armies adj to your Heroes get +1F 
Necromncer		Armies adj to your Mages get +1F 
Beast Master		Monsters adj to your Heroes get +1F 
Dragons			Your Monsters get +1F when Attacking
Wizards			Your Mages get +1F when Defending
Alter Terrain		OT change Terrain Type of 1 Target Tile 
Haste Spell		OT one target Figure gets +1 MP
Barbarians		Your Armies get +2F vs. Garrisons
Earthquakes		Your Mages get +2F vs. Armies
Army Eater		Your Monsters get +2 vs. Armies
Mountain Guides		Your Figs each get +1 MP once per turn when entering Mountains
Forest Scouts		Your Figs each get +1 MP once per turn when entering Forests
Plains Riders		Your Figs each get +1 MP once per turn when entering Plains
Desert Nomads		Your Figs each get +1 MP once per turn when entering Badlands
Altar of Sacrifice	Discard 1 of your figures to draw 2 cards
Alchemist		OT discard X cards to draw X cards
Artificer		OT 1 target figure gets +1F
Amazons			Your Armies get +2F vs. Armies
Diplomat       		OT Switch a Permanent Card with one from your hand
Assassin       		Your Heroes get +1 vs. Heroes and Mages
Emperor			PC: Hand Size +2 HC: Draw 3 cards
Healers			Units adj to your Mages get +1F when Defending
Clerics			Your Mages get +2F defending Plains & +2F attacking Badlands
Siege Engines		Your Armies get +2F to attack Castles, Towers, Cities, & Towns
Jester			OT Switch hands with opponent who has equal or less cards
Merchant       		OT Place 1 Garrison on any unoccupied City or Town
Horn of Valhalla       	Heroes may Summon Armies
Polymorph		OT Transform 1 of your Figures into another Type
Illusionist		OT Switch places of 2 of your Units
Duelist			Your Heroes get +2F vs. Heroes
Orc Warbands		Your Armies get +1F in Mountains & Badlands

Players start in opposite corners. 

The player that is "caught in the middle" may start the 
game with a Figure of his choice in the corner opposite. 

-Make/Alter/Remove/Duplicate Ally Cards
-Increase or Decrease the number of Permanent Cards
-Increase or Decreas Max Hand Size

In End Phase you may discard 1 of your permanent cards and 
replace it with a card from your hand. 

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