1- Linear Progression is a two player abstract strategy game played on a 
regular chess or checkers board. 

2- One player gets a set of black tokens. The other player gets a set of 
white tokens. Plastic winks work great.

3- Players begin by dropping one of their tokens onto the board. The square 
it lands on is their starting location. 

4- Players take turns moving. White moves first. 

5- Tokens move like queens in chess. 

6- Every space your token moves into or through put a token of your color 
into that square.

7- If an opponent had tokens in spaces you moved into or through, remove 
them and replace them with your tokens.

8- A player moves only one token per turn but it can be any of their tokens. 

9- A token cannot move into or through an opponent's last remaining token
on the board. 

10- For a move to be legal you must enter at least one empty space on your turn.
11- If you move into a space occupied by one of your own tokens you must 
stop moving and your turn ends. 

12- The game ends when the last empty space becomes occupied. The winner 
is the player with the most spaces of their color on the board. 

13- The corner spaces of the board are not used and cannot be entered. 

Optional Rules

----Equal Number of Moves: 
Black always moves last even if white occupied the last empty space.   

Use rooks for blockers. 
Tokens cannot move into or through blockers. 
Blockers move like queens: 
They can move onto or through spaces that are empty or occupied by tokens. 
Blockers cannot move into: 
The last unoccupied space on the board or 
Onto a player's last remaining token on the board or 
Into the last space your opponent moved into last turn. 
Players can move one blocker per turn in addition to one token. 
If a blocker is on top of a token that token cannot be moved. 
Tokens a blocker moves through or onto are not removed. 
Players start the game with one blocker. 
This blocker starts in any unoccupied corner space. 

----Variant Boards: 
Try using boards of different shapes and sizes. 
This may include "islands" in the middle that cannot be moved into or thru. 

Q....Rule 10) So you can finish a turn in an occupied cell?  *YES* 
In the case of your own colour you are required to stop [rule 11], *YES*
in the case of the opposing colour, you replace it with a token of your own? *YES*

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