Card game for 2-4+ players based on the 
Big Trouble in Little China Movie. 

Big Trouble in Little China is a licensed copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The first player to reach 100+ points is the winner. 
Points are scored by making combos.  

Players share a common Deck. 
The Deck has 6 Suites: 
1. Jack Burton
2. Wang Chi
3. Egg Shen
4. Allies
5. Foes
6. Locales
Each Suite has 13 cards
Each card has a rank of 1 to 13. 

Shuffle the Deck. 
Each player is dealt 7 cards. 
The player who has seen the Movie the most goes first. 

Players take turns. 
A turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Action Phase
3. Meld Phase
4. End Phase

Draw Cards from the Deck until you have 7 cards in your hand.
One of these cards may be the top card of the Discard Pile.  
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Discard 1 card.
Depending on the Suite of the card you discarded, this produces a 
Special effect: 
Suite:		Effect
Jack		Draw 2 Cards
Wang		Draw 3 Cards then discard 2 Cards from your hand 
Egg 		Draw 1 Card then Look at next 5 cards in Deck
Ally		Draw 1 Card then Look at Opponent’s hand
Foes		Draw 1 Card then Opponent must discard 1 Card of his choice
Locale		Steal 1 random card from opponent’s hand

You may make a Meld. 
There are 6 types of Melds: 
1. Huge Buzz: A Flush of 5 cards of the same Suite
2. Pillars of Heaven: 3 Cards of the same Number or Suite and four 
Cards of the same Number or Suite
3. Six Demon Bag: Six cards of 6 different Suites
4. Pork Chop Express: A Straight of 7 consecutive numbers in a Row
5. Chinese Standoff: A Flush of 5 cards of the same Suite forming a 
Straight of 5 consecutive Numbers. Double Score!!
6. Fighting Tong Funeral Procession: Six cards of 6 different Suites forming a 
Straight of 6 consecutive Numbers. Double Score!!
A Meld is worth points equal to sum Rank of all cards in the Meld. 
Discard all cards in the Meld. 

Discard down to 6 cards. 

Card Name: 			Rank:	Suite: 
Pork Chop Express		1	Jack 
Haulin Ass			2	Jack
Tough Guy			3	Jack
It’s all in the Reflexes	4	Jack
Boot Knife			5	Jack
Machine Pistol			6	Jack
Give me your Best Shot	 Pal	7	Jack
Shake the Pillars of Heaven	8	Jack
Have you Paid your Dues?	9	Jack
I was Born Ready		10	Jack
What the Hell			11	Jack
Son of a Bitch Must Pay!	12	Jack
Everybody Relax I’m Here	13	Jack

Just a Poor Chinese Boy		1	Wang
Chinese Standoff 		2	Wang
Fast Attack			3	Wang
Superior Skill			4	Wang
Kung Fu Fighting		5	Wang
Martial Artist			6	Wang
Total Concentration		7	Wang
Giant Leap			8	Wang
Run Up Wall			9	Wang
Flying Attack			10	Wang
Sword Play			11	Wang
Wang Fu 			12	Wang
Mind and Spirit as One		13	Wang

Tour Bus Driver			1	Egg
China is Here			2	Egg
Divination			3	Egg
Deflection			4	Egg
Huge Buzz Flask 		5	Egg
Silver Fan			6	Egg
You Will Come Out No More	7	Egg
Ego Attack			8	Egg
Exploding Eggs			9	Egg
Crystal Rocket			10	Egg
Six Demon Bag			11	Egg
Sorcery				12	Egg
Chinese Black Magic		13	Egg

Miao Yin			1	Ally
Margo				2	Ally
Investigative Reporter		3	Ally
Green Eyed Girl			4	Ally
Chang Sing Fighters		5	Ally
Fighting Tong			6	Ally
Eddie Lee			7	Ally
Eddie with Pistol		8	Ally
Lawyer				9	Ally
Gracie Law			10	Ally
Gracie with Bat			11	Ally
Gracie with Spear		12	Ally
Disguises			13	Ally

Floating Guardian Eye		1	Foe
Lords of Death			2	Foe
Wing Kong Fighters		3	Foe
Hatchet Man			4	Foe
Security Guards			5	Foe
Six Shooter			6	Foe
Hollow Armor			7	Foe
Chinese Ogre			8	Foe
Rain Demon			9	Foe
Thunder Demon   		10	Foe
Lightning Demon 		11	Foe
Ghost Lo Pan			12	Foe
Living Lo Pan			13	Foe

China Town			1	Locale
National Orient Bank		2	Locale
Elevator			3	Locale
Wang’s Restaurant		4	Locale
Alleyway			5	Locale
White Tiger Brothel		6	Locale
Bog of the Dead Trees		7	Locale
Wing Kong Exchange		8	Locale
Hell of Being Cut to Pieces	9	Locale
Hell of Upside-down Sinners	10	Locale
Dungeon 			11	Locale
Black Blood of the Earth	12	Locale
Throne Room			13	Locale


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