Board game for 2-6 players. 
Theme: Industrial growth in the 19th to early 20th Centuries. 

The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins. 
The game ends the turn the last card is drawn from the deck. 

Use Tokens to keep track of Victory Points. 

Money is units of  $1 Million, $5 Million, and $10 Million. 
Use play bills or coins to keep track of Money. 

10 sided Dice (D10) are needed. 

This is how much Money you make each turn. 
Use Poker Chips as Income Chips to keep track of Income Level. 

Each player has a set of rectangular (brick) markers of a unique color. 
These are used to mark ownership of Railways and Shipping Routes. 
A Route with a Marker on it is considered to be “Built Out”. 

These are circular disks all of the same color used in common by all players. 
These are used to keep track of how many resources have been built on a city. 
A City can have a maximum of 4 Development Markers (DM). 
When a City is at its Max it is considered to be “Built Out”. 

The Basic Map has 15 numbered Cities. 
Cities (Black Lined Squares with Red Numbers) are connected to each other by: 
Railways (Black lines) 
Rivers (Thick dark blue lines)
Canals (Dotted blue lines) 
The areas adjacent to cities include the following Terrain Types: 
Coastal (Light Blue Border)
Lakes (Medium Blue Blob)
Forest (Green Irregular Shape)
Plains (Thick Green Lines)
Mountains (Grey Angles)
Hills (Brown Hemi-Circles)
Deserts (Thick Yellow Lines)
Export Markets are indicated by an “X” symbol. 
Cities are connected to other Cities and Exports by 
Railways (Black Lines) or Shipping Lines (Thin dark blue lines). 
Note some Railways are double (Two thin black lines). 
Un-built Railways, Canals, Rivers, and Sea Shipping Lines are collectively referred to as Routes. 

Cities are adjacent to all areas they touch. 
For example: City 5 is adjacent to 3 Plains, 1 Forest, and 1 Desert. 
City 2 is adjacent to the Coast, 2 Deserts and 1 Plains. 
City 13 is adjacent to 1 Plains, 1 Mountains, and 1 Hills. 
City 1 is adjacent to the Coast, 1 Forest, and 1 Plains. 

The Basic Deck has 100 Development Cards: 
60 Sites, 30 Railways, and 10 Shipping Lines. 
The deck also contains 10 Action Cards. 

Shuffle the deck. 
Determine First Player Randomly. 
Each player starts with $10. 
Each player starts with 10 VT (Victory Tokens). 
Each player is dealt 2 cards. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 8 Phases: 
1. Event Phase
2. Revenue Phase
3. Planning Phase
4. Build Phase
5. Shipping Phase
6. Mayor Phase
7. Magnate Phase
8. Waste Phase

Skip this phase each players first 5 turns of the game. 
Roll 1D10 on the Event Table:
1D10	Event:		Notes:
1	Used-Up		Discard 1 Resource Site. Lose 1 IC
2	Labor Strike	Lose $1 and 1 VT
3	Oppprtunity	Draw 1 Card
4	Obsolescence	Discard 1 Processing Site. Lose 1 IC
5	Taxes		Lose $2
6-10	Nothing

Gain $1 for free. 
Also gain $1 for every 2 Income Chips you own. 
The number of income chips you own = Income Level. 

You may take a Loan in Revenue Phase: 
Gain $5 and discard 1 Income Chip and lose 1 Victory Token. 
You can tale a max of 2 Loans per turn (your turn). 

Keep the top 5 cards of the deck face-up. 
These are called the Draft cards.  
You may take 1 of the Draft cards or draw the top card of the deck. 
Every time a Draft card is drawn immediately replace it with the 
top card of the deck. 
You get 1 Free card draw. You may buy extra cards for $5 each. 

You may build one or more cards from your hand. 
It costs $X to build a Development card. 
X is specified on the card. 
Place the Card face-up in front of you. You now “own” it, and 
the card is referred to as a “Development”. 
Not all locations are immediately available to be built upon. 
In the basic scenario City #1 is at the beginning of the 
game the starting point and is considered to be “Available”. 
Sites can only be built in Available Cities. 
Lines and Rails can only be built on Routes that are 
connecting to Available Cities. 
A City becomes available as soon as a connecting railway or 
Shipping Line (via water) is built to it. 
When you build a site, place a Development Marker on the 
Target Available City. 
When you build on a Route, place a Route marker of your color on it. 
A single line Route can have 1 Route Marker on it. 
A double line Railway Route can have 2 Route Markers on it from the 
same or different players.  

Stocks and Bonds are used in Build Phase. 
The previous owner is paid the Cost and loses 1 IC. 
Scandal cards are worth $7 in a Mayoral Bid (one time use). 
Buy a Charter in Build Phase and pick a target city with no 
Development Tokens: Only you can build Sites in that City. 
Play a Used-Up card in Build Phase: Discard a Target Mine or 
Oil Field. The Owner loses 1C. 
Action Cards are discarded immediately after being used. 
Note: The scandal card is discarded even if you don't win the Race. 

Certain Sites can only be built at a City if that city is adjacent to certain 
Terrain Types or connected to certain Route Types. 
For Instance, a Fishery can only be built in a city if the City is 
adjacent to the Coast or a Lake, or connected to a River. 
An Oil Field can only be built in a city adjacent to a desert. 

This only applies to Development cards you built this Turn, not previous turns. 
If you built a Railway gain 1 Income Chip. 
If you built a Shipping Line gain 1 Income Chip.
If you built a Site gain 1 Income Level Chip and 1 Victory Token and 
Trace a Path from the Site to the nearest connected Export Market. 
All Routes on the way must be Built Out. 
This is called the “Transport Path”. 
Each owner of a Route along the Transport Path earns $1. 
If unable to connect to an Export Market, nothing further happens. 
If you are able to connect to an Export, gain Special Scoring Bonuses as 
indicated by the Card text. 

A City is Built-Out when it has it full allotment of 4 Development Markers. 
For each City built-out this turn, there will be a separate Mayoral Race. 
(Each City will have 1 Race during the Game) 
For each race all players make a secret Monetary bid. 
Bids are revealed simultaneously.  The Highest Bid wins. 
The winner is The Mayor and receives 1 Income Level Chip and 5 VT. 
If tied, flip a coin to see who wins. 
All money bid by all players is lost. 

If all the Routes connecting a City are built this turn, the player who owns the 
most of those Routes gains 3 VT. 
(This will happen 1 time for each city during the game)
If tied, each tied player gets 1 VT. 

Maximum hand size is 8 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

In between turns, players may trade ownership of cards, developments, 
Victory Tokens (VT), money ($), Income Chips, and promises. 

Convert Money into VT: Every $10 is worth 1 VT
The player with the most Energy (Oil and Coal) Developments gets 6 VT. 
The player with the most Food (Farms, Ranches, Fisheries) Developments  gets 4 VT. 
The player with the most Transport (Railways and Shipping) Developments gets 7 VT. 
The player with the most Material (Wood, Stone, and Metals) Developments gets 5 VT

RS = Resource Site
PS = Processing Site
OS = Other Site
SSB = Special Scoring Bonus
RW = Railways
SL = Shipping Lines
SBL = Site Building Limits: (Terrain the City must be Adjacent to) 
C = Coastal 
L = Lakes 
R = Rivers 
K = Canals
F = Forest 
P = Plains 
M = Mountains 
H = Hills 
D = Deserts 
IC = Income Chip
YO = You Own
CM = Coal Mine
OR = Oil Refinery
SM = Steel Mill
PP = Power Plant
LM = Lumber Mill
VF = Vegetable Farm
AC = Action Card
Cost = Cost in $ to Build 
TCOT = Take Control of Target
COP = Controlled by Opposing Player 
* = Connection to Export not Required for SSB
# = Number of Copies of that card in the deck 

Name			#	Cost	Type	SBL	SSB	
Railway			30	5	RW	-	(Cost 7 if adjacent to Mountains)
Shipping Line		10	5	SL	-	(Cost 8 for Canals)
Ranch			4	5	RS	P/H/D	-
Pig Farm		2	4	RS	F/H	-
Tannery			1	6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Ranch YO
Meat Packing Plant	1	7	PS	Any	+3 VT per Ranch & Pig Farm YO
Coal Mine		4	5	RS	M/H	-
Oil Field		4	5	RS	D/H	-
Oil Refinery		2	6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Oil Field YO
Power Plant		2	8	PS	Any	+2 VT per CM & OR YO
Logging Camp		3	4	RS	F	-
Lumber Mill		1	5	PS	F	+1 IC per Logging Camp YO
Paper Mill		1	6	PS	F/H	+3 VT per Logging Camp YO
Gold Mine		1	7	RS	M	+1 IC
Iron Mine		5	5	RS	M/H	-
Steel Mill		2	7	PS	Any	+1 IC per Coal & Iron Mine YO
Engine Factory		1	7	PS	Any	+2 VT per SM YO
Tool Factory		1	6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Steel Mill YO
Fishery			4	5	RS	L/C/R	-
Port			2	6	OS	C/R	+5 VT if built in Coastal City
Shipyard       		1	8	PS	C/R	+2 VT per SM, LM & SL YO
State Capital		1	8	OS	Any	+3 to all Mayoral Races*
Rail Terminal		1	8	OS	Any	+1 VT per RW YO*
Furniture Factory	1	6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Tannery & LM YO
University		1	7	OS	Any	+2 Max Hand Size*
State Park		1	4	OS	M/F	+2 VT*
Cannery			2	6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Fishery or VF YO
Industrial Bakery	1	5	PS	Any	+1 IC per Grain Farm YO
Dairy Farm		1	5	RS	P/H	+2 VT  
Grain Farm		6	5	RS	P	-
Vegetable Farm		1	4	RS	P/H	-
Brewery			2	6	PS	Any	+3 VT per Grain Farm YO
Stocks			2	5	AC	-	TCOT Site COP
Bonds			2	5	AC	-	TCOT RW or SL COP
Scandal			2	1	AC	-	Worth $7 in Mayoral Races
Upgrades       		2	2	AC	-	Negate an Obsolescence roll on Event Table
Dig Deeper		2	2	AC	-	Negate a Used-Up roll on the Event Table


Create Maps & Decks specific to a Historical Time & Place. 
For Example: Texas, Mississippi Valley, East Coast. 
Cities will be named. 

Cities can hold different max number of Development Markers (DM). 
For the Basic Map: 
Cities 1, 4, 7, 10, and 13 can have 5 DM. 
Cities 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14 can have 4 DM. 
Cities 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 can have 3 DM. 

Name			Cost	Type	SBL	SSB	
Passenger Route		3	PR	-	Max 1 per RM you have on the Board
Tobacco Plantation	5	RS	P	-
Whaling Industry       	7	PS	C	+1 IC & +1 VT
Cotton Fields		4	RS	P	-
Sheep Pastures		4	RS	H	-
Textile Mill		6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Cotton & Sheep YO
Charcoal Maker		4	PS	Any	+1 IC per Logging Camp YO
Coke Maker		5	PS	Any	+1 IC per Coal Mine YO
Copper Mine		5	RS	M/H	-
Tin Mine		5	RS	M/H	+1 VT per Copper Mine YO
Smelter			6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Metal Mine YO
Blast Furnace		6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Iron & Coal Mine YO
Cast Iron Foundry	6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Furnace YO
Wrought Iron Forge	7	PS	Any	+3 VT per Furnace TO 
Quarry			5	RS	M/H	All Your Sites cost -1 to build*
Concrete Maker		4	PS	Any	+1 IC per Quarry YO
Clay Pit		4	RS	C/H	-
Brick Works		5	PS	Any	+1 IC per Clay Pit & Coal Mine YO
Tile Works		4	PS	Any	+1 IC per Quarry & Clay Pit YO
Pottery Works		6	PS	Any	+2 VT per Clay Pit YO
Cement Maker		4	PS	Any	+1 IC per Clay Pit YO
Glass Factory		5	PS	Any	+1 IC per Coal Mine YO
State Hospital		7	OS	Any	+3 VT
Hotels			6	OS	Any	+1 VT per Park YO
Theme Park		8	OS	Any	+4 VT
Airport			8	OS	Any	Treat City as an Export Market. OPP
Stockyard		7	PS	Any	+1 IC per MPP, Pig Farm, & Ranch YO
Printer			6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Paper Mill YO
Shoe Factory		6	PS	Any	+1 IC per Tanner YO
Patents			0	AC	-	Gain 1 IC
Land Leases		0	AC	-	Gain $10
Union Strikes 		0	AC	-	Target opponent loses $10
Panic			0	AC	-	All Players lose all their Money
Merger			2	AC	-	Steal 1 Site from Opponent. Give him 1 of yours
Philanthrophy		3	AC	-	Gain 5 VT
High Operating Costs	0	AC	-	Target opponent loses 1 IC
War Time Economy       	0	AC	-	All Developments cost + $1 & score +1 VT FN8T
Dust Bowl		0	AC	-	All Players discard their Hands
Land Of Opportunity	0	AC	-	Draw 3 Cards from the top of the deck
New Regulations		1	AC	-	Opponents pay + $1 to buy extra cards FN5T
Prospector		1	AC	-	Search6: Mines 
Surveyor       		1	AC	-	Search6: Railways
Charter			6	AC	-	Only you can build in Target City
Hydroelectric Dam	10	RS	R	+2 IC
Canal Lock		9	SL	K	+1 IC & +2 VT
RM = Route Marker; PR = Passenger Route
Note: A PR does not cause the placement of a RM or Development Marker. 
Treat Charcoal & Coke Makers as Coal Mines for the SSB of other Sites. 
OPP = Other players pay you $1 to use. 
FNXT = For next X Turns. 
SearchX: = Look at next X cards in the deck. If any of them are of the indicated 
type, put them in your hand. 

In addition to rivers/sea routes, canal routes, and Railway routes, there are also 
Highway Routes. Use thin Brown lines to indicate these on the map. 
These use Highway (or Road) cards to build on and use Route Markers. 
Highway Card: Cost = 5. Similiar to other Routes in all other respects.   

Railways and Highways can cross over rivers and canals. 
Canals cost an extra $1 to build across. 
Rivers cost an extra $2 to build across. 

You may build a Shipping Lane in a Lake adjacent to an Available City. 
Simply place one of your route Markers into the Lake. 
The Shipping lane will automatically connect all Cities adj to the Lake. 

Everytime you build a Resource Site (RS) in a city in addition to placing a 
Development Marker (DM) on the city, also place a DM on the adjacent terrain the 
RS is requiring (If several are available pick one). 
A Terrain can hold a maximum of 4 DM. 
Example: You build a Ranch on City 5. It requires a Plains. Also place a DM one 
of the 3 Plains City 5 is adjacent to. 
This only applies to Land Terrains. 
Water type Terrains (Coastal, Lake, River) ignore this.  
This rule does not apply to Processing Sites (PS) and Other Sites (OS). 

At the beginning of planning phase, If you have not taken or bought a 
card yet this turn, you may call a Mulligan: 
Place the current 5 Draft Cards on the bottom of the deck. 
Draw 5 New Draft Cards. 
You may do this a max of once per turn. 

Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution circa 1800. 

There are only 2 types of Routes: Toll Roads and Waterways. 
Roads are Black Lines. The River is dark blue. Canals are light Blue. 
The settlements are Towns (not Cities) and can each hold 3 Development Markers. 
Starting Available Town is Calcutts. 

1D10	Event			Notes:
1	Worker Shortage		Reduce Revenue by Half this Turn
2	Drought or Freeze	Reduce Revenue by # of PS you own this turn
3	Charcoal Shortage	Reduce Revenue to # of CM you own this turn
4	Flooding       		Reduce Revenue by # of RS you own this turn
5	Patent			Gain 2 VT
6-10	Nothing

ABR = Abbreviation
TR = Transport Route
* = Located in Town connected to River

Name			#	Cost	Type	SBL	ABR	SSB	
Toll Roads		20	5	TR	-	-	-
Waterway       		15	5	TR	-	-	(Cost 8 for Canals) 
Farmland       		4	4	RS	P/H	FL	-
Grain Mill		1	5	PS	Any	-	+1 IC per FL YO
Brewery			1	6	PS	Any	-	+2 VT per FL & CM YO
Inn			1	5	OS	Any	-	+1 VT
Workers Cottages       	3	4	OS	Any	-	Immune to Worker Shortage
Limestone Quarry       	4	5	RS	M	LQ	-
Quicklime Kiln		2	5	PS	Any	-	+1 IC per LQ YO
Stone Cutter		1	5	PS	Any	-	+3 VT per LQ YO
Timber Yard		4	5	RS	F/H	TY	-
Charcoal Maker		2	5	PS	Any	CM	+1 IC per TY YO
Coal Mine		4	5	RS	M/H	CM	-
Coke Maker		2	5	PS	Any	CM	+1 IC per Coal Mine YO
Clay Pit		4	4	RS	R/H	CP	-
Brick Works		1	5	PS	Any	-	+1 IC per CP & CM YO
Tile Works		1	5	PS	Any	-	+1 VT per CP & CM YO
Pottery Works		1	6	PS	Any	-	+2 VT per CP YO
Porcelain Works		1	7	PS	Any	-	+3 VT per CP YO
Iron Mine		5	5	RS	M/H	IM	-
Blast Furnace		3	6	PS	Any	BF	+1 IC per IM & CM YO
Cast Iron Foundry	2	6	PS	Any	-	+1 IC per BF & CM YO
Wrought Iron Forge	4	7	PS	Any	IF	+2 VT per BF & CM YO 
Boring Mill		1	5	PS	Any	-	+1 IC per BF YO
Nail Maker		1	5	PS	Any	-	+1 IC per IF YO
Chain Maker		1	6	PS	Any	-	+1 VT per IF YO
Steam Engine Maker	1	8	PS	Any	-	+3 VT per IF YO
Iron Bridge		1	10	OS	R*	-	+5 VT per IF YO
Warehouses		1	5	OS	R*	-	+2 VT
Lead Smelter		1	5	PS	Any	-	+1 VT per Coal Mine YO
Bitumen Well		1	4	RS	H	-	-
Rope Maker		1	5	PS	Any	-	-



Note there are no terrain types. 
Cities are either Coastal (red) or 
Landlocked (Green Dot).
Cities are further distinguished by 
being North, South, or Central. 
No distinction is made between route cards for 
railroads, shipping lanes, etc. 
All Routes are of the same type.
At the beginning of the game the following cities are accessible: 
Key West, Jacksonville, Tallahassee
City DM Limits = 3

1D10	Event:		Notes:
1	Boom		Gain 1 IC
2	Bust		Lose 1 
3	Depletion	Lose 1 Timber, Cattle, Mine, or Fishery 
4	Immigrants	Draw 1 Card from the Deck
5	Freeze		Revenue TT -$1 per Citrus/Veg. Site YO 
6	Canal Drainage	Pay $5 to gain 3 VT
7	Hurricaine	Lose $5
8	Red Tide	Revenue TT -$1 per Fishery Site YO
9-10	Nothing 	
TT = This Turn

There are 2 decks: Phase I and Phase II. 
After Phase I is used up, draw from the Phase II deck.
At phase II city DM Limits increase to 5. (Redo Mayoral Bids)

C = Coastal
L = Landlocked
X = Central
N = North
S = South
A = Any
SL = Sea Lane = Water Routes connecting to export Locations

Name			#	Cost	Type	SBL	ABR	SSB
Rail and Shipping	30	5	TR	-	-	-
State Capital		1	6	OS	A	-	Hand Size +1
Cotton: Plantations	2	5	RS	N	-	-
Cigars: Factories	2	5	PS	C	-	-
Citrus: Oranges		4	4	RS	A	OJ	-
Citrus: Grapefruit	1	5	RS	A	GF	-
Citrus: Packing Plants	2	6	PS	A	-	+1 IC per OJ+GF YO
Timber: Naval Stores	1	5	RS	NX	-	+1 IC per Fishery YO
Timber: Pine Forests	1	4	RS	NX	-	-
Timber: Paper Mills	1	6	PS	NX	-	+2 VT per Timber YO
Timber: Pulp Mills	1	5	PS	NX	-	+1 VT per Timber YO
Timber: Saw Mills	1	5	PS	NX	-	+1 IC per Timber YO
Timber: Logging Camps	1	4	RS	NX	-	-
Sugar: Cane Fields	4	4	RS	SX	CF	-
Sugar: Sugar Mill	2	6	PS	A	-	+1 IC per CF YO
Vegatables: Tomatoes	1	3	RS	A	-	-
Vegetables: Celery	1	3	RS	A	-	-
Vegetables: Peppers	1	3	RS	A	-	-
Vegetables: Potatoes	1	3	RS	A	-	-
Salvage        		1	4	OS	C	-	+1 VT
Shipbuilding           	1	7	PS	C	-	+3 VT per Timber YO
Fish: Shrimping		1	5	RS	C	-	-
Fish: Sponges		1	4	RS	C	-	-
Fish: Oyster/Clam	1	4	RS	C	-	-
Fish: Lobster/Crab	1	4	RS	C	-	-
Fish: Mullet/Menhaden	1	5	RS	C	-	-
Fish: Grouper/Snapper	1	5	RS	C	-	-
Fish: SeaTrout/Tarpon	1	5	RS	C	-	-
Cattle: Herds		6	5	RS	NX	-	+1 VT per Herd YO
Tourism: Grand Hotels	1	7	OS	A	-	+1 VT per 3 TR YO
Tourism: Beach Resorts	1	6	OS	C	-	-
Tourism: Golfing       	1	6	OS	A	-	-
Tourism: Sport Fishing	1	5	OS	C	-	+1 VT per Fishery YO
Tourism: Race Tracks	1	6	OS	A	-	-
Tourism: Theme Parks	1	8	OS	A	-	-
Mines: Limestone       	1	5	RS	A	-	-
Mines: Phosphate       	1	5	RS	X	-	-
Mines: Peat & Salt	1	5	RS	X	-	-
Mines: Sand & Shell	1	5	RS	X	-	-
Mines: Clay & Fill	1	5	RS	X	-	-
Land Speculation       	2	2	AC	X	-	Gain $1D6

Mines: Heavy Metals	1	6	RS	NX	-	-
Mines: Sulfur          	1	5	RS	NX	-	-
Tourism: Hotel Chains	2	6	OS	A	-	+2 VT per Tourism YO
International Airport	2	7	OS	A	Air	Counts as export Location
International Banking  	1	6	OS	X	-	+1 VT per link to Export YO
Real Estate            	2	5	AC	X	-	Gain $3D6
Interstate Highway	5	2X	AC	X	-	Gain X VT
Tourism: Cruise Ships	1	8	OS	C	-	+2 VT per SL YO
Major University   	4	7	OS	X	-	+3 VT
Electronics            	1	6	PS	X	-	-
Plastics               	1	6	PS	X	-	-
Aerospace Industry   	1	8	OS	X	Air	+1 IC per Air YO
Space Center           	1	9	OS	X	Air	+5 VT
Naval Air Base   	1	6	OS	X	Air	-
Air Force Base   	1	7	OS	X	Air	-
Prof. Sports Team   	3	5	OS	X	-	+2 VT*
Construction           	2	7	AC	X	-	+2 VT and draw 2 Cards

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