Board game for 2 -4+ players based on the TV show. 
Players move their pawns around a circular track collecting tokens 
Needed to solve a central Mystery and its complications. 

Lost Girl is a licensed, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

In the spirit of the show, there should be drinking (and kissing). 

Be the first player to solve 3 Mysteries. 

The Board is a circular track with 12 spaces: 
#	Space (Notes)
1	Bo (Gain 2 Tokens of any type except Lore)
2	Weapon or Disguise (Gain 1 Guile or Fight Token)
3	Kenzi (Gain 2 Guile or Heart Tokens or 1 Fight or Search Token)
4	Complication (Draw 1 Card from the Complication Deck)
5	Dyson (Gain 1 Token of any type or 2 Fight Tokens)
6	The Dal (Have a Drink and or a Kiss)
7	Hale (Gain 1 Token of Lore, Search, Magic, Fight, or Guile)
8	Relic or Story (Gain 1 Lore or Magic Token)
9	Trick (Gain 2 Lore Tokens or 1 Guile, Magic, Search, or Heart Token)
10	Assistance (Draw 1 Card from the Assistance Deck)
11	Lauren (Gain 2 Search Tokens or 1 Heart, Lore, or Guile Token) 
12	Victim or Investigation (Gain 1 Heart or 1 Search Token) 

Each player gets 1 pawn of a unique color. 
Pawns start on the “Bo” space and move clockwise. 
One six sided die is needed. 

There are six types of Tokens, one type for each of the six traits. 
Trait:		Toke Color:	Notes:
Guile		Yellow		Trickery, Cons, Persuasion, Wit, Sleight of Hand
Lore		Green		Contacts, Knowledge of Fae Biology and History
Search		Blue		Investigation Techniques, Analysis, Interrogation
Heart		Red		Family, Friends, Sacrifice, Courage, Willpower
Fight		Orange		Weapons, Strength, Fighting Ability
Magic		Purple		Magic Powers, Potions, Spells, Relics
Or assign colors according to whatever Tokens you have. 

There are 3 common decks of cards:
1. Mystery Deck
2. Complication Deck
3. Assistance Deck
If any deck is used up, shuffle its discard and draw from it. 

Each card represents a Mystery that must be solved or resolved. 
Much like how there is one or more “cases” to each episode. 
To solve a Mystery a player must collect 3 of each Token type, plus 
Extra Tokens required by individual Mysteries and complications. 
An individual Mystery card lists any extra Tokens required in addition to the 3 of each type. 
When a Mystery is solved, the solving player keeps the card and 
A new card is drawn from the Mystery Deck to be the new Mystery. 

When a player lands on the Complication space, they draw a Complication card. 
This card is placed face up next to the board. 
This card lists extra Tokens that need to be gained to solve the current Mystery.
This additional burden applies to all players.  
When the current Mystery is solved, these cards are discarded. 

When a player lands on the Assistance space, they draw an Assistance card. 
This card gives that player one or more extra Tokens. 
The Assistance card is then discarded. 

Shuffle the 3 decks. 
The Top Mystery Card is placed face up in the middle of the movement track. 
Each player selects a Pawn. 
Pawns are placed on the “Bo” space. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 phases: 
1. Move Phase
2. Action Phase
3. End Phase

Roll 1 die and move that many spaces clockwise along the track. 

Most spaces when you land on them give you 1 or more Tokens. 
If you land on a Deck space, draw a card from the indicated deck. 

If you have enough of the right Tokens to solve the Mystery and all of its 
Complications, declare your intent. Keep the Mystery card. 
Discard all complications. All players discard all of their Tokens. 

If you land on an opponent’s Pawn, steal 1 Token of your choice from him. 
Skip all other actions you would take at that space. 

Name:				Notes:
Kappa				Fight +1 (Japanese Turtle Under Fae)
The Glaive			Guile +1 (Fae District Attorney)
Duppy				Lore +2 (100 year returning Murdering Spirit)
Stag Hunt			Guile +2 (Choose new Ash)
Amazons 			Search +1 Guile +1 (Prison Guards)
Garuda				Lore +2 Magic +4 (Demon that Feeds on Fae)
Gama-Senin			Heart +1  Search +1 (Fae Frog Juice)
Una Mens			Lore +1 Guile +2 Fight +2 (Fae Inquisition)
Noble Feud			Search +1 (Light Dark Rift in a Noble Family)
Krampus 			Heart +2 (Ancient Anti-Christmas Fae)
Wanderer			Guile +2 Lore +2 Search +2 (Forgotten Warrior)
Kitsune				Heart +3 (Japanese Fox Doppelganger) 
Framed for Murder		Guile +1 Search +1 (Typical Shenanigans) 
Human Serial Killer		Search +1 (Fae Killer)
Coin of Jahayla			Lore +1 Guile +1 (Gives good Luck)
Alabaster			Lore +1 Search +1 (Sexual Shame)
The Lich			Magic +2 (Keeps a Menagerie of Humans)
Aife				Heart +1 Fight +1 (Powerful Succubus)
Basilisk Poisoning		Search +1 Magic +1 (In Answang Stew) 
Djieiene Spider			Lore +1 Search +1 Fight +1 (Bite causes Madness)
Land Wight			Search +1 Lore +1 Guile +1 (Lucky Country Club)
Mermaids			Search +1 Guile +1 (Stealing Legs)
Hell Train			Heart +1 Search +1 Lore +1 (Prison of the Wanderer)
Monstrous Massimo		Magic +2 Guile +2 (After ingesting the Origin Seed) 
Pyrippus			Heart +4 Fight +2 Lore +2 (At the Gates of Hell)
Revenants			Fight +1 Lore +1 (Walking Dead)
Baba Yaga			Guile +2 (Ancient Russian Witch)

Name:				Notes:
Bad Vex 			Fight +1 Heart +1 (Mesmer Powers)
Bad Tamsin			Guile +1 (Dark Fae Valkyrie Cop Spy)
The Morrigan			Guile +2 (Leader of the Dark Fae)
Ogre				Fight +1 (Strong)
Goblin Assassin			Fight +1 (Fae Hit Men)
Blackthorn			Guile +1 (Old World Envoy)
Druid				Heart +1 (Greedy Human Alchemist)
Banshee 			Lore +1 (Screams to warn of Death)
La Shoshain			Lore +2 (Holiday to Celebrate Fae Law)
Sexual Diversion		Heart +1 (Major Distraction)
High Council			Guile +1 (Political Intrigue)
The Norn			Heart +2 (Ancient Tree that makes costly trades)
Morragh 			Fight +1 (Killer Rage Fae)
Kenzi as Hostage		Fight +1 (Humans are Weak)
Fury on Rampage 		Fight +1 (Angry Fae whose Stare causes Insanity)
Lightning Bird			Guile +1 (Lays Eggs of Knowledge)
Crows				Fight +1 Guile +1 (Servants of the Wanderer)
Leviathan			Guile +2 (Riddle loving keeper of the Netherworld)

Name:				Notes:
Good Vex			1 Heart
Good Tamsin			1 Search
Science				1 Lore or 1 Search
Healing Sex			1 Magic
Gratuitous Sex			1 Magic
Twig of Zamora			2 Magic (Serious Protection)
Vampire Informer		1 Search
The Ash 			1 Lore (Leader of the Light Fae)
Siracon				1 Fight (Unicorn Horn Sword)
Luck Fae			1 Search
Succubus Touch  		1 Magic (Calming)
Chi Transfer			1 Magic (Succubus Kiss)
Magic Egg			1 Search
Koushang Amulet 		1 Magic (Protects Chi)
Abath Horn			1 Magic (Healing Properties)
Lab Analysis			1 Search
Luduan				1 Search (Chinese Truthsayer Fae)
Book of Blood			2 Tokens of Any Type (Belonging to the Blood King)
Sirens Song			1 Magic

Almost done with season 4. 
I plan on adding and updating cards.

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