Card Game for 2+ players. 
Each player represents an incarnation of Lawrence of Arabia. 
Players recruit Arab allies and use them to attack the Turks. 

The first player to have Mission cards in his Victory pile with 
A total Force Rating of 40 or more wins. 

Players share a common deck. 

There are 5 types of cards: 
Events, Leaders, Tribesmen, Missions, Defenses

Six-sided dice are needed. 

Most well traveled player goes first. 
Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards. 

Players take turns.
The current player is called the active player. 
Each turn has 6 Phases:
1. Fate Phase
2. Recruit Phase
3. Mission Phase
4. Attack Phase
5. Loot Phase
6. End Phase

Draw 2 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Put 1 Leader face-up into play from your hand. 
You may attach face-up any number of Tribesmen cards from your hand to this new leader. 
If you did not play a leader, you may attach one Tribesmen card from your 
Hand to one of your Leaders in play. 
A Leader cannot attach more Tribesmen than his Force Rating. 

You may put 1 Mission card face-up into play.
Designate 1 of your Leaders to attack it. 
The player to your left may attach Defense cards from his hand to the Mission. 

Mission cards and Defense cards have Defense Point Values. 
For every Defense Point roll one six sided Die (Defense Rolls):
On a roll of 4-6+ Active player must discard 1 Tribesman attached to attacking Leader. 
All Leaders, Tribesmen, Missions, and Defense cards have a Force Rating
Add up the Force Rating of all you Leader and Remaining Tribesmen (Arab Total). 
Compare this to the total Force of the Mission and attached Defenses (Turk Total). 
If the Arab Total is greater than the Turk Total, the Attack succeeds. 
If the attack succeeds, the active player puts the Mission card into his Victory pile. 
If the Attack fails, the Mission stays in play, with attached defenses, and 
The other players on their turns may attack it. 

After an Attack, win or loose, roll 1D6 (The Loot roll):
On a roll of 4-6+ the Leader is discarded (In Shame or with Honorable Loot)
If the Leader is discarded, also discard all attached Tribesmen. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

E = Event
L = Leader
T = Tribesmen
M = Mission
D = Defense
# = Number of copies of that card in deck. 
F(D) = Force Rating (Defensive Points)

Card Name		#	Type	F(D)	Notes:
Prince			4	L	5	Tribesmen get Force +2
Chieftain		4	L	4	Tribesmen get Force +1
Sharif			4	L	3	-
Alliance	        4	E	-	1 extra Leader may join Attack
Bedouins	        8	T	4	Discard in Loot Phase if Attack fails
Nomads			8	T	4	Discard in Loot Phase if Attack succeeds
Arabs			8	T	3	-
Howeitat	        8	T	5	May not Attach with Rualla
Rualla			8	T	5	May not Attach with Howeitat
Guide			2	E	-	Search Deck for card & put it in your hand
Bribes			2	E	-	Draw 2 Cards
Nothing is Written	2	E	-	Draw 3 Cards and discard 2
Shifting Sands		2	E	-	Take control of Target Leader
Old Men Talk		2	E	-	Opponent Discards 2 Cards from hand
Long Ears		4	E	-	Look at opponent’s hand
Surprise  		4	E	-	Discard a Defense when Attacking
Cavalry Charge		4	E	-	All Tribesmen get Force +3
Cross the Desert  	4	E	-	You get an extra Mission & Attack Phase
Lost in the Desert	4	E	-	Opponent skips his Mission & Attack Phase
Unprofitable Raid       4	E	-	+2 to target Loot Roll
Great Loyalty		4	E	-	-2 to target Loot Roll
Lawrence Captured       2	E	-	Opponent skips his next turn
Tribal Divisions  	2	E	-	Discard target Leader in End Phase
Strafed by Planes       2	E	-	Discard target Tribesman in End Phase
Desertions 		2	E	-	Discard target Tribesman in Loot Phase
Armored Car		2	E	-	Force Rating +3
Explosives		2	E	-	Force Rating +5
British Machine Guns	2	E	-	Force Rating +4
Train     		6	M	6(1)	May not attach Fortifications 
Outpost			2	M	8(2)	
Town			2	M	10(2)
Coastal Fort		2	M	12(3)	
Damascus	        1	M	20(4)
Garrison	        4	D	2(1)
Turkish Infantry	4	D	3(1)
Machine Guns		4	D	4(2)
German Troops		2	D	5(2)
Fortifications		3	D	6(1)
Artillery		3	D	7(2)

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