Fantasy Chess where dice determine moves and cards determine capture.

Destroy, Capture, or Control all of your opponents Pawns.

Six sided dice are needed.

Players share a common deck.

Use a standard 8 x 8 chessboard.

Each Player begins play with a set of 16 Pawns.
There are 8 types of pawns.
A set has 2 of each type of pawn.
The 8 types of pawns include:
Knave, Beauty, Royalty, Knight, Sorcerer, Monster, Army, and Castle.
Use counters or figurines to represent pawns.

Place your pawns on your back 2 rows anyway you like.
The two starting Castles must be placed in the corners.
White goes first.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 4 Phases:
Escape Phase
Action Phase
Draw Phase
Move Phase

Roll one six sided die for every one of your captured pawns
On a roll of 1 the pawn is freed and is no longer captured.

You may play cards during this phase.
All cards played are discarded.
Cards can only be used by the appropriate type of Pawn.
The target of a card must be orthogonally adjacent to the pawn using the card.
Cards produce several types of effects:
Destroy = The target is removed from play.
Capture = The target cannot move or use cards.
Indicate capture by flipping over the pawn or laying it on its side, or marking it.
Control = You take control of opponents pawn.
Indicate new ownership by switching the pawn with one of yours of the same type.
Convert = One pawn type into another. 
Spy = Look at opponents hand.
Gain = You gain an extra pawn of the indicated type.
Place the new pawn next to the pawn that used the gain card.
A new castle may not be placed next to another castle.
Transport = Place the pawn using the card on any open space on the board.

Draw 3 cards.
Maximum hand size is 5 cards. 
Discard excess cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.

Roll one six sided die.
The result is the number of Move Points you get for this phase.
You may move a pawn one space at a cost of one move point.
Moves may be orthogonal or diagonal.
You may move a single pawn multiple times in this phase.
You may move more than one pawn in this phase.
Move Points cannot be saved from turn to turn.
Castles may not move.

For purposes of card targeting some pawns are considered to be Man pawns:
Knights, Knaves, Royalty, and Sorcerers.

Card Name:		User: 	Target & Effect:
Seduction		Beauty	Control Man
Betrayal		Beauty	Destroy Man
Personal Favor		Beauty	Control Knight
Witch			Beauty	Convert self into Sorcerer
Don Armor		Beauty	Convert self into Knight
Fine Son		Beauty	Gain Knight
Fair Daughter		Beauty	Gain Beauty
Royal Birth		Beauty	Gain Royalty
Man Child		Beauty	Gain Man
Inspire Lust		Beauty	Control Man
Marriage		Beauty	Control Royalty
Sweet Singing		Beauty	Control Monster
Kiss			Beauty	Convert Monster into Man
Overhear Secrets	Beauty	Spy if next to opposing Royalty
Poison			Knave	Destroy Knight
Backstab		Knave	Destroy Man
Treachery		Knave	Destroy Man
Take up Arms		Knave	Convert self into Knight
Intrigue		Knave	Gain Knave
Cloak & Dagger		Knave	Spy if next to opposing Royalty
Mission			Knave	Transport
Kidnap			Knave	Capture Beauty
The Kings Ear		Knave	Control Royalty
Bribery			Knave	Control Army
Rabble Rouser		Knave	Destroy Army
Usurper			Knave	Convert self into Royalty
Rebels			Knave	Gain Army
Jealousy		Royalty	Capture Knave
Envy			Royalty	Capture Knave
Imprison		Royalty	Capture Knight or Knave
Raise Army		Royalty	Gain Army
Build Castle		Royalty	Gain Castle
Knighting		Royalty	Gain Knight
Gilded Cage		Royalty	Capture Man
Send to Nunnery		Royalty Capture Beauty
Send Agents		Royalty	Spy if next to opposing Royalty
Birthright		Royalty	Control Castle
Paid Man		Royalty	Control Knave
Treaty			Royalty	Capture Royalty
Alliance		Royalty	Control Royalty
Land Grant		Royalty	Convert Knight into Royalty
Pure Heart		Knight	Destroy Sorcerer
Slay Dragon		Knight	Destroy Monster
Slay Serpent		Knight	Destroy Monster
Dragon Hunt		Knight	Destroy Monster
Duel			Knight	Destroy Knight
Trial by Combat		Knight	Destroy Knight
Joust			Knight	Destroy Knight
True Love		Knight	Control Beauty
Rescue			Knight	Pawn is no longer Captured
Free			Knight	Pawn is no longer Captured
Quest			Knight	Transport
Journey			Knight	Transport
Camaraderie		Knight	Control Man
Conquest		Army	Control Castle			
Raze			Army	Destroy Castle			
Pillage			Army	Destroy Castle			
Siege			Army	Capture Castle
March			Army	Transport
Encircle		Army	Destroy Army	
Surprise Attack		Army	Destroy Army
Pitched Battle		Army	Destroy Army
Take Prisoners		Army	Capture Man or Beauty
Ransoms			Army	Capture Man or Beauty
Slaughter		Army	Destroy Man
Pressed into Service	Army	Capture Knave
Scouts			Army	Spy if next to opposing Army
Earthquake		Sorcerer	Destroy Castle
Plague			Sorcerer	Destroy Army
Wizards Portal		Sorcerer	Transport
Enchantment		Sorcerer	Control Man
Love Potion		Sorcerer	Control Beauty
Cursed Sleep		Sorcerer	Capture Beauty
Summoning		Sorcerer	Gain Monster
Transformation		Sorcerer	Convert any Pawn into Monster
Turn into Pigs		Sorcerer	Destroy Army
Army of Darkness	Sorcerer	Gain Army
Binding Ritual		Sorcerer 	Control Monster
Mesmerize		Sorcerer	Control Army
Divination		Sorcerer	Spy if next to opposing Royalty
Turn into Frog		Sorcerer	Capture Man
Rampage			Monster	Destroy Castle
Ferocity		Monster	Destroy Army
Guard			Monster	Capture Beauty
Winged			Monster	Transport
Ravage Countryside	Monster Capture Castle
Questing Beast		Monster	Capture Knight
Foolish Knight		Monster	Destroy Knight
Treasure Hoard		Monster	Control Monster
Hatchlings		Monster	Gain Monster
Death from Above	Monster	Destroy Army
Fire Breath		Monster	Destroy Knight
Lock in Tower		Monster	Capture Beauty

Each player starts with his pawns in a 4 x 4 corner.
Pawns cannot move until some space is cleared up units being destroyed.
Or Each player starts with 8 pawns (1 of each type) in a 3 x 3 corner.

In Draw Phase only: 
Draw 2 cards, or 
Draw 1 card, or 
Fill hand to 5 cards, or
Draw cards = 1 + The number of Castles you control

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