Card game for 2-4+ players. 1940-45. 
Players represent various elements of the German Resistance trying to 
assassinate Hitler. 

Be the first player to Assassinate Hitler. If Hitler is not killed after the 
players have gone through the deck twice then Hitler survives, the German 
Resistance is crushed, and all the players lose. 

Players share a Common Deck.
There are 6 card Types: 
Method (Plot Card. Weapons used in an attempt)
Conspirator (Plot Card. Key Personnel involved)
Venue (Plot Card. Exact Building or Location the Fuhrer is currently in)
Locale (Plot Card. City or Region the Fuhrer is currently in) 
Save (Events that Prevent an assassination)
Action (Events with Special effects)

Six sided dice (D6) are needed. 

Shuffle the Deck. The Deck is kept face down. 
Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards. 
Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first.  

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 phases: 
1. Fate Phase 
2. Plot Phase 
3. Foil Phase 
4. Kill Phase 
5. End Phase 

Draw 1 card from the deck and put it in your hand. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may put 1 or more Plot cards into play. 
Place these face up in front of you. 
A Complete Plot consists of 1 of each of the 4 different types of Plot Cards: 
Method, Conspirator, Venue, Locale. 
You may have a maximum of 1 of each type of Plot card in play. 

Any opponent may play (discard) 1 or more Save cards. 
A Save card causes the target indicated Plot card to be discarded. 
You may immediately play a Plot card from your hand to replace the 
card eliminated by the Save Card. 

If you have Complete Plot in play, roll 1 die for each of the 4 Plot cards.  
(This is called the Assassination Attempt). 
For each odd number you roll, discard 1 Plot card. 
If all the rolls are even, the Attempt is a success, you have killed Hitler, and 
you win the game. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. 

M = Method (Plot)
C = Conspirator (Plot)
V = Venue (Plot)
L = Locale (Plot)  
S = Save 
A = Action
# = Copies of Card in the Deck

Card Name: 			Type	#	Notes:
Time Bomb			M	2 	
Pistol				M	1	
Poison Gas			M	1	
Sub-Machine Gun			M	1	
Brandy Bottle Bomb		M	1	
Briefcase Bomb			M	1	
Sniper Rifle			M	1	
Ambush				M	1	
Fatal Accident			M	1	
Overcoat Bomb			M	1	
Plastic Explosives		M	1	
General				C	1	
Resistance			C	1
Intelligence Officer		C	1
Staff Officer			C	1
Minister       			C	1
Cavalry Captain			C	1
Infantry Captain       		C	1
Count				C	1
Colonel				C	1
Coup				C	1
Operation			C	1
Field Marshall			C	1
Villa				V	1
Conference Room			V	1
Reviewing Stand			V	1
Headquarters			V	1
Mess Hall			V	1
Motorcade			V	1
Plane for Berlin       		V	1
Visit Fortifications		V	1
Military Parade			V	1
Private Meeting        		V	1	
Wolf's Den Bunker		V	1	
Podium				V	1
Munich				L	1
Berlin				L	2
The Berghof			L	2
Rastenburg			L	2
Paris				L	2
Siegfried Line			L	1
Poltava				L	1
Smolensk       			L	1
Air Raid			S	1	Venue
Bodyguards			S	1	Venue
SS Guards			S	1	Venue
Missed Appointment		S	1	Venue
Himmler Absent			S	1	Locale
Goering Absent			S	1	Locale
Abrupt Cancellation		S	1	Locale
Change Travel Plans		S	1	Locale
Arrests				S	1	Conspirator
Interrogations			S	1	Conspirator
Gestapo				S	1	Conspirator
Firing Squad			S	1	Conspirator
Malfunction			S	1	Method
Wounded				S	1	Method
Heavy Oak Table			S	1	Method
Hesitation			S	1	Method
Conspiracy			A	2	Draw 2 Cards
Double Cross			A	2	Steal 1 Random Card from Opponent
Access to Fuhrer       		LV	1	Use as Locale or Venue
Suicide Mission			MC	1	Use as Method or Conspirator

Assassination Attemps
Killing Hitler

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