Card game for 2-4+ players based on the Chinese Legend “Journey to the West”. 

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Have the most Victory points when the game ends. 

Each obstacle card you capture has a Victory Point (VP) value. 
Keep your captured cards in your Victory Pile. 

There are 2 Decks: The Obstacle Deck and the Journey Deck. 

Obstacle cards represent the various demons, monsters, foes, and 
Impediments to the group’s progress. 
The game ends when all of the Obstacle cards have been captured. 

Journey cards are of 2 types: Strength cards and Weakness cards. 
Strength cards build up your own hand. 
Weakness cards are used to interfere with your opponent’s hand. 
Journey cards are also divided into 5 suites: 
Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy, Tripitaka, and Aid cards. 

Each player is dealt a hand of 7 cards. 
Take the top card of the Obstacle deck and flip it face up. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 turns: 
1. Fate Phase
2. Obstacle Phase
3. Journey Phase

Draw 2 cards from the Journey Deck. 
You may draw 3 cards if you did not capture an 
Obstacle card last turn. (Does not apply to first turn of game) 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Play Journey cards from your hand with a total Strength that is 
Equal to or greater than the Strength of the Obstacle card to 
Capture the Obstacle card and put it in your Victory Pile. 
Flip over the Top card of Obstacle pile to replace the captured one.  
If you succeed, discard the Journey cards you played. 
The Journey cards you play must all belong to different Suites. 
Your opponents may play (discard) Weakness cards to cause you
To discard a played Journey card of a specific suite. 
You may play extra Journey cards from your hand to replace those 
Eliminated by Weakness cards. 
If after all Weakness cards are played, the Journey cards that remain  
Have less Strength than the Obstacle card, the Obstacle card 
Stays in play and the Journey cards go back to your hand. 
You may capture additional Obstacle cards in the same turn if possible. 

Maximum hand size is 8 cards. Discard excess cards. 

Card Name				Strength	VP
Dragon King of the East			6		1**
Flaming Mountain       			8		2*
Jade Emperor				10		3
Disguised Demon				7		2*
White Bone Demon			8		2*
Celestial Bureaucracy			5		1**
River of Quicksand			9		3
Yellow Wind Demon			7		2*
Black Bear Demon			6		1**
Monster					5		1**
Disaster       				8		2*
Adventure				7		2*
Flesh Eating Demons			8		2*
Predicament				10		3
Captured       				7		2*
Goblins					6		1**
Ogres					5		1**
Animal Spirits				6		1**
Impassable River       			7		2*
Seductive Spider Spirits       		9		3
Kingdom of Women       			8		2*
Evil Magician				5		1**
Calamity       				6		1**
Danger					5		1**
Red Boy					10		3
Carp Demon				7		2*
Green Lion Demon			8		2*
Scorpion Demon				6		1**
Jade Faced Princess			10		3
Dream Demon				9		3
Nine Headed Bird Demon			7		2*

M = Monkey
P = Pigsy
S = Sandy
T = Tripitaka
A = Aid  
W = Weakness
* = If you capture this Obstacle immediately draw 1 card
** = If you capture this Obstacle immediately draw 2 cards

Card Name				Suite	Strength
Rebelliousness				W	M
Hubris					W	M
Playfulness				W	M
Discord					W	M
Unsteady Mind				W	M		
Magic Gold Headband			W	M
Lust					W	P
Greed					W	P
Gluttony       				W	P
Laziness       				W	P
Insatiable Appetite			W	P
Fear					W	T
Gullible       				W	T
Indecisive				W	T
Helpless       				W	T
Carelessness				W	T    
Complacency				W	S
Humorlessness				W	S
Stubbornness				W	S
Attached to Everyday Notions		W	S
Prankster				M	2
Fiery Crystal Eyes			M	2
Fixing Spells 				M	3
Courage					M	2
Wit & Guile				M	2
Become Tiny				M	3
Perseverance				M	1
Iron Body				M	2     
Hair Clones				M	2
72 Transformations			M	3
Great Yu Iron Bar			M	3
Cloud Somersaults			M	2
Humor					P	1
Brave					P	2
Atonement				P	1
Heavenly Admiral       			P	2
Good Deeds				P	1
Nine Tooth Iron Rake			P	1
36 Transformations			P	3
Fighting Skill				P	2
Cloud Travel				P	2
Dependable				S	1
Celestial General			S	2
River Ogre				S	2
Breathe Underwater			S	1
Enlargement Spell			S	3
Monks Spade				S	1
18 Transformations			S	2
Extremely Strong       			S	2
Skilled Alchemist			S	1
Patient Service				S	1
Handsome       				T	1
Pilgrimage				T	1
Protectors				T	2
Zen Disciples				T	3
Golden Cicada				T	2
Quest					T	1
Favorite of the Buddha			T	3
Sacred Mission				T	1
The Cultivator				T	1
Golden Begging Bowl			T	1
Spell of Elemental Resistance		A	2
Dragon Prince				A	2
Princess of the Moon			A	2
Holy Man				A	1
Sleeping Spell				A	2
Hidden Monastery       			A	1
Ingenious Solution			A	3
Golden Armor				A	2
Gift of the Iron Fan			A	2
Celestial Eye				A	2
Goddess of Mercy       			A	3

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