Card game for 2 Players. 
One player is Good. The other is Evil. 
Based on the David Wong Book “John Dies at the End”. 

John Dies at the End is a licensed, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

Several groups of terms are basically interchangeable: 
Good Guys = Humans = Earthlings = Heroes = Characters
Bad Guys = Evil Player = Korrok = Monsters
Portal Locations = Portals = Locations
Other Worlds = Other Dimensions = Parallel Universes 
Destroy = Discard

Good Guy Win: Destroy all the Portal Locations. 
Korrok Win: Destroy all the Good Guy Characters. 

Each Player starts with a unique deck. 
There are 2 Decks: 
1. The Good Guy Deck
2. The Korrok Deck

The Good Guy Deck have 3 types of cards: 
Characters, Items, and Special cards. 
Character Cards: People (Humans and otherwise) such as David, John, and Molly. 
Item Cards include sub-categories such as Weapons, Music, Fire, and Holy. 
Weapon Item Cards: Things like Guns, Axes, and Tasers. 
Music Item Cards: Music or things that produce Music: Songs, Boom Boxes. 
Fire Item Cards: Things like Flame Throwers, Molotov Cocktails, Blow Torch.
Holy Item Cards: Things or states like Holy Water, Faith, Innocence, Belief, Crucifixes. 
Special Cards: Events and Actions. 

The Korrok Deck such as 3 types of Cards: 
Monsters, Locations, and Horror cards. 
Monster: Monstrosities such as Shitload, Korrok, Wig Monsters, and Shadow People. 
Location Cards: Places (Here or in other Dimensions) where Portals are Located. 
Horror Cards: Events and Actions

The Good Guy starts with 3 Characters in play: David, John, and Molly. 
The Bad Guy starts with 2 Portal Locations in play: The Mall and The Trailer Park

Each turn is divided into 8 Phases. 
1. Draw Phase
2. Recruit Phase
3. Equip Phase
4. Portal Phase
5. Summon Phase
6. Attack Phase
7. Mission Phase
8. End Phase

Each player draws 3 cards from the top of his own deck. 
If a deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

The Good player may put 1 Character card into play. 
If the Good player has an expendable character, he must play it. 

The Good player may equip one Character with one Equipment card. 
He may also put 1 Equipment card back into his hand. 
He may also let 1 Character give 1 Piece of Equipment to another Character. 
A Character can attach a max of 1 Weapon, 1 Fire, 1 Music, and 1 Holy. 

The Evil Player may put 1 Portal card into play. 

The Evil Player may put 1 Monster card into play. 

The Evil player may attack 1 target Character. 
Pick a Monster card in play.
The Good player may immediately attach 1 Equipment card from his hand.  
The Good player rolls dice equal to 1 + the number of Equipment cards the Character has. 
The Monster rolls 3 Dice. 
The side that rolls the most 6’s wins. 
The losing Character or Monster and all attached equipment is discarded. 
If tied, no one is discarded. 

The Good player may attack 1 target Portal. 
The Good player may attack with one, some, or all of his characters. 
The Evil player may pick up to 2 Monsters to defend the portal. 
Monsters that attacked last phase cannot defend in this phase. 
The Good player rolls dice equal to the number of Equipment cards and 
Characters that are on the mission. 
The Evil Character rolls 1 Die plus 2 for each defending Monster. 
If the Portal is undefended, the Character gets to roll 3 extra dice. 
The side that rolls the most 6’s wins. 
If the Good Character wins, the Portal and all defending monsters are discarded. 
If the Evil Character wins, all the Characters and Equipment on the mission are discarded. 
If tied 1 random Monster and 1 random Character are discarded. 

Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards. 
Expendable Characters are put into play instead of being discarded. 

Hero: If killed, put this card on top of your deck. Also a Hero may intercept on a roll of 5+
Recruit: When this card is first played Search deck for card and play it immediately
Fetch: Once per turn on your turn on a roll of 5+ you may recruit 1 Item 
Martyr: Discard this Character instead of target Character
Ghost Hand: Roll 1 extra die when on Missions
Isolated: Character cannot go on Missions
Scry: Look at opponent’s hand
Faith: Cannot be turned into a Monster
Retaliate: When played the Good player may make a second mission this turn
Threaten: When played the Evil player may make a second attack this turn
Intercept: When a Character is attacked, another target Character may add his Dice to the defenders 
Discard after Mission: Any attached Items go to Good Players Hand 

C = Character
I = Item
S = Special
M = Monster
L = Location
H = Horror

Card Name:				Type:   	Notes: 
David Wong				C		Hero
John					C		Hero
Molly					C		Dog; Cannot Attach Items; Fetch
Robert Marley				C		Recruit 1 Character
Big Jim Sullivan			C		Faith; Scry
Detective Appleton			C		Expendable; Recruit 1 Weapon
Jennifer				C		Discard after Mission
Fred Chu				C		Expendable 
Todd					C		Expendable; Martyr
Uncle Drake				C		Expendable; Scry
Krissy Lovelace				C		Faith; Discard after Mission
Danny Wexler				C		Expendable; Draw 1 Card
Amy Sullivan				C		Ghost Hand
Generic Teenagers			C		Expendable; Discard after Mission
Rock and Roll				I		Music Card
Boom Box				I		Music Card
Ghetto Blaster				I		Music Card
Electric Guitar				I		Music Card
Camel Holocaust 			I		Music Card; Roll 2 Dice and Discard
Molotov Cocktails			I		Fire Card
Toy Flamethrower			I		Fire Card
Spray Can and Lighter   		I		Fire Card
Can of Gasoline				I		Fire Card; Roll 2 Dice and Discard
Holy Water				I		Holy Card
Testamints				I		Holy Card
Bible and Bat				I		Holy Card
Crucifix				I		Holy Card
Exorcism				I		Holy Card; Roll 2 Dice and Discard
Replacement Axe 			I		Weapon Card
Hand Gun				I		Weapon Card
Chainsaw        			I		Weapon Card
Shotgun					I		Weapon Card
Bomb					I		Weapon Card; Roll 3 Dice and Discard
Soy Sauce				S		Play 1 extra Character this turn
Beheading				S		Destroy Monster
Impossible Phone Call   		S		Draw 1 card and Scry
Rescue					S		Negate Isolation or Intercept
Rush to Help				S		Draw 1 card and Intercept
Investigation				S		Scry and Intercept
Toolshed				S		Recruit 2 Items
Ghostvision				S		Scry and Character rolls 2 extra dice
Fight Back				S		Recruit 1 Item and Retaliate
Exact Copy				S		Recruit 1 Character from the Discard
Soy Sauce High				S		Draw 1 card and Character rolls 3 extra dice
Inadvertent Time Travel 		S		Prevent a Character from being killed
Dr Albert Marconi			S		Destroy all Monsters in Play
Arnie the Reporter			S		Draw 2 Cards
Angelic Protection			S		Opponent Discards 2 random Cards
Robert North				S		Draw 2 Cards and Retaliate

Card Name:				Type:   	Notes: 
Shitload				M		Expendables he kills become Monsters you control
Wig Monster				M		Discard Music to kill
Dead Boyfriend				M		Discard Weapon to kill
Beastments				M		Can only Defend; Roll 1 extra Die when Defending
Corrupted Human 			M		Cannot Defend
Police Impersonator			M		If Attacking Defender cannot use Weapons
Alien Slug				M		Only rolls 1 Die when Attacking or Defending
Roach Man				M		Discard Fire to Kill
Meat Poltergeist			M		Discard Holy to Kill
Mutant Wolf				M		If killed opponent draws 1 card
Shadow Men				M		If killed draw 2 cards
Spiders Bred for War			M		Can only Attack; Roll 1 extra Die when Attacking
Monkey Crab				M		Always gets 1 extra Die
Body Factory Bazaar			L		Play 1 Extra Monster per Turn
Shit Narnia				L		Draw 1 extra card on a roll of 5+ on your turn
Luxor Hotel				L		Attacking Characters are killed on a roll of 5+ 
Abandoned Mall  			L		Can defend with 1 extra Monster
Post Apocalypse World   		L		Characters get +1 Dieroll each vs this Location
Trailer Park				L		When this card is destroyed draw 2 cards
Dead Batteries				S		Discard a Music Card
Break					S		Discard a Weapon Card
Malfunction				S		Discard a Music or Weapon Card
White Fly Hive				S		Expendable becomes a Monster you control
Possession				S		Character becomes a Monster you control this turn
Astral Form				S		Expendable is discarded
Spontaneous Combustion  		S		Expendable is discarded
Observers in the TV			S		Draw 1 card and Scry
The Chosen Ones 			S		All players draw 2 cards
Erased from Memory			S		This card and Expendable is removed from game
Kidnapped				S		Random Character Isolated for 3 Turns
Imprisonment				S		Random Character Isolated for 3 Turns 
Disappearance				S		Random Character Isolated for 3 Turns 
Every Moment is Forever 		S		Recruit 1 Card from Discard
Alter Reality				S		Both players discard their hands and draw 3 cards
Haunt Mind				S		Opponent must discard 2 random Cards from hand
Awful Secret				S		Recruit 1 Monster
Blue Eye of Korrok			S		Look at Opponents Hand and discard 1 card from it


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