Each player controls one North American Indian Tribe.  
Players use their people to gather food and to raid each other and the white men. 

The game ends after 6 Turns. 
The player with the Most Victory Points (VP) at the end of the game wins. 
If you ever lose all your PT or LT you automatically lose. 

Each player picks one of the Nations listed in the Nation List as their identity. 

These are used to conduct actions such as raiding and hunting. 
Each Population Token (PT) represents about 50 People. 

Extra Land Tokens (LT) give more access to food and resources. 

Food Tokens (FT) are used to feed your people. 
They are gained by claiming certain cards. 

Horse Tokens (HT) give advantages to Raids.  

Weapon Tokens (WT) give advantages to Raids. 
Spirit Tokens (ST) have a variety of uses. 

Trade Tokens (TT) represent things like Furs and skins or crafted items that are 
Used to trade with whites for things like Guns and Horses. 

Craft Tokens (CT) represent an accumulation of skilled labor. 

Each player should have his own Mat with spaces for: 
1. Unactivated PT 
2. Activated PT
3. PT reserved for Raiding
4. PT reserved for Trading
5. All other Tokens

Players share a common deck. 
Cards are of 2 basic types: Resource Cards and Bonus Cards. 
Resource cards provide Tokens and are then Discarded. 
Bonus Cards are placed face-up in front of the owner and 
Provide either a continuous benefit or are discarded for a one-time benefit. 

Six sided Dice are needed. 
Dice are used to resolve Raids and Events. 

Possessor of the Eagle Feather goes first in the Hunt and Raid Phases. 
Play then proceeds clockwise. 

Each player gets 10 PT and 10 LT and 10 ST. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who gets the Eagle Feather. 

Each turn has 9 Phases: 
1. Season Phase
2. Braves Phase
3. Hunt Phase
4. Territory Phase
5. Food Phase
6. Raid Phase
7. Trade Phase
8. Encroachment Phase
9. Spirit Phase

Place 7X cards from the top of the spirit deck face up. 
X = the number of players. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players take turns activating Population Tokens one at a time starting with 
The Eagle Feather holder and then going clockwise. 
An activated PT can claim a face up spirit card or go on a raid or go Trading. 
Resolve Spirit card purchases and conversions as soon as they are claimed. 
Some Spirit Cards have a purchase cost in Tokens. This must be paid immediately. 
If the purchase cost cannot be paid, the card cannot be claimed. 
If the Spirit card is a resource card, immediately gain the indicated type of Tokens and then discard the card. 
Raids are resolved in Raid Phase.  Trades are resolved in Trade Phase. 
Use the Player Mats to keep track of status of PT.  
Gathering Option: Activate a PT to gain 1 FT (Plant variety). 
Prayer Option: Activate a PT to gain 1 ST. 
Work Option: Activate a PT to gain 1 CT. 

If you have more LT than PT, gain FT equal to the difference. 
If you have less LT than PT, lose FT equal to the difference. 

Each player discards FT equal to their PT. 
If they are short roll once on the Starvation Table for each FT they are short. 

1D6	Result:
1-2	Lose 1 PT
3-4	Lose 1D6 HT or 1 PT
5-6	Lose 1D6 ST or 1PT

Players take turns conducting Raids. 
Start with the Eagle Feather holder and then go clockwise. 
Each PT held in reserve conducts its own raid. 
When making a Raid, declare the target of the Raid: 
Target Opponent, Non-player Tribe, or White Men. 
The max number of Raids you can conduct against a single opponent in a turn is two. 
Roll once on the Indicated Table for each raiding party: 
When raiding an opponent, add 1 if you have more weapons. 
When raiding an opponent, add 1 if you have more horses. 
Every time you go on a Raid, lose 1 WT after the raid is resolved. 

2D6	Result
2-3	Ambushed: lose 1 PT
4	Battle: Both Sides lose 1 PT
5	Standoff: Nothing
6	Thievery: Steal 1D6 FT
7	Counting Coup: Gain 1D6 ST
8	Horse Raid: Steal 1D6 HT
9	Scalps: Opponent loses 1PT. You gain 1D6 ST
10	Captives: Steal 1 PT
11+	Overrun: Steal 1 LT

2D6	Result
2-3	Fighting: lose 1 PT
4-5	Standoff: Nothing
6	Thievery: Gain 1D6 FT
7	Counting Coup: Gain 1D6 ST
8	Horse Raid: Steal 1D6 HT
9	Scalps: Gain 1D6 ST
10	Captives: Gain 1 PT
11+	Overrun: Gain 1 LT

2D6	Result
2-3	Soldiers: lose 1 PT
5	Standoff: Nothing
6	Thievery: Gain 1D6 FT
7	Counting Coup: Gain 1D6 ST
8	Horse Raid: Gain 1D6 HT
9	Scalps: Gain 1D6 ST
10	Kidnapping: Gain 1 PT
11+	Gun Stash: Gain 1D6 WT

Players may trade Tokens with each other. 
Players may trade with white men at the following Conversion Rates: 
4 TT for 1 HT 
7 TT for 1 WT 
2 TT for 1 FT
A player may buy (from the whites) up to 3 Tokens per PT they put in reserve for Trading.

Each player rolls once on the Encroachment Table. 
Add one to the roll if you raided the white men this turn.
If you did not raid the white men and you did trade with them this turn, get -1 to the roll.  

2D6	Result:
1-3	Peace: Gain 1 WT or 2 HT or 3 FT
4	Government Treaty: Nothing
5	Small Pox: Lose 1 PT
6	Lose the Old Ways: Lose 1 random Bonus Card
7	Whiskey: lose 1D6 TT
8	Settlers: Lose 1 LT
9	Railroads: Lose 1 LT
10	Sent to Reservations: Lose 1 PT and 1 LT	
11	Army Fort: Lose LT
12+	Massacre: Lose 1 PT

Discard all Unclaimed Face-Up Spirit Cards. 
The Eagle Feather is passed one player clockwise. 

R = Resource Card
X = Bonus Card
P = Plants
H = Hide Animals
F = Fish
RR = Raid Roll
TO = Target Opponent

Name:			Type	Cost	Notes: 
Buffalo			RH	-	4 FT and 3 TT
Bison			RH	-	4 FT and 3 TT
Corn			RP	-	5 FT
Maize			RP	-	5 FT
Squash			RP	-	3 FT
Berries			RP	-	2 FT
Salmon			RF	-	5 FT
Melons			RP	-	2 FT
Crops			RP	-	3 FT
Tools			R	-	2 CT
Skilled Work		R	-	3 CT
Woodcraft		R	-	4 CT
Group Activity		R	-	5 CT
Craftsman		X	-	Gain 1 CT in TP
Harvest			RP	-	3 FT
Pemmican       		RA	1 CT	4 FT
Rain Dance		RP	-	2 FT and 2 ST
Spear Fishing		RF	-	3 FT
Net Fishing		RF	2 CT	4 FT
Jewelry			R	2 CT	2 TT and 3 ST
Moccasins		R	1 CT	2 TT and 2 ST
Shell Fish		RF	-	3 FT and 1 TT
Elk			RH	-	3 FT and 2 TT
Antelope       		RH	-	3 FT and 2 TT
Deer			RH	-	2 FT and 2 TT
Beavers			RH	-	1 FT and 2 TT
Bear			RH	-	2 FT and 3 ST and 3 TT
Wolves			RH	-	1 FT and 1 ST and 2 TT
Hunting Dogs		X	-	Gain 1 FT in TP
Irrigation Trenches	X	1 CT	Plant cards earn +1 FT 
Weddings       		R	9 FT	1 PT
Feast			R	2 FT	6 ST
Pottery			X	5 CT	Gain 1 ST or TT in TP
Horse Herds		R	-	3 HT
Hand Made		R	-	2 CT
Artistry       		R	-	3 CT
Horse Breeding		X	5 CT	Gain 1 HT in TP 
Wild Stallions		R	-	1 HT
Fowl			R	-	2 FT
Mares & Foals		R	-	2 HT
War Bonnet		R	1 CT	1 WT and 2 ST
Mustangs       		R	-	2 HT
Trappers       		R	3 TT	2 WT
Trading Post		R	4 TT	2 WT
Gifts			R	-	2 FT or 2 ST or 2 TT
Trade Rifles		R	5 TT	3 WT
Knives			R	-	1 WT and 1 CT
Carvings       		R	4 CT	7 TT and 3 ST
Ghost Dance		R	-	5 ST
Sweat Lodge		X	3 CT	Gain 1 ST in TP
Mound Building		X	4 CT	Gain 1 ST in TP
Shaman			R	-	3 ST
War Chief		X	7 ST	Get +1 to RR
War Party		X	-	Discard to get +3 to RR
Revenge Raid		X	-	Discard to get +3 to RR
Surprise Attack		X	-	Discard for +2 or -2 RR
Trap			X	-	Discard to give -3 to RR
Palisade       		X	4 CT	Opponents -1 to RR against you
Alliance       		X	2 ST	Discard to get 2 extra Raids this turn
Federation		R	9 ST	1 PT
Peace Pipe		X	1 ST	Discard: You and TO may not raid each other this turn
Weaving			X	4 CT	Gain 1 TT in TP
Families       		R	9 FT	1 PT
Tipis			R	9 FT	1 PT
Eagle Trapping		R	1 CT	Get control of Eagle Feather
Tracker			X	-	Gain 1 FT in TP
Scouts			X	3 FT	Get +1 to RR
Warriors       		X	3 ST	Get +1 to RR
Totem Poles		X	3 CT	Gain 1 ST in TP
Medicine Bag		R	-	2 ST
Canoes			X	4 CT	Fish cards earn +1 FT 
Tomahawks		R	2 CT	1 WT
Prairie			R	-	2 FT and 1 HT
Forest			R	-	1 FT and 1 CT and 1 TT
Mountains		R	-	1 CT and 1 ST and 1 TT
Plains			R	-	1 HT and 1 FT and 1 TT
Rivers			RF	-	2 FT and 1 TT
Desert			R	-	1 CT and 2 ST
Great Spirit		R	-	4 ST
Beans			RP	-	4 FT
Migration		R	9 FT	1 LT
Cotton Textiles		X	3 CT	Gain 1 TT or 1 ST in TP
War Clubs		R	2 CT	1 WT
Bows & Arrows		X	4 CT	Animal Hide Cards earn +1 FT
Religious Ceremony	R	-	4 ST
Purification Ritual	R	-	3 ST
Vision Quest		X	1 ST	Discard to cause die roll to be rerolled
Dream Catcher		R	-	1 ST and Look at next 7 cards in deck
Animal Spirit Guides	R	-	2 ST and 1 FT

Player with most LT gets 10 VT
Player with most PT gets 9 VT
Player with most HT gets 8 VT
Player with most WT gets 7 VT
Player with most ST gets 6 VT
Player with most CT gets 5 VT
Player with most TT gets 3 VT
Player with most FT gets 2 VT
Player with the most Bonus Cards get 4 VT
If tied in a category, all tied players get the points -1. 

Tribe:			Notes:
Pueblo			Plant Cards earn +1 FT
Shoshoni       		May use Bonus cards as Resource cards instead: Zero Cost: Gain 2 Food
Chinook			Gain +1 CT in TP
Sioux			Hide Animal Cards earn +1 FT
Delaware       		Raid Rolls against them are at -1 
Iroquois       		Get +1 to Raid Rolls
Natchez			Gain +1 ST in TP
Creeks			Start with +1 PT
Apache			Start with +1 LT
Fox			Steal 1 TT from 1 Target player in TP
Commanche      		Start game with 5 HT

Have a scoring round after the third turn. 
OR play 7 turns and score after the 3rd, 5th, and 7th. 

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