Card & Board game for 2-4 players.
Find the Interstellar Pig or your entire race is doomed.

This game is based on an imaginary game of the same name described in a 
Novel of the same name written by William Sleator.
‘Interstellar Pig’ is a copyrighted/trademarked property.
This is just a fan site.

If you are in possession (the card is in your hand) of the 
Interstellar Pig when the game ends, you win.

The game ends at the end of round 16.
A round is when each player has had a turn.

There are three decks:
The Character Deck
The Attribute Deck
The Event Deck

There are 8 Characters.
Each Character is a member of a different race. 
Before play starts you will have to make a Character deck.
Each Character has 3 Attributes:
Favored Temperature
Favored Atmosphere
Favored Gravity
Each Character also gets 3 rolls on the Special Ability Table.
Use the determination tables to determine the attributes for each character
Name each Character.
Names and Attributes are to be marked directly on the Character Card. 

#	Description:
1	Pseudo-Sentient Fungus
2	Large Cranial Spider
3	Flying Clawed Octopus
4	Bipedial Mammal & Symbiote
5	Many Tentacled Worm
6	Reptilian Shelled Herbivore
7	Floating Gelatinous Polyp
8	Amphibious Gilled Hopper

1D6	Ability			Effect
1	Infravision		Unaffected by Darkness
2	Natural Weapons		Ground Combat +1D6
3	Intelligence		When rolling dice, roll one extra and discard any one
4	Agility			Unaffected by Difficult Topography
5	Resistant		Unaffected by Radiation
6	Super Metabolism	Gain one additional favored Atmosphere or Temperature

There are 16 planets marked on the board.
Draw lines from a planet to its 3-4 nearest neighbor planets.
Mark the lines with evenly spaced dots.
The average distance between planets should be 7 dots.
Make one dot on each line a Star.
A Star is the signal to draw an Event card.

Before play starts you will have to determine planetary attributes.
Each Planet has 4 Attributes:
Use the determination tables to determine the 4 attributes for each planet.
Name each planet.
Names and Attributes are to be marked directly on the board next to each planet.

1D6	Temperature:
1-2 	Hot(H)
3-4	Cold(C)
5-6	Temperate(T)

1D6	Atmosphere: 
1-2	Oxidizing(O)
3-4	Reducing(R) 
5-6	Inert(I)

1D6	Gravity:
1-2	Light(L)
3-4	Moderate(M)
5-6	Heavy(V)

1D6	Terrain:
1	Darkness
2	Radiation
3	Difficult Topography
4-6	Nothing Special

Each player gets a pawn of a different color.
Six-sided dice are needed to play.

There is a marked corresponding envelope for each planet.

Each player gets dealt one random character card.
The identity of players’ characters is not a secret.
Next, players take turns choosing which Planets they want.
(These are called a players’ starting planets)
(Players roll high on 1D6 to determine who goes first. Reroll ties.)
Each player gets to pick 4 planets. 
When you pick a planet you get the corresponding envelope.
Deal out the Attribute Cards randomly to the players.
In a two-player game each player gets 24 Cards.
In a three-player game each player gets 16 Cards.
In a four-player game each player gets 12 Cards.
A Player may keep 6 Attribute cards in his hand.
The remaining cards he must put into his envelopes.
There is no limit on which or how many cards go into any particular envelope.
The identity of Attribute cards in hands & envelopes is kept hidden.
Once all players finish filling their envelopes they are all put together to the side.
One player will receive the Interstellar Pig as part of the Attribute card deal. 
He may keep it in his hand or place it in an envelope. 
Next, players take the pawn of their character and place it on any of their 
Starting planets their Character can survive on.
(If the Character cannot survive on any, you loose)
Players roll high on 1D6 to determine who gets first turn. Reroll ties.

Players take turns.
On your turn choose a direction (Line) you want to move along.
Roll 1D6 or 2D6 and move that many spaces.
(Characters are in Spaceships)
You may automatically stop and land on any Planet you pass.
(And are able to survive on)
For movement purposes, treat Planets as Dots.
If you land exactly on a Planet you may choose not to 
“land” on the surface and instead stay in “orbit”.
A land on a Star, draw an Event card.
If you are the only character on a Planet (and on its surface) you 
May open the Envelope and Look at the Attribute cards inside.
You may put any of these cards into your hand, however, max 
Hand size is six cards, so you may have to leave some behind (in the envelope)

If you land on another characters pawn there will be combat.
If both Characters are in Space, it will be a Space Battle.
Each player rolls 3D6 and adds any bonus dice from Abilities and Attribute Cards.
(One-use attribute cards are discarded when used)
High score wins. 
The Winner kills his opponent.
If you are killed you are out of the game.
If tied, no one gets killed.
If you kill an opponent you take all the attribute cards in his hand.
(Excess cards in space are discarded. 
(Note: all discards are placed face up.)
(Note: The Interstellar Pig may never be put in the discard, at worst it floats in 
space and may be picked up by a passing ship)
If both Characters are on the Surface of a planet, there will be Ground Combat which 
Is handled exactly like Space combat.

A Character that Favors Heavy Gravity gets +1D6 in Ground Combat and 
-1D6 in Space Combat.
A Character that Favors Light Gravity gets -1D6 in Ground Combat and 
+1D6 in Space Combat.

A Character cannot survive (Land) on a planet with a different Atmosphere or 
Temperature attribute than his own, unless he has the appropriate 
survival gear (Attribute card) in his hand (The card must be revealed).
This also goes for Darkness, Radiation, and Difficult Topography.
Note Gravity only effects combat not survival. 

Card Name		#	Notes:
Interstellar Pig	1	Required to win game.
Thermal Suit		2	You can Survive on a Temperate or Cold World
Heat Pump		1	You can Survive on a Temperate or Cold World
Cooling Unit		2	You can Survive on a Temperate or Hot World
Dissipator		1	You can Survive on a Temperate or Hot World
Neural Whip		1	Ground Combat +1D6
Grenade			2	Ground Combat +2D6 (One Use)
Laser Gun		1	Combat +1D6
Force Field		1	Space Combat +1D6
Missiles		2	Space Combat +2D6 (One Use)
Euphoric Gas		1	No one dies as a result of this Ground combat (One Use)
Breathing Apparatus	3	You can Survive in an Reducing Atmosphere
Rebreather		3	You can Survive in an Oxidizing Atmosphere
Air Converter		3	You can Survive in an Inert Atmosphere
Portable Access		1	Use as a Hyperspace Tunnel (One Use)
Repair Kit		2	Instantly make required repairs (One Use)
Temporal Vault		1	Put discarded One Use Attribute card into your hand
Virulent Bacteria	1	Kills first character who lands on this planet (One Use)
Vaccine			1	You are immune to Virulent Bacteria
Radiation Suit		3	You are unaffected by Radiation
Spectrum Visor		1	You are unaffected by Darkness
Search Light		2	You are unaffected by Darkness
Hover Sled		1	You are unaffected by Difficult Topography
Climbing Gear		2	You are unaffected by Difficult Topography
Disguise Kit		1	Prevents Ground combat from occurring (One Use)
Guardian Robot		2	Attacks opposing Characters in Ground combat
Trap			2	First character that lands cannot move for 2 turns (One Use)
Dehydrated Food		2	Discard to gain an extra turn (One Use)
Scanner			2	Look (only) in any envelope (One Use)
# = Number of that card in the deck.

Card Name:		#	Effect:
Meteor Swarm		1	Miss Next turn making repairs
Malfunction		1	Miss Next 2 turns making repairs
Solar Flare		1	Miss Next 2 turns
Lost in Space		1	Go back 1D6 Spaces
Black Hole		1	Discard your Hand
Worm Hole		1	Go to any other Star Location
Gravity Well		1	Go to nearest Planet in your direction of Travel
Navigation Error	1	Move Forward 1D6 Spaces
Lost in Nebula		1	Miss next turn
Space Monster		1	Fight a Space Combat
Sensors			4	Look at any players hand 
Hyperspace Tunnel	10	Go to any Location on Board
Reshuffle the deck when it is used up.

Why not carry the Pig... It makes you a target, better to leave it on a 
planet you can land on but they can't.

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