Board Game for 3-5 players. 
Theme: Imperial Expansion of European Powers circa 1600-1750. 

The game ends after 10 Turns. 
The player with the most Victory Point (VP) Chips at the end of the game wins. 
If tied, the player who is Leader in the most Regions wins. 
If still tied, let it remain a tie. 

Central Region Map
Player Bidding Strips
Influence Deck (Small cards)
Development Deck (Medium Cards) 
Development Counters
Power Counters
Event Deck (Big Cards) 
Ten Sided Dice
Six Sided Dice
Instigator Token
Player Influence Tokens
Victory Point Chips

The Region Board is divided into 10 Areas (Regions):
1. Europe
2. Africa
3. Orient
4. India
5. South East Asia
6. Middle East
7. North America
8. South America
9. Central America
10 Caribbean
Each Region must big enough to contain Power and  
Development counters and stacks of Player Influence Tokens. 

Each player gets a strip. 
Each strip is divided into 10 Regions corresponding to the 
10 Areas on the Central region Board. 
Each Region must be big enough to conceal a stack of Influence cards. 

This is a 50 Card deck. 
Influence cards are used by players to assign influence points 
to various regions. 

This is a 50 card deck. 
Development cards increase the value of various regions. 
Some cards are Power cards, most are Resource Cards. 
Power cards allow the Regional Leader to draw extra Influence cards. 
Resource cards award from 1-4 Victory points to the Leader. 

These are shared in common by all players. 
They are placed on Regions on the Central Region map to 
represent Economic Development. 

This is a deck of 10 cards. 
These are used to alter Influence Totals on specific regions. 

The player with the Instigator Token goes first in the current Phase. 

Each player has a set of Tokens of a unique color. 
Tokens should have denominations of 1, 5, and 10. 

Players share a common set of VP Chips. 
Use denominations of 1, 5, and 10. 

Each Region on the Map starts with 2 Resource Counters. 
Each player rolls 1D10. 
High Roll gets the Instigator Token. 
Then going clockwise, each player picks 1 Imperial Power as their identity. 
Each player gets a set of Player Influence Tokens. 

Name		Special Ability
Britain		Draw 1 Extra Influence Card in Draw Phase
France		May move an extra card in Tactics Phase
Spain		Earns 3 Extra VP in Score Phase for each Region he is Leader in
Dutch		Draws 1 extra Development card and keeps his Dev cards face down
Portuguese	Starts game with 20 extra VP and 2 extra Influence Cards

Each turn is divided into 8 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Bid Phase
3. Develop Phase
4. Tactics Phase
5. Reveal Phase
6. Score Phase
7. Event Phase
8. End Phase

Each player is dealt 5 random cards from the Influence Deck. 
If a player is the Leader of a Region that has a Power counter, he draws 
one extra Influence card per power counter present. 
Each player also draws 2 Random cards from the Development Deck. 
If a deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 
Influence cards are kept hidden in players hands. 
Development cards are kept face up so everyone may see. 

Each player assigns each of his Influence cards to different Regions. 
One Influence card can only be assigned to one Region, but it can be any of the 10 Regions. 
A player may assign multiple cards to a single Region. 
A player may chose to assign a region zero cards. 
A player must assign all of his cards. 
Assigned cards are placed stacked under their assigned region on a players Bidding Strip. 
Thus all assignments (Bids) are hidden (secret). 

Each player plays 1 Development card and discards his others. 
The indicated region gains Resource or Power Counters. 
Then discard played cards. 

Each player may move 1 of their Influence cards to different region. 

Player slide their Bidding strips forward to reveal what Influence cards they 
assigned to each region. 
Players then place an equal value of their Influence Tokens onto the corresponding 
areas of the Central Region Map. 
Then all players discard all Influence cards. 

The player with the most Influence in a Region gets Victory Point Tokens 
equal to the number of Resource and Power Tokens in that Region. 
The player with the second most Influence in a Region gets Victory Point Tokens 
equal to half the number of Resource and Power Tokens in that Region rounding down. 
The player with the third most Influence in a Region gets 1 Victory Point Token. 

Shuffle the Event deck. 
Starting with the Instigator and going clockwise, each player in turn draws the top card of 
the Event deck and assigns it to a Region that has not yet been assigned an Event card this turn. 
This continues until all Event cards have been assigned. 

The Instigator gives the Instigator Token to the player on his left. 

Name:			Notes:
Status Quo		Influence Levels remain the same
Conquest       		The player with lowest Influence is reduced to zero Influence
Exploitation		The Region Scores again. Then Leader reduced to half Influence
Great Game		All players Influence in Region reduced by 1D6 each
Rebellion		Leader reduced to half Influence
Revolution		All Influence of all Players removed
Balance of Power       	This players influence increased by 1D6
Nation Building		Region gains 1 Resource Point
Domination		All but Leader reduced to zero Influence
Small Wars		Reduce all players Influence by half

Name			Influence
Settlers       		5		
Colonists		4		
Royal Troops		6		
Fleet			7		
Missionaries		3		
Diplomats		3		
Spies			1		
Armies			8		
Merchants		4		
Trading Company		7		
Charter			4		
Investors		5		
Explorers		1		
Factories		6		
Trade Route		8		
Native Troops		4		
Native Allies		4		
Treaty			4		
Agents			2		
Expedition		2		
Forts			5		
Navy			9		
Gunboats       		5		
Governor       		5		
Garrisons		3		
Note: The deck contains 2 copies of each card

P = Power
R = Resource

Region:		Name:			Bonus:
Europe		Weapons			4R
Europe		Shipbuilding		1P
Europe		Manufactured Goods	3R
Europe		Fine Art	        2R
Europe		Science			1R
Africa		Slaves			4R
Africa		Diamonds       		3R
Africa		Ivory			1R
Africa		Gold			2R
Africa		Grain			1P
Orient		Silk			4R
Orient		Jade			3R
Orient		Tea			1P
Orient		Porcelain		2R
Orient		Pearls			1R
India		Gems			1P
India		Spices			4R
India		Rugs			2R
India		Ivory			1R
India		Seed Oil  		3R
SE Asia		Spices			4R
SE Asia		Vanilla			1R
SE Asia		Rubber			1P
SE Asia		Palm Products		2R
SE Asia		Coconut Oil		3R
Middle East	Rugs			3R
Middle East	Wine			2R
Middle East	Opium			1P
Middle East	Spices 			4R
Middle East	Incense			1R
N America	Furs			3R
N America	Timber			2R
N America	Cotton			1P
N America	Tobacco			4R
N America	Rice			1R
S America	Cocoa			2R
S America	Coffee			3R
S America	Gold			4R
S America	Silver			1P
S America	Rubber			1R
C America	Silver			1P
C America	Peppers			3R
C America	Corn			1R
C America	Gold			4R
C America	Potatoes       		2R
Caribbean	Lumber			3R
Caribbean	Fish			1R
Caribbean	Rum			4R
Caribbean	Sugar			1P
Caribbean	Indigo			2R

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