INTRODUCTION Each player recruits a group of immortals seeking to gain power over other such groups. Based on the Dungeons & Dragons RPG rule set “Wrath of the Immortals”. These associations of Immortals are variously known as Groups, Cliques (informal), and Councils (formal). VICTORY Be the first player to control 100 power points worth of Immortals & Resource cards or Reduce all of your opponents to zero power. ALIGNMENT Each player at the start of the game picks an Alignment: Neutral, Lawful, or Chaotic Neutral players can recruit Immortals of any alignment. Lawful players can only recruit Lawful or neutral Immortals. A Lawful player may recruit one Lawful Immortal in recruit phase (as an event) without expending a plot counter. Chaotic players can only recruit Chaotic or neutral Immortals. An Chaotic player may recruit one Chaotic Immortal in recruit phase (as an event) without expending a plot counter. TOKENS & DICE NEEDED Plot Tokens Neutralization Tokens Twenty Sided Die SETUP Each player starts with a hand of 5 random cards. Players cut the deck and compare power values of cards. High value goes first. Each player starts with one Hierarch Immortal in play of their respective alignment. THE DECK Players share a common deck. The Deck has 4 types of cards mixed in: 1. Immortals 2. Plots 3. Powers 4. Resources IMMORTALS Represented by cards. These are the ‘Gods’ each player controls. Each Immortal has 6 Characteristics: 1. Name 2. Alignment 3. Sphere 4. Form (Race) 5. Level/Title 6. Power Points There are 3 Alignments: Neutral, Lawful, and Chaotic There are 5 Spheres: 1. Matter (Earth, Polymaths, Monsters) 2. Energy (Fire, Paragons, Magic, Wizards, Elves) 3. Time (Water, Dynasts, Clerics, Druids, Paladins, Avengers, Dwarves) 4. Thought (Air, Epic Heroes, Fighters, Halflings, Mystics, Thieves) 5. Entropy (Void, Undead) Forms are many and varied. There are 6 Levels: Level Title Base Power Points 1 Initiate 1 2 Temporal 2 3 Celestial 4 4 Empyreal 7 5 Eternal 10 6 Hierarch 16 RESOURCES Represented by cards. These represent things that give the Immortal extra power such as: Followers, Worshipers, Priests, Pet Monsters, Adventurers, Artifacts, etc. POWER CARDS This type of card represents abilities of an Immortal or Resource that give a Boost to a sides power levels during a Foil Plot Attempt. PLOT CARDS Not to be confused with Plot Tokens. These represent actions or events that may have a variety of results. These do require the expenditure of a Plot Token to play. Plot cards are played in Destiny phase unless the card specifies otherwise. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 4 phases: Plot Phase Recruit Phase Fate Phase Destiny Phase PLOT PHASE Put a Plot Token on each of your Immortals that does not have one already. (An Immortal may never have more than one plot token at a time) FATE PHASE Draw one card & put it in your hand. You may discard a Plot Token from one of your Immortals to draw an extra card. (this is called Plotting) Maximum hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. RECRUIT PHASE You may discard a Plot Token from one of your Immortals to put an Immortal card or a Resource card into play. (This is called Recruiting) Immortals and Resource cards are played face up on the table in front of you. Resource cards are ‘attached’ to (placed partially under) the Immortal that used up the Plot Token to gain the resource. If you have no Immortals in play (Neutralized Immortals do not count) you may recruit an immortal from your hand for free. DESTINY PHASE You may discard a Plot Token from one of your Immortals to play a Plot card. (This is called a Stroke, or Striking) FOIL PLOT ATTEMPT Whenever an opposing Immortal discards a plot token to perform an action, (Plotting, Recruiting, Striking) you may attempt to foil the action. To attempt a Foil, one of your Immortals must discard a Plot Token. Both players must then determine their own Power Total. Power Total = 1D20 + the Power of the Immortal + the power of all Resources attached to that Immortal + The power of any Power cards played. (play Power cards before the dice roll is made) The side with the highest power total wins. (Reroll ties) If the Foiler wins, the action is negated and any card that was to be played is discarded. If the target of the foil wins, the action succeeds. CARD LIST: IMMORTALS Name Align Sphere Form Level Power Notes Al-Kalim Law Time Man 1 1 Patron of Ylaruam Alphaks Chaos Entropy Demon 4 7 Prone to Tantrums Alphatia Law Energy Woman 3 4 Defender of Alphatia Asterius Chaos Thought Man 5 10 Lord of Thieves Atruaghin Law Matter Man 6 16 Protector of the Azcans Atzanteotl Chaos Entropy Serpent 6 16 The Corruptor Benekander Law Energy Man 1 1 Protector of Mortals CalithaStarbrow Neut Time Sea-elf 3 4 The Sea Maiden Diamond Law Matter Dragon 3 4 The Star Dragon Diulanna Law Thought Amazon 3 4 Patroness of Will Djaea Law Matter Woman 6 16 Earth Lover Eiryndul Chaos Energy Elf 4 7 Prankster Faunus Chaos Matter Satyr 2 2 Ancient protector of Forests Frey & Freyja Law Thought Pair 4 7 Brother & Sister Warriors The Great One Neut Matter Dragon 5 10 Ruler of all Dragonkind Halav Law Thought Man 3 4 Patron of Warriors Ilsundal Law Energy Old Elf 6 16 The Wise One Ixion Neut Energy Any 6 16 The Sun Prince Ka thePreserver Law Matter Dinosar 6 16 The Amber Serpent Kagyar Neut Matter Old Man 5 10 The Artisan Karaash Chaos Thought OrcKing 1 1 Patron of Humanoids Khoronus Neut Time Man 6 16 Father Time Korotiku Neut Thought Spider 6 16 The Trickster Koryis Law Thought Man 2 2 Patron of Peace Loki Chaos Entropy Man 5 10 Prince of Deceit Masauwa Chaos Entropy Man 5 10 The Spokesman Mealiden Law Energy Elfmaid 3 4 The Red Arrow Nyx Neut Entropy Woman 6 16 The Dark Queen Odin Law Thought Old Man 6 16 The Grey Wanderer Opal Neut Matter Dragon 3 4 The Sun Dragon Orcus Chaos Entropy Goatman 5 10 The Black Prince Ordana Neut Time Treant 6 16 Forest Mother Pearl Chaos Matter Dragon 2 2 Moon Dragon Petra Law Time Woman 3 4 Patron of Defenders Pflarr Neut Energy Jackal 5 10 The Jackal Head Protius Neut Time Merman 5 10 Old Man of the Sea Rad Law Energy Old Man 4 7 The Magician Rafiel Neut Energy Man 4 7 Patron of Shadow Elves Rathanos Chaos Energy Fire 5 10 Master of Fire Razud Neut Energy Man 6 16 Patron of Survivors Talitha Chaos Entropy Woman 5 10 The Spiteful Thief Tarastia Law Energy Woman 5 10 Patron of Justice & Revenge Terra Law Matter Woman 6 16 Mother Earth Thantos Chaos Entropy Mummy 6 16 The Grim Reaper Thor Law Energy Man 5 10 The Thunderer Valerias Chaos Matter Female 6 16 Patron of Love Vanya Neut Time Woman 4 7 Patron of War Zirchev Neut Energy Man 3 4 The Huntsman CARD LIST: RESOURCES Card Name # Power Type Notes Followers 3 1 F Worshipers 2 1 F Religious Sect 2 1 F Priesthood 2 2 F Armies 2 1 F Create Species 1 3 F Fanatics 2 1 F Clerics 3 2 H Avenger 1 8 H Adventurers 3 2 H Heroes 2 4 H Child of Immortal 1 5 H Favored Mortals 3 3 H Minor Artifact 4 3 A Lesser Artifact 3 6 A Greater Artifact 2 9 A Major Artifact 1 10 A Nightmare Diabolus 1 3 M Lesser Fiends 1 2 M Flicker 1 7 M Energy only Jumper 1 7 M Time only Notion 1 7 M Thought only Baak Guardians 1 7 M Matter only Undead Hordes 1 7 M Entropy only Servitor Constructs 1 2 M Monster Ruler 1 4 M Titans 1 8 M Dragons 1 5 M Exalted Monster 1 9 M M = Monsters A = Artifact H = Hero F = Followers CARD LIST: PLOTS Card Name # Notes: Steal Followers 2 Take control of Follower Kill Followers 2 Discard Follower Steal Monsters 2 Take control of Monster Kill Monsters 2 Discard Monster Steal Heroes 2 Take control of Hero Kill Heroes 2 Discard Hero Steal Artifact 2 Take control of Artifact Destroy Artifact 2 Discard Artifact Steal Power 2 Take 2 random cards from opponent from hand Destroy Power 2 Opponent must discard 3 random cards from hand Investigate 2 Look at Opponents Hand Divine 2 Look at top 7 cards of deck Master Stroke 2 Draw 4 cards Capture Immortal 2 Immortal Neutralized (cannot get/use action tokens) Persuade Immortal 2 Take control of Immortal Send Immortal to Home Plane 2 Put Immortal back in opponents hand Kill Immortal 2 Discard Immortal Free Immortal 2 Immortal loses Neutralized status Raise Immortal 2 Take Immortal from discard & put in play Fight Immortal 2 Target gets to Foil. Loser of attempt is killed Banish Immortal 2 Immortal Neutralized (cannot get/use action tokens) Explore the Multiverse 2 Immortal gains 1 Level (cannot be Foiled) Use Marker Delay Immortal 2 Immortal Neutralized for 2 turns Curse Immortal 2 Immortal Neutralized (cannot get/use action tokens) Heal Immortal 2 Immortal loses Neutralized status Poison Immortal 2 Immortal Neutralized (cannot get/use action tokens) Embarass Immortal 2 Immortal Neutralized (cannot get/use action tokens) CARD LIST: POWERS Card Name Power Notes Mortal Identity 3 5 For Time Provide Guidance to Mortals 1 5 for Thought Provide Power to Mortals 2 Wizard Spells 2 5 for Energy Cleric Spells 2 Druid Spells 2 Anti-magic Protection 4 Manifestation Form 1 Immortal Strength 3 5 for Matter Immortal Intelligence 3 5 for Thought Immortal Charisma 3 Immortal Wisdom 3 5 For Time Immortal Constitution 3 Immortal Speed 3 Create Magic Items 2 5 for Matter Immortal Saving Throw 6 Aura Attacks 5 7 for Energy Speak all Languages 1 Immunity to Mortal Attacks 2 Incorporeal Form 4 Cast any Mortal Spell 5 7 for Energy Regeneration 2 Fly 1 Bestow 2 Conceal Magical Nature 1 Detect Immortal Magic 3 Hear Supplicants 1 Immortal Eye 2 Power Attack 3 4 for Energy Probe 1 Shape Reality 7 9 for Matter Transformation 6 9 for Matter Call Other 2 Leech 1 Fiendish Powers 2 Abilities of any Class 1 Avatars 8 Rumors & Lies 1 5 for Entropy Multi-Planar Travel 4 Friendly Dimension 5 Home Plane Advantage 9 Backing of the Council 7 Pocket Universe Refuge 4 Immortal Influence 5 Immortal Combat 6 Destroy Heavenly Body 2 7 for Entropy Direct Action 6 (in the Prime Plane) Fulfill Prophecy 9 9 For Time Create an Omen 1 5 For Time Expose Secret Plot 8 9 for Entropy Persuasion 2 5 for Thought Trickery 4 7 for Thought Immortal Intervention 5 7 for Entropy Gates, Vortices & Portals 2

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