Wargame for 2 or more players.
Fantasy Northern theme.

Destroy all enemy units.

Tiles are used to make the Map.
Chits are used to represent Units.
Cards are used for Spells.
Tile, chit, and card sets are common to all players.
Six and eight sided dice are needed to play.

There are 4 terrain types:
Type:		#	Cost	Recruit:	
Tundra		14	1	-
Glacier		6	2	-
Water		9	(1)	-
Villages	6	1	Norsemen & Barbarians & Ships
Forest		4	2	Wolves & Bears & Sprites
Mountains	4	3	Dwarves & Giants
Peaks		2	3	Dragons
Hills		4	2	Witches & Yetis
Sea		-	(1)	-
# = Number of Tiles in Terrain Tile Set
Cost = Cost in Move Points to enter
Recruit = What type of units can be recruited there

Use a Chessboard.
All border spaces are Sea spaces
Randomly distribute the 49 Terrain Tiles to the 49 center squares.

Each Player starts with one Hero unit located in a Village Space.
Randomly determine who goes first.

Unit Name:		#	Force	Move	Notes:
Norsemen		4	2	2	Army
Barbarians		4	3	2	Army
Viking Ships		4	1	4	Army, Ship
Drakkar			2	2	4	Army, Ship
Northern Dwarves	4	2	2	Army, Mountain Walk
White Dragon		4	5	5	Flying 
Frost Giant		4	4	3	Mountain Walk
Winter Wolves		4	2	4	-
Polar Bears		4	3	2	-
Ice Witch		4	2	2	Magic
Snow Sprites		4	1	3	Magic, Flying
Hero			A	4	3	-
Yeti			4	3	3	Mountain Walk
Ice Elemental		A	4	-	Summoned Unit
Ice Demon		A	5	-	Summoned Unit
Banner			2	+1	-	Relic: Attach to Army
Magic Axe		2	+1	-	Relic: Attach to Hero or Giant
Druids Staff		2	+2	-	Relic: Attach to Witch or Sprite 
Move = Move points per turn
A = As Needed

Players take turns.
Each turn has 6 phases:
1. Recruit Phase
2. Magic Phase
3. Blizzard Phase
4. Move Phase
5. Battle Phase
6. End Phase

Draw 1 Unit Chit from the common pile.
Keep your Chits in a pile.
Units are recruited from specific Territories.
If you have a Unit in an appropriate Territory, or adjacent to an empty 
appropriate territory, you may put a Unit Chit from your pile into play on 
that territory or in an adjacent territory that is empty or occupied by 
a unit you control.

Units or spaces must share a common border to be adjacent.
Diagonal spaces and units are not adjacent.

You may stack up to 4 of your units in a single space.
Summoned units and Relics do not count against this limit.

If you control any Witches or Sprites, draw 2 Spell cards.
Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards.

Remove tokens from board from last turn.
Use Tokens to represent Blizzards.
Roll 1D6 to see how many blizzards will be put on the map this turn.
Roll 2D8 to determine coordinates of each blizzard.
Units cannot move into, out of, or through a blizzard.
Units cannot attack into or out of a blizzard. 

Each unit has a number of Move Points (MP).
Different Terrain types have different Move costs to enter.
For Flying units, the Move cost of all Terrains is one.
Flying units may not end their turn in a Sea or water space.
Units with Mountain Walk pay only 1 MP to enter Mountains or Peaks.
Ships can only move in Sea and Water spaces.
Non-Flying units cannot move on Sea or Water spaces.
Heroes, witches, and armies may travel on sea & water spaces if stacked with a Ship.
The stacking limit must be strictly enforced.
You cannot enter or move through a space containing enemy units.

You may attack adjacent enemy stacks with your own stacks.
Resolve conflict between two opposing stacks, one at a time.
A turn may have multiple battles between multiple stacks.
Battles are fought in Rounds.
During each round, each unit in turn in both opposing stacks gets to attack once.
Start with the Active player (Player whose turn it is)
Pick which of your units is attacking and Roll 1D6.
If the roll is equal to or less than the attacking units Force, one casualty is inflicted.
If there is a casualty, the defender picks and discards one of his units from the battle.
The other player then attacks and so on. 
This repeats until one side is completely eliminated.
A witch or sprite instead of attacking may cast a Spell.

Remove Summoned and Charmed Units from play.

Spell:				#	Notes:
Summon Ice Elemental		4	Add an Ice Elemental Unit to the Stack  
Summon Ice Demon		2	Add an Ice Demon Unit to the Stack
Ice Shield			4	All enemy units get Force –1 this Battle
Snow Storm			4	Place or Remove a Blizzard Token on the Map*
Freeze				4	Target Unit cannot attack this Battle
Ice Shards			4	Force 2 vs Attack all Enemy units this round 
Blood Lust			4	All your units get Force +1 this Battle
Healing Powers			4	Put Unit just destroyed in Battle back into play
Charm				2	Take control of target Non-Hero Unit
# = copies of this card in the deck.
* = Play during any Blizzard Phase

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