Card game for 2-4+ players. 
Theme: The Independence of India from the British Empire. 

The first player to reach 100 Points is the winner. 

Players share a common deck. 
The deck has 5 Suites: 
L = Leaders 
T = Tactics
C = Campaigns 
R = Resistance
D = Diplomacy
All Suites except Tactics have 10 cards. 
Every card has a point value from 1 to 10. 
Cards in the Deck are kept face down. 
Cards in the Discard are kept face up. 
If the Deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Each player is dealt 5 hand cards and 3 Reserve cards. 
Place your reserve cards face down in front of you. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 2 Phases: 
Organize Phase 
Protest Phase

Draw 1 card from the top of the Deck or the Discard. 
You may replace one card in your hand with 1 card from your Reserve. 
Discard 1 card. 
Your hand must contain 5 cards. 
If you have fewer draw cards from the top of the Deck. 
If you have fewer discard the excess. 

If you have a Meld, you may play it. 
A Meld consists of 1 Card from each of the 5 Suites. 
Gain points equal to the total point value of all 5 cards you played. 
Record Points gained. Keep a running total with paper and pencil.  
Discard your Meld and draw 5 cards. 

Card Name:				Points		Suite
Non-Violent Resistance			9		T
Civil Disobedience			10		T
Passive Resistance			8		T
Marching in the Streets			4		T
Sabotage 				3		T
Sporadic Violence			2		T
Bombs					1		T
Large Protests				5		T
Strikes					6		T
Disobey Laws				7		T
Quit India				10		C
Boycott Foreign Textiles		4		C
Salt March				3		C
End British Rule			9		C
Unrest					1		C
Defiance				6		C
Fight Oppression			5		C
Seek Independence			8		C
Support of the People			7		C
Disrupt War Effort			2		C
Gandhi					10		L
Mahatma					9		L
Indian National Conference		2		L
Father of India				8		L
Lawyer					5		L
Advocate				4		L
Champion				7		L
Village Industries Association		1		L
Nehru					6		L 
Endorsement				3		L
Assassination Attempt			1		R
Conscription				2		R
Racial Prejudice			3		R
Broken Promises				10		R
Massacre				9		R
Jail Term				5		R
Imprisonment				7		R
Kill Protesters				8		R
Arrests					4		R
Incarceration				6		R
London Conference			6		D
Government of India Act			8		D
British Ministers			7		D
Representatives				3		D
Round Table Talks			5		D
Discuss Self Rule			10		D
Visits					4		D
Failed Talks				1		D
Negotiations				9		D
Invitations				2		D


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