Gastronomic Fantasy for 2 or more.
Players try to prepare the best menu given a random set of fantastical ingredients.

Any number can play.
Roll 4 times on the ingredients table to see what ingredients the players must use.
Players must design a menu with each dish using one or more of these ingredients.
The menu can be multiple courses including aperitifs and desserts. 
A dish can be made anyway you like. For example: 
On the Spit, Roast, Flambé, Mousse, Tartar, Stewed, Pan-Fried, Fillet, etc. 
Other ingredients can be added to each dish. For example:
Flour, Sherry, vegetables, rice, truffles, chocolate, butter, nuts, scallions, bananas, etc.
Players should give a detailed description of each dish including the
Steps to making it, how it tastes, and a description of the final presentation.
Players have one hour to create their menus. 
At the end of this time each player reads his menu out loud.
Players then vote on who made the best menu.

1D50	Ingredient:			Notes:		
01	Red Dragon Tail			Spicy
02	Illithid Brain Pod		Brain Food
03	Troll Hide			Regenerates
04	Pound of Ogre Flesh		Fatty
05	Medusa Head			Un-petrified
06	Cockatrice			Tastes like Chicken
07	Shrieker			Dungeon Mushroom
08	Green Slime			Live
09	Giant Ant Legs			Crunchy
10	Black Pudding			Dissolves Wood & Metal
11	Beholder Eyes			Includes Stalks
12	Pixie Morsels			Includes Wings
13	Bugbear				Gamey
14	Carrion Crawler			Chunks
15	Choice Cut Demon  		Hot
16	Side of Devil			Red Hot
17	Stegosaurus Steak		With Plates
18	Gorgon Flank			Hard as a Rock
19	Blue Dragon 			Sparks
20	Brass Dragon Balls		Metallic Taste
21	White Dragon 			Cold
22	Gelatinous Cube			Transparent
23	Zombie Parts			Crawl out of the Bowl
24	Gray Ooze			Slimy
25	Breasts of Harpy		Tastes like Chicken
26	Hell Hound			Burnt Taste
27	Hippocampus			Salty
26	Bottle Imp			Pickled
29	Kobold				Smells like Dog
30	Larva from Hades		Large Worms
31	Werewolf			Tough
32	Haunch of Minotaur		Very Tough
33	Naga Tail			Reptilian
34	Sea Serpent			With Spines
35	Orc Chops			Tastes like Pork
36	Purple Worm			Pungent
37	Roc Eggs			Good for Omelets
38	Pegasus				Horse Meat
39	Rust Monster			Guess
40	Mermaid Tail			Fishy
41	Satyr				Tastes like Goat
42	Phoenix				On Fire Literally
43	Sphinx				Questionable Taste
44	Strangle Weed			Don’t Choke on it
45	Stirge Blood			Nutritious
46	Treant Apples			Good for Baking
47	Unicorn				Tastes Great
48	Will-O-Wisp			Less Filling
49	Healing Potion			Medicine Taste
50	Ice Elemental			Frozen Solid

Players are encouraged to add more ingredients to the list.

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