Warp Skirmish Format. 
Last Major Battle of Alexander the Great 326 BC. 
One player is Alexander. 
The other is King Porus of the Hindu Paurava Kingdom. 

Destroy 50% of the Enemy force, or the Opposing Main Leader. 

Use a 12x7 Grid
H = Hills
R = River
F = Forest
C = Clear
A = The Greeks in Clear start stacked just North of the river Hydaspes. 
P = The Indians in Clear start stacked facing them on the South bank of the river. 

H - H - H - H - H - H - H - H - H - H - H - H
F - A - F - F - C - F - F - F - F - F - F - F
R - R - R - R - R - R - R - R - R - R - R-  R
F - P - F - F - F - C - F - F - C - F - F - R  
C - C - C - C - F - C - C - F - C - C - C - F
C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C
F - H - F - C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C - H

Units may stack. 
There is no Stacking Limits of Friendly Units.  
Alexander is part of a unit of Companion Cavalry. 
Porus is part of a unit of War Elephants. 

Unit counters must include an arrow to determine facing. 
A unit may end a move facing in any direction (even diagonal) 
All units in a Stack must be facing the same way. 

Six sided Dice are needed. 

Players share a common deck. 

Use stackable Counters/Chits to represent Units. 

Determine who is Alexander and who is Porus. 
Set up the board as indicated. 
Each player is dealt 5 cards. 
Alexander goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 Phases: 
Tactics Phase
Deception Phase
Maneuver Phase
Attack Phase
End Phase

Draw X cards from the deck and put them in your hand. 
For Alexander X = 4
For Porus X = 3
If the deck runs out, shuffle the  discard and draw from it. 

Alexander may play (discard) 1 Deception card in this Phase. 

You get 1 free Move of 1 Unit or Stack 1 space. 
You may play additional Move cards to move more of your Units. 
A single Unit can move only once per turn. 
A Move card can be used to move a single unit or a single Stack. 
The value of the Move card determines the furthest distance the 
moving units may go. Some units will have a lower maximum 
allowable move limit. All Units taking part in a single move must 
stick together, they cannot break off or be left behind. However, 
stacks can be broken up or built back up. 
The opposing player may play a Negate card to negate a target move. 
A Unit or Stack must stop upon entering the river unless it is a 
river crossing card in which case they start on one bank and move to the 
opposite bank all in one move without having to stop in the water.  
Units in the river cannot move upstream or downstream. 
They can only cross or retreat. 
Units must stop upon entering Hills. 
Units that enter 1 or more Forest spaces have their Maximum Move 
Limit for the turn reduced by 1. 
Note that a move can be less than the value of the Move card and moves 
do not have to be in straight lines. Change in direction and Diagonal 
moves are allowed. 
Discard all played cards. 

Play an Attack card to have a Unit attack an adjacent target enemy unit. 
The attacker and defender both roll 2D6 (Battle Rolls). 
The side with the bigger stack gets +1. 
A stack with Elephants gets +1. 
A stack with a Leader gets +1. 
A stack with Greek Cavalry and/or Phalanxes gets +1. 
If the Attacker attacks into the flank he gets +1.
If the Attacker attacks into the rear he gets +2.
Attacking a Stack in the River is at +3. 
A Stack defending in Hills is at +1. 
Either player (before rolling) may play (discard) an Attack card to get +1.  
Higher roll wins. The loser discards 1 Unit. 
If tied the combat immediately ends. 
Continue until the attacker breaks off or one side is eliminated. 
Each continuation is called a round. 
The side that won the previous round gets +1. 
the player inflicting casualties determines which unit is killed. 
A Defense card played by the Defender will immediately end the combat. 
Discard played cards. 

Maximum hand size is 5 for Porus and 7 for Alexander. 
Discard excess cards. 

# = Number of this Unit in Army
MM = Maximum Move
L = Leader

Unit			#	MM	Notes
Alexander the Great	1L	6	Alexander & Companion Cavalry
Coenus Cavalry		1L	5	Greek Cavalry
Companion Cavalry	1	5	Greek Cavalry
Craterus Phalanx	1L	3	-
Macedonian Phalanx	2	3	-
Greek Peltasts		2	4	-
Persian & Indian Allies	4	3	-

Unit			#	MM	Notes
King Porus		1L	3	Porus and War Elephants
Prince			1L	4	Son of Porus with Cavalry & Chariots
War Elephants		2	3	-
Cavalry			2	4	-
Chariots       		2	3	-
Punjab Infantry		8	2	-

M = Movement
R = River crossing Movement
N = Negate Move
A = Attack
D = Defense
NAD = Use Card as Negate or Attack or Defense
MA = Unit or Stack Moves 1 space then attacks into adjacent space
DA = Use card for Defense or Attack
S = Special
L = Leader: Card can be used for Movement, Attack, or Defense
X = Deception (Look at opponents hand and discard 1 target Card)
I = Indian Player Only
G = Greek Player Only
B = Both Players
OUSWI = Or/and Units Stacked With It

Name			#	Type	Use	Value	Notes:
Frequent Feints		1	X	G	-	
Demonstration		1	N	G	-
Deception		1	X	G	-	
Patrol			1	M	I	4	
Decoy			1	X	G	-	
Night Movements        	1	X	G	-	
Shadow			1	M	I	3	
Screening Force		1	M	I	2	
Tactics			1	S	B	-	Discard to draw 2 cards
Unopposed Crossing	1	R	G	2	Must be used to cross River
Suitable Crossing	1	S	G	-	Cancel a Negate Move Card
Alternate Ford		1	R	G	2	Must be used to cross River
Floats & Boats		1	R	G	2	Must be used to cross River
Overflowing		1	N	I	-	Target unit entering or leaving River
Monsoon        		1	N	I	-	Target unit entering or leaving River
Move Upstream		1	M	B	4	Move must follow the River
Alexander		1	L	G	6	Only the Alexander Unit OUSWI
Craterus       		1	L	G	4	Only the Craterus Unit OUSWI
Coenus			1	L	G	5	Only the Coenus Unit OUSWI
Porus			1	L	G	3	Only the Porus Unit OUSWI
Prince			1	L	G	5	Only the Prince Unit OUSWI
Mud			1	NAD	G	1	Only vs. Chariot Unit
Routed			1	A	B	1	
Haste			1	M	B	4	
Disrupt Landing		1	A	I	1	Only vs. Units in River
Prevent Crossing       	1	A	I	1	Only vs. Units in River
Detachment		1	M	B	1-2	Only 1 Unit not Stack
Repulsed       		1	D	G	-	
Out of Control		1	A	G	1	Vs Elephant & stacked Units
Wreak Havoc		1	A	G	1	Vs Elephant & stacked Units
Discipline		1	D	G	1	Phalanx only
Cavalry Charge		1	MA	G	1	Greek Cavalry only
Mounted Archers		1	A	G	2	Greek Cavalry only
Dense Pikes		1	DA	G	1	Phalanx only
Towering Elephants	1	A	I	1	Use by Elephants only
Trample, Club, & Gore	1	A	I	1	Use by Elephants only
Panic Horses		1	A	I	1	Use by Elephants vs. Cavalry only
Weaken Wing		1	A	B	1	Use vs. Unit with exposed Flank only
Complicated Maneuver	1	D	G	-	
Confusion		1	A	B	1	
Advance			1	MA	B	1	
Lock Shields		1	D	G	-	Phalanx only
Flee			1	A	B	1	
Break			1	A	B	1	
Retreat			1	A	B	1	
Exhausted		1	A	B	1	
War Skills		1	DA	N	1	
Brave Fight		1	DA	B	1	
Surrender		1	A	B	1	
Challenge		1	A	B	1	Only by 1 Leader vs. Another
Duel			1	A	B	1	Only by 1 Leader vs. Another
Captured       		1	A	B	1	
Prisoners		1	A	B	1	
Outflank       		2	MA	G	1	Cavalry Only
Outmaneuver		2	M	G	6	
Evasion			1	D	B	-	
March			6	M	B	1
Maneuver       		5	M	B	2	
Advance			4	M	B	3
Rush			3	M	B	4
Gallop			2	M	B	5	Cavalry only


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