Card game for 2 or more players.
Based on the Harry Potter Universe.

“Harry Potter” is a licensed, copyrighted, trademarked property.
This is merely a fan site.

The player with the most House points at the end of the game is the winner.
The game ends when all Challenge cards have been overcome.
For a shorter game cut the Challenge deck and use only part of it.

There are 2 decks: the Common deck and the Challenge deck.
Each deck contains one copy of each card on its respective card list.

A 10 sided die is needed.

All common cards are either permanent or temporal.
Temporal cards are discarded when played.
Permanent cards stay in play from turn to turn.
Temporal cards include most Spells, Professors, Ghosts, Familiars, Events and Items.
Permanent cards include Students and some others.

Challenge cards will have one or more traits:
Monster, Wizard, Stealth, Mystery, Voldemort, Quidditch

Each player begins with 3 cards in play: Harry, Hermione, and Ron.
(From the Starting Character card list)
The youngest player goes first.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 6 phases:
1. Time Phase
2. Draw Phase
3. Recruit Phase
4. Magic Phase
5. Challenge Phase
6. Action Phase

Remove one wound or detention counter from any student card that has one. 
A student card with any wound or detention counters is considered to be inactive.

Draw 2 cards from the Common deck.
Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.

You may put any permanent type cards in your hand into play.
Attach permanent items & familiars to specific students.

Certain common cards are used/played in this phase.

Put the top card of the Challenge deck onto the middle of the table face-up.
Skip this phase if there is already 3+ Challenge cards face up.

You may attempt to overcome any one Face-up Challenge card.
To attempt, at least one of your main characters must be active.
If there is Challenge worth zero House points available, you must choose it. 
Roll 1D10. This is the Challenge roll.
Add bonuses to the roll from any active cards you have in play.
You may play (discard) Temporal cards for additional bonuses. 
Your opponent may play certain Temporal cards to decrease your roll.
If your roll is equal to or greater than the Difficulty level of the Challenge 
card, you overcome the challenge and get to put it in your Victory pile. 
If you fail, put 3 detention or 3 wound counters (the Challenge 
Card will say which) on one of your active student cards.
A student card with any wound or detention counters is considered to be inactive.

Card Name:		Type	Type	Notes	
Harry Potter		S	P	+5 to Quidditch & Voldemort Challenges
Hermione Granger	S	P	+4 to Mystery & Class Challenges
Ron Weasley		S	P	+3 to Chess Challenges

Card Name:		Type	Type	Notes	
Aid of McGonagall	P	T*	Draw 3 Common Cards		
Outwit Crabbe & Goyle	E	T*	Look at Opponents Hand	
Aid of Dumbledore	P	T	+5 vs Voldemort & Wizard Challenges
Nearly Headless Nick	G	T*	Look at next 2 cards in Challenge Deck
Hedwig	the Owl		F	P*	Discard 2 Common cards to draw 1 card
Phoenix Wand		I	P	+1 vs Monster Challenges
Sorting Hat		I	T*	Take any one card from the Common deck
Fred & George		S	T	+5 to Stealth Challenge
Neville Longbottom	S	P	-1 to Wizard Challenges
Madam Pomfrey		W	T*	Remove all Wound Counters from Student
Mandrake Root		I	T*	Remove all Wound Counters from Student
Secret Passage		I	T*	Remove all Detention Counters from Student
Mr & Mrs Weasley	W	T*	Draw 3 Common cards
Moaning Myrtle		G	T	+5 to Mystery Challenge
Scabbers		F	P	Useless: Does nothing
Magical Mishap		E	T	-3 to Class Challenge
Magic Harp		C	T	+5 vs Monster Challenge
Oliver Wood		S	T	+3 to Quidditch Challenge
Lightning Scar		I	T	+5 vs Voldemort Challenge
Broom Ensorcelled	C	T	-3 to Quidditch Challenge
Visit Gringotts		E	T	+3 vs Mystery Challenge
Invisibility Cloak	I	T	+5 to Stealth Challenge
Nimbus 2000		I	T	+5 to Quidditch Challenge
Catch Golden Snitch	I	T	+5 to Quidditch Challenge
Hit by Bludger		I	T	-3 to Quidditch Challenge
Dark Wood Centaurs	W	T	+5 vs Voldemort Challenge
Rumor Mill		E	T*	Look at next 3 cards in Challenge Deck
Hagrid’s Secrets	W	T*	Look at next 5 cards in Challenge Deck
Divination Class	W	T*	Look at next 7 cards in Challenge Deck
Polyjuice Potion	I	T*	Look at opponent’s hand
Owl Mail		E	T*	Draw 2 Common cards
Chocolate Frogs		I	T	Worth 1 HP in your hand at end of game
Every Flavor Beans	I	T	Worth 1 HP in your hand at end of game
Knuts & Galleons	I	T	Worth 1 HP in your hand at end of game
Petrificus Totalus	C	T	+5 vs Wizard Challenge
Wingardium Leviosa	C	T	+5 vs Monster Challenge
A History of Magic	I	T	+3 vs Mystery Challenge (Book)
Herbology Class		E	T	+9 vs Plant Challenges
Platform 9¾		E	T*	Look at next 7 cards in Common Deck
Hogworts Express	E	T	Take another turn
Diagon Alley		E	T*	Draw 3 Common cards
Remembrall		I	T*	Look at next 5 cards in Common Deck
Willow Wand		I	P	+1 vs Wizard Challenges
Mahogany Wand		I	P	+1 vs Stealth Challenges
Gryffindor’s Sword	I	T	+5 vs Monster Challenges
P = Permanent
T = Temporal
S = Student
I = Item
E = Event
C = Charm (Spell, Enchantment)
W = Wizard
G = Ghost
F = Familiar
* = In Magic Phase

Card Name:			DL	HP	CD	Type
Destroy Tom Riddle		9	50	W	V
Escape Voldemort		9	40	W	V
Bypass Fluffy			8	10*	W	M
Defeat the Mountain Troll	6	10	W	M
Outwit Lucius Malfoy		7	Z	D	W
Free Dobby the House Elf	6	(+3)	D	W
Quidditch Cup Match		9	50	W	Q
Defeat Professor Quirrell	9	50	W	V		
Recover the Sorcerer’s Stone	9	50	W	V
High Marks on Exams		8	30	[-2]	C	
Quidditch vs Slytherin		8	25	W	Q
Quidditch vs Ravenclaw		7	25	W	Q
Quidditch vs Hufflepuff		6	25	W	Q
Escape Whomping Willow  	8	Z	(-20)	Plant
Caught out at Night		7	(+2)*	D	S
The Secret of Nicholas Flannel	7	(+3)	[-2]	Y
Hide Norbert			7	Z	(-20)	S	
Reveal Lockhart’s Mischief	6	40	D	Y
Capture Cornish Pixies		5	5	None	M
Library Restricted Section	6	L	D	S
Defeat the Basilisk		9	50	W	M
Life-sized Wizard’s Chess	7	10*	W	Chess
Mirror of Erised		9	(+1)	D	Enchantment
Avoid Filch & Mrs Norris	6	(+2)	D	S		
Escape the Wrath of Snape	8	Z	(-10)	W
Secret of the Basilisk		8	30	W	Y
Potions Class			8	(+1)	(-10)	C
Transmutations Class		5	10	None	C
Charms Class			6	10	None	C
Defense vs Dark Arts Class	6	10	D	C
Find the Chamber of Secrets	9	50	[-2]	Y
Winged Keys Challenge		8	10*	W	Q
Devils Snare Challenge		7	10*	W	Plant
Late to Class			6	(+1)*	(-5)	C
Escape the Spiders		9	L	W	M
Wizard Duel vs Draco		7	5	W	W
Draco’s Trickery		7	Z	D	W
Peeves Disturbance		7	Z*	D	G 
Trouble with the Dursleys	6	(+2)	[-3]	S
DL = Difficulty Level
HP = House Points
CD = Cost of Defeat
W = Wounds
D = Detention
Z = Opponent discards 3 random cards
L = Look at the next 5 cards in the Challenge Deck
(-X) = Lose X House Points if you fail the Challenge
(+X) = Draw X Common Cards if you overcome the Challenge
[-X] = Discard X Common Cards if you fail the Challenge
C = Class 
S = Stealth
W = Wizard
M = Monster
Y = Mystery
Q = Quidditch 
* = You may immediately attempt another Challenge if you succeed.

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