Fantasy Board game for 1-6 Players. 

The game ends after 20 Rounds. 

At the end of the game, the player with the most 
Units (Settlements, Armies, and Castles) plus Victory Tokens wins. 
Players share a common set of Victory Tokens. 

You cannot attack your opponents units. 

A round is complete when each player has had 1 turn. 

The Board is a 10 x 10 Grid of squares (Also called Spaces). 

There are 50 Terrain Tiles.
There are 10 Tiles for each of the 5 Types: 
Mountain (Stone)
Forest (Wood)
Farms (Food)
Hills (Metal)
Swamp (Magic)

At the beginning of the game place the Tiles on to the map 
randomly in a checkerboard pattern.  

There is a pool of Horde Counters. 
Each is unique. The list is at the end of the ruleset. 
Each Counter has the name of the Horde plus 4 Traits: 
1. Type (Humanoid, Undead, or Monster)
2. Attack (Target roll this Horde needs to get or higher to hit)
3. Defense (Subtracted from player attack rolls vs this Horde)
4. Hits (Number of Hit Counters placed under this Horde)
When a Horde is first placed on the map the indicated number of 
Hit Counters are stacked underneath it. 
The Horde Counter is discarded back to the pool when it has no 
more Hit Counters left. 

Each player has a set of Army Tokens and 
Settlement Markers of a Unique color. 

Players share a common set of Castle Markers.  

Six and Ten Sided Dice are Needed. 

There should be a Time Track of 20 Spaces and a 
Time Marker to keep track of what round it is. 

Players share a common set of Resource Chits: 
Stone (Grey) 
Wood (Brown)
Food (White)
Metal (Blue)
Magic (Red)
Gold (Yellow)

Each player gets a Player Sheet. 
The Sheet should include: 
--- The Kingdom List
--- The Ability List
Players should mark off what Kingdom they are and 
what Abilities they have when they get them. 

Spaces that share a line (orthogonal) are Adjacent. 
Spaces connected by a point (diagonal) are not Adjacent. 

Players roll high on 1D10 to see who goes first. 
Each player rolls 1D10 x 1D10 (X & Y Coordinates) to 
see where they put their first Settlement.
If playing solo put your settlement in the middle of the board. 
Settlements cannot be within 2 spaces of each other. 
If so Reroll (and if necessary select an available spot).   
In reverse order players pick which Kingdom they are and 
mark it on their player Sheets. 
For each player place 1 Horde: 
First Draw 1 Horde Counter from the Horde Pool. 
Second Roll for coordinates. 
Third place the Horde counter there with the indicated number of 
Hit Counters stacked under it. 
These starting Hordes cannot be placed on or adjacent to a 
Settlement and not on another Horde. Reroll coordinates if it would. 

Shuffle the Event Deck.
Players pick their Colors (Army & Settlement Sets).  
Each player gets 1 Chit for each of the 5 Resource Types. 
Each player gets a Castle and 2 Armies. These are placed 
in the same space as his first Settlement. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 11 Phases:
--- Event Phase 
--- Resource Phase
--- Trade Phase
--- Settle Phase
--- Fortify Phase
--- Train Phase
--- Move Phase
--- Attack Phase
--- Research Phase
--- Spawn Phase
--- End Phase
At the end of a Round (all Players have taken 1 turn) there will be a 
Horde Segment and a Raid Segment. 

Roll once (1D10) on the Event Table. 

First, Gain 3 Free Resources of any type. 
For each Terrain occupied by one of your settlements gain 
1 extra Resource of the type produced by that terrain. 
For instance if you occupied 2 Swamps and a Mountain, you 
would get a 1 extra Stone and 2 Magic Resource Chits. 
If a Settlement is in a Clear Space it gains 1 Gold as its resource. 

You may convert 2 Gold into 1 Resource of any other type. 
You may Trade/Gift Resources with other players who have 
settlements adjacent to yours. 

You may build 1 Settlement. 
The settlement must be in a space adjacent to one of your 
other settlements. 
The space may not be occupied by any Hordes or Units 
controlled by your opponents. 
Max 1 settlement per space. 
The cost to build the Settlement is 2 Food and 3 Wood. 

You may build 1 Castle. 
It must be on one of your settlements. 
Max of 1 Castle per space. 
The cost to build the Castle is 4 Stone. 

You may build Armies. 
Armies start on one of your Castles. 
Each castle can train a max of 1 Army per turn. 
The cost to train an Army is 1 Food, 2 Metal, and 1 Wood. 

You may move your Armies. 
It costs 1 Food to move all the Armies in 1 Stack. 
An Army can move to an Adjacent space. 
An Army can be moved only once per turn. 
Stacking Limit: You may stack a max of 4 Armies in 1 Space. 
You cannot move into a space occupied by units of another player. 
You may move into a space occupied by a Horde. 

If your armies and a Horde occupy the same space, there will 
be a Battle: Roll 1D10 for each Army Token and each Hit Counter the Horde has.
On a roll of 6+ an Army will kill 1 opposing Hit Counter of the Horde. 
Subtract the Monsters Defense Rating from your roll. 
Hordes will kill an Army on a roll of X+ where X is the 
Hordes Attack Rating as Listed on the counter.  
If after all rolls are made, units from both sides remain, all 
survivors roll to attack again. 
Gain a Victory Token every time you destroy a Horde Stack.  

Pick one Ability from the Research List. 
You may gain an extra Ability for the cost of 10 Resources. 
A player cannot have multiple copies of an ability. 

A New Horde Appears on the Map: 
First- Draw 1 Horde Counter from the Horde Pool. 
Second- Roll for coordinates. 
Third- place the Horde counter there with the indicated number of 
Hit Counters stacked under it. 
The Horde cannot be placed on a Space occupied by a Player unit or Horde. 
If it would, no Horde is placed. 
After turn 10 two Hordes appear on the map!

Max Resource Chits you can hold is 7. 
Discard excess Chits. 

This takes place at the end of a Round. 
Each Horde will Move under the following rules:
Check for each Horde in turn starting with the one with the fewest
Hit Counters and so on. If there are ties roll high on 1D10 to resolve. 
Hordes will not move into spaces containing other Hordes.  
A Horde will first try move into an adjacent space containing an  
undefended Settlement.
Next the Horde will pick a Space containing a Settlement & Armies. 
Next the Horde will pick a Space containing just Armies. 
Next the Horde will pick a Space containing a Castle with no Armies. 
Next the Horde will pick a Space containing a Castle & Armies. 
If no Player Units are available, it will go for a space that is adjacent to 
as many player occupied spaces as possible. 
Hordes will move once, except for Monster Hordes who will move a second time if  
they don't immediately encounter a player unit. 

Played immediately after Horde Segment. 
This is Handled exactly like Attack Phase except that now Castles and 
Settlements are involved in the Battles. They function similar to Armies 
except that Settlements hit on a roll of 8+ and Castles hit on a roll of 7+. 
Hordes must attack Castles first, Armies second, and Settlements third. 
Castles must be Hit twice before they are destroyed. 
Gain a Victory Token every time you destroy a Horde Stack.

If an Undead Horde fights in a battle and is not destroyed completely, it 
will gain a number of Hit Counters equal to the number of player units it destroyed. 

Humanoids in Swamps or Hills get +1 to Attack rolls and +1 to their Defense.  

If your last settlement gets wiped out, you may start over in any 
unoccupied space with a new Kingdom. 
Lose any remaining units you may have. 
Lose any Abilities you had previously gained. 
Start with units and resources as if it was the beginning of the game. 

Some Abilities like "Mythic Saga" give a one time Benefit only. 
Some Abilities like "Holy Water" give a constant permanent bonus. 
Some Abilities like "Green Thumb" go off only once per round. 
Some Abilities like "Roads" can be used whenever needed/desired.
Conversion Abilities like "Druids" may be used up to their stated limit each round.
Spells and Abilities that have a activation cost everytime they are 
used can only be used a max of once per round. 

# Name:			Notes: 
1 Heroes       		Gain 1 Army
2 Expansion		Gain 1 Settlement
3 Lore			Gain 1 Ability
4 Awaken Horde		Spawn 1 Horde
5 Stockpile		Gain 1D6 Wood
6 Harvest		Gain 1D6 Food
7 Quarry       		Gain 1D6 Stone
8 Rich Vein		Gain 1D6 Metal 
9 Mana Crystals		Gain 1D6 Magic
0 Treasure Trove	Gain 1D6 Gold

AMP = Army must be present in target space
LRA = Long Range Attack: One Attack into an adjacent space by an 
Army or a Castle: Hits on a roll of 7+
DBA = During Battle in which you have an army present
TSOA = Target Stack of Armies
TSTR = Target Space this Round
MOSP = Max One Use per Stack per Phase
OPB = Once per Battle
OTO = One Time Only (Can't be used again)
XX = You still have to pay the regular build cost for them 
ZZ = Instead of its programmed move
* = Spell

Ability:       		Notes:
Green Thumb		Gain 1 extra Food per Turn
Trade Routes		Gain 1 extra Gold per Turn
Furnaces       		Gain 1 extra Metal per Turn
Sawmills       		Gain 1 extra Wood per Turn
Pulleys			Gain 1 extra Stone Per Turn
Astrology		Gain 1 extra Magic per Turn
Druids			Convert up to 3 Wood into Magic per Turn
Alchemy*       		Convert 2 Metal into 3 Gold
Stoicism       		Costs no Food to train Armies
Great Bows		Armies get Attack +1 but cost 1 extra Wood
Skirmishers		Army Stack gets 1 extra Attack at start of Battle
Holy Water		Armies Attack +1 vs. Undead
Nets			Armies Attack +1 vs. Monsters
Veteran Soldiers       	Armies Attack +1 vs. Humanoids
Vaulted Arches		Castles cost 1 less Stone
Fine Swords		Armies get Attack +1 but cost 1 extra Metal
Mercenaries		Buy up to 1 Army per turn for 5 Gold
Cavalry			Armies can move 1 extra Space
Forced March		Cost 1 Food: Stack can Move and Attack again
Fighting Withdrawal	Beginning of Horde Segment you may Move 1 Army Stack 
Scouts			Armies can move Diagonally
Shield Wall		Armies Defense +1 vs. Humanoids
Pikes			Armies Defense +1 vs. Monsters
Clerics			Armies Defense +1 vs. Undead
Berserkers		Armies Attack +1 but Defense -1
Heavy Armor		Armies get Defense +1 but cost 1 extra Metal
Roads			Armies can move through settlements without stopping
Bridges			Armies can move 1 extra Space
Outposts       		Build Castle without a underlying settlement AMP
Earthworks		Castles get +1 Hits each 
Decoys			Cost 1 Wood: Negate 1 Hit on Army Stack OPB
Field Fortifications	Cost 1 Stone: Negate 1 Hit on Army Stack OPB
Illusions*		Cost 1 Magic: Negate 1 Hit on Army Stack OPB
Priests			Convert up to 3 Food into Magic per Turn
Craftsmen		Cost 3 Wood or Stone: Gain 1 Victory Token
Mythic Saga		Gain 5 Victory Tokens OTO
Bards & Minstrels	Gain 1 VT every Round you lose an Army or Castle
Militias       		Settlements get Attack +1
Marketplace		Convert up to 1 Resource per turn into any other type
Storehouses		Resource Hand Size +1
Friends			Gain 1 Army, Settlement, or Castle OTO
Great Caravan		Gain 10 Gold OTO
Garrisons		Castles get Attack +1
Barracks       		You can build Armies in Settlements without Castles
Urbanization		May build 2 Settlements in a single space
Colonies       		May build Settlements any empty space AMP
Logistics		Army Stacking Limit +1
Legions			Army Stacking Limit +1
Pioneers       		Build 1 extra Settlement per turn*
Catapults		Cost 1 Stone: LRA
Ballistae		Cost 1 Wood: LRA
Bombards       		Cost 1 Metal: LRA
Builders       		Cost 1 Gold: Build 1 extra Settlement or Castle per turn XX
Migration		Cost 1 Food: Move 1 Settlement to an adj unoccupied Space 
Sages			Second Ability Researched per turn costs 2 less
Rally Troops		After a Victory a stack regains 1 Army it lost during Battle
Medicine       		At the end of a Round gain back 1 Army you lost that Round
Raiders			Armies get Attack +1 in Attack Phase
Traps 			Armies get Attack +1 in Raid Phase
Mountaineers		Armies get Attack +1 and Defense +1 in Mountains
Major Fortifications	A space may contain 2 Castles
Rangers			Armies in Forests get Attack and Defense +1
Divination*		Cost 1 Magic: Reroll Target Dieroll
Twister*       		Cost 1 Magic: LRA
Earthquake*		Cost 1 Magic: Attack 9+ vs. all Units in Target Stack LRA
Lightning Strike*	Cost 1 Magic: DBA One attack of 5+
Fireball*		Cost 1 Magic: DBA Two attacks of 8+
Golems*			Buy 1 Army per turn for 3 Stone and 2 Magic
Battle Mages		Armies get Attack +1 but cost 1 extra Magic
Blizzard*		Cost 3 Magic: Target Horde cannot Move this Round
Gate*			Cost 1 Magic: Move 1 Army to any Space
Haste*			Cost 1 Magic: TSOA can move 2 extra Spaces this Round
Bless*			Cost 1 Magic: TSOA get Attack +1 this Turn MOSP
Protection*		Cost 1 Magic: TSOA get Defense +1 this Turn MOSP
Holy Ground*		Cost 2 Magic: Target Settlement cannot be entered this turn
Control*       		Cost 4 Magic: Move Target Horde Stack in Horde Segment ZZ
Holy Word*		Cost 1 Magic: LRA vs Undead only. Get +2 to Roll
Poison Cloud*		Cost 1 Magic: LRA vs Humanoids only. Get +3 to Roll
Bannish* 		Cost 1 Magic: LRA vs Monsters only. Get +1 to Roll
Destruction*		Kill 1 Target Horde Stack OTO
Oracles*       		Cost 1 Magic: Target Dieroll gets +1 or -1
Diplomacy		Pay Opponent 3 Gold: Opponent may not move/build into TSTR
Wizardry       		Spells can be used twice per Round
Leadership		Use Non-spell Abilities with Activation cost twice per Round

Kingdom:       		Start with these Abilities: 
Dwarves			Mountaineers & Furnaces
Elves			Druids & Rangers
Imperial Men		Roads & Logistics
Feudal Men		Heavy Armor & Clerics
Legendary Men		Oracles & Colonies
Northern Men		Berserkers & Raiders
Tribes Men		Migrations & Militias
Desert Men		Trade Routes & Marketplace
Gothic Men		Storehouses & Vaulted Arches
Warrior Men		Fine Swords & Scouts
Eastern Men		Major Fortifications & Sages
Ancient Men		Green Thumb & Priests
Horse Men		Cavalry & Great Bows
Women Warriors		Skirmishers & Stoicism
Renaissance Men		Bombards & Urbanization

H = Humanoid
U = Undead
M = Monster
HITS = Number of Hit Counters this Horde starts with
ATK = Horde Hits on this roll or higher
DEF = Modifier SUBTRACTED from Attack rolls against this Horde

Horde of the: 			Type	HITS	DEF	ATK
Kobold Commander       		H	8	-2	8
Goblin Night Raiders		H	8	-1	8
Orc War Boss			H	7	-2	7
Goblin Witch Doctor		H	8	-2	7
Orc Shaman			H	7	-1	6
Hobgoblin Warlord		H	6	0	6
Ogre Magi			H	4	2	5
Lizard Man Tribes		H	7	1	7
Bullywug King			H	8	-2	9
Troglodyte Mother		H	5	2	8
King Crab of the Crab Men	H	5	1	8
Gnoll Chieftain			H	7	0	7
Bugbear King			H	6	1	6
Barbarian War Chief		H	6	0	8
Amazon Queen			H	6	0	7
Nomad Khan			H	7	0	6
Troll King			H	4	2	5
Gythanki Witch King		H	5	1	5
Drow Sorceress			H	5	1	6
Rat King			H	7	-2	9
Skeleton King			U	6	-2	9
Zombie Master			U	6	1	9
Ghoul General			U	5	-1	8
Lich King			U	4	0	5
Necromancer			U	5	-2	8
Vampire Lord			U	3	2	6
Wraith Lord			U	2	2	7
Werewolf Pack Leader		U	3	1	6
Pit Fiend Demons       		U	2	0	5
Barbed Devils			U	4	-1	7
Winged Ape Army			M	4	1	6
Red Dragons			M	2	2	5
Blue Dragons			M	3	0	7
Gremlin Mob			M	5	-1	8
Emperor Penguin			M	6	-2	9
Giant Spider Swarm		M	6	-2	6
Clockwork Legion       		M	5	-1	9
Stone Giant Clan		M	4	2	8
Frost Giant Family		M	3	0	7
Fire Giant Chief		M	2	1	5

Horde of the: 			Type	HITS	DEF	ATK
Gryphon Lord			M	3	0	6	
Efreeti Fire Sultan		M	2	2	5
Pokemon Master			M	6	-1	8
Centaur Herd Master		M	4	0	7	
Master of the Wild Hunt		U	3	2	6	
Giant Killer Queen Bee		M	6	-1	9
Naga Queen			M	3	1	5	
Dinosaur Lord			M	3	1	7		
Gargoyle Lord			M	4	2	8
Mushroom Men			M	6	-2	8
Grandmaster Ninja		H	5	2	5
Storm Giant Lord		M	1	3	4
Hill Giant Chief		M	3	0	7	
Cloud Giant Lord		M	1	1	6	
Harpy Queen			M	4	-1	8
Death Knight			U	4	1	7
Caveman Chief			H	7	-1	8
Mummy Pharaoh			U	5	1	6
Treant Elder			M	2	2	6
Creeping Kudzu			M	6	-2	9
Beastmen War Chief		H	7	0	8	
Tarasque       			M	1	4	4
Scorpion Men			M	5	0	7	
Minotaur Head Bull		M	4	1	6	
Chaos Cultists			U	6	-1	9
Harbinger of Doom		U	1	3	3
Death Priestess Fanatics       	U	4	-2	7
Deathknell Warlock		U	2	1	6	
Dark Acolyte			U	5	0	8	
Skull Lord			U	3	2	7
Apocalypse Horsemen		U	1	4	5

Players may attack each other in their Attack Phases. 
You may move your Armies into spaces occupied by other Players units. 

One Player controls the Hordes instead of a Kingdom. 
He rolls for them and determines how they move in Horde Segment instead 
of following the programmed movement rules. 
When drawing a new Horde draw 3, pick 1 and discard the other 2. 

Aside from the basic 50 Tiles there is room for 50 more. 
This list includes 10 new types. 
Use 5 of each and distribute these randomly after the 
Basic Tiles have been placed. 
Settlements built in these new types produce 1 Gold in 
Resource phase as per the regular rules. 
Tile -- Notes:  
Friendly Village -- First player to build a Settlement here gets 1 Free Army
Natural Defensive Position -- Player units here get Defense +1
Chasm -- No Units or Hordes may enter or be in this Space
Barrens -- Settlements here produce nothing
Trade Route -- Settlements here produce 1 extra Gold in Resource Phase
Heath -- No Special Rules
Ancient Ruins -- First player to build a Settlement here gets 1 Free Ability
Desolate Moor -- Any Horde that spawns here gets 1 extra Hit Counter
Desert -- Any Army that enters this space must end its move here
Plains -- Any Army or Horde that starts or moves into this space gets 
to move 1 extra space this round

Instead of building a Castle in a Space, you may build a Wizards Tower. 
This requires a new common Wizard Tower unit Counter.  
The Tower costs 5 Stone. 
The Tower produces 1 extra Magic in Resource Phase. 
You cannot build Towers in Adjacent Spaces. 

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