Solo card game. Fantasy theme. 
Protect your town from raiders. 
Recruit Heroes and construct buildings. 
Clear out the monsters inhabiting all the surrounding territories. 

Loosely based on the PC game Hinterlands. 
Hinterlands is a copyrighted, licensed property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

You win if you capture all the territories. 
Your ending Fame score is a measure of how well you’ve done. 
If your fame ever drops to zero or less, you automatically lose. 

6 and 10 sided dice are needed. 

Use paper and pencil to keep track of the following running totals:  
Food Support
Gold Support
Board Support
Magic Support
Holy Support
Death Support
Rogue Support
Nature Support
Town Defense

There are 4 decks: 
Land Deck- The 24 territories outside the town
Town Deck- Buildings and Heroes and Shipments
Item Deck- Useful and Magical Items
Foe Deck- The Monsters occupying the territories

The Board is a 5 x 5 Grid. 
Each square is big enough to hold 1 stack of cards. 
The bottom left square is your town. 
Every other square is a territory. 
Each territory has a Danger rating according to the chart: 

9 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 
6 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 9 
3 - 3 - 3 - 6 - 9 
0 - 0 - 3 - 6 - 9
T - 0 - 3 - 6 - 9 

Shuffle the decks. 
Randomly place one Land card in each of the 24 Territory spaces. 
Pick one Hero card from the Town deck to be the Town Leader. 
Your Town Leader has no upkeep requirements. 
Start with the Outpost card as the first Building in your town. 
Draw a hand of 6 cards from the Town deck. 
You start with 10 Fame. 

Each turn has 8 Phases: 
1. Scout Phase
2. Visitors Phase
3. Build Phase
4. Recruit Phase
5. Raiders Phase
6. Conquest Phase
7. Equip Phase
8. Logistics Phase

If a territory is adjacent (sharing a side) to your town, or to a territory you 
control, and it does not already contain a Foe card, draw a Foe card 
and place it into that territory.  

Draw 2 cards from the Town deck and put them in your hand. 
For each Visitors +1 bonus you have draw an extra card. 
If any deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may put 1 Building into play from your hand. 
Or you may put 1 Shipping card into play from your hand. 
To pay the cost of Shipping, you must discard 6 cards from your hand. 
If you build or ship this turn skip recruit phase. 

You may put 1 Hero from your hand into play. 
To do this, you must be able to support the hero. 
Each hero requires: 
1 Food
1 Board
1 Gold
Support for each type of attribute the Hero has. 
So for example, if your town is only producing 2 Gold, it can only support 2 Heroes. 
Ex. - If your Town provides Holy support but not Armor, you cannot recruit a Cleric. 
Roll 1D6. On a roll of 6, raiders attack. 
Draw 1 random card from the Foe Deck. 
Add 1D6 to their Base Strength to get their total strength. 
Add 1D10 to their total Strength to get their fighting strength. 
To get the Town fighting strength add 1D10 to the number of Heroes plus 
town defense bonuses from buildings, plus item bonuses. 
Check the Weakness of the Foe. The Heroes gain 1 point for each level 
they have in that attribute. 
If the Towns fighting total is higher, the Raiders are driven off and you get 
1D6 Fame points. If the Raiders total is higher roll 1D6: 
Roll	Result:
1-2	One random Building is destroyed
3-4	One random Hero is killed
5-6	Looting: Lose 2 Fame Points and the Raiders leave
If the Raiders won fight another round. Continue fighting until they lose a 
round, or loot and leave. 
If the town was raided this turn, skip conquest phase. 
Discard the Foe card, and all destroyed buildings and killed Heroes. 
Items from killed heroes, destroyed buildings go back to your hand. 

You may attack a target Territory adjacent to your town or to a Territory you control. 
Decide first which of your Heroes are attacking, and with what items. 
A Maximum of 6 Heroes may attack. 
Each Hero may use no more than 1 item. 
Add the Danger Rating of the territory to the Base strength of the Foe card there to 
get that Foes total strength.  Add 2D10 to their total Strength to get their fighting strength. 
To get the Heroes fighting strength add 2D10 to the number of Heroes plus item bonuses. 
Check the Weakness of the Foe. The Heroes gain 1 point for each level 
they have in that attribute. 
If the Heroes fighting total is higher, you gain control of the territory and you get 
3 Fame points. If the Foes total is higher, One random Hero is killed and the Heroes 
retreat and do not attack again this turn. 
Discard the Foe card only if the Foe is defeated. 
Killed Heroes and attached items are discarded. 
Clearings are captured without a fight, but do not provide an Item reward in Equip phase. 

If you conquered a Territory this turn draw 1 card from the Item deck. Attach it to an 
appropriate Hero or building in play. 
If the Item is currently unusable, add it to your hand. 

Discard 1 Random card from your hand. 
Max hand is 6 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 
If you did not capture a territory this or last turn, lose 1 Fame point. 

To your running total add the number of Heroes and Buildings you have plus 
bonuses from certain items and buildings. 

Card Name: 		Type: 	Notes: 
Outpost			B	Town Defense  +3; Fight Support
Vegetable Farm		B	Food +2
Oat Farmer		B	Food +2; All Herders Food +1
Wheat Farm		B	Food +3
Trapper			B	Food +1; Nature Support; Requires Woods
Hunting Lodge		B	Food +2; Nature Support, Requires Hunting Grounds
Sheep Herder		B	Food +2
Hog Herder		B	Food +3
Cattle Herder		B	Food +4
Hostel			B	Board +2; Visitors +1
Inn			B	Board +1; Gold +1; Visitors +1
Brewer			B	Food +2; Gold +2; Requires Clean Water
Tavern			B	Food +1; Gold +1; Music Support
Merchant       		B	Gold +2
Market Place		B	Gold +2; Music Support
Smithy			B	Gold +2; Requires Iron
Workshop       		B	Gold +1; Armor Support
Weapon Smith		B	Gold +1; Fight Support; Requires Iron
Armorer			B	Gold +1; Armor Support; Requires Iron	
Brothel			B	Gold +1; Rogue Support
Gambling Den		B	Gold +1; Rogue Support
Fortune Teller		B	Requires Crystal Ball; See Notes
Library			B	Fame +1; Magic Support
Wizards Tower		B	Fame +2; Magic Support; Requires Stone
Alchemist		B	Gold +1; Potions +1; Requires Mandrake
Herbalist		B	Potions +1; Requires Herbs
Bowyer			B	Gold +1; Bow Support
Fletcher       		B	Gold +1; Bow Support
Undertaker		B	Death Support; Gain 2 Fame every time a Hero is killed
Barracks       		B	Board +1; Town Defense +2
Ballista Tower		B	Town Defense +3; Requires Bow
Stone Wall		B	Town Defense +4; Requires Stone
Manor			B	Board +1; Fame +1; Max hand size +1
Estate			B	Board +2; Fame +2; Visitors +1; Requires Stone
Monastery		B	Board +1; Fame +1; Holy Support
Church			B	Fame +2; Holy Support; Requires Stone
Keep			B	Town Defense +3; Board +1; Requires Stone
Stone Shipment		S	Source of Stone
Iron Shipment		S	Source of Iron
Warrior			H	Fight x3	
Wizard 			H	Magic x3
Priest			H	Holy x3
Cleric			H	Holy x2, Armor x1
Ranger			H	Nature x1, Fight x1, Bow x1
Hunter			H	Nature x2, Bow x1
Woodsman       		H	Nature x3
Druid			H	Nature x1, Holy x1, Magic x1; Requires Druids Grove
Elf			H	Nature x1, Magic x1, Bow x1; Requires Elf Village
Dwarf			H	Armor x2, Fight x1; Requires Dwarf Village
Knight			H	Fight x2, Armor x1
Magician       		H	Magic x2; Rogue x1
Hedge Wizard		H	Magic x2; Nature x1
Battle Mage		H	Magic x2; Fight x1
Paladin			H	Fight x1, Armor x1, Holy x1
Monk			H	Fight x1, Holy x2
Archer			H	Bow x3
Barbarian		H	Nature x1, Fight x2
Assassin       		H	Fight x1, Rogue x2
Thief			H	Rogue x3
Mercenary		H	Fight x1, Armor x1, Rogue x1
Necromancer		H	Death x2, Magic x1
Fallen Hero		H	Death x1, Armor x1, Fight x1
Minstrel       		H	Music x2, Visitors +1
Spell Singer		H	Music x1 Magic x2
Bard			H	Music x1, Rogue x1, Fame +2
B = Building
S = Shipment
H = Hero

Card Name:		Notes:
Iron Mine		Source of Iron
Stone Quarry		Source of Stone
Herb Garden		Source of Herbs
Mandrake Grove		Source of Mandrake
Fairy Circle Ring       Nature Support
Mystic Stones		Magic Support
Ruins			Death Support
Spire			Fame +5
Graveyard		Death Support
Holy Ground		Holy Support
Elf Village		Required for Elf Hero
Dwarf Village		Required for Dwarf Hero
Natural Spring		Clean Water Support
Druids Grove		Required for Druid
Hunting Grounds		Food +1
Fertilizer Deposit	All Farms Food +1
Swamp			Heroes cannot enter this Territory
Lair			2 in Deck; Foes here get +5 Strength
Woods			3 in Deck
Clearing       		2 in Deck; No Foes at this Location

Card Name:		Notes: 
Treasure       		5 in Deck; Fame +1; Attach to any Building 
Potion			5 in Deck; Hero +1; One use only**
Crystal Ball		Required for Fortune Teller*
Steel Trap		Attach to Trapper: Food +1
Dragons Egg		Attach to Herder: See Notes
Elm Bow			Bow Hero +2
Great Helm		Armor Hero +2
Staff of Power		Magic Hero +2
Staff of Healing       	Holy Hero +2
Strong Spear		Nature Hero +2
Rune Sword		Fight Hero +2
Vorpal Blade		Fight Hero +2
Holy Symbol		Holy Hero +2
Dagger of Venom		Rogue Hero +2
Axe of Hewing		Nature or Fight Hero +1
Spell Book		Magic Hero +2
Arrows of Slaying       Bow Hero +3; One use only***
Magic Scroll		Magic Hero +3; One use only***
Holy Water		Holy Hero +3; One use only***
Mace of Stunning       	Armor or Fight Hero +1
Blessed Shield		Armor Hero +2
Seven League Boots	Nature Hero +2
Bone Crown		Death Hero +2
Mithril Hauberk		Armor Hero +2
Bull Horn		Attach to Merchant: Gold +1
Magic Seeds		Attach to Farmer: Food +1
Enchanted Hammer       	Armor Hero +1 or Attach to Smith: Fame +2
Cloak of Shadows       	Rogue or Nature Hero +1
Mandolin       		Music Hero +1 and Fame +1
Pan Flute		Music Hero +2
Golden Egg Goose       	Gold +1; Attach to any Building
Cornucopia		Food +1; Attach to any Building
* = keep it in your hand until you play the Fortune Teller, 
then attach it to the fortune teller. 
** = Keep these in your hand. Discard to use in Fights. 
*** = You may attach these to an appropriate hero or keep 
them in your hand and discard to use in a Fight. 

Card Name:		Strength:	Weakness:
Spiders			1		Nature
Giant Rats		2		Music
Insect Swarm		3		Magic
Snakes			3		Nature
Dire Wolves		4		Nature
Fairies			3		Music
Kobolds			1		Rogue
Goblins			2		Armor
Orcs			3		Fight
Sorceress		3		Magic
Gnolls			4		Fight
Harpies			5		Bow
Bandits			4		Death
Skeletons		2		Holy
Zombies			4		Holy
Dwarves			5		Armor
Bugbears       		5		Rogue
Elves			6		Bow
Wraith			6		Holy
Cerberus       		6		Music		
Cyclops			7		Bow
Trolls			7		Magic
Barbarians		5		Death
Giant			8		Rogue
Dragon			9		Fight

The Herbalist and Alchemist each gives your party +1 to your total fighting strength 
in raid and conquest phases. 
Potions from the item deck can be used once for a +1 bonus and are then discarded. 

If you have the dragon egg, draw 5 cards in Logistics phase. 
If one of them is the Dragon, it joins you as a Hero (with strength = 9). Discard the egg. 
After each time the Dragon fights a round of battle roll 1D6. 
on a roll of 4-6 it flies away, discard it. 

If you have the Fortune Teller, you may once during your turn look at the 
next 1D6 cards in any target deck. 

If your leader hero is killed lose 2 Fame Points.  
Next pick a surviving hero to be the new Leader. 
If there are no surviving heroes, the next nero you recruit becomes the Leader. 

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