Card game for 3-6 players. 
Each player represents a branch of the Royal Habsburg Dynasty. 
Players try to make and steal the most and best Holdings. 

The game ends when there are no cards left in the deck and no player 
has any cards left in their hand that they can or will play. 

The player with the most Victory Tokens and Victory Points worth of 
Melded Holding cards they control at the end of the game wins. 

Each Melded Holding card is worth from 1 to 5 Victory Points. 
Each Victory Token is worth 1 VP. 
Use Coins to represent Victory Tokens. 

Players share a common deck. 
The deck has 1 copy of each card in the card list. 
There are 5 types of Cards: 
Person Cards
Holding Cards
Claim Cards
Succession Cards
Disaster Cards

Each player is dealt 3 cards. 
The most inbred player goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase 
2. Meld Phase
3. Event Phase
4. End Phase

Draw 1 card from the deck and put it in your hand. 

You may make 1 or more Melds. 
A Meld consists of exactly 3 cards from your hand: 
1 Person Card, 1 Holding Card, and 1 Claim Card. 
Place the Meld face up in front of you. 
If the top card of the discard pile is a Holding card, you may use 
that instead of a Holding card from your hand. 
Every time you make a Meld, gain 1 Victory Tokens equal to the 
value of the Person card. 

You may play (discard) 1 Succession card or 1 Disaster card or 1
Claim card or 1 Person card.   
If you play a Succession, steal a target Meld with a Claim Value equal to or 
less than the value of the Succession card. 
If you play a Disaster, discard a target Meld with a Person card equal to or 
less than the value of the Disaster card. 
If you play a Person card, draw 2 cards from the deck.
If you play a Claim card, steal 1 random card from target players hand. 

Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards. 

P = Person Cards
H = Holding Cards
C = Claim Cards
S = Succession Cards
D = Disaster Cards

Name			Type	Value
Holy Roman Empire	H	5
Austria			H	5
Spain			H	5
Hungary			H	5
Bohemia        		H	4
Netherlands		H	4
Mexico			H	4
Peru			H	4
Portugal       		H	3
Swabia			H	3
England & Ireland	H	3
Tuscany			H	3
Lorraine       		H	2
Lombardy       		H	2
Transylvania		H	2
Burgundy       		H	2
Croatia			H	1
Slavonia       		H	1
Dalmatia       		H	1
Galicia			H	1
Maria Theresa		P	5
Maximilian		P	5
Otto			P	5
Charles			P	5
Francis			P	5
Rudolph			P	4
Leopold			P	4
Frederick		P	4
Phillip			P	4
Ferdinand		P	4
Albert			P	3
Franz			P	3
Karl			P	3
Sigismund		P	3
Josef			P	3
Heinrich       		P	2
Ladislav       		P	2
William			P	2
Ernest			P	2
Carlos			P	2
Balthasar		P	1
Matthias       		P	1
Lorenz			P	1
Gottfried		P	1
Peter			P	1
Marriage       		C	3
Marry Well		C	4
Intermarriage		C	3
Duke			C	4
Conquest       		C	4
Wage War		C	2
Battle			C	2
Heiress			C	3
Archduke       		C	5
Emperor			C	5
King			C	5
Occupation		C	1
Reconquered		C	2
Elected			C	1
Possessions		C	1	
Inbreeding		C	1
Uncle & Niece		C	2
First Cousins		C	2
Grand Prince		C	5
Margrave       		C	4
Happy Austria		C	5
Alliance       		C	3
Royal Wedding		C	3
Grand Duke		C	4
Queen Consort		C	1
Ottoman Turks		D	5
War with France		D	2
War with Prussia       	D	5
Extinction		D	4
Compromise		D	1
Dutch Revolt		D	3
Thirty Years War       	D	3
Dethroned		D	1
War of Succession	D	2
Line Dies Out		D	4
Second			S	5
Third			S	4
Fourth			S	3
Fifth			S	2
Sixth			S	1
Lineage			S	1
Inheritance		S	3
Dynasty			S	4
Hereditary Lands       	S	2
Branch Division		S	5


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