You are a Barbarian Warrior surrounded by enemies.
Kill them all before they kill you.
Solo card game.

You have 10 hit points. 
If you are reduced to zero Hit points you lose.

The game ends when you go to draw a card and there are none left.
If you go through the whole deck without dying you win (Your Foes Flee).
Your score is equal to the number of hits you have left plus
the number of attackers you killed.

1. Draw Phase
2. Wits Phase
3. Slay Phase
4. Foes Phase

Flip over three cards.
Put Attacker Cards face up in front of you.
Keep Defense and Kill cards in your hand.
Max hand size = 6 cards. Discard excess cards.

You may discard 1 card from your hand to activate its special Ability: 
Value 1: All your other Kill & Defense cards you play this turn are at +1
Value 2: Look at next 3 cards in deck and put 1 in your hand (Kill or Defense only)
Value 3: Kill 1 random Attacker
Value 4: Flip over 2 more cards (like in Draw Phase) and heal 1 Damage
Value 5: Kill 2 Attackers with total Value 4 or less

Discard Kill cards with a total Attack value equal to or greater than the 
Force value of an Attacker to cause that Attacker to be killed (Discarded).

Each Attacker does one hit point of damage to you. 
Discard Defense cards with a Defense value equal to or greater than the 
Force value of an attacker to negate the point of damage done by that attacker.
You can suffer a max of 4 points of damage per turn.

K = Kill 
D = Defense
A = Attacker

Card Name			Type	Value
Shield Bash			K	1	
Gutted				K	2	
Impale				K	3
Skewer				K	4
Run-Through			K	5		
Hilt Punch			K	1	
Sliced				K	2
Disemboweled			K	3	
Beheaded	         	K	4	
Cut in Half			K	5	
Lop off Arm			K	1	
Split Open			K	2
Crush Skull			K	3
Cut Jugular			K	4
Stabbed in the Heart		K	5
Thrown Sword			K	1	
Back Breaker			K	2
Thrown Body			K	3
Neck Breaker			K	4
Crush Windpipe			K	5
Thrown Dagger			K	1
Strangulation			K	2
Skewered	         	K	3
Cut Down the Middle		K	4
Toss off Cliff			K	5
Sword Parry 			D	1
Dodge Blow			D	2
Shield Block			D	3
Side Step Blow			D	4
Leap to Safety			D	5
Duck				D	1
Weapon Catch			D	2
Intimidation			D	3
Protected By Armor		D	4
Speed				D	5
Animal Instincts	        D	1
Danger Sense			D	2
Prowess				D	3
Grapple				D	4
Trip				D	5
Deflection			D	1
Reflexes	         	D	2
Cunning				D	3
Back to Wall			D	4
Withdraw	         	D	5
Jump				D	1
Dumb Luck			D	2
Crossed Swords			D	3
Sword Breaker			D	4
Strength Contest	        D	5
Spearman	         	A	1
Swordsman			A	2
Rider with Lance 		A	3
Knife Fighter			A	4
Warrior with Battleaxe		A	5
Fighter with Falchion		A	1
Halberdier			A	2
Torturer with Axe		A	3
Chef with Cleaver		A	4
Archer with Shortbow		A	5
Footman				A	1
Crossbowman			A	2
Saber Wielding Warrior		A	3
Watchman with Dirk		A	4
Brute with Warhammer		A	5
Spear Chucker			A	1
Fanatic with Scimitar		A	2
Guard with Poleaxe		A	3
Taskmaster with Whip		A	4
Knight with Claymore		A	5
Celt with Throwing Axes		A	1
Soldier with Broadsword		A	2
Mercenary with Mace		A	3
Champion with Flail		A	4
Pit Fighter with Trident 	A	5

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