Fantasy Card game. 2-6 players.
Players take the role of Arthurian Knights on the quest for the Holy Grail.

The first player to accumulate 7 'Quest' tokens is the winner.

There are 65 cards in the deck.
Players will have to create their own cards in order to play.
The backs of all cards are the same.
The front of each card should include: Its name, level, type, and 
whether it is a 'Test' or an 'Aid'. 
A six sided die is required to play.
7 'quest tokens' per player are needed.

Place all the 'Quest' tokens in a pile in the center of the table.
Each player draws 4 cards.
To determine turn order each player cuts the deck. 
The player who cut to the highest level card is goes first.
Shuffle the deck. 

Players take turns. Each turn is divided into phases. 
1. Draw Phase
2. Fate Phase
3. Adventure Phase
4. Quest Phase

Draw 2 cards.
If the deck runs out, reshuffle the discard pile and continue. 
Maximum had size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards.

Declare whether or not you are questing for the grail this turn. 
If you are not questing, your turn ends and you may draw one extra card. 
If you are questing take a 'Test' card of level 5 or higher and place it face down.
This is your 'Quest' card for the turn. 

The opponent to your left may play a 'Test' card of level 6 or less.
You may play one or more 'Aid' cards. 
Roll 1D6 and add the value of the 'Aid' cards. 
If this total is equal to or greater than the level of the 
Test card, than you have passed the test.
If the total is less, than your turn ends immediately. 
All cards played are discarded.
If you passed the test than the other players going clockwise may
each in turn test you.
This continues until no opponents offer any more tests.

Play one or more 'Aid' cards. 
Roll 1D6 and add the value of the 'Aid' cards. 
If this total is equal to or greater than the level of the 
Quest card, than you have completed the quest.
If you have completed the quest than gain one Quest token.
If the total is less, than you do not get a quest token. 
All cards played are discarded.
If you accumulate 7 Quest tokens, than you are deemed 
worthy to receive the Holy Grail, and you win.

Name			Level	Type
Mordred			7	Battle, Knight
Morgan le Fey		8	Magic, Lady
Dragon			8	Battle, Monster
Black Knight		6	Battle
Ogre			5	Battle, Monster
Questing Beast		8	-
Bandits			4	Battle
Brigands       		4	Battle
Pirates			4	Battle, Sea
Mad Knight		5	Knight
Jester			4	-
Jousting Tournament	6	Battle, Knights
Wolf			4	Battle, Animal
Bear			4	Battle, Animal
Lion			5	Battle, Animal
Boar			3	Battle, Animal
Green Knight		7	Knight, Magic
Flooded River		4
Shipwreck		5	Sea
Black Plague		5
Waylaid by Beggars	3
Waylaid by Children	3
Bridge Troll		5	Battle, Monster
Serpent			6	Sea, Monster
Wood Nymph		5	Magic, Lady
Giant			7	Battle, Monster
Tricked by Dwarf       	4
Waylaid by Peasants	3
Waylaid by Pilgrims	3
Frigor & Waste		5
Take Vow       		5
Take Oath		5
Evil Hag       		5	Battle, Magic, Monster, Lady
Rescue Princess		6	Battle
Incubus			6	Battle, Magic, Monster, Lady
Visit theland of Faerie 6	Magic
Griffin			5	Battle, Monster
Queen Maab		8	Magic, Lady

Name			Level	Notes
Sword			0	Level 3 in Battle
Lance			0	Level 4 in Battle
Shield			0	Level 3 in Battle
Armor			0	Level 3 in Battle
Steed			1	Cannot be used at Sea
Squire			1	Level 2 in Battle
Men-at-Arms		2	Level 3 in Battle
Magic Philtre		2
Your Lady's Token	2	Level 3 vs Lady
Chivalry       		1	Level 2 vs Knight
Strength       		1	Level 3 vs Animal
Prayer			1
Courage			2	Level 3 vs Monster
Virtue			3	Level 4 vs Lady
Valor			4
Bravery			2
Friendly Castle		2	Cannot be used at Sea
Lady of the Lake       	4	Level 5 vs Sea
Helped by Arthur       	5
Helped by Merlyn       	3	Level 5 vs Magic
Helped by Lancelot	4
Helped by Gwynevere	3	Level 5 vs Lady
Helped by Gawaine	1
Helped by Galahad	2
Helped by Tristam	2
Helped by Priest       	1
Helped by Hermit       	1
Prophecy       		3

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