INTRODUCTION Card game for two players. Common deck. Players are a pair of Roman Gladiators fighting to the death in the arena. One player is a type of gladiator called the Secutor. The other player is a type of gladiator called the Retiarius. VICTORY Reduce your opponent to zero hit points. At this point, you have your opponent at your weapons tip, and you await the final judgment of the cheering crowd. HIT POINTS Each Gladiator starts with 10 hit points. SECUTOR Secutor: Used an egg-shaped helmet with round eye-holes, greave on left leg, right arm protector, legionary-style shield and sword. The secutor was called a “chaser,” probably because he was frequently paired with the retiarius, who used running as one of his tactics. RETIARIUS Retiarius (“net-and-trident” fighter): used an arm protector (often topped with a high metal shoulder protector), large net, trident, small dagger, no helmet; the retiarius was the only type of gladiator whose head and face were uncovered. Since he wore practically no defensive armor, the retiarius was more mobile than most gladiators but was also more vulnerable to serious wounds. DECK Players share a common deck. The deck contains 56 cards. CARD LIST Name # Ftr Type Notes Trident Thrust 8 R Atk 3 points damage Cast Net 4 R Atk Immobilize Withdraw 4 R Def Evade Sword Stab 8 S Atk 3 points damage Shield Block 4 S Def Block Armor 4 S Def Armor Pommel 2 B Atk 1 point damage Kick 2 B Atk 1 point damage Dagger 2 R Atk 1 point damage Shield Bash 2 S Atk 1 point damage Disarm 2 B Atk Immobilize Knockdown 2 B Atk Immobilize Sand in the eyes 2 B Atk Immobilize Grapple 2 B Atk Immobilize Duck 2 B Def Evade Leap 2 B Def Evade Dodge 2 B Def Evade Parry 2 B Def Block # = Number of that card type in the Deck. Ftr = Which type of fighter can use the card. S = Secutor R = Retiarius B = Both Atk = Attack card Def = Defense card SETUP Players start with a hand of 2 cards each. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. The Retiarius goes first. The turn has 4 phases: 1. Maneuver Phase 2. Attack Phase 3. Defense Phase 4. Hit Phase MANEUVER PHASE Draw 1 card from the deck. You may keep 5 cards in your hand. Discard excess cards. ATTACK PHASE Play 1 attack card that your fighter can use, from your hand, face up, onto the table. You may not attack this turn if you used an Evade card to defend last turn. DEFENSE PHASE Your opponent may play a defense card, he can use, to counter your attack. Both cards are discarded. There are 2 types of Defense cards: Block and Evade. Blocks cannot be used against Immobilization attacks. HIT PHASE If your opponent does not play a defense card, your attack hits. There are 2 types of attack cards: Damage & Immobilize. A damage card reduces your opponents hit point total by the indicated amount. An Immobilize card means your opponent must skip his next turn. OTHER GLADIATOR TYPES The Thracian and Murmillo were often paired together. To play an alternate gladiator type, remove the 18 cards specific to one type and replace them with the 18 card set of the new type. THRACIAN Thracian: Wide-brimmed crested helmet with visor, high greaves on both legs, arm protector, very small shield, and short, curved sword (Spartacus). MURMILLO Murmillo: Were armed in Gallic fashion with helmet, large sword, and shield and were so called from the name of the fish that served as the crest of their helmet. DIMACHAERI Dimachaeri: "two-knife men" of the later empire, carried a short sword in each hand. SAMNITES Samnites: fought with the national weapons--a large oblong shield, a visor, a plumed helmet, and a short sword. THRACIAN CARD LIST Name # Ftr Type Notes Sword Slash 12 T Atk 2 points damage Buckler 2 T Def Block Armor 2 T Def Armor Fleet Footed 2 T Def Evade MURMILLO CARD LIST Name # Ftr Type Notes Sword Swipe 6 M Atk 2 points damage Stunning Blow 2 M Atk Immobilize Shield 4 M Def Block Armor 2 M Def Armor Wild Swing 2 M Atk 3 points damage Overhead Swing 2 M Atk 4 points damage If the Murmillo takes a wild swing, the Murmillo cannot attack next turn. DIMACHAERI CARD LIST Name # Ftr Type Notes Sword Flurry 6 D Atk 2 points damage Crossed Swords 4 D Def Block Sidestep 4 D Def Evade Double Thrust 4 D Atk 3 points damage SAMNITE CARD LIST Name # Ftr Type Notes Impale 4 SS Atk 4 points damage Cut 8 SS Atk 1 point damage Passive Shield 4 SS Def Block Armor 2 SS Def Armor GLADIUS CARDS!!! Thank you Zak ( for posting your Gladius Support Page at: Contains Card Set for Gladius. Great Artwork. Check this one out! SOLO RULES by Gottardo Zancani: - One common deck - Draw as usual but the cards of your adversary are not usable for you (fog of war) - When you attack use a "mini-hand" for the defender: get 2 cards and use any defense card if available - Your adversary turn; use a "mini-hand" for the defender: get 3 cards and use the best attack card if available Options: - Mini-hand is 1-3 cards (depending on the gladiator type), with different defense/attack mini-hands. - Animals! replace the 18 specific cards with some new cards for lions, tigers, bears. The animals could have different hit points and mini-hand capabilities. CARDSET IN ITALIAN Alecrespi An Italian Warpspawn fansite POSTULATI Postulati fought in full armor with Sword & Lead Mace. POSTULATI CARD LIST Name # Ftr Type Notes: Thrust & Crush 3 P Atk 4 points damage Slash & Smash 3 P Atk 2 points damage Sword 3 P Atk 1 point damage Lead Mace 3 P Atk 1 point damage Full Armor 2 P Def Armor Double Parry 2 P Def Block Wide Swing 2 P Def Evade HOPLOMACHUS The Hoplomachus fought with a small round bronze shield, high greaves, spear, and a griffin head helmet. HOPLOMACHUS CARD LIST Name # Ftr Type Notes: Lunge 2 H Atk 4 points damage Spear Stab 8 H Atk 2 points damage Helmet & Greaves 2 H Def Armor Round Shield 2 H Def Block Keep Distance 4 H Def Evade

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