Card Game of Napoleonic Warfare. 

Destroy all Opposing Units in Play. 

There are 2 Decks: 
The Army Deck & The Battle Deck. 

All cards are Units. 
At this Scale a Unit represents: 
An Infantry Company, Cavalry Platoon, or Artillery Battery. 
Each Unit has a Defense Rating

A Measure of how much damage a Unit can take before it 
Breaks and Flees the Field. 

Card Types Include: 
1. Attack Cards (Damage Card)
2. Opportunity Attack Cards (Damage Card)
3. Defense Cards
4. Event Cards
5. Leader Cards (Attaching Card)
6. Terrain Cards (Attaching Card)

Attack Cards & Opportunity Attack Cards are together referred to as Damage Cards. 
Each Damage Card has a Damage Rating. 
This represents losses in men, morale, and cohesion of the target Unit. 
There is a further distinction among Attack Cards. They can either be: 
Shoot Cards or Melee Cards. 

The Target Unit being attacked may play an appropriate Defense Card to 
Negate a Primary Attack.

Event Cards produce a wide variety of affects. 

Units will have during the course of play, Battle cards attached to them. 
Place the Attached card face-up slightly underneath the Target Unit card. 
Terrain & Leader Cards provide Damage bonuses: Any attack made by the 
Unit does extra Damage.

Use Counters, coins, chits, etc. for Damage Markers (DM). 

This is basically a two player game. 
There are 2 opposing Armies. 
However, if more want to play, players may join one side as an ally. 
If there is an odd number of players, one player may play 2 Hands. 

Each player is dealt 5 Random Units. 
Players put their units face up in front of them on the Table. 
The player with the most Light Infantry goes first. 
If tied, the player with the most Cavalry goes first.  
If still tied, flip a coin. 
Each player is dealt a hand of 5 Random Battle Cards. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 6 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Reserve Phase
3. Attack Phase
4. Shoot Resolution Phase
5. Opportunity Phase
6. Melee Resolution Phase
7. End Phase

Draw 1 Card from the Battle Deck & put it in your hand. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may discard a Reserve card to draw a random Unit card from the 
Deck and put it into play on your side.  (You may have more than 5 Unit cards)
You may attach a Leader card to one of your Units. 
A Unit may have a Maximum of one Leader Attached. 
You may move Leaders to different Units. 
You may attach a Terrain card to one of your non-Cavalry Units. 
A Unit may have a Maximum of one Terrain Card Attached. 
You may play a Rally card in this Phase to remove 4 Damage Markers from 1 Unit. 

You may play one Attack card. 
This is called the Primary Attack. 
Choose a Unit that is making the Attack. 
The Attack Card must match the Type of Unit making the Attack. 
Choose an enemy Unit as the Target of the Attack. 
Note that Line Infantry may only make Primary Melee attacks vs 
Other Infantry and Artillery. 
Note: A Unit making a Primary Melee (Not Shoot) Attack must first 
discard any Attached Terrain Cards. 

Resolve Primary Attacks of the Shoot Type in this Phase. 
Discard the Attack card and place a number of Damage markers equal to 
Its Damage Rating onto the target Unit Card. 
If the Total Damage Markers on a Unit is greater than the Defense Rating of 
The Unit, The Unit is Defeated. 
The Defeated Unit & any attached Leader is kept by the player that 
Defeated it in his Victory Pile for later Bragging rights.  
All other cards attached to the Defeated Unit are discarded. 
You may play a Rout card to automatically Defeat a Unit with 2 or 
More damage counters on it. 
The Target Unit being attacked may play an appropriate Defense Card to 
Negate the Primary Attack. 
A Unit that Defeated another Unit may take and attach a Terrain card from 
The Defeated Unit. (It must first discard any Terrain card already attached) 

The Unit being attacked by a Melee attack may play an appropriate 
Opportunity Attack Card against the Attacking Unit. 
Resolve these Attacks just like Attack cards in Shoot Resolution Phase.
The Opportunity Attack negates the Primary Attack only if the 
Unit making the Primary attack is destroyed. 

Resolve Primary attacks of the Melee Type in this Phase just like 
Attacks in the Shoot Resolution Phase

Max hand size is 5 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

A = Attack Damage
D = Defense Rating
# = Copies of card in Deck

Card Name:		#	D	A	Notes:
Imperial Guard		2	9	+2	Line Infantry
Grognards		3	8	+1	Line Infantry
Grenadiers		4	7	+1	Line Infantry
Troopers		5	6	-	Line Infantry
Fusiliers		6	5	-	Line Infantry
Green Troops		5	4	-1	Line Infantry
Rifle Men		2	7	+1	Light Infantry
Jagers			3	6	-	Light Infantry
Voltiguers		4	5	-	Light Infantry
12 Pound Cannon		2	6	+2	Artillery
8 Pound Cannon		3	5	+1	Artillery
6 Pound Cannon		4	5	-	Artillery
Horse Artillery		2	4	-1	Artillery
Cuirassiers		3	9	+2	Heavy Cavalry
Carabiniers		1	8	+1	Hvy Cavalry (Light Muskets)
Dragoons		2	7	-	Light Cav + Inf (Muskets)
Lancers			2	6	+1	Light Cavalry
Hussars			3	5	-	Light Cavalry (Pistols)	
Note: Yes, Dragoons count as both Light Cavalry with Guns & Light Infantry. 

S = Shoot Attack Cards
M = Melee Attack Cards
O = Opportunity Attack Cards
D = Damage
DM = Damage Markers
F = Defense Cards
E = Event Cards
L = Leader Cards
K = Kill Target Leader
# = Copies of card in Deck
1+ = One or More
Troops = Infantry or Cavalry
LT = Light Troops
Spy = Look at Opponents hand
Barrage = All opposing units of a target player take this much damage
Note: Barrage cards are not affected by any type of Damage Modifier.

Card Name:		Type	#	Notes:
Fusillade		S	4	D = 1; Line Infantry
Line of Muskets		S	6	D = 2; Line Infantry
Volley Fire		S	4	D = 3; Line Infantry
Bayonet Charge		M	4	D = 4; Line Infantry
Shock Action		M	2	D = 3; Line Infantry & Cavalry
Wheel About		S	4	D = 1; Cavalry with Guns
Sabers			M	4	D = 2; Cavalry
Cavalry Charge		M	4	D = 3; Cavalry
Overrun			M	4	D = 4; Heavy Cavalry
Harassing Fire		S	4	D = 1; Light Infantry
Rifles			S	3	D = 2; Light Infantry
Sharpshooter		S	1	D = K; Light Infantry
Probe			S	2	D = 1 + Spy; Light Troops
Shells			S	3	D = 1; Artillery
Cannon Balls		S	4	D = 2; Artillery
Bouncing Roundshot	S	4	D = 3; Artillery
Bombardment		S	2	D = 1; Artillery (Barrage)
Cannonade		S	2	D = 1; Artillery (Barrage)
Enfilade		S	4	D = 3; Artillery & Infantry
Canister		O	4	D = 4; Artillery vs Melee Attack
Disciplined Fire	O	3	D = 3; Line Infantry vs Melee Attack
Counter Charge		O	2	D = 3; Cavalry vs Cavalry Attacks
Infantry Square		F	3	Line Infantry vs Cavalry Melee Attack
Skirmish		F	4	Light Troops vs any Attack
Withdraw		F	4	Light Troops vs Melee Attack
Find Cover		F	4	Light Infantry vs Shoot Attacks
Open Order		F	2	Infantry vs Shoot Attacks
Reverse Slope		F	2	Infantry vs Artillery Attacks
Commanding Colonel	L	1	Unit gets Atk +1 & Def +2 & Hand Size +1
Magnificent Major	L	1	Unit gets Melee Attacks +2 & Defense +2
Courageous Captain	L	1	Unit gets Attack +1 & Defense +2
Heroic Lieutenant	L	1	Unit gets Attack +1 & Defense +1
Stalwart Sergeant	L	1	Unit gets Defense +2
Brave Corporal		L	1	Unit gets Attack +1
Low Wall		T	1	Unit gets Defense +2
Redoubt			T	1	Unit gets Defense +4
High Ground		T	1	Unit gets Shoot Attacks +1 & Defense +1
Blocking Terrain	T	1	All Attacks on this Unit do -1 Damage
Reserve			E	5	Draw and Play 1 Unit Card
Outflank		E	2	Draw 3 Battle Cards if you have more Units
Breakthrough		E	2	You get an extra turn after this one
Dispatch		E	2	Draw 5 Battle cards and discard 4
Fog of War		E	2	Opponent must discard 2 random Cards
Rout			E	5	Defeat a Unit with 2+ Damage Markers 
Scouts			E	4	Spy, then draw 1 card from the Battle deck
Killed in Action	E	1	Discard Leader on Unit with 1+ DM's
Screen			F	2	Negate Attack. Put 1 DM on 1 of your LT's
Strategy		E	2	Draw 2 cards from the Battle Deck
Rally			E	5	Remove 4 Damage Markers from 1 Target Unit
Caught in the Open	M	1	D = 5; Cavalry vs Light Infantry
Maintain Distance	F	4	Cavalry vs any Non-Cavalry
Pursuit			M	2	D = 5; Light Cavalry vs Unit with 3+ DM's

For a quicker start, only make one copy of each card in both decks. 

For more balanced starting Forces. 
Each player gets 1 random Unit of each of the 5 Types of Units: 
1. Line Infantry
2. Light Infantry 
3. Light Cavalry
4. Heavy Cavalry
5. Artillery

Any player reduced to 2 Units retires from the field.

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