Card game based on the Cthulhu Mythos.

Cthulhu is a licensed copyrighted property. 
This is merely a Fan Site. 

Reduce your opponent to zero Sanity points. 

Each player starts with 10,000 Sanity Points.

There are 3 types of creatures: 
1. Humans (also Men or allies: Can carry Weapons) 
2. Monsters (also Corrupt Humans and Living Dead and Avatars)
3. Major Powers (Great Old Ones, Outer Gods, and Elder Gods)
Note: Corrupt & LD Humans are treated like humans for 
summoning and carrying weapons, but otherwise treat them as Monsters. 
An Avatar is a lesser incarnation of a Major Power. 
Major Powers can never be used as Summoning Tribute. 

Many cards have a Sanity cost to use them or to put them into play.
This Cost is subtracted from the players remaining total sanity.  
Humans have no Sanity Cost.
The Cost to put a Monster or Major Power into play is half of its Force.  
The Cost to put an Item or Tome into play is its Force. 
The Cost to put a Location or Event into play is its Force. 
The Cost to use a Spell is equal to its Force. 
The Cost to use an Item is equal to its Force.
The Cost to use the special ability of a Tome is equal to its Force.
Note: When a Spell, Item, or Tome is used, flip it face down. 

Flipped cards can take no action. 
A card that recieves Delay Tokens is Flipped and 
cannot unflip until all the tokens are removed. 

The oldest player goes first. 
Each player is dealt 7 cards. 
Players cannot attack on their first turn. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 11 Phases: 
Day Phase
Draw Phase
Event Phase
Travel Phase
Find Phase
Spell Phase
Allies Phase
Weapons Phase
Horror Phase
Threat Phase
Night Phase

Unflip all flipped cards with no Delay tokens on them. 
If a card has delay tokens on it, remove 1 Delay token. 

Draw 1 card from your deck (or a common deck)
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may play one Event card from your hand. 
Events are discarded as soon as they are played. 

You may play one Location card face up.
(This replaces your previous Location card)

You may Play one Item or Tome face up.  

You may attach (Face down underneath) Spell cards to Tomes. 

You may Summon (Play) one Human card on your turn from your hand. 
The Human is placed Face up. 

You may attach weapons to your humans.
(And Monsters listed as CUW: Can use Weapons) 
A Human may have only one Weapon attached. 
To Attach the weapon the user must have a Force equal to or
greater than the Force of the Weapon. 

You may Summon (Play) one Monster or Major Power card on your turn from your hand. 
The Monster or Major Power is placed Face up. 
Tribute Summons: Summoning a Creature with a Force of 800 or more requires 
One or more of your other creatures in play to be discarded (sacrificed) first.
The Sacrificed Creatures must have a total Force equal to at least half the 
Force of the creature being summoned. 

You may attack with none, some, or all of your creatures (attackers). 
If an attacker is unblocked, the target player loses Sanity equal to its Force. 
Your opponent may block with his humans and creatures (defenders). 
When Creatures are paired up, the creature with the lowest Force is destroyed. 
Humans cannot attack, they can only defend.
Invisible humans can attack. 
Flipped Creatures (and those with delay tokens) cannot Attack or Defend. 
Invisible attackers cannot be blocked. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. 

Players construct decks from cards on the card list. 
Except for Humans and Monsters, A Deck may have no more than 1 copy of any 1 card. 
(Limit 4 for Humans and Monsters)
A Deck may only contain one Major Power card. 
A Deck may only contain Avatars if they match the Major Power. 
A Deck must contain a minimum 4 Locations. 
Standard deck size is 40 to 60 cards. 

Spells cannot be cast from your hand. 
Spells must be attached to Tomes. 
A Tome can attach a number of Spells equal to its Force/100. 
Some Creatures and Items can Attach Spells. 
Spells can be used multiple times. 
Everytime you use a Spell, you lose Sanity equal to the Force of the Spell and 
Flip the Spell card. (Cards are unflipped in Start Phase) 
If a Tome is Flipped, the attached Spells can still be used. 

Items can be used multiple times. 
Everytime you use an Item, you lose Sanity equal to the Force of the Item and 
Flip the Item card. (Cards are unflipped in Start Phase) 

HU = Human
LSR = Lesser Servitor Race 
GSR = Greater Servitor Race 
GOO = Great Old One 
LIR = Lesser Independent Race 
GIR = Greater Independent Race 
OG = Outer God 
EG = Elder God 
AV = Avatar 
TO = Tome
L = Location
IT = Item
SU = Single Use Spell
EV = Event
CS = Continuous Spell
AS = Activation Spell
SYDFA = Search your deck for a
SDPF = Search your Discard pile for a 
APIIYH = And put it in your hand.
Sacrifice = Discard one of your cards in play
Destroy = Discard a card in play
UG = Underground
Sea = Water Monster
Des = Desert
For = Forest
Dark = Darkness
OS = Outer Space
OST = Outside of ordinary Space Time
LD = Living Dead
DS = Discard Spell
MP = Major Power
TS = Tribute Summons
WFP = When First Played
ICAU = If this creature attacks unapposed
CUW = Can Use Weapons & be targeted by Spells that target Humans
D1C = Draw 1 card from the deck and put it in your hand
RDHTP = Return Destroyed Human to Play
AEOT = at end of turn
GOCOC = give opponent control of 1 of your creatures
Cont = Continuous Effect produced by an unflipped card
&P2DT = And put 2 Delay Tokens on this card
FROTP = for rest of this phase (Default for most spells)
PWF+100 = Permanently while in play with Force +100

Name:			Type	Force	Class	Notes:
Abhoth			OG	2400	UG	Grey Horrid Protean Mass; Monstrous Spawn 
Ahtu			AV	2100	For	(Nyarlathotep) Giant Tendriled Tree  
Atlach-Nacha		GOO	1000	UG	Huge Spider; Defense +1000
Azathoth		OG	6000	OST	Mindless Seething Amorphous Daemon Sultan 
Bast			EG	1200	Des	Cat Goddess; Defense +800
Servants of Bast	LSR	400	Des	Cat People; Force +400 with Bast
Bokrug			GOO	1200	Sea	Great Water Lizard
Beings of Ib		LSR	400	Sea	Primitive Race; Force +400 with Bokrug
Chaugnar Faun		GOO	1800	UG	Elephantine Humanoid Blood Sucker
Tcho-Tcho		LSR	400	For	Primitive Men; Force +400 with GOO
Shudde M’ell		GOO	2600	UG	Giant Tunneling Squid-Worm
Cthonian		GIR	1200	UG	Force +400 with Shudde M’ell
Colors of Outer Space	GIR	1600	OS	Invisible Life Force Feeders
Cthugha			GOO	2600	OS	Great Cloud of Living Fire
Fire Vampire		GSR	1300	OS	Force +400 with Cthugha
Cyaegha			GOO	3200	UG	Green Glowing Eye with Tentacles
Daoloth			OG	3000	OST	Flip: look at top 3 cards of any deck
Dhole			GIR	3000	Des	Giant Worms; ICAU: Destroy Location
Dimmensional Shambler	LIR	800	OST	WFP Destroy target Item or Human
Eihort			GOO	1000	UG	Many Legged Bloated Oval; Defense +1000
Ghasts			LIR	600	UG	Repulsive Guttural Bipeds 
Ghatanothoa		GOO	3000	Sea	Loathsome Petrifying Extra-galactic Horror
Loigor			GIR	1400	OS	Invisible; +400 with Ghatanothoa
Ghouls			LIR	500	UG	Rubbery, Canine Humanoids
Ghoul Leader		LIR	600	UG	Ghouls get Force +200
Ghoul Shaman		LIR	400	UG	May attach 1 Spell
Hybrid Ghouls		LIR	400	UG	CUW
Glakki			GOO	2000	Sea	Draw 1 card everytime a Human is destroyed
Servants of Glakki	LSR	400	Sea	Living Dead; +600 with Glakki
Gugs			LIR	1200	UG	4-armed Giants with terrible Maws
Hastur the Unspeakable	GOO	3000	Sea	Titanic Aquatic Being
Byakhee			LSR	600	OS	Force +400 with Hastur
Hounds of Tindalos	GIR	1000	OST	WFP Destroy Target Human	
Hunting Horrors		GSR	1200	Dark	Viperine Flyers; Attacking Force +600
Hypnos			EG	2400	-	God of Sleep; Humans worth double for TS
Ithaqua			GOO	2600	Cold	No one may play new Locations
Wendigo			LSR	600	Cold	Force +600 with Ithqua
Gnoph-Keh		GIR	1000	Cold	Hairy Ice Beast; +400 with Ithaqua
King in Yellow		AV	1400	-	(Hastur) Tall Man-like being
Leng Spiders		LIR	1000	For	Immense Bloated Purple Spiders
Lesser Other God	OG	2000	OST	Giant Mindless Dancing Monstrosities
Martenese Kin		LIR	600	UG	Degenerate Humans
Moon Beasts		LIR	600	OS	Pink Toadish Torture Lovers
Nightgaunts		LSR	400	-	WFP Destroy Target Human; +400 with Nodens
Nodens			EG	1200	Sea	WFP SYDFA Nightgaunts card APIIYH
Nyarlathotep		OG	3500	OS	WFP SYDFA Monster card APIIYH
Nyogtha			GOO	1800	UG	Iridescent Gelatinous Blackness
Quachil Uttaus		GOO	1600	OST	WFP Destroy Target Human
Rat-Thing		LSR	200	UG	Tiny evil servant
Rhan-Tegoth		GOO	1200	Cold	Cannot attack if no opposing Creatures
Sand Dwellers		LSR	400	Des	Force +200 with GOO or EG
Servitors of the OG	GSR	800	OST	Tentacled Toad pipers; +200 with OG
Insects from Shaggai	LIR	800	-	WFP Take control of target Human 	
Shantaks		LSR	600	-	WFP SYDFA Location card APIIYH
Skeletons		LSR	200	-	LD; If killed draw a card
Zombies			LSR	400	-	LD
Mummy			LIR	600	Des	LD
Vampire			LIR	800	Dark	LD; Invisible 
Werewolf		LIR	1000	For	LD
Shub-Niggurath		OG	2400	OST	WFP SYDFA Spell card APIIYH
Dark Young		GSR	1000	For	Black Ropy Tree; +400 with Shub-Niggurath
Star Vampires		LIR	1000	OS	Invisible blob
Tsathoggua		GOO	1800	UG	Large sleepy bunny-eared furry Toad
Formless Spawn		LSR	1000	UG	Viscous Black Slime; +400 with Tsathoggua
Tulzscha		OG	2000	OST	Belching column of sick cold green flame
Ubbo-Sathla		OG	4000	UG	Formless Mass Keeper of the Elder Keys
Spawn of Ubbo-Sathla	GSR	1400	UG	+600 with Ubbo-Sathla
Beings from Xiclotl	LIR	1000	For	+200 with Insects from Shaggai
Y’Golonac		GOO	1600	-	May be in same deck as Glaaki
Yibb-Tstll		OG	2400	For	Nightgaunts get Force +200
Yig			GOO	1800	For	Snake God; Snake People get Force +400
Sacred Snake		LSR	200	For	ICAU destroy target Human 
Yog-Sothoth		OG	5000	OST	WFP SYDFA Location card APIIYH
Son of Yog-Sothoth	GSR	1500	-	Invisible Tentacled Monstrous Things
Hybrid of Yog-Sothoth	LSR	600	-	Human Appearing; Worth 1000 for TS
Zhar			GOO	2600	UG	Dual Mountain of Sensate Quivering Flesh
Zoth-Ommog		GOO	2200	Sea	Cone body, tentacles & reptilian head  
Elder Thing		GIR	1000	Cold	Large Flying Botanical Beings
Shoggoth		GSR	2000	Cold	Mass of Gelatinous Flesh
Cthulhu			GOO	4600	Sea	If destroyed put him back in your hand
Star Spawn		GSR	1600	Sea	Smaller versions of Cthulhu
Father Dagon		GSR	1400	Sea	Patriarchal Giant Deep One
Mother Hydra		GSR	1200	Sea	Matriarchal Giant Deep One
Deep Ones		LSR	400	Sea	Amphibious Race
Mi-Go			LIR	700	OS	Alien Fungi from Pluto ICAU: Steal Item
Mi-Go Surgeon		LIR	800	OS	WFP Take control of Opposing Human
Mi-Go Leader		LIR	1400	OS	Mi-Go get Force +400
Flying Polyps		GIR	2000	Dark	Invisible Horror. Wind & Tentacle Attacks
Great Race of Yith	GIR	1400	OST	Time Traveling Mentalists; FS: Draw 1 card
Sorcerer Serpent Man	LIR	600	UG	Can attach 1 Spell; CUW
Serpent People		LIR	500	UG	ICAU Do Double Damage; CUW
Hybrid Serpent People	LIR	400	UG	CUW
Cultist Priest		HU	400	Your Humans are worth double for tribute
Living Dead Cultist	HU	500	LD; Worth 2000 for tribute Summons
Steadfast Companion	HU	600	Defense +600
Adventurer		HU	500	ICAU: Draw 1 card
Student			HU	300	WFP Draw 3 cards
Sculptor		HU	400	Flip to Play an extra Item on your turn
Poet			HU	200	Discard this card instead of target card
Artist			HU	300	WFP SYDFA Monster card APIIYH
Musician		HU	300	WFP Target Monster is put back in owners hand
Inventor		HU	300	WFP SYDFA Item card APIIYH
Archeologist		HU	300	WFP SDPF Item card APIIYH
Doctor			HU	200	Your Humans are Immune to Epidemic 
Reporter		HU	300	WFP Look at opponents hand
Corrupt Cultist		HU	500	Worth 2000 for tribute Summons
Sorcerer		HU	500	Corrupt; May attach 1 Spell 
Corrupt Wizard		HU	300	May attach 2 Spells
Witch			HU	100	May attach 1 Spell; WFP SYDFA Spell card APIIYH
Gangster		HU	600	Gangster may Attack
Maniac  		HU	400	Maniac may Attack
Crazed Survivor		HU	200	May block Invisible Attackers
Wizard-Priest		HU	200	May attach 1 Spell; Cultists get Force +200
Mongrel Cultist		HU	300	Draw 2 cards if destroyed
Historian		HU	200	Flip to Play an extra Tome on your turn
Dilliatante		HU	400	Flip to Play an extra Human during your turn
Dreamer			HU	300	Flip to Play an extra Monster during your turn
Professor		HU	200	Flip up a Tome once on your turn
Occultist		HU	200	Flip up an Item once on your turn
Church Agent		HU	600	WFP Destroy target Monster or Living Dead
Shaman			HU	200	WFP put Major Power back in opponents Hand
Psychologist		HU	200	WFP Gain 1000 Sanity
Scientist		HU	600	Draw 1 card every time an Event card is played
Sea Captain		HU	600	Draw 1 card every time a Location is played
Sailor			HU	500	Gains bonuses as would a Sea Monster
Nomad			HU	500	Gains bonuses as would a Desert Monster
Bandit			HU	600	ICAU: Steal Item
Police Detective	HU	400	WFP Steal an Item/Tome from Opponent
Private Eye		HU	400	Flip to Negate Special Effect of a target Human
Historical Author	HU	200	WFP SYDFA Tome card APIIYH
Egyptologist		HU	300	Draw a card every time a Desert Creature is played
Guide			HU	400	WFP SYDFA Location card APIIYH
Army Officer		HU	600	Cont: Your Humans each get Force +200
Soldier			HU	600	Gets Force +100 if Weapon Attached
Mercenary		HU	600	WFP SYDFA Weapon card APIIYH
Scholar			HU	200	Draw a card every time a Tome is played
Sane Companion		HU	200	Gain 200 Sanity in End Phase
Deep One Hybrid		HU	400	Also Counts as a Sea Creature 
Sanatarium		L	-	Gain 200 Sanity in End Phase
Stonehenge		L	-	Play an extra Monster during your turn
Easter Island		L	-	Play an extra Monster during your turn
Church			L	-	Cont: Your Humans get Force +200
Library			L	-	You may play Spells from your hand
Exotic Location		L	300	Your Creatures are worth Double for TS
Witch House		L	200	Flip: Your Opponent loses 200 Sanity
South Pacific Island	L	100	When played SYDFA Monster card APIIYH
Asylum			L	-	Flip: Gain 800 Sanity & Sacrifice your Monsters
Atlantis		L	200	Play an extra Sea Creature during your turn
Pyramids		L	100	Play an extra Desert Creature during your turn
Esoteric Order		L	100	Flip: look at top 3 cards of any deck
Small Industrial Town	L	-	When played draw 5 cards
Yuggoth			L	200	Cont: Your OS Monsters each get Force +400
Mi-Go Base Camp		L	100	Play an extra OS Creature during your turn
Country Site		L	100	Cont: Your Monsters each get Force +100
Miskatonic University	L	-	Draw an Extra card in your Draw Phase
Catacombs		L	100	Cont: Your LD + UG Monsters each get Force +200
Caverns			L	100	Cont: Your UG Monsters each get Force +400
Cursed House		L	200	When played SYDFA Item card APIIYH
Mansion			L	100	When played SYDFA Tome card APIIYH
Remote Farmhouse	L	100	When played destroy target Human
Himalayas		L	100	When Played all players discard their hands
Tunnels			L	200	Flip: Target UG Monster is Invisible
City of the Deep Ones	L	300	Cont: Your Sea Creatures each get Force +400
Antarctica		L	100	Cont: Your Cold Creatures each get Force +400
Sahara			L	100	Cont: Your Desert Creatures each get Force +400
Museum			L	-	Play an extra Item or Tome during your turn
City (NY, Paris, etc)	L	-	Play an extra Human during your turn
Corrupted Lake		L	-	Tribute required for MP or Sea Creature is Half
Cemetary		L	100	Cont: Your LD & Ghouls each get Force +400
Temple			L	200	Your creatures go into your hand when destroyed
Book of Dzyan		TO	300	When played draw 3 cards
Book of Eibon		TO	400	Draw an Extra card in your Draw Phase
Necronomicon		TO	400	You may play an extra Monster on your Turn
R’lyeh Text		TO	400	Your Creatures worth Double for Tribute Summons
Ponape Scripture	TO	300	When played SYDFA Location card APIIYH
Cthaat Aquadingen	TO	300	Cont:Your Sea Creatures each get Force +200
Seven Cryptical Books	TO	300	Your Monsters require 400 less for TS
Cultes Des Goules	TO	200	Cont:Your LD & Ghouls each get Force +200
Nameless Cults		TO	200	You may play an extra Human on your Turn
The Black Book		TO	200	Unflip target Spell
Livre d’lvon		TO	100	When played discard a target Monster
Book of the Dead	TO	100	Cont:Your Desert Creatures each get Force +200
Kitab Al Azif		TO	400	Cont:Your Monsters each get Force +200
De Vermiis Mysteriis	TO	100	Flip: When you cast a Spell draw a card
Eltdown Shards		TO	400	Monsters do 100 less damage to your investigator
King in Yellow		TO	200	Fip: Opponent Loses 100 Sanity
Liber Ivonis		TO	100	Flip to Unflip target Item
Yithian Mental Contact	EV	300	Sacrifice a Human and Destroy a target card 
Direct Sunlight		EV	-	Destroy all Living Dead & Darkness Monsters
Typhus			EV	400	Epidemic: Destroy all Humans in Play
Influenza		EV	400	Epidemic: Destroy all Humans in Play
Mythos Instability	EV	500	Discard all Monsters and Major Powers in play
Typhoon			EV	200	Discard all Sea Monsters in Play
Earthquake		EV	200	Discard all Underground Monsters in Play
Aldebaran Moves 	EV	100	Counts as 2000 for Tribute Summon; D1C
Thieves			EV	100	Discard target Item
Science Experiment	EV	300	Each player may put 1 card into play
Night   		EV	400	All Monsters get Force +400
Confiscation    	EV	100	Discard target Tome
Yellow Sign     	EV	200	Unflip all Spells
Telepathy		EV	100	Look at opponents hand; D1C
Rampage			EV	100	Monster permanently gets ICAU: Destroy Item
Benefactor		EV	-	Draw 2 Cards
Live with Ghouls	EV	200	Target Humans you control become Ghouls PWF+100
Eat the Dead		EV	400	All Ghouls get Force +400
Weapon Breaks  		EV	-	Destroy target Weapon
Agoraphobia		EV	100	Return target Human to Owners hand
Sandstorm		EV	-	All your Creatures are Invisible
Insanity		EV	100	Put 3 Delay Tokens on Target Human
Travel by Air		EV	200	SYDFA Location card APIIYH; Draw 2 cards
Travel by Sea		EV	100	SYDFA Location card APIIYH; D1C
Travel by Land		EV	-	SYDFA Location card APIIYH
Travel Thru Space	EV	400	SYDFA Location card APIIYH; Draw 4 cards
Travel Underground	EV	300	SYDFA Location card APIIYH; Draw 3 cards
Deep Ones Jewelry	IT	100	Cont: Your Sea Creatures each get Force +400
Space Mead		IT	300	SYDFA Location card APIIYH
Mi-Go Braincase		IT	400	SYDFA Human card APIIYH
Powder of Ibn Ghazi	IT	200	Target Monster is Visible and Half Force
Shining Trapezohedron	IT	100	Look at top 3 cards of all decks
Star Stone of Mnar	IT	100	Target LIR or LSR is half Force this turn
Chime of Tezchaptl	IT	500	Negate Spell just cast
Pipes of Madness	IT	200	Flip target Human
Pallid Mask		IT	200	Target Human becomes Monster with Force +500
Pickman Painting	IT	200	Target Human becomes a Ghoul PWF+100
Dust of Suleiman	IT	300	Sacrifice Human to Destroy target Monster
Ultra-Violet Machine	IT	200	All enemy Creatures are Visible
Glass from Leng		IT	200	Look at Opponents Hand
Bad Corpse Dust		IT	100	LD Creature cannot Attack or block
Lamp of Alhazred	IT	200	Look at next 7 cards of any deck
Plutonian Drug		IT	100	Look at next 3 cards of any deck; does not flip
Stone Idol		IT	300	Sacrifice: 2500 for Tribute Summon
Cursed Stone		IT	100	Opponent Loses 200 Sanity
Dynamite		W	100	One Human gets Force +1500; Discard Human AEOT
Blessed Blade		W	-	Force +600 (Discard a card to play)
Fetch Stick		W	-	Force +100 (extra +500 vs Monsters)
Revolver		W	-	Force +300 (extra +300 vs Humans)
Torch			W	-	Force +200 (extra +500 vs UD & Darkness Creatures)
Harpoon 		W	-	Force +200 (extra +500 vs Sea Creatures)
Mist Projector		W	100	Force +300 (Human becomes a corrupt Monster)
Shotgun			W	-	Force +400 (extra +200 vs UG Creatures)
Rifle			W	-	Force +400 (extra +200 vs OS Creatures)
Tommygun		W	-	Force +500 
Sacrificial Dagger 	W	100	Force +100 (Your Humans worth double for tribute) 
Elder Sign		S	100	Negate an attack by a Major Power &P2DT
Create Gate		S	400	Play an extra Monster during your turn
Dread Curse of Azathoth	S	100	Flip target Spell
Shrivelling		S	200	Target Human is Force –500 (Minimum 100 Force)
Voorish Sign		S	100	Draw 1 Card
Bait Humans		S	400	Target Human must Block &P2DT
Spectral Hunter		S	300	Target human becomes Monster with Force +700
Black Binding		S	300	RDHTP: becomes permanent LD with Force +400
Body Warping		S	300	Target Human gets Force +200 and Invisibility
Power of Nyambe		S	200	SYDFA Spell card APIIYH &P2DT
Cast out Devil		S	100	Control of creature reverts to original owner; D1C
Chant of Thoth		S	100	Draw 2 Cards and discard 1 
Cloud Memory		S	300	Opponent must discard 1 card
Clutch of Nyogtha	S	200	Opponent loses 300 Sanity
Consume Likeness	S	200	Target Human becomes Invisible
Barrier of Naach-Tith	S	200	Monster Attacks do half damage to Investigator 
Curse of Darkness	S	500	Send target Monster back to Owners hand &P2DT
Limbo Gate		S	300	SYDFA Location card APIIYH
Scrying Window		S	200	Look at Opponents Hand
Time Warp		S	300	Sacrifice Human: Negate Event card
Flesh Ward		S	100	Target Human gets Force +1000
Implant Fear		S	100	Target Human may not Block
Dampen Light		S	100	Flip target Tome
Mist of Releh		S	100	Negate first Attack made this phase
Death Spell		S	500	DS: Destroy Target Human or Monster
Devolution		S	300	Target Creature is Force –500 
Dominate		S	400	Control Target Human &P2DT
Eibons Wheel of Mist	S	200	Negate Attack by target Monster
Enthrall Victim		S	200	Monster gets Force +500
Exile			S	500	DS: Put target MP back in owners hand
Eye of Light & Darkness	S	300	All Monsters are half Force
Grey Binding		S	200	SYDFA Living Dead card APIIYH &P2DT
Hands of Colubra	S	200	Target human becomes Monster with Force +500
Nightmares		S	200	Opponent discards down to 4 cards
Seal of Isis		S	200	Target Item or Tome cannot be destroyed/Stolen
Wave of Oblivion	S	200	DS: Destroy Target Location
Red Sign		S	500	Each player must discard 1 Creature &P2DT
Mind Exchange		S	400	Control target Creature; GOCOC &P2DT
Look to the Future 	S	200	Look at next 7 cards in any deck &P2DT
Mesmerize		S	200	Target Creature cannot Block
Mind Blast		S	100	Opponent loses 200 Sanity
Power Drain		S	100	Flip All Spells &P2DT
Remortification		S	400	Put creature in discard into your hand &P2DT
Send Dreaming		S	300	All Humans can Attack
Voice of Ra		S	200	All your Humans get Force +200
Bind Monster		S	300	Flip target Monster &P2DT
Song of Hastur		S	200	All enemy Creatures are Force -200 
Unspeakable Promise	S	200	Sacrifice Human to draw 3 cards
Wrack    		S	100	Flip target Human &P2DT
Wither Limb		S	100	Target Creature is Force -200 permanently
Song of Glissande	S	100	No Creatures may Attack &P2DT
Levitate   		S	100	Target Blocking Human takes no damage
Heal     		S	100	Put Human in discard into your hand &P2DT
Deflect Harm		S	100	Deflect Damage from 1 source to your creature 
Contact Spell		S	300	SYDFA Monster card APIIYH &P2DT
Command Monster		S	500	Control Target Monster &P2DT

This game is quite similar to an already published card game from the 
late 90’s called Mythos. Unfortunately, that fine game is out of print. 
This game is certainly in tribute to that one. 
Another published Cthulhu game is now out called Call of Cthulhu.  
So why design a card game that is very like two existing card games? 
Well first, at Warpspawn, we like to tinker, and make Things just the 
way we like them. This you cannot do as easily with already made games. 
Second its way Cheaper to do it this way. 
Third, we’re obsessed, a very Cthulhu-ish trait. 
Next topic is how this game (GOO) differs from the Mythos CCG: 
1. The Human Allies are all generic (No required Starting Locations)
2. The Story cards are removed (Decks in Mythos were built around these)
3. The Investigator cards are removed (They could be re-incorporated)
4. (Fiddly) Travel rules are removed (Gates not required to Summon Monsters)
5. The Locations are (mostly) generic
6. (Annoying) Phobia cards removed
7. Major Powers are now Creatures that can fight (Cool)
8. Languages removed (though knowing Atlantean and Glyphs was cool)
9. You can do more stuff on your turn (Don’t have to worry about opponents passing)
10. Spell Types removed (Another complication)
11. For some of the above reasons, Deck Construction is now 500% easier
Next topic is how this game differs from the Call of Cthulhu CCG:  
1. In COC the factions limit what you can bring out. No limits in GOO.
In COC you are limited to 4 Mythos factions, In GOO there are many major powers and 
their Minions you can play (Like Glaaki, or Mi-Go, or Serpent People, or Living Dead)
2. Victory and Casting costs are still a matter of Sanity Points in GOO. 
In GOO like the old Mythos game, you are still a lone Investigator who has need of 
both Human Allies and Mythos Threats (You can play 1 of each per turn in GOO). 
In COC there is a Fiddly Resource system and Victory is by capturing Storycards. 
Very different game mechanics associated with these two types of setups.
3. In GOO Tomes hold Spells which can be reused. 
4. GOO is of course do it yourself, make and modify your own cards. 

Why the high point values? 
I started this project as a cross between Cthulhu material and Yugioh mechanics.
Eventually I dropped the Yugioh stuff except for the high number values and the 
Idea of the tribute summon. 


40 card Cthulhu Theme Deck	
Major Power: Cthulhu	
Monsters: Star Spawn, Father Dagon x2, Mother Hydra x2, Deep Ones x4
Humans: Deep One Hybrid x2, Corrupt Cultist x3, Sailor, Sea Captain, 
Cultist Priest, Sorcerer, Corrupt Wizard, Shaman
Locations: City of the Deep Ones, Corrupted Lake, Easter Island, 
South Pacific Island, Atlantis
Events: Yithian Mental Contact, Earthquake
Items: Stone Idol, Deep Ones Jewelry
Weapons: Sacrificial Dagger
Tomes: Cthaat Aquadingen, R’lyeh Text, Ponape Scripture
Spells: Voorish Sign, Wave of Oblivion, Dread Curse of Azathoth, 
Bait Humans, Create Gate, Black Binding, Elder Sign, Curse of Darkness

Sample 40 card Ghoul Theme Deck	
Major Power: Nyogtha
Monsters: Ghoul Leader, Ghoul Shaman x1, Ghouls x4, Hybrid Ghouls x2, Nightgaunt
Humans: Witch x2, Artist, Steadfast Companion, Police Detective, 
Reporter, Professor, Student, Sane Companion, Psychologist
Locations: Cemetary, Tunnels, Caverns, Small Industrial Town
Events: Eat the Dead, Travel Underground, Live with Ghouls
Items: Pickman Painting
Weapons: Shotgun, Revolver, Torch
Tomes: De Vermiis Mysteriis, The Black Book, Cultes Des Goules
Spells: Shrivelling, Power Drain, Bind Monster, Nightmares, 
Cloud Memory, Deflect Harm

Sample 40 card Mi-Go Theme Deck	
Major Power: Shub-Niggurath
Monsters: Mi-Go Leader, Mi-Go Surgeon x2, Mi-Go x4, Dark Young x2
Humans: Guide, Inventor, Cultist Priest, Army Officer, Soldier, 
Scientist, Student, Doctor, Artist, Crazed Survivor
Locations: Yuggoth, Mi-Go Base Camp, Himalayas, Exotic Location
Events: Travel Thru Space, Science Experiment, Telepathy
Items: Plutonian Drug, Mi-Go Braincase, Star Stone of Mnar
Weapons: Mist Projector, Rifle
Tomes: Book of Dzyan, Book of Eibon, Seven Cryptical Books
Spells: Implant Fear, Devolution, Mind Exchange, Dampen Light, Mind Blast

Sample 40 card Hastur Theme Deck	
Major Power: Hastur
Monsters: Tcho-Tcho x4, Byakhee x4, King in Yellow
Humans: Artist, Sculptor, Musician, Poet, Dilliatante
Dreamer, Shaman, Corrupt Wizard, Corrupt Cultist, Psychologist
Locations: Sanatarium, Asylum, Corrupt Lake, Mansion
Events: Aldebaran Moves, Insanity, Yellow Sign
Items: Pallid Mask, Space Mead, Cursed Stone
Tomes: King in Yellow, Livre d’lvon, De Vermiis Mysteriis
Spells: Song of Hastur, Unspeakable Promise, Send Dreaming, 
Nightmares, Song of Glissande, Mesmerize, Scrying Window

Sample 40 card Yog-Sothoth Theme Deck	
Major Power: Yog-Sothoth
Monsters: Son of Yog-Sothoth, Hybrid of Yog-Sothoth x2, Hunting Horror x2, 
Colours of Outer Space, Dimmensional Shambler x2, Hound of Tindalos
Humans: Professor, Student, Police Detective, Mongrel Cultist x2, 
Corrupt Cultist, Reporter, Crazed Survivor, Steadfast Companion x2
Locations: Country Site, Miskatonic University, Cursed House, Remote Farmhouse
Events: Agoraphobia, Night, Benefactor
Items: Shining Trapezohedron, Chime of Tezchaptl, Powder of Ibn Ghazi
Weapons: Revolver, Torch
Tomes: Nameless Cults, Book of Eibon, Eltdown Shards 
Spells: Clutch of Nyogtha, Create Gate, Curse of Darkness, Contact Spell, 
Command Monster

Sample 40 card Bast Theme Deck	
Major Power: Bast
Monsters: Dhole, Servants of Bast x4, Sand Dwellers x2, Mummy x2
Humans: Living Dead Cultist, Bandit, Cultist Priest, Historical Author, 
Guide, Egyptologist, Sorcerer, Adventurer, Nomad, Poet
Locations: Exotic Location, Sahara, Cairo (City), Pyramids
Events: Benefactor, Sandstorm, Confiscation, Thieves		
Tomes: Kitab Al Azif, Necronomicon, Book of the Dead, Book of Eibon		
Items: Powder of Ibn Ghazi, Dust of Suleiman, Lamp of Alhazred	
Spells: Spectral Hunter, Chant of Thoth, Enthrall Victim		
Time Warp, Dominate		

The resource side of a deck should have a balance of getting extra cards and 
of being able to put extra cards into play. The other side of the deck should 
be a balance of attacking Threats, and defenses to deal with opponent's threats. 

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