Card and Dice and Storytelling game for 2-6+ players. 
Each player takes the role of one of the Gods of Magic. 
The Gods create magical Realms and fill them with all manner of strangeness. 
The God whose realms are the most complete and fantastical becomes 
The current Chief amongst them. 

Be the first player to score 200 or more Victory Points. 
If 2 or more players score 200+ at the same time, the player 
With the higher score wins. 

Each card has a Victory Point value. 
Keep track of points with pen and paper. 

A Ten sided die is required. 
Yes, the Gods play dice with the universe!

Players share a common Deck. 
There are 5 Suites. Each Suite has 40 cards. 

L = Location
A = Action
E = Entities
D = Descriptors
O = Objects

A Domain is a player’s part of the table where he keeps his Realms.
Each player has his own Domain.  

A realm is a group of cards that must include one location card. 
These cards are face up in a separate group within your domain. 
A realm may consist of a single location card. 
If a realm ever does not have location due to dice play, it is referred to as 
A Realm of Imagination and it will not score points.  

A complete realm contains at least one card of each of the 5 Suites. 

Shuffle the Deck. 
Each player is dealt a hand of 10 cards. 
Each player may play up to 3 cards to their Domain to make 1 or more Realms. 
Players roll high on the die to see who goes first. Reroll ties. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Play Phase
3. Dice Phase

Draw 1 card and place it in your hand. 
Max hand size is 10 cards. Discard excess cards at the end of this phase. 

Play one card from your hand to add to one of your Realms or to create a 
New realm. If creating a new Realm, the card played must be a Location card. 

Roll the die and consult the Magic Table. 

1D10	Result: 
1	Creation
2	Transformation
3	Destruction
4	Inspiration
5	Transmigration
6	Alteration
7	Recombination
8	Evocation
9	Visitation
10	Imagination

Just like getting a second Play Phase. 
Play one or two cards from your hand to your Realms or create a new Realm. 
If creating a new Realm, one of the cards played must be a Location card. 

Discard any one card in play in any Domain and replace it with another card 
From your hand of the same suite. This is usually done to replace a higher value 
Card with a lower value one. 

Cause any target card in play to be discarded. The owner of the card may immediately 
Draw a new card from the deck and put it in their hand.  

Draw 2 cards and place them in your hand. 
If your hand has 2 or less cards draw 5 cards instead. 

Cause any target card in play to be moved from its Realm to any other target Realm. 

You may play a Descriptor card. If you do, immediately score it and the 
Card it is attached to. 

You may rearrange the cards in your realms and your hands. 
You cannot create new realms by doing this and you must end with the same number 
Of cards in your hand as you started with. 

Draw 1 card and immediately play it. 

First Draw 1 card. 
Next, All Players immediately score their Domains: 
Realms score points equal to the total value of their cards. 
Complete Realms score as a normal realm but also earn an extra 10 Victory Points. 
Realms of Imagination score zero points. 
Scoring is cumulative. After Scoring check to see if anyone has won. 

Pick any other die result from the Magic Table. 

A realm can contain multiple cards of each Suite. 
For example a realm may have multiple Locations: 
A Bedroom at the top of a Tower, in a City, on a Hill, by the Ocean…

Descriptors are adjectives used to describe other cards. 
When played, a Descriptor is attached to (placed slightly under) another card. 
If the Attached card is destroyed, the Descriptor is destroyed too. 
If the Attached card is moved, the descriptor is moved with it. 

The Realms and what happens to them tell stories. 
In the spirit of the game Players are expected to say something about a Realm 
when they modify it, thus describing the whims and actions of the Gods of Magic.  
This is usually a statement listing all the cards within the realm and how they 
Interact with each other. This may include elements not listed on the cards themselves. 
If any description fails to meet the playing groups standards, the play may be stopped  
By the other player and the offending player must make a different action. 

The Entities are written in plural and the Locations and Objects are not. 
When describing a Realm feel free to change this. A mountain could become 
A Mountain Range. Gypsies and Elves could become a single Gypsy Elf. 
Likewise, specificity may be added: a Flower becomes a Rose, A tree becomes an Oak. 


VP	Name
1	Volcano
2	Bedroom
3	Circus
4	Playground
5	Labyrinth
6	Palace
7	Chessboard
8	Garden
9	Beach
10	Asteroid
1	Stadium
2	Ballroom
3	Tower
4	Ruins
5	Lake
6	River
7	Ocean
8	Ice Berg
9	Forest
10	Desert
1	Hill
2	City
3	Swamp
4	Rainbow
5	Mountain
6	Moon
7	Cliff
8	Valley
9	Farm
10	Dreamscape
1	Station
2	Cavern
3	Castle
4	Oasis
5	Factory
6	Temple
7	Church
8	Restaurant
9	Island
10	Pyramid

VP	Name
1	Talking
2	Kissing
3	Painting
4	Embracing
5	Playing
6	Flying
7	Racing
8	Cooking
9	Feasting
10	Dancing
1	Skipping
2	Jumping
3	Swimming
4	Floating
5	Singing
6	Throwing
7	Shooting
8	Riding
9	Guarding
10	On a Quest
1	Greeting
2	Escaping
3	Running
4	In Love 
5	Caring For
6	Healing
7	Resting
8	Worshiping
9	Arguing
10	On a Journey
1	Building
2	Debating
3	Haggling
4	Cavorting 
5	Crying
6	Smoking
7	Watching
8	Exploring
9	Falling
10	Sleeping

VP	Name
1	Pirates
2	Ninjas
3	Dogs
4	Birds
5	Cats
6	Witches
7	Gypsies
8	Fish
9	Knights
10	Elves
1	Octopus
2	Sharks
3	Angels
4	Devils
5	Dinosaurs
6	Aliens
7	Dragons
8	Unicorns
9	Snakes
10	Faeries
1	Robots
2	Whales
3	Wizards
4	Priests
5	Hunters
6	Giants
7	Trolls
8	Dwarves
9	Minions
10	Kings
1	Children
2	Boys
3	Girls
4	Men
5	Women
6	Ghosts
7	Vampires
8	Astronauts
9	Bureaucrats
10	Queens

VP	Name
1	Red
2	Green
3	Blue
4	Yellow
5	In Winter
6	In Spring
7	In Summer
8	In Fall
9	Cold
10	Hot
1	Dark
2	Light
3	Happy
4	Sad
5	Angry
6	Wild
7	Broken
8	Winged
9	Tiny
10	Big
1	Curious
2	Fearsome
3	Nightmarish
4	Magical
5	Mystical
6	Delicate
7	Strong
8	Handsome
9	Young
10	Old
1	Ugly
2	Weak
3	Shining
4	Rare
5	Gentle
6	Fierce
7	Careful
8	Complicated
9	Beautiful
10	Sacred

VP	Name
1	Candy
2	Playing Cards
3	Lamp
4	Potion
5	Book
6	Flute
7	Boulder
8	Clock
9	Clouds
10	Train
1	Boat
2	Violin
3	Cheese
4	Mask
5	Door
6	Key
7	Sword
8	Gun
9	Star
10	Music
1	Balloon
2	Bridge
3	Phone
4	Flower
5	Glass
6	Hat
7	Jewel
8	Coffee
9	Machine
10	Storm
1	Drum
2	Shovel
3	Hammer
4	Camera
5	Staff
6	Rainbow
7	Gold
8	Game
9	Tree
10	Gift

Add/remove cards. 
Play to 100 points for a short game. 


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